The Getting to Know You Game!

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  1. I'm sure you've all played when, well, getting to know people!

    Ask a question, the next person will answer it and then ask another question for the next person


    Player 1: Do you play any musical instrument?

    Player 2: Yes; I play the accoustic guitar!
    Do you like high fantasy? (dragons/castles etc)

    Player 3: Nope, I'm more of a sci-fi person
    Star Trek or Star Wars?

    End Example

    Please try to refrain from overly personal or offensive questions that may make people uncomfortable or push hot buttons (Ie: "Are you a virgin?" or "Are you pro-life or pro-choice?")

    I'll start us off!

    What is your least favourite vegetable?
  2. It's a toss up between tomatoes and peppers!

    What is one of your hobbies that isn't RP related?
  3. I enjoy reading a nice paperback book.

    Do you play any sports?
  4. Nope! I played soccer when I was six, and kept trying to give the ball to the other team so they could "have their turn". That was the end of my team sport experience. I tried gymnastics and horseback riding, but neither lasted.

    Cats or dogs?
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  5. Kitty cats!

    Pokemon or Digimon?
  6. Pokemon, of course.

    Favorite cinematic art of all time?
  7. I don't actually watch art films. :/ Sorry!

    How did you get into roleplaying?
  8. I was super bored one day when I was around 15-ish. And I was on Neopets and started RPing on their rp board thinger. Then it turned into rp guilds and then into trying to find a good rp site.

    Do you have any superstitions?
  9. I believe in ghosts and aliens!

    Do you watch any anime?
  10. Not really. I'm more of a manga person. Although I read a lot of that.

    Are you in college?
  11. Not anymore. Dropped out due to grades and stress

    Car, truck, SUV, or crossover?
  12. Car. Trucks are too big, and hatchbacks/SUVs are too 'mom-with-kiddies' for my tastes

    Do anything exciting today?
  13. Umm...not really.

    Do you speak a foreign language?
  14. I speak gibberish. Does that count?

    What is your favourite comic?
  15. Webcomic counts? Yes? If so, tie between EGS and GrrlPower

    Do you have a favorite pair of jeans?
  16. My favorite pair are my high-waist, dark blue skinny jeans. I kind of use them for any occasion since I can dressed them down or up.

    Which one is your favorite? PlayStation or XBox?
  17. I may sound childish, but I actually prefer the Wii U. (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Zombie U!) :D

    Have you heard of the game "Today I die" ?
  18. No, but I'm curious about it

    Have you ever been in a stage production or part of an improv group?
  19. I'm in an improv club right now! :D

    What is your favorite color?
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  20. Blue.

    If you could learn everything about any one subject, what would it be, and what would you use your knowledge for?
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