The Ghost in Apartment 7b

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  1. Florence Martinez was a pretty girl - with hazelnut hair and dark brown eyes. She had a slender figure, and she was sweet to everyone she met. There was just one problem with Florence - she was a ghost. She had died in the year 1924 from an infection in her leg and now she haunted an apartment in uptown Manhattan.

    She floated around the empty apartment, sighing to herself as she did so. She really wanted some company! The house she had haunted before had been knocked down, so now she had been haunting this empty apartment for the last thirty years. She was lonely, and wanted someone to talk to.
  2. The key slid into the lock and turned with a click. This old apartment complex should have been condemned a long time ago but no, Gregory Dunsen, a 2nd year medical student had just rented a long-empty apartment on the third floor.

    "No I just arrived." he said to the phone pressed between his shoulder and cheek as he pulled in his suitcases with both hands dumping them next to the door. "Smells like damp in here, I'm going to have to.. ugh I'll call you back."

    He hung up the phone and looked around. "Geez.." he had lost his room mate to the curse known as graduation and hadn't found another, that mean finding a cheaper place to live and well. He was looking at it.

    "So glad I brought my own bed clothes.."

    He dragged one of the bags into the bedroom and left it there as he carried a plastic bag to the ancient refrigerator and began packing it. "Well this is home for the next few years."
  3. Florence froze in the doorway - was this.... a guy? She hadn't seen one in years - not since her elder sister's wedding, which Florence had attended, dead or not. She floated quickly back into the living room and peered around the door at the newcomer, who was admittedly very handsome.

    She fiddled nervously with her "flapper" dress - a memento from her previous life - as she watched him. She then quickly darted away from the door as he moved from the refrigerator.
  4. He had Irish features, strait nose, high cheeks and slightly curled brown hair with only a hint of red in the sun. He heaved a sigh and plugged the fridge in the motor rattling as it started to cool the interior. Next to unpack were dishes, two mugs, half a dozen forks, spoons, knives... all packed in to a drawer once he had cleaned it out.

    That was enough, if anyone came around he'd be ready, not that anyone would. His girlfriend had him had puts broken up and the person on his phone had been his mother from three states away. Really his entire life had been in those suitcases. But moving didn't mean he could slack off or... great he had left the door open.

    He rushed down the hall and poked his head out the door. He had seen no one since arriving in the building and had to wonder if any of the other apartments were occupied. Bu he still had the feeling he was being watched.

    "Hello?" he called out down the hall and waited for a second before retreating inside and closing it slipping the chain into the lock. And he turned heading back into the bedroom and popping open the suitcase and taking out a packet of text books and novels...

    "May as well get started.."
  5. Florence flitted around the apartment all afternoon, watching him, but keeping out of sight. In all her years of being a ghost, she had seen many ghost films, and she knew that if she was seen, there would be hell to pay. She really didn't want to be "exorcised", or sent on her journey to the afterlife. Florence loved Earth, and wanted to stay there.

    That evening, she had gathered up enough courage to show herself to him. She hovered behind the door of the bedroom, listening to him get ready for bed. This is it she thought tp herself, smoothing down her short red, see-through dress.
  6. He had spent all afternoon studying, making notes, making coffee and sandwiches. The phone had rung but he had been brushing his teeth and hadn't heard it. Now the sun was down, he had eaten, put his books away and was now making the bed.

    With the last pillow covered and fluffed he yawned and pulled off his shirt letting it drop to the floor. Tomorrow was Sunday, laundry day, most of the clothes in his bag were dirty and .. ugh he needed a shower.

    He pulled off his shoes and socks, the shoes were left lying on the floor and the socks tossed to where his shirt was. Then he opened his bag and pulled out a towel and and a pair of boxers, all he'd sleep in.

    "Shower.. brush teeth. Sleeeeep." Sleep sounded good. He entered the bathroom and pulled off his belt, hanging it on the towel rail and then face palming. "Soap!" he went back to his back working on his pants before reaching down for the plastic bag that held his soap, razor, shampoo, and deodorant.
  7. Florence took a deep breath, gathering her thoughts, and stepped out from her hiding place. She shyly said to his turned back, "Hi." She waited anxiously for his response, not really knowing what to do if he reacted badly.
  8. Air guitaring with the shampoo bottle and quietly singing "Living after midnight rocking 'till dawn." he entered the bathroom again now only one pair of boxers away from being int he buff. He opened the shower and placed the soap on the tray then his razor, deo, comb, and toothbrush on the sink and was about to step back into the shower when... he froze.

    There was someone in his apartment. In his bathroom, and he only had a bottle of shampoo and a pair of boxers. He turned and stared.

    "Umm... Hey.." he wasn't a shy person but there was a girl in his bathroom he had never seen before and he was practically naked.

    The question slipped out, but it was valid.. he was in a new apartment, had been alone for hours and now she was there.

    "Who are you?"
  9. Florence blushed, her cheeks turning more opaque, and she muttered, "Um, I live here. I have lived here from about thirty or so years." She watched him, curious as to why he wasn't screaming and running.

    "Um, not to be rude, but you don't mind that you can see right through me?" She considered that a pretty big thing, especially for a human who had just seen a ghost.

    She looked away, feeling even shyer now.
  10. "A bit..." he admitted. "But when you're getting naked in your bathroom and find a girl looking at you you.. kindof forget the details..."

    He was grabbing for his towel now to preserve some modesty... "Besides you're talking.. not ... haunting... are you haunting..."

    A ghost in his new apartment, he knew there had to be a reason the rent was so low... but that wasn't important right now, there was a girl, a ghost girl in his bathroom. "You're the one whose been watching me all day?"

    So ghosts were real, or were they? Was he seeing things? Too much study combined with bad bacon? He stepped forwards to reach out and see if he could touch her, if he couldn't, ghost or not real.. if he could... WHAT THE FUCK?
  11. She blushed even more, her face now almost fully opaque, and nodded. "Yeah - I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was coming to live here, and when you arrived, I just..... I was curious. I haven't seen or talked to anyone since I died almost 90 years ago." Florence glanced back towards the living room, and then back at him.

    "Um, I'll just go, while you get dressed.... or something." She turned and darted back into the living room before he could touch her. She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to die. Again.
  12. It would feel hind of weird to shower with a ghost girl in the house so he went back into the bedroom and grabbed a shirt and pair of shorts.. then he wondered back into the living room and took a seat on the couch. He let it sink in. there was an apparition in his apartment claiming to be a 90 years dead ghost. He ran his finger though his hair, a habit of his where he was in thought, or stressed, or just tired.

    "You have a name right?" he said deciding to treat her like a human even if she wasn't quite that anymore, she still had feelings and could blush and was clearly not a poltergeist-thing.

    "I'm Greg..."
  13. Florence nodded. "Yeah - I'm Florence Santana Martinez." She floated up and perched on the top of the empty bookcase out of habit. She wasnt thinking about how that might disconcert him.

    She glanced down at him, and asked softly, "Are you ok? I know seeing me is probably a big shock, and it will probably take you a while to get used to it, but please don't leave. Please. I have been so lonely here."
  14. Big shock didn't even begin to cover it. She was dead, a ghost, in his apartment. Even without calling in the existence of life after death it was a lot to deal with but one thing was true. "I can't move out." he said "This is the only place I can afford. So..." he stood and walked over to the fridge and took out the milk. He opened it and sniffed, would ghosts curdle milk like in the stories?

    The mild smelled fine so he grabbed a glass and pored himself some then leaning against the counted he took a sip. "Looks like you're my room mate, I don't know if you sleep or don't though if you do.. bed is big enough for two I guess, or theres the couch..."

    There was one startling realization.

    "I don't know anything about you but.. I;m willing to learn. So uhh.. whisper to me secrets from the beyond and tell me about yourself."
  15. Florence smiled suddenly, her teeth straight and bright. "That would be great- and I don't actually sleep." She slid down from the top of the bookcase, and floated around the room, her feet barely touching the floor.

    She watched him sniff the milk, and guessed his thoughts. She giggled. "Well, first thing about ghosts - we don't curdle milk, or do any of those things in stories. We are just spirits who can't move on for some reason. We don't want to make trouble." Florence smiled. "And I do want to be friends. I don't want to make any trouble."

    She glanced over at the rest of the apartment, and then suggested, "I could clean this up for you - I usually do, but it isn't in the best state now, because I sort of neglected it these past few months."
  16. "We both could." he said "I mean if we're doth livi... staying here." he said catching himself before drinking the milk in one go and putting the glass in the sink... he should have more questions for a real life ghost, what she did all alone, what she'd do while he slept, because he had to sleep even if she didn't, it she could taste, smell, go though walls.. all that kinda stuff. He could ask her about her time about all sorts of other things but she seemed so... normal... thats what surprised him the most.

    "So Florence.. I was planning on cleaning up tomorrow morning, should go faster with both of us especially since you can carry things? and fly... " he was beginning to think having a ghost in his apartment was pretty cool. "And all I have to do other than that tomorrow is a little homework that I didn't finish today, so would you want to hang out once those are done? Here if you can't leave or we could take a walk.. can you go invisible?"
  17. Florence nodded at all his suggestions, smiling. When he asked if she could go invisible, she giggled with amusement. "Unfortunately no. It's a skill only for those who can do it. I can't, which is why you can see me. I would have turned invisible if I could. And I can leave, but I don't think we want to freak other people out with my transparent ghostiness." She grinned.

    She floated over to the bed, and sat on it, crossing her legs. "Um, how old are you? You look about my age- nineteen." Florence was always curious about things like that.
  18. "I'm twenty.." he said "My birthday was last month." he thought for a second "But aren't you 109 id you've been dead .. I mean you still learn and remember things, still grow as a person... right?" he covered his face in his hands.. this was giving him a headache thinking about the ramifications of being dead and that he had a ghost living in his apartment.

    At least he was getting over the initial shock.. right?

    "Look.. ugh.." with the fear and confusion ebbing away he had to admit it was fascinating.. even though his next question had him running his hand through his hair again as he thought about asking it. "I've never seen a ghost and didn't think they were real... would it be ok if I... touched you?"
  19. She smirked. "No - I am still nineteen, the same age I was when I died. I may have been dead for nearly 100 years, but I am not that age - I am nineteen." She watched him with his head in his hands, and couldn't help a giggle.

    When he asked her if he could touch her, she nodded, suddenly nervous. What if his hand went through her? She had never been touched by a human before since she had been a ghost, and this was a slightly scary thought. Florence stood up, and moved closer to him. "Yeah."
  20. He hadn't actually expected her to agree and now that it came to it he was nervous. He was about to touch one of the dead. If was meant to be a cold horrible experience even when his hand wouldn't just pass right though. And then there was that book were touching a ghost would pull it into your body and you'd be possessed by it even if it didn't want to or even know it could do that.

    "Okay?" he lifted a hand and was irritated to see it was shaking. he hid that quickly and then took a breath and lifted ti again... better. "Akay you're 19 and will be.. forever.. thats kind of.. well I guess it doesn't matter since you still experience new things."

    He was stalling bit stopped and looked up at her brushing the hair from his face. Ok where could a boy touch a girl just to touch her without it being taken the wrong way? The shoulder? That was platonic... the cheek? Romantic.. Arm? That would seem ... ok enough.

    He reached out and let his hand hover above her shoulder. If he was going to do this he was going to use his whole hand so that he didn't chicken out. "Alright.." he almost closed his eyes but wouldn't allow himself to as he lowered his hand to there her neck and shoulder met.