The GIANT Bloody Arena!

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    Welcome to the world of Arena, the greatest Bloodworld in the Sector!
    It is the far, far, far, far future. This is Arena, the greatest battleground in mortal history. In this world only the strongest, most cunning, most tactful, or the most lucky survive. There is only fighting here. From one-on-one duels, to a clash of rival clans, to planetary scale wars that last for thousands of years. All is fought for the glory of Arena!

    1. No godmodding.
    2. Fight fair. By this I mean that your character is not immortal and can die easily and often. Very often.
    3. The entire world is dedicated to fighting. There are no advocates for peace (that last for long), no professions that don't involve war (other than the weak peasants who slave away in mines and farm for food.)
    4. This is an action roleplay!
    5. You can have more than one character if you want. Just be sure to label who you are playing in one post so we can know who that is easily.
    6. If you want to kill some other player, PM them first and agree to something! Not everyone wants to go out, but if they do, they wanna go out good.
    7. Have fun! Be respectful and don't take the deaths of your characters too seriously.

    SETTING: (Just small, basic things. You can definitely add to the lore and history of Arena as you please!)
    There are many races in Arena, though Humanity is by far the largest and most powerful. Any race is allowed, even your own creations!

    The setting is a mix-match of everything! Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, modern, etc. There are tech-wizards, elf-pirates and halfling mechas. There are schools that teach everything dedicated to war, from alchemy to robotics. Anything is possible! (As long as it's for the greater glory of Arena.)

    Arena is a planet located in the Betelgeuse System. The entire planet is one giant arena. It is cut off from other planets by a HUGE asteroid belt; no one gets in or out of Arena.
  2. ARATAN:

    The warlord looked down from his battle-spire, onto the battlefield. His own troops were obliterating the elven scum, firing upon the wood-lovers with their rifles and rockets. They were retreating into the trees, as would any forest-worshiping coward, and abandoning their fortress. The human army stormed the tower, tossing any remaining Elf guard off the windows. Aratan smiled, pleased with his work. Soon, all the villages in the region would be put to the sword, to facilitate his power over this domain of Arena.

    Aratan was about to retire to his chambers for the night, until the communications array displayed the panicked face of his general, pecked with dust and mud, sweat dripping from his chin.

    "My lord, we were tricked! T-the Elves, they are using sorcery! They're killing us all!"

    Aratan was not pleased. "General, why do you not simply turn back, instead of hiding under that rock?"

    "I-it is not that simple, my lord! They are using witchcraft to hide our exit. My men are lost and scattered! One by one, their beasts hunt us down!"

    Aratan thought as much. This battle had been far too easy. He had fought Elves before, but the forests they had been hiding in was not as large or as ancient as this one. This forest, named by the Elves the Weeping Woods, was ancient and strange. He knew Elves drew their power from the trees, but the level of sorcery they had now was unexpected. No matter. There was no way around the forest. He had to take the fortress and secure a way through the woods.

    "General, regroup your men and hold your position with your lives." Aratan knew his men would not survive. Their deaths were necessary if they were to make it back to the Capital. Aratan called a servant. "Awaken my champion and tell him to organize my strike party. This forest will be ours."

    The servant scurried away, finding Araghast, his greatest champion.
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