The Gentlemen's Guide to Piracy Vol 1

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  1. ((OOC:
    But the Isles are always of peace and prosperity.
    Many terrors bewitch the seas. Witches and foul creatures.
    Pirate lords and commanders of fleet.
    Ghostly galleons that rise from the ocean, and disappear just as quickly.
    Terrors that no man can in his right mind witness.

    These are the ways of the isles.

    Are you sure you wish to sail them?


    Elizabeth quickly downed the last of her beer as the bar erupted into a ruckus of screams and shouts as the patrons began beating each other. Expertly weaving her way through the clamour of fists and occasional gunfire, she walked right across to the man known as Rattler Murphy. "Can you get me a ship, or can you not get me a ship?" She had to shout above the roar of the tavern.
    "I, i can Ma'm!" He stammered in reply. "But it's in poor shape, no sane man would dare take it to sail!" He said.
    "Well I'm no man, am I?" She replied, at which she turned and waltzed out if the bar. She took the hat of a passed out sailor as she passed. She loved the classics, the stereotyping if pirates. Plus, hats were awesome. Hats are always awesome.
    With that, she strolled out down the road, sick and drunk littering the path, a lone courtesan trying to lure over a passing pirate. As she walked, she began to hum.
    "Tis a pirates life for me....."​
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  2. Lucas lay under the cover of branches, leaves, and mud on a hill in, seemingly, the middle of nowhere. He had been laying like that for about an hour and he was getting stiff and angry. But, he knew the first rule of both stealth and sniping was "Patience is key" so he kept laying as still as the stones grinding into his stomach. His informant had told him that his target would be leaving the tavern, almost a kilometer away, minutes after he was supposed to arrive.
    Bastard informant had me out here far earlier than need be. Lucas thought, As soon as I finish this job, I think I'll have a little 'chat' with him. He smiled to himself, although it will be hard for him to chat with his tongue missing. Just as he thought these words he saw his target walk out the door of the tavern. Lucas adjusted his scope, took a breath, let it out halfway, and pulled the trigger.
    His rifle recoiled as if jumping in his hands and, although he had a self-made suppressor on it, seemed to roar with delight as it forced the shot that effectively ended the mans life so far away. Lucas stayed still for another few minutes watching the scene of panic that was happening on the other end of his scope and then silently stood up, brushed himself off, and headed off to find that bloody informant.
  3. Horatio sits outside the tavern, keeping warm from a fire he made in front of him. He was mad. Furious. His boss, the Captain of The Genesis, didn't pay him. Again. Said something about profits and his age. "I ought to kill him" He says out loud. "Or I could make a bet for his ship and money. Become a trader on my own." He looks back at the ground "Ah, but the crew would leave. 'Cept maybe Gali. Even so, that isn't enough to run the Genesis." He puts out the fire with a frown. "Oh well." He yawns and lays back, waiting for something, anything, to happen to make his life more exciting.
  4. Elizabeth waltzed off down the street, entirely content with the way things were going, despite the stealing of her incredibly expensive, 60 cannon galleon. T'was all pointless in the scheme of things, she thought to herself. She would just make an even BETTER ship, find those bloody bastards, and sink them. It didn't even matter, nooooo way! She walked up to a group of pirates and punched one of them square in the jaw.
    "Hey! Little miss lookin' for a bit of trouble, is she? Come 'ere sweet heart!"
    "Your right, I am looking for trouble." She stepped closer to the man who had spoken, and as he leaned in to her, she drew one of her knives and stabbed him in between the ribs. He grabbed the wound and howled in pain.
    "But I'd prefer you didn't lay your filthy hands on me." She cried. She then flipped over the mans back and kicked him towards the others, sending them crashing to the ground. "Well, I'd been hoping for a good fight." She turned and continued her walk down the street, saddened by the lack of fighting.
  5. Horatio hears the mention of fighting and perks up immediately. He steps from the shadows with a grin. "So, you are looking for a fight, hm?" He is lit up by a flame that burns above his head. "That's funny. I was looking for the same thing." He draws his uncle's blade, a long steel blade with a bluish tint that has a gold colored hilt with a simple hand guard. The blade is well-kept and sharp. "Ill fight you"
  6. Requiem scowled at the sounds of a scuffle outside. Vagabonds and thugs, the lot of them. Still, he wasn't in the mood for picking up Bounties. Especially considering that he doubted that anyone around these parts was worth much. Certainly not enough to take him away from the game in front of him. The cards were in his favour, A Full House. He eyed the others at the table before closing his eyes and putting all the cash he'd won into the middle. There were raised eyebrows, a few laughs, and a few men folded. Three stayed in. One Must've thought that he and the others were bluffing, or he just didn't care if he lost his coin, because all he had was a single pair. Another had three of a kind, and the last was just betting on a two pair. Looking the man over, he did seem to have quite a bit of alcohol in his system.

    Shaking his head, Requiem took up his winnings, gave the men at the table a bow, and excused himself. He'd made a killing, and he hadn't even used the cards he'd stashed away. He was surprised at how well the men had taken their loss. So well in fact, that he couldn't escape the feeling that he hadn't seen the last of them. As he left the bar, he pulled his gauntlets on, locking them in place, and for good reason. Part way back to his ship, he found himself surrounded by four men, weapons drawn. "We want the cash, not your life, so hand it over." One of the group told him.

    Requiem just sighed loudly, "You really shouldn't gamble if you're not prepared to lose gentlemen. Put away your weapons, and I'll pretend this never happened. Fair enough?" He asked. The cash was secured safely where it wouldn't fall out in a scuffle, but he didn't really feel like dealing with a group of drunken miscreants. Not, of course, that he expected that they would listen.

    Sure enough, they let out a drunken bellow and charged him. With quick, practised movements, Requiem moved out of the way, knocking out two of them within the first few seconds. The other two, seeing their fallen comrades, went into an even more furious rage. It wasn't much longer before they were on the ground, unconscious, but still breathing. Requiem sighed again, annoyed at their actions. Still, he expected he could pull a few coins for their drunken forms. He opened a small window into the ether, grabbed a rope, and began tying the men up. From there, he backtracked his way to the local bounty office, informed them of his predicament, collected a few coins, and left to his ship, leaving the local law enforcement to go deal with the drunks.
  7. Haleighna

    It was a quiet morning on the beach in Alvania, of course, it was normally quiet on the beach of Alvania. At least in Haleighna's little corner of the world. She never glimpsed many people even walking this way unless they wanted to sell or buy something, which wasn't very often. With a sigh, Haleighna scanned the sand for large sea shells and anything else shiny to catch the eye. Looking down a few feet from where she was she noticed a very large pink blob and moved closer to investigate. With a triumphant smile she reached her hand into the water and pulled up a very beautiful conch shell. Turning it over she saw at once that it wasn't even cracked. Indeed, it was very lucky to find such a shell without venturing into the water. Maybe today's my lucky day. Haleighna smiled as she thought the words, ruefully to herself. Something about the brisk sea air and the cries of the seagulls recharged her spirit on this fine morning. It was the type of day that made you want to sing. Walking back up the path to her shop, she hummed a sweet melody into the lonely wind. Her shop wasn't much to look at. It was a small, wooden two story building with a glass window in the front to display a few of her wares. The first floor of the shop was jammed with shelves and tables and cases to display all of her treasures and sellables. Walking behind one of the counters, she reached up and placed the large shell in a prominent position on a shelf high up on the wall. It caught the light and seemed to sparkle happily in it's new place.

    Haleighna spent the next few hours dusting her shelves and wares and singing softly to herself. If she was anyone else, she might have been resentful to her parents for sending her away to this solitude. Haleighna, however, always seemed to find something to pass the time. If it wasn't sewing, singing, or playing her treasured violin, she'd taken up attempting to paint the horizon from the window on the second floor. Walking up the steps now, she looked around the little one room living space. It harbored a wood burning stove to keep her warm on a stormy night, a small bed in one corner, and a small chamber pot and wash tub in the other. She'd decorated the bed with a quilt she'd sewn herself, as well as the many painting attempts scattered about the floor and walls. Sitting below the window sat her violin case, beckoning to her fingers to play a tune. Gently, and with movements as loving as a mother holding her infant she opened the case and took out her small, yet beautifully crafted instrument. Using the rosin her father had given her, she prepared her bow and set it against the strings. She doubted she'd have any customers today so why not play a little something? It would pass the time at least. Closing her eyes, she felt a song bubbling up from her chest and let it flow into her fingers. As the mournful tune of a lullaby awakened in the small shop, Haleighna felt the notes and poured forth her soul into the music and all across the lonely little corner that was the shore by the shop there was the sound of sweet violin music.
  8. Elizabeth draws both her blades. "Well then, a confident young man here, eh? First blood, no fatal wounds obviously." Without even waiting for a reply, she whips both her swords in the air and brings them down, sun glinting off the fine steel blades.
  9. Horatio takes two quick steps backward and steps forward with a wide arc swing. "sounds fair"
  10. Elizabeth brings both her swords in close, blocking the swing, followed by a hard push. She then swings both blades inwards.
  11. She was one of a kind. A woman in her 20, tall and slim, with shapes pleasent to every men eyes. Her short and black hair ebony were put in contrast with her light brown And pale skin. Wore a long and black dress with a red veil around her naked shoulders. She could bewitch every man with a single look she throw at them, and yet on the dangerous street covered on washed blood with thugs and other thing unknown by man. She was together with her thoughts, rather lost in them, despise the fact that until now she was alone. Morgiana passed her right hand over her shoulder like into an embrace. She hit a man, he was tall, with a rather long and pitch black hair, and his eyes, his eyez mesmerize her, had a athletic body structure which amaze her. And yet, there was something that intrigued her. "Sorry mister." Morgiana spoke as she passed her hand throw her hair.​
  12. Lucas kicks open the door of his unlucky informants house as he edits. Behind him in the dark interior all that can be heard is a low whimpering. Lucas cleans the blood off of another dagger and sheathes it, whistling a little shanty as he saunters down the street.
    "What to do today?" He said to himself, "I've been here for long enough, I suppose I'd better find someone to give me a lift out of here." He had a long journey ahead of him. To where, he had no idea.
    He reached the city just in time, it seems, because there in front I him was a particularly attractive woman who had just taken out a nasty looking man. She was made all the more attractive by the ease with which she dispatched the man. A women worth her blade was something Lucas didn't often see and, needless to say, he was intrigued. Especially when he saw some fool challenge her to a fight. Lucas just smiled and decided to watch.
  13. Horatio catches one blade with his hand guard and ducks out of the way of the other blade. He grabs his own sword with his other hand and twists around in an attempt to disarm.
  14. (The the scenario you just described, the sword you ducked under would have just come back to your sword, as it was a cross cut from the sides. That's what I understand it as, anyway.)

    Elizabeth just moves the other sword down slightly, causing the tiniest nick on Horatio's hand. With a sigh, she sheathes her blades. "You have a lot to learn, kid. Better luck next time." She sighs and begins to walk away.
  15. Still lacking the funds to do anything, Nicholas had to resort to petty thievery. However being midday, it wasn't opportune to mug someone, especially in a place where everyone is armed. Though this is a land where thievery is common, it only takes one honest man to stop him in his tracks. Nicholas decided to try his hand at pickpocketing. It should be easy to snatch a drunkard's coin purse so he headed to the local pub to snatch what he could. He saw a couple of fights break out, one ending badly, the other ended quick with an obvious loser. Nick popped in and out of the pub, gaining about 120 pieces of eight, combined with the thirty of his ow.... Someone stole his coin purse.... GREAT!

    Nick left the town center disappointed but still happy about his take. He figured he would have to find a gang to work with or possibly form his own. He headed toward the beach, it's black sand curled around his boots. He sat down on some flotsam and decided to smoke a pipe he picked off a guy. It was smooth. Feeling a bit famished he got out a piece of jerky and munched on it. Unfortunately, a skyrat took his remaining bit of this strip, today wasn't a lucky day it seems.
  16. The day was nigh, the sun was shining, and the brisk sea air sprayed a cooling sensation upon the skin of the crew as the ship sailed on. The colours that the ship was flying were those of the Jolly Roger, with a skull placed in front of two swords crossed diagonally. As the gentle rocking sensation of the sea eased the ship along in its course, it forced a young man aboard to feel strong emotions welling inside him. Jim Hawkins loved the sea and everything about it. Just trying to count the numerous wonders and untold secrets the sea withheld could easily have driven any man insane, but not Jim. His mind was always set on adventure, even if it meant that he had to take risks in order to acquire it. While he spent most of the time aboard this ship in the brig preparing meals, he treasured the time he spent regarding the views. As his heart pumped with thrills of adventure and wonder, he cracked a small smile and stared out into the horizon. There wasn't much that could make him smile in this world, but sailing always put him in a good mood. In fact, he normally sung when he was sailing, which often resulted in joyful sea-shanties. He only sung to himself, however, but they were still signs that the boy was in a pleasant moos for a change as apposed to the constant negativity surrounding his being. As what appeared to be an island came up on the horizon, Jim opened his mouth and a powerful melody escaped his lips, quietly serenading himself, with the sea as his only witness.
    Tis a damn tough life full of toil and strife, we weathermen undergo.

    And we don't give a damn when the day is done, how hard the winds did blow.

    Cause we're homeward bound from the Arctic round, with a good ship taught and free.

    And we don't give a damn when we drink our rum, with the girls of Old Maui.

    Rolling down to Old Maui, me boys. Rolling down to Old Maui.
    We're homeward bound from the Arctic round
    Rolling down to Old Maui.

    As the song concluded, the brown haired boy slowly stood up from his position on the mast of the ship and climbed down to the poop deck. He made his way through the crew, who were rowdy and cheerful at the recent news of arrival in Alvania. The Captain of the ship, Edward Hopkins, steered the wheel with excitement on his face. Captain Hopkins was quite different from many other captains, mostly in the respect that he wasn't really up for the whole "raiding, pillaging, killing" deal which other pirates seemed to cherish. Instead, he only raided rum and (if he could help it), didn't sink the ships of his enemies, but rather left them for dead and gave them a chance to escape. A merciful pirate gained more reputation then a vengeful one, because everybody secretly wishes to get the guy who won't blow their ship out of the water. While the crew thought some of the Captain's actions were odd, Jim, however, believed them to be respectable. In fact, Captain Hopkins seemed to be nothing more then a man who sought for adventure, rum, and a bit of gold if he could find any. This was a large accomplishment in Jim's book, because he was one of the few people that the boy actually liked and even cared about in his life. As his negative thoughts towards the rowdy and vicious nature of the crew continued, Jim made his way to the bunks and sat down on a crate. Reaching into a bucket, he pulled out a potato and began to peel it. Most of the time when he wasn't helping up on the poop deck or singing shanties while sitting upon the mast, Jim was peeling or chopping various food items in the bunkers so the crew could eat at any time.

    Finally, after around another few hours of sailing (and a few more shanties from Jim, who had finished around 40 potatoes), the ship known as "The Princess Elizabeth" pulled up into the docks of Alvania. While the crew began to tie her down, Jim made his way off the boat so he could try to find something interesting in town. The crew of the Princess Elizabeth had been to Alvania many times before, but Jim was always noticing that new shops and buildings were being set up in between their visits. As he wandered along the beach, he saw a small two-story shop and decided to enter. His face was now solemn, yet emotionless. The reason for this, was deep inside of him, the joy of sailing had gone. Now, he was back to his normal ways, pretending like nothing in the world could ever hurt him in any way. As he approached the counter, he rung a small bell which had been placed there as a way to alert the owner when customers entered. "Hello. Shop-Keep? I want to see your wares immediately. Come and show me them." he called out, his harsh word choice sounding more like an order then an actual request.
  17. (I had not understood that. I read it as you swinging both swords in the same direction. oh well)

    He shoves his sword in the dirt between the stones of the road and slaps himself in the head "Made a dumb mistake. There goes my winning streak." He shrugs, thankful he didnt have money on that one. he walks back to his place outside of the bar, playing with fire.
  18. Michael sat in the middle of a bar with a bunch of his crew about him - some of them were off in bar fights and others getting themselves killed in bar fights. He cared little for those who died, if they died they died, nothing much he could do about it besides hire a replacement. He was going to order more drinks when he saw a man come in and steal a couple of coins from the random men in the bar. Deciding to amuse himself he nodded to one of his crew mates who stole his purse and brought it back to him. "You're a privateer, cap'n, what would you need a coin purse for?" His first mate asked him, a bulky man with a thick black beard and scars covering his dirty face.

    "Havin' meself a little fun, Jack," Michael replied standing up and putting on his tricorne. "No need to get your panties in a knot, I'll return it to the poor sod." He walked lazily out of the bar, but when he did, he couldn't find the man and began looking around when he saw him off in the distance headed for the beach. Shrugging to himself he walked towards him and caught a glimpse of a skyrat stealing something from his hands. From the look of it, it was either meat or a piece of leather. "Not your lucky day is it?" Michael said with a grin tossing the man his coin purse.
  19. She bowed her head down and excused herself before the man she hit. Moriana hated to be late somewhere, especially when she has to do some errands. The salty sea air filled her nostrils, it always made her heart race crazy and her senses were in a constant madness, well, between women was named 'butterflies in tummy'. She shook her head and covered her empty shoulder with a red veil. Morgiana was a woman you could admire from afar, she highlight herself through fine and delicate traits, long and slim finger, a lightly pink skin, full reddish lips, and an aura of mystery impossible to compare with other women. Was easy to say, she was a courtesan, easily can be said by the clothes that let everything to the man imagination. She stopped and stared at the man before her eyes. "An act of kindness." Whispered to herself as she ignore the unfolding actions between the two men. Morgiana entered in the bar and looked at the bartender and spoke. "Madam Eveth is asking for the goods." She spoke, the bartender placed his hand above her and spoke. "And the money ? Or ...." He said with a filthy look in his eyes. Morgiana smiled and replied with a sharp tongue. "Maye next time, I'm in a hurry right now, I think a pirate will kidnap my." She blow to him a kiss and smiled, the bartender swear under his breath and went away.​
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  20. Nicholas sneered at the sound of coins pinging off one another, thinking this fellow had mistaken him for some useless bum. Nicholas started to turn to tell this bastard off until he caught a glimpse of the coin purse that lie on the ground, it was definitely his, he knew this because the purse had a weird black stain in the shape of lobster claw, or at least that's what he thought it looked like. This man must have caught the bastard who stole his coin purse. Nick's turn to insult turned into a turn to thank. "Aye, thanks for returning me coin," he picked up the purse and inspected its contents... Thirty coins. He took out a piece of eight and flipped it to him as compensation. He turned back towards the sea, taking a long drag on his pipe, he thought of the future, imagining a grand ship under his command.
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