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  1. Sam finally gets accepted into a high school that is for gifted students. When he steps a foot into this school his life is changed forever.
  2. "Sam! You got a letter from James high school!" Sam's mom, Christina yelled.
    Sam runs down the stairs and jumps on the last three steps. He looks at his mom, "You better not be lying!" Sam said.
    His mother simply smiled and handed him the letter, "Open it."
    Sam took the letter from her and ripped it open. He reads it, and the more he reads the bigger his smile get. Finally he put the letter down, "I got accepted!" he grinned from ear to ear.
    "Oh! Congrats honey!" she hugs him then pulls away, "You better get packing."
    Sam nods and runs back up the stairs, grabbed a couple suit cases by his bed and packed all his clothes.
    James high school is for students who have amazing talents, it is really hard to get into. Even though it is pretty far from his home he knew this is an offer he could not pass up.
    ((Here is a pic of my character. Btw the high school will have dorms so all the students will be living in the high school :P))

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  3. It was incredible what a train ride could do to the outside world. Trees zipped by like cheetahs, clouds held still but crawled onward gradually and even cities didn't stand a chance as they appeared and disappeared in an instant. Almost like.. magic. The head of snow white bangs and strands forming a bob cut rested comfortably against the bright red cushioned seats. A matching large bow on top wrinkled slightly against the pressure as the petite figure focused on relaxing in this moment. It had been a long time since she's been sitting in this spot, almost over four hours already.. Though, it would be worth it once the passenger would meet her destination.

    A small smile curled up on the very pale, porcelain face, bringing a few dimples out of hiding. Once she would step off from the train, the fourteen-year-old planned on calling her big brother back home, to let him know she had arrived safely. He was always the type to worry about her, even though he really didn't need to. But.. she understood him. After all, they had only had each other all their lives. And it hadn't been that long since they left the orphanage. Oh.. she would miss him lots. Biting her lip, the girl shifted a pair of deep, hazelnut eyes over to the carry-on backpack beside her. It responded in shaking a little from left to right, with a few small sounds coming out against the fabric. Fumbling over onto her knees, bright green rainboots with yellow duckies resting on the seat now, she unzipped only a little bit of the bag.

    In a hushed tone, Luciana Klause whispered into the opening.
    "Ssssh. Sir Whiskers, you need to be quiet, okay?"
    An audible mrow answered her as she broke out in a giggle and closed the back up again, making sure the poked holes on the side were still small enough for the kitten inside, and not too big to notice. The train came to a halt, causing her to almost fly off of her seat. Now, that would have been tragic. Out of sheer energy and hyper nature, the new student jumped up onto her feet, fixing the soft white sweater hanging on her torso with a red heart in the center. Pulling it down neatly over her dark blue skinny jeans, her eyes followed the actions of others on the train as lines began to form. Ooooh, this was so exciting! Her smile could not be contained as Lulu gripped the straps of the extremely large backpack now against her spine. In a clumsy manner, she began to shuffle her way towards the exit door, ignoring the weight on her from the things she had brought. There were more important thoughts in her head right now!

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  4. Sam put his stuff into his blue mustang and went into the drivers seat.
    "Alright! James hig school here I come" he says and drives off.
  5. Carefully descending the steps, Luciana was free of the train and on the path leading up to the quite large courtyard. It was becoming incredibly difficult not to squeal and drop everything to begin dancing in the streets. However, she was able to control herself. Well, for the most part. The girl had a very "unique" talent about her, which did involve her emotions. This was a reason for why she had tried so hard to get into this school. She desired to work on her self control.. and wanted to become a master at manipulating her feelings and what they could cause.
    As her fingers wrapped around the straps on her shoulders once again, Lulu blinked as she heard a familiar noise. The tiny white kitten meowed inside of her bag more and more, feeling the excitement that poured out of its owner's pores. The new student hopped up onto the sidewalk, beginning her long trek up to the school grounds. She did hope she might get along with some others her age here.. Being a tad shy and quiet never helped with her first impression on potential mates. Another thing she just needed to work on!
  6. Sam certainly had a special gift. He plans to learn how to conrol it.
    His thoughts are interrupted when he spots the school! He parks his car and gets out. He grabs his stuff out of the trunk and walks into the building. Here goes nothing...
  7. Many bodies and sights filled the teenager's view, which made it hard to stay focused. The smile just did not want to leave her face while she took in the details of what students around her wore, the sizes of their bags, the colors of the flowers in the vast gardens and which door she would need to use for this first day. Assuming the best bet would be on the large wooden one many people had been pushing through, Luciana turned and ran to slip through the entrance way before it would slam closed.

    It was then her jaw would drop.
    Those big brown eyes gazed up at the ceiling, spreading out so much above her, like the stars in the sky. She could never hope to touch the ceiling in this building.. unless she was to meet someone who could fly, or stretch their limbs. A small giggle left her lips as she found herself frozen still, taking it all in. It was hard for someone like her to just keep moving in life sometimes. With so many big objects, wonderfully designed patterns and shiny things, how could she not keep stopping to enjoy it all?
  8. Ashal was excited to say the least. To be accepted into James High School was an amazing thing. He didnt even believe it himself until he saw the letter. Now he was getting out of his car to a new life here. He looked around, amazed that he was actually there. He pulled his hood up. The wind was blowing too hard. He grabbed his back from his car and walked into the school. Bumping into many people as he wanders around, amazed. His shoulder hits Luciana's and he turns around to apologize. "Sorry." He notices her looking around, staying in place and he grins a bit "Amazing place, isn't it?"
  9. (I had forgotten to add this in. He is the one in the very front)

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  10. It was such a peaceful scene, and all time seemed to slow down for her as she took it all in. But then a whirlwind of sudden interaction brought reality to her like a very heavy sack of bricks. No.. a sack of puppies would be nicer. She'd rather go with that, if she had the choice.
    Blinking rapidly, the white haired girl snapped her eyes onto the one who spoke. Out of habit, her head tilted over to the left, waiting for him to finish. Once he did, making his observation clear, she broke out into a small smile and gave a couple nods.
    "Oh, yes! Yes, it is so lovely!!"

    Grabbing tighter onto the straps of her bright red backpack, her weight shifted to rock back and forth from her toes to her heels. The energy still was swimming along her veins, so much so that she wasn't even sure it would subside in time for bed tonight. Luciana straightened her head back up while her eyes began to scan over the boy in the hoodie. It was time to socialize! And with not knowing a soul at this school, it would be best for her to at least make one acquaintance.
    "I.. I... I'm Luciana Klause."
    Her voice came out in a squeak, though still loud enough to hear. She could feel the burn at her pasty cheeks as she cleared her throat. Nope, her awkward nature was still in tact, despite the bundles of energy.
    "But.. I can go by Lulu, also."
  11. "Hello." one of the councelors walk up to Sam smiling, "You must be Samuel Johnson. Correct?"
    Sam nods, "I am."
    Then follow me I will show you to your dorm. You will be sharing it with another student." she leads him down the hall.
    Sam arches an eyebrow, "Who will that be?"
    "You will see." she opens a door and smiles at him, "Make yourself at home."
    Sam simply nods and walks in.
  12. Pleasure to meet you. "I am Ashal. Ashal Blake. You may call me whatever you like." He checks his watch "I arrived earlier than expected."
  13. Sam put his stuff on the top bunk wondering who he will be sharing the room with.
    ((Arson, Sam and Ashal should be roommates XD))
  14. (Im game :3)
    After introducing himself to Lulu, Ashal wanders around, looking at the features of the building, taking in every small detail.
  15. ((Cool beans XD))
    Sam put everything in it place, made his bed and everything. After he is down he goes back up on the top bunk.
    The councelor walks up to Ashal. She smiles warmly, "Are you Ashal?"
  16. "Yes, ma'am." He had since taken off his sweater. He is now wearing neat black pants and a white button down shirt.
  17. "Follow me. I will take you to your dorm." she walks forward.
    Sam takes a good look around the room.
  18. Ashal follows with his one suit case.
  19. "I should also let you know that you will have a roommate." she stops at a door and opens it, "Samuel! Your roommate is here!"
    "Its Sam! And ok."
  20. "Thank you, Ma'am." Ashal walks in and takes in the details of the room.
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