The Giants

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It’s like the world knew the giants would wage war upon these steps.
That they would bleed in senseless battle at a moment’s thought.
It’s like … the world went mad the day before it died.

The Steps of Blood still remain from that day. A range of mountains whose peaks were obliterated. Now they are topped by giant craters of unnaturally red blood that burns away all snow and glows with the coming of night. At their base lies the Graveyard, the sacred ground where thousands of giant corpses lay untouched by the ravages time. As perfectly ruined as the day they died. In eight directions from the edge of the Steps great chasms flow. Evidence of Virtur’s death, where the god descended from the heavens in a fiery comet that ended the battle, killing thousands of giants and himself. A sacrifice to crush the magic of the Steps so those who would rise in the next era would never face the same horrors.

From the caverns deep underground, awoken by the destruction of the continent above, humanity emerged. They stepped into the light of the sun and their halos shattered as its radiance hit their eyes. It was many years before the blinded could see again, and their broken halos drank the sun's light greedily. When they could the outer circle of their pupil had turned into a deep yellow leaving a smaller black pupil within. Over time variations in the shades of yellow have evolved, but all people share the same base colour. With their new sight humanity expanded across the land which they named Virtur. They found the chasms, the corpses, the Steps, and their identity evolved. They pieced together the story of the giants and their god.

Many attempted to follow in the giant’s footsteps. Thousands were swallowed up by the Graveyard, never to be seen again. In time the leaders of humanity declared the Graveyard a holy ground and the penalty for trespassing was death. Now it is only the foolish and the insane that risk the journey. Similarly the fossilised corpses of the giants that littered the earth were restricted so that only the holy orders of the church may visit. Of course this order barely stopped any burgeoning mages from carving off their own piece of giantbone to use as their magical focus. Or aspiring warriors chipping off a chunk of giantstone for a tattoo.

And so humanity made its mark upon Virtur. They tamed the wilds of the first Shard as best as they could. They crossed the chasms to claim the second and third Shards, encountering the Children and the Damned. It was inevitable they would make war upon each other.

The Giants died.
The World died.
But now …
The World is returning to life.


The Giants is a medieval fantasy action adventure RP that focuses on exploration and discovery. Your characters will be involved in the war between the three races of the land and finding the truth behind the deaths of the giants, why they went mad and what drive them to a genocidal final battle. Characters will have the power of the giants as mages or Inked warriors as they travel the land, encountering its dangerous wildlife and inhabitants. So who is interested? :D

Disclaimer: I'm advertising this RP on both Iwaku and its affiliate site RPN. Whichever site has the most interest is where I'll start the RP. But I will also be linking the thread on the second site so anyone who wants to join can easily find it and join on the first site.
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