The Ghost of Hantiville

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She sighed deeply as she wandered the town - alone. Nobody ever came to the town anymore, because they were afraid. Afraid of her. Why? Nobody could see her, hear her, but they could feel her. Feel her hand go through them. Feel her breath on the back of their necks. Feel her back when they 'walk' into her. It was weird, as if they didn't know she was there. And she didn't know why. However, she did have a hint - perhaps she was a ghost?
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Jason drove into town and looked around slowly. He had just moved into a small apartment to go to college there. He let out a slow breath and smiled as he started unpacking his things into the apartment he had gotten. No one had told him about the apparent ghost that was haunting the town nor that there was something wrong. However he could feel a slight chill in the air that was a bit unnatural in his opinion. He was a young man of about 20 he had short brown hair and brown eyes. He had an athletic build and was about 5'11" in height. He was about to get the last box up into his apartment when he felt another unnatural chill. He shivered a bit again and looked around "man..I should wear a sweater or something"
Another thing that made her feel like a ghost is the fact that she never seemed to get ill or age. In fact, she always looked 18, with a smooth pale skin and silky black hair just making her look younger. Her soulless black eyes made her look sort of scary. She was sure they used to be blue, but for some reason they changed. Sighing, Rose walked down the empty street, looking for any signs of human life as she went.
Jason brought the last box up to his apartment and smiled a bit and then made his way back downstairs to his car. He quickly locked the doors and smiled a bit as he looked around the neighborhood. It looked nice. He was close to campus and he was already close to his job. He leaned against his car and closed his eyes and smiled a bit as he leaned his head back to look up at the sky "todays the day I start my new life. I can't wait to see what happens"
Suddenly, Rose spotted a new person. He looked like he was new in town, and she thought he didn't know about her. Perhaps he wouldn't ignore her like everyone else? Seemed far enough! She approached the man with a creepy smile on her face. "Hey! Are you new here?" she asked.
He jumped a bit at the sudden voice that was near by. He looked down at the woman and swallowed hard and then rubbed the back of his head. He didn't know who she was but she looked terrible. "um..yeah I'm new here.." The creepy smile on her face was really weirding him out and he didn't know what to do so he just gave her a small smile back. "My name's Jason..what's yours?"
Yes! He can see me! she thought. Rose smiled, this time a little less creepily. She was so glad to finally meet someone who didn't ignore her! "Hello Jason, I'm Rose," she introduced, holding her hand to shake. Little did she know if he shaked her hand, his hand would go straight through hers, and they would find out the truth...
He looks down at her hand and gives a bit more of a smile "its nice to meet you Rose" He reaches out to shake her hand but he felt nothing but air. He frowned slightly and then went to shake her hand again this time he felt himself make contact and smiled and gave her hand a small but firm shake. Her grip was extremely cold almost as cold as ice it nearly made him flinch from the sudden cold against his warm hand.
Rose smiled back as she finally got a ferm grip on his hand. The first time he tried, his hsnd just seemed to go through hers, but the second time it worked. His hand was boiling hot, it almost burnt Rise's skin. Still, she felt no pain. Why? She didn't know. "So, are you knew in town?" the ghost asked Justin.
He nods a bit and slowly takes his hand back "yeah I am. I just moved into my apartment here to start college. What about you? Looking at you you seem like you would been here a while"
Rose sighed when he took his hand away, but she didn't really care. "Collage? Sounds like fun, I never went, which is a real shame..." she told Justin. Now, to answer his question... "I've been living here since... forever! I can't remember not living in this town," was her answer.
He smiles a bit "yeah I'm hoping it will be" he chuckled a bit as she said she'd been there forever "well you must know where all the fun is then"
Rose was slightly confused as to why he chuckled, but he was from a different place. She just smiled, even less creepily than before. "Yes, I could show you around if you like?" she informed Justin.
He smiles and nods a bit "I'd like that Rose. but I need to get my things unpacked first and finish actually moving in. If I don't get it started I'm never going to get it finished and I'll be sleeping on a cardboard box"
Rose nodded and smiled. So, he had to finish unpacking? Seemed fair enough. "Would you like any help?" she asked kindly.
He paused before he slowly nodded his hand and gave her another smile "I would really appreciate it but..I don't want to impose or anything I mean..we only just met"
"It's fine, I'd be pleased to help," she said, with a warm smile. She sighed deeply.
He stares at her fir a moment before nodding a bit "alright then let's get to work" he turned and started leading her upstairs to his apartment
Rose nodded and followed Justin up to his apartment. "So, how was you planning on decorating?" she asked.
He rubs the back of his head "um...I'm not entirely sure myself to be honest haha. My main goal was to just get everything unloaded first
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