The Gentlemen's Guide to Piracy Vol. 1 [OOC]

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  1. ((IC:
    If you are reading this most esteemed publication, it must mean you want to sail the seas of the Savintino Isles for a life of piracy, treachery and debauchery. If so, continue through this well established tome. If not, close this book, throw it into the nearest body of water, and walk away.


    Not twenty years ago, a large group of islands was discovered in the northern tropics. These isles were home to exotic fruits and lush vegetation, and fine soil for sugar cane plantations. The already thinned out militant forces of both the Doranian Union and the Bastori Empire quickly swooped in, both sides trying to take control of this new land flowing with opportunity for cash. Shortly after establishing colonies, both the Union & the Empire were plagued by Pirates. These pirates immediately established their own colony and trading hub, called Freeland. They began raiding other colonies and trade ships, amassing a large amount of wealth, and so the Pirates, Union and Empire have battled for the resources of the Savintino Isles ever since.

    The Isles arr within the Kerectian universe, meaning that information on it can be found on the Kerectus Universal Wiki.
    Once your charactarrr(s) are accepted, please add a page on them to the wiki, making sure it follows the provided format.

    No powergsming, metagaming or anything of that sort.
    Be nice to other players OOC
    To begin with you may only have two characters to begin with. You may earn more.
    Keep the romance PG13+
    No murdering other player characters. A nick on the ribs or a good thrashing are fine, but leaving one for dead without permission otherwise is HERESY. And punishable by death.

    Age: (Must be 16+, be reasonable please)
    Gender: (M/F)
    Magic: (Y/N if Yes, Magic type, I.E Blood, Earth, Wind, etc.)
    Skills: (Gunnery, sword fighting, sailing, etc.)
    Group: (See below. Pirates, Courtesans, Slaves, Soldiers, etc.)
    Appearance: (Picture or description)
    Bio: (1-2 paragraphs of decent length please.)
    Inventory: (Again, be reasonable. Does not include ship cargo.)



    Freelance pirates rule these seas, trying to make a life for themselves and those who defy the Union and the Empire. They sail around, punching holes in the Bastori or the Doranian wherever they can to create a better world.
    Pirates hired by either the Union or the Empire. Unlike Buccaneers, the only goal of a Privateer is to earn coin. They will swap sides at the drop of a hat if their target offers them more gold.
    Hookers. Dancers. The company of any gentlemen (or sometimes lady) with enough coin, the services of a Courtesan are more than simply just sex, they will provide comfort and company, and are usually taken to very important events.
    Union Soldiers-
    The soldiers and guards of the Doranian Union. Can be found in their ships, sailing around, or guarding cities and strongholds.
    Empire Soldiers-
    The soldiers and guards of the Bastori Empire. Can be found in their ships, sailing around, or guarding cities and strongholds.
    Bounty Hunters-
    For hire killers and crew. Like Privateers, Bounty Hunters work for coin. Unlike Privateers, they usually don't work for the government, and don't always know the skills of a pirate, such as sailing.
    The imprisoned. Usually under the employ of Slavers or Nobles. They are usually taken in as manual labourers, although the lucky ones get better jobs.
    Those who kidnap, 'find', or buy people for use as slaves. They are another group motivated entirely by coin, selling and using Slaves in whatever way they see fit.
    Doranian Nobles-
    Nobles who live under the Union.
    Bastori Nobles-
    Nobles who live under the Empire.
    Sellers of wares, procurers of goods. Sometimes they are motivated only by coin, but more often than not, it is just the trade that called them.
    Doctors are usually noble born, and they promote the message of helping any and all in need...... except the corrupt ones.
    Smuggler, bandits and thieves, oh my! Smugglers transport illegal and stolen goods, storing them in hideouts.

    Murderers who stalk the streets, hunting their victims before striking. Can be begin in Alvania, Yuka, or Freland due to their nature.

    The Natives of the Savintino isles are Fey-like, with pointed ears, much more complex magics and fair skin. Natives are incredibly versatile, and are usually trained in combat or medicines.

    The Native's soldiers. Warriors are the creme de la creme of their tribes fighting force. They usually have more markings on their skin, to symbolise that they are different. They are stronger.

    (More factions open to suggestion)
    You CAN Multi-group, as long as it makes sense. So no Courtesan Slavers or the like!

    Ship Name:
    Ship Appearance:
    Ship Size: (This determines speed. Weight or height+length+width are acceptable.)
    Defenses: (Mortars, cannons, etc. Include gun count, I.E 35 cannons and 4 swivel guns.)

    Magick's of the arcane have long been part of our world.
    It is suggested that every fifth man in our world can harness Magick.
    Each user of Magick, however, can only use a certain aspect of it.
    For example, The Wanderer is said to harness the very Earth itself,
    but the Lioness Shan Sing can harness the power of Fire.
    Magick, even to those with it's gifts, most be honed and refined over time.
    One with fire may be able to wield a small flame in the palm of his hand, but with time, he may set the sky ablaze with his fury.

    Pirates start in Freland
    Doranian Union Privateers and Soldiers begin in Fort Alton or Yuka
    Doranian Union Nobles begin in Yuka
    Doranian Union colors are Blue and Green
    Bastori Empire characters begin in Alvania
    Bastori Empire colors are Yellow and Orange
    Freelancers start in Freland
    Slaves begin with a Slaver, in Freland, Yuka or Alvania
    Natives begin in Kashtika

    Show Spoiler

    One of the largest colonies in the isles, Freland is run by the pirate lords, and is a central trading hub for pirates and tradesmen alike. Due to the focus of freedom surrounding Freland however, disease and poverty are prevalent.

    One of the smaller Doranian villages, Yuka is home to many nobles and the incredibly valuable Fort Alton

    Alvania is a large, bustling, Bastori trade city.

    As'Teton is a large village hidden away in the dense forest. As'Teton is the tribal hub and houses one of the largest temples in the Isles. It is said that the temples hold a gift from the ancients for only the bravest warrior.

    You can now accrue bounty! The more money on your head, the more likely a bounty hunter or privateer will be contracted to kill you! You have an individual bounty for the Union and the Empire
    1000+ Law enforcement may recognize you!
    2000+ Law enforcement will be suspicious of you, and low level NPC bounty hunter may come for you!
    3000+ Privateers may be contracted to kill you, law enforcement is more likely to recognize you!
    5000+ Player characters may be contracted to kill you and Guards will investigate on sight
    7000+ Guards will attack on sight, you enter the most wanted bounty list.

    You must keep track of your own cash! By default, you begin with 500 gold pieces! (gp) Nobles begin with 2000 gold pieces instead!
    All Native's including slaves start with 0 gp
    Can be negotiated, although if you want less, just do it!
    Please post your GP and BOUNTY (given by mods, do not decide for yourself) at the end of every post.

    You can also catch DISEASES!
    The second edition includes all new information entitled WHAT STILL REMAINS, which, along with four new types, the new Native group, and the conversion of Slaves from freelance to Native, which features remnants of the Ka'Shakti tribes in the form of ancient temples which hold treasures beyond imagining.
    But what dangers lie behind the temple walls?

    The Companion Guide, Night of Terror involves the midnight murderer, NightShade and his cult of murderers. Like WHAT STILL REMAINS, Night of Terror is an expansion that provides more information rather than anything else. Not only are NightShade and his followers on the hunt for prey, but you can also investigate the cult itself, earning rewards as you do.
    Can you survive the night?

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  2. Name: Nicholas Morgan
    Age: 34
    Gender: M
    Magic: fire
    Skills: marksmanship, stealth, patience
    Group: Buccaneers
    Appearance: Google Captain Morgan, that, but clean shaven and much younger
    Bio: Bastard Son of Privateer Captain Henry Morgan. The sea called to him and he quickly adopted the passion of his father to sail the seas and ambush those whom oppose him.His start however was rocky to say the least, no one believed he was the son of Henry Morgan, this no one took him seriously. Being poor was another issue, he stole a musket and a dinghy to get started, but he will need help.
    Inventory: a musket, some clothes, beef jerky, and a bunch of bananas.
    Notes/Suggestions: Henry Morgan was a real person, if that is ok.
    Elaborate on magic
  3. Of course it's okay! Also, added a magic section above.

    Maybe expand a little more though, your apps a little short.
    Otherwise accepted!

    Elizabeth Crowe




    Harnesses the powers of ice.


    Born the daughter of Doranian nobles, Elizabeth ran away at the age of ten, becoming a stowaway on a pirate ship, which happened to be that of the notorious pirate Eric Avery. Eric raised her as his own, and by the age of eighteen, she found herself in the position of First Mate, as well as one of the top five most wanted by both the Doranian's and the Bastori.

    When she was 23, she ran away with yet another Pirate Captain, Thomas Heckland. They fell in love, and for a good three years they were happy, until he tried to ditch her for another woman. And so Elizabeth killed her love and took both his ship and his crew. She sailed for another two years, before her crew fell into dissent, chucked her overboard, and left her for dead. She was rescued by a fishermen, who took her back to Freland.
    Heckland's Cutlasses, Avery's Pistol's, An Apple, Three Coconuts, Her journal, and a set of knives stolen from her parents estate.

  4. Could I reserve a female Bastori noble and possibly a slave...? I'll have to make my CS tomorrow as I have no access to my laptop atm.
  5. Sure.

    I did write no Bastori or Doranian's yet, but if you make it well, I shall accept.
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  6. Oh crud. I didn't see that when I first responded. Blehh... I could still give it a shot. I'm debating
  7. I suppose I'll give it a shot and if it doesn't make your cut that's fine. Just say so and I'll make a different character. Probably using the same picture but that's beside the point x3
    Name: Haleighna Rourke
    Age: (Must be 16+, be reasonable please) 19
    Gender: (M/F) Female
    Magic: (Y/N if Yes, Magic type, I.E Blood, Earth, Wind, etc.) No
    Skills: (Gunnery, sword fighting, sailing, etc.) Embroidery and Sewing, Singing, Dancing, Violin, and Etiquette
    Group: (See below. Pirates, Courtesans, Slaves, Soldiers, etc.) Bastori Noble
    Appearance: (Picture or description) [​IMG]
    Bio: (1-2 paragraphs of decent length please.)
    Born as one of the first children in the Bastori Empire, Haleighna was sired as the sole child of James and Lidiya Rourke. Her father, James, has a very large estate and plantation used for growing all sorts of exotic plants. Lidiya, her mother, is known for throwing some of the most fashionable soirées and balls in the vicinity. Growing up, Haleighna was the pride and joy of her parents. Although James originally wanted a son, he fell in love with the sweet little bundle of joy his redhaired Haleighna was. At a very young age her parents began teaching her in the ways of a noblewoman. She learned proper etiquette, as well as taking dance, voice, and violin lessons. It was the hope of her parents that Haleighna would one day marry a nobleman and make them proud. However, at 19 Haleighna is no longer a child. And with a betrothal still no where in sight, James is beginning to lose faith in his golden child. Not willing to fully disgrace her, James bought a small cottage by the sea and renovated it into a small shop with a room above for Haleighna. Her parents give her full control of the lonely little shop and she quickly fills it with all manner of trinkets and treasures. With her new found freedom, Haleighna spends every morning searching for shells and other little treasures the sea washes up on her beach to put in her shop. Her shop also operates as a small pawn shop, where many poor folk sell off their jewelry and fine china (grudgingly) just to pay for their day to day life.

    Although she is a bit lonely on the beach in her small shop, Haleighna has always lived a happy life as a noblewoman. She's heard tales of pirates in the neighboring isles but she's always been quite detached from it. She thinks pirates quite a deplorable lot and has been to many a hanging of the foul breed in the square. She's never even met a pirate, however, as her estate was quite farther away from the shore than her little shop. Yet, on the shore, one can only sit and dream of the adventures the blackguards must have.
    Inventory: (Again, be reasonable. Does not include ship cargo.) A small teardrop shaped pendant and matching ring her mother gave her, her violin tucked away in it's case, small pocket coin for making change, a small hand sewing kit, and a large conch shell she had the good luck to find earlier on the beach.
    Notes/Suggestions: That's the best I can do. However, like I said, if it doesn't meet your approval that's fine as well. Just tell me and I shall make a different one n.n
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  8. I'm interested, are you still looking for people?
  9. Hope so, because I put this sheet together before I asked ^^"

    Name: Jim Tyler Hawkins

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Magic: None

    Skills: • Sailing
    • Singing
    • Playing Guitar
    • Swordplay
    • Cooking
    • Navigation

    Group: Buccaneers

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Incredibly bright and confident, Jim could be good-natured and friendly, if he had reason to. He doesn't, though – in fact, rather used to being let down, Jim often shows himself as dispassionate and uncaring, preferring to push others away and act detached than to be let down again. He's very distrusting of new people, especially with the appearance of pirates who will stab somebody in the back at a moments notice. He's also very skeptical about certain subjects as certain people.

    Jim is, in short, a prodigy. He's intelligent, though he doesn't show it much, and often learns things with thorough accuracy after seeing them just once. He built his first wind surfer at age 7, and has been building and sailing things almost nonstop ever since. He's bold, brash, and not afraid to say what needs to be said. He hates being thought of as a hero, but also hates being thought of as a delinquent. He's very hot-headed and quick to act when he's insulted.

    Despite this, he's loyal to a fault to people that earn it. First is his mother: Sarah is the one person that he wants to please, badly, no matter what. She's his mother, and he felt a responsibility to take care of her, since his father left, until her death. He felt that same loyalty to his father, once, as well as a high sense of respect for the man. He felt a similar way to a man he knew long ago, treating him almost as a second father, but the betrayal he suffered by both has marked him and damaged his ability to trust others. He can also be very charming and flirtatious, although he doesn't do it on purpose, it just naturally slips out sometimes.

    As a short summary of his history: he was born to a small family. When he was four, his father left his mother for reasons still unknown to Jim. The only thing the boy had to remember his father by, was a compass he received for his 3rd birthday. Jim has always tried to be a good son and provide for his mother, but his efforts were always in vain. Due to multiple people in his life either abusing his trust or manipulating him for their own purposes, Jim has become a hard to reach person. When he turned 17 and his mother passed away from old age, he set out with a group of rogues and devils to try and make a life for himself. His cold outer personality has made him into an excellent pirate, but he's empty inside. Once he heard about the wealth in the Savintino Isles, he struck out immediately with hopes of joining a crew and getting a piece of the pie.

    Inventory: His Rapier, a Wheellock Pistol, his compass and a guitar

    Notes/Suggestions: Jim has a Old English Sheepdog pup named "Maxwell", whom he loves dearly. He also has a natural talent for music and normally sings to himself.

    He also has a rare medical condition that has made him blind in his left eye. Its not a pretty sight to look at, so he wears an eye-patch over it for the sake of others and himself.

    And yes, this character was inspired by Treasure Island and shares the same name as the hero. I just enjoy the story, sue me :3
  10. Ship Name: The Black Lamb
    Ship Appearance: a small black dinghy
    Ship Size: 6'3"
    Defenses: N/A

    I don't know about you guys but I've been to the Caribbean multiple times.
  11. Both are accepted, although it was unnecessary to use your bio as the personality space. (Sora)

    I'll *try* to make a map when I can. IC will be up within the week.

    Krazaz, your ship is accepted.
  12. Name:
    Lucas Cradshik(Luke the Red)
    Of the Male Variety
    Yes. Temporal(Time)
    Sword Fighting, Sniping, Sailing, Poison-arts, Stealth
    Bounty Hunter
    Lucas was born to a small family on an unknown island unclaimed by any major government. Or any government for that matter. They subsisted solely on what they could get from fishing and farming. It was a peaceful existence, every now and then a pirate ship would stop by and mingle with the locals. They were never attacked by the pirates, they seemed to enjoy having the company. Lucas spent the first ten years his life learning the trade of his life: fishing, farming, and spending the rest of his time teaching himself to shoot with one of his fathers old rifles that he modified.
    Around Lucas's tenth birthday a mysterious man who held the bearing of a man used to using the weapons he carried. After a lot of badgering and general annoyance, that more often than not got Lucas a very painful deterrent, the man agreed to teach Lucas the tricks of his trade, which was that of a bounty hunter. His name was Durzo Ferrik. For six years Lucas trained under Durzo, he trained so hard and often he became one of the best shots in those parts of the seas. Pirates from all over would come to compete against him, and he acquired quite the reputation. During his training, Durzo found out that Lucas had some innate magical ability. The ability to manipulate the temporal energy of the universe(stop time, speed it up, slow it down, etc.) Over the years Lucas got better at controlling his power. On his sixteenth birthday Lucas boarded a pirate ship bound for other waters and spent a year hopping from job to job doing the same thing his mentor did. Killing for money. And that is where we find him now.
    Scimitar, Wrist Blade, Dual Pistols, Modified long-ranged rifle, Clothes, Journal
    This boy be crazy, He has three other personalities in his head. Nobody really knows why...​
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  13. Yeah, I realize that. To be fair though, his backstory wasn't really worth writing two paragraphs. It can be described in 4 bullets:

    • Grew up with trust issues
    • Isn't a people person
    • Mum died, left home
    • Sailing as a Pirate
  14. Granted, I could have elaborated on it, but it honestly would have been the usual "Looking for more out of life, working at a dead end job" drivel that you get from any Disney Princess in song format.

    I can elaborate if needed/asked to, but I figured I'd spare everybody the boredom of reading an uncreative thing like that. I was lacking inspiration after writing his personality, so that's why I didn't really bother going too much into his backstory. Besides, I like elaborating on stuff like that in the IC
  15. My point was you didn't need to write his personality. Besides which you are accepted. Redeyz, exceptance is yours also.

    Sora, can you pleeeeeease stop double posting. Just edit your post. Everybody doubles once in a while, but you keep doing it.

  16. Something tells me the rule is not as enforced here
  17. Apologies mate. Still new here (been rping for about 5 years now) but I wasn't sure how people felt about DP's.

    Some forums I've found don't mind it, while others hate it. I normally try it out to see if the people accept it or not.

    And will do, I don't normally write personalities but I felt compelled for this one.
  18. I'm not sure if it's a rule of these forums or not. Me and my friends have been here, uhm, almost five days now?

    Double posting just bothers me.

    Some people like Personalities in the app; I don't I prefer to have people RP their personalities, not have it pre-determined.
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  19. I just realized I forgot to delete Haleighna's magic. I'll change it in my post but she's not magic.
  20. Same here, it just felt right for this one. I do it only when I'm compelled or I want to try something new for a character.
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