The Germans of the Afrikas signups

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  1. 600px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-784-0223-05,_Nordafrika,_deutsche_Offiziere.2.jpg
    "Chivalrous in War, Vigilant for Peace."

    Good evening, my fellow Germans. I am Unteroffizier Johan Von Weingarten. You have been selected personally by me to join the ranks of the brave men of the Deutsches Afrika Korps, in which you will be joining me in the command of my Tiger I, serial number "318" . It brings me great honor to work with you, but of course, with recruits, there must be some form of introduction, ja?

    Mein Nam Ist: Johan Von Weingarten
    Mein Rang Ist: Unteroffizier
    Mein Alter Is: 29
    Mein Konfession Ist: Deutches Afrika Korps, 21st Panzer Division, Tank Number 318
    Etwas Über Mich...
    Born 1909, Johan lived a long life of war and poverty, in a low life district of Berlin, while his father was an Obersoldat in the German Army, his mother stayed at home to take care of Johan and his two younger brothers. Johan soon moved from Berlin into France at age 23, living in Paris for the remainder of his silent life. Once the beginning of The Great War, Johan moved back into Germany, joining the Third Reichs "Glorious" army, more for economical issues than anything. His current rank as a tank commander in the tank corps is Unteroffizier.
    (This should be the proper sign up for this Roleplay, which is based in August 15 1941, during the beginning of the making of the 21st Panzer division in the First Battle Of Alamein.. There will be five positions, which the tank commander is taken. 1) Tank Driver 2) Loader 3) Radio Operator 4) Gunner 5) Secondary Gunner. Hope to see some apps! This is my first time making a thread so x3

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  2. Mein Nam Ist: Eric Köhler
    Mein Rang Ist: Gefrieter
    Mein Alter Is: 17
    Mein Konfession Ist: Deutches Afrika Korps, 21st Panzer Division, Tank Number 318
    Etwas Über Mich... Eric was born in 1924 in Aachen a town in Prussia. His father was an artilleryman during the first war and his mother had been a nurse during the war. Eric was born the 3rd child of the Köhlers and the 2nd son and he was very poor. After the war, his father had taken up of the job of creating charcoal, which is what his father did, and his father's father. The job was a family traditions but it did not bring in much money. Eric was raised as a staunch Lutheran and while he follows the Führer and loves Der Vaterland, he does not agree with Adolf on some things (i.e . His persecuting of jews). He decided to join up when this second war broke out, enlisting in the Wehrmacht as soon as he was old enough. He was assigned to be a gunner in training. (I have a couple extras: I do not speak much German, so please inform me if that is a problem, I am also black, so I guess I'm a bit sensitive to Hitler's views and actions, so I would appreciate if we kept the Heil Hitler! Death To Non-Aryans low. Thats it )
  3. // Have no fear friend! I agree, but it's just for roleplay purposes, and it's also why I chose the Afrika Campaign since it had almost no discriminatory problems. Oh, and the German part is fine, I just used it for the purpose of the signups. Anywho

  4. Okay! I eagerly await the IC
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