The genie game

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  1. This is a game one of my school friends plays when he and his friends are drinking. To adapt for the internet and forum and stuff, the rules are as follows: One person states their wish, the next person to reply, grants the wish but they have to manipulate their words to screw over their wish. (just like a genie :D) and then they make a wish and the next person will try to screw them over too and make their wish, etc. etc.

    Me :"I wish i could change myself into any animal at will"
    Genie: "Ok, but it will cause excruciating pain to the point of almost killing you each and every time"

    MY WISH:
    I wish I had a glass of water.
  2. Genie: I will hit you over the head with a glass of water, knocking you out.

    My wish: I wish for a hug.
  3. Genie: You will get your hug. However, in the process of receiving this hug, your rib cage collapses, causing your death.

    My wish: I wish I had some money.
  4. Genie: You will find a penny on the ground - now you have some money. :)

    My wish: I wish for a boyfriend.
  5. Genie: You get a boyfriend but her dumps for the next hour for one of your male family members. ^^

    I wish I could get a kiss on the cheek.
  6. Genie: Granted but you can no longer have or drink anything else since it was so yummy but since it was a one of a kind bottle of vodka you die shortly afterwards.

    I wish I was in Hell.
  7. Genie: You get killed, and the devil drags you down.

    My wish: That I would find someone to roleplay with
  8. You find someone to roleplay with but that person disappears from the site when you get in to a really exciting part of the rp.

    I wish that I would be finished with all my homework's