The Gift in Giving

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    Due to money concerns and circumstance, we can't always give the presents for birthdays or other holidays that we wish we could. If you could change that for one present for someone, what would that present be and for who?

  2. Diana & Gibs getting a honeymoon/anniversary cruise.
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  3. I like giving presents, and trying to sit here thinking of just one person I would go back and give the perfect gift to is apparently impossible. D: Cause my head is going down the list of everyone I know and what I'd get them.

    I think I would put Ozzie in a box and send her to Thailand!
  4. That is a hard one. I want stuff for everyone. But these are definitely my top three at the moment.

    Want to finish my Mom's house, which I will but it's so slow. I wish we could get the whole thing done like RIGHT NOW.

    Give Vay all the money so he can do what he needs to do so he can move to the states.

    Give Revi and Iskari a rent free home far far away from Iskari's evil bastard of a boss so Iskari can do what he loves; writing.
  5. I really really wish I could gift my friend, Gabe, with his own place to live. The poor guy has to live with a family who abuses him for being homosexual, and he [like the rest of us] can't find a job so he can move out of that hellhole! He's the only person I can think of who deserves more than I can give. The rest of my friends, and my family, have been spoiled enough by my time and money. >__>;

    And I know this seems dumb, but to me this is sentimental... I want to give each of my closest online friends a cute keychain. v____v;; Something small and simple, but worth lots of memories to remember me by. I'm afraid of losing contact with the people I adore here at Iwaku, so that precious token would always be--

    ...kay, I'm done. For whatever reason I'm getting sappy. *slithers off to make something bleed in order to balance things out*
  6. I just wish I could give something to my friends and family, instead of being an asshat and forgetting they even have birthdays. Hell I've forgotten how old people were at some points.
  7. This is actually a very hard question to answer because there are so many people in my life whom I could give gifts to in order to show my appreciation. My parents, my friends, my acquaintances... Everyone deserves their own present, because one way or another they helped me with my life. I seriously do not know who to thank the most though, because my parents were responsible for bringing me up and making me into what I am today, while my friends are the people who I always hang around with and I am never bored with. Therefore, I could not choose a single person to give a gift to. It is just too hard.
  8. I'd give the present of forever happiness to my mama.
    Because she has done far too much in her life for others. She deserves the world.
  9. a new baritone saxiphone and for my GF. She doesn't have one of her own and is trying so hard to save u the money to get herself one including saving all of her hard earned cash. I'd like to see her play her own bari sax!
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  10. Well at the moment after reading over some of the gift ideas, Id really like to get Maggie a nice permanent home so she wouldnt have to live on the streets anymore....

    My parents and friends dont care much for getting presents for their birthday, a gift or two is what we usually do anyhows...
    But then the only other purpose id have to try and give a present would be to get my grandmother something that will help her in her condition, so if there was a known operation that would help her with her mental disability or help her out the wheelchair, OR HELL even help fix up her arm. Id give it to her......
  11. My one gift well technically its two gifts but it would be for my son to be able to live his life how he chose's and be safe while his doing so.
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