The Geeky Misfits Club

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  1. Lilli Honda is sick and tired of the judgmental way she is taken at school. The only one keeping bullies at bay is her twin brother Leo, who is the total opposite of her when it comes to people. He's well loved and popular and he's known to be protective so people mainly steer clear of Lilly.

    So she founded the Geeky Misfits Club in the hopes of finding friends like her.

    She handed out the flyers for the club information during the last convention she was cosplaying in so she's hoping some people at least took her seriously. She nervously tidied and re-tidied the living room of their pretty well off house, anxiously waiting.

    They should be arriving any minute now!
  2. Isabella was running to the ose the club Meeting was. She didnt have time to change out of her Cosplay out-fit of 'Train Haertnet' from the black cat sisres. The funny thing is peop was Train so she was screamd at......... alot.

    As isabella gotnto the house about the costume and ringed the bell. and she waited out side at the right place
  3. Rebecca held the flyer in her hands, she wasn't sure if she was ready to meet other people yet. She was new to the school and a lot of people had already classed her as "Nerd". She pushed her glasses up her nose and sighed. Might as well check this out… She started the walk to the meeting place, as she arrived she begun to regret her decision.
  4. Sarah runs toward the house. She was rushing to this club meeting in the God Teir of Time Aradia from Homestuck. She just came from a convention 10 miles away.
  5. "Looks like your friends are here〜" Leo chimed, jumping off his bean bag chair and abandoning his game. Though some guys would never abandon a game to get the door, Leo isn't like that at all, having a short attention span.

    The true reason is something he wouldn't admit aloud though.

    "No! Leo, I'll get the door!" Lilli rushed but because Leo's quicker and more agile, he got to the hallways first and blocked her.

    "If you're gonna be club prez, you shouldn't be in a maid costume. They'd think you work for me." He said, chuckling.

    "Oh, beat it. I didn't have time to change. And this is what the club is for, no judging." Lilli put her tongue out at him.

    "Guys will think other things any way." Leo muttered. Lilli didn't hear him as she strode past and swung the door.

    Her heart jumped happily at the sight of the new members. They were in costume too! Choke on that, Leo.

    "Come in! Welcome! Oh, please leave your shoes if you don't mind. Take a slipper and follow me." She said cheerily, standing back to let them pass.
  6. Isabella laughed at the maid costume "Very oragelna hi Im Train haertnet" she said walkig in she then notice the other coming inbehind her and smiled.
  7. Rebecca was in the back of the group. She also was the only one not in costume. I hope I understand what they will be talking about…this is my last chance at a friendship…if not friendships.
  8. "Greaaat, they're cute girls!" Leo said cheerily behind Lilli. She elbowed him away as she led the girls to the living room, explaining that their parents were away so they can do as they like. She seated them and offered them muffins she baked herself in a hurry so the icing wasn't even on all of it.

    "So, um. Hi all of you. I'm glad you could come!" She beamed at them, standing with her hands clasped together nervously. "I'm Lilli, I was at the maid cafe during the convention handing out flyers because I wanted to gather!"

    She was bumbling like an idiot and she was aware. Leo was watching her with an amused expression from the hallway. He raised an eyebrow at her as if to say, go on?

    "That's Leo, my brother. Don't get too close, you'll catch the idiocy." She snapped, and although she was talking to her guests, she was giving him a warning look as he walked in.

    "My sister had an accident when we were little. She had a stick up her ass that never came out." he chuckled to himself as he entered, making his way to his bean couch again to continue his game and ignoring his sister's "Shut up.", he went on to say, "But yes, don't mind me, I'm just gonna play here."
  9. Rebecca nervously nibbled on her muffin, eying the boy in the corner.
  10. [Trinity Thorn] I hesitated at the door of my bedroom, looking back to the books and papers scattered across my desk. I bit my lip, and glanced down at the flyer. I'd never been in a club before, and I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to do in one, or what to bring. I wasn't even sure that this wasn't just a joke I was walking into.
    Just take them, I told myself, and I quickly scooped up all of the loose papers and one thick notebook into the leather letter bag I had around my shoulder. I also picked up my glasses, and tucked them into my bag as well.
    "Bye, Mom! I'm off!" I called, hoping she wouldn't notice how late I was. She didn't, simply calling up, "Goodbye! Have fun!" My teeth biting into my lip, I ran down the stairs and out into the garage where my old truck was. I opened the garage, got in, and started it up, tossing my bag into the passenger seat. I sat there for a moment, nervously re-considering even going to the club. Eventually, though, I backed out from the garage and out onto the streets.
    I knocked on the door quickly and sharply, then hurried to adjust my chin-length brown hair out of habit. I also adjusted my shirt and my leather bag. I stared at the wooden door, fixing a shy smile on my face and hoping I'd gotten the address right. This is where the flyer said...
  11. Leo had overtaken Lilli to the door yet again. "Hi!" he grinned at the girl outside. "You're here for the club, miss? If not, we could hang out, if yes, we could still hang out."

    When Lilli did catch up, she shoved Leo out of the way and let the girl come in. "It's cold out, come warm yourself. We've got muffins and stuff. Glad you could come."
  12. Sarah sighs at Leo acting like that. "If you keep that up then you'll be labeled the Humanstuck Eridan Ampora."
  13. [Trinity Thorn] I felt blush fill my cheeks. Was he trying to flirt with me? I glanced down. He asked if I was here for the club.. So I bet this is the place! I thought, and looked inside to see a variety of people assembled, and only one wasn't in costume. It never occured to me that anyone here would be dressed up. Then again, Cosplay wasn't really my thing.
    I smiled at the girl who replaced the boy. They looked alike, must be siblings. "Muffins? Mm.. Thanks, I'm glad to be here! I'm Trinity Thorn, Mangaka," I said, stepping inside. I instantly felt the blast of warm air, and rubbed my arms quickly to diminish the goosebumps that had arisen on them. I took off my shoes and left them just inside the door, by the others' footwear. I leaned down to fix one of my socks, which had fallen down past my ankle.
    I walked over to where the others were sitting, and picked an open spot. There were muffins on a nearby table, so I picked one of them up, examining it before taking a bite. "Wow, these are really good. Did you make them?"
  14. "Well, we are Aquarius-" he began, but Lilli gave him a look that immediately quieted him but he gave Sarah a wink and Trinity a smile before going back to his game.

    "I did." Lilli said to Trinity in an excited squeak. "I'm super glad you think so, it's my first ever batch of muffins that actually look and taste like muffins."

    She walked over to the front of the group again, "I was saying, I'm Lilli, founder of this club. I cosplay although I'm not that good, I do translations too. That's Leo. He's uh. Security." He chuckled but was already immersed in his playing. "I'm your knight, ladies."

    "You must have noticed that I did say we can make a new name for ourselves to use among us. So, I'd like you all to tell us a bit about yourself and stuff." she said, smiling at them. "Who wants to go first?"

    "Me, I'm in this club because I wanna know who my sister hangs out with." Leo said, pausing his game to survey the girls again. "This had my curiosity but now, it has my attention." he wiggled his brows.
  15. Sarah roles her eyes at Leo. "And how does the cool guy know about a geeky webcomic like Homestuck? Hmm? "
  16. Leo's grin at Sarah was both flirty and smug with his chin jutted a bit. "So, you think I'm cool." he said happily.

    "He looks through my stuff, so he probably picked up from there." Lilli told Sarah so she wouldn't have to reply to Leo's unnecessary statement.

    "Me, being you know, cool... I like to broaden my uh. Something." Leo answered with a thoughtful nod. "Well, how did you guys get into what you're into?"
  17. [Trinity Thorn] I quietly ate at my muffin. I'd never seen Homestuck, and I wasn't really sure exactly how Leo was referencing it. Maybe the Aquarius comment. I also never tried cosplaying before, but there must be a lot more to it than dressing up a bit if someone can be bad at it.
    "You're welcome, Lilli," I said, pushing the last bite of muffin into my mouth. I was a little thirsty, but I didn't want to seem like a bad guest so I didn't say anything.
    "Broaden your horizons?" I offered, speaking to Leo. No one else seemed to be offering an introduction, so I quietly said, "Um, I'm Trinity Thorn. I'm a Fullmetal Alchemist fan, and Mangaka. I write my own comics." I said quietly, subconsciously placing a hand over my bag. I brought a couple of my drawings and a notebook with the beginnings of my own comic in it, but I wasn't sure I wanted to show anyone.
    "I got into watching anime when I saw one on TV. I don't remember what it was I saw, though. From there, I looked up anime series online, which is where I found FMA. I finished it, though, and I'm looking for another anime to start watching, if anyone has suggestions. As for drawing, it's just been something I love to do ever since I was young."
  18. "FMA!" Leo said happily in the middle of eating a muffin. He gulped and made a face. "This is so damn dry."

    "It's a muffin, not a drink." Lilli snapped even before Leo could continue.

    "So, you know what we need." Leo said with an authoritarian eyebrow raise.

    Lilli looked at everyone and realized Leo was right. So she excused herself, giving Leo a "don't-you-dare-mess-up" look.

    "Yeah, my sister is fun at parties." he chuckled. "Well, she never had friends so, go easy on her, okay?"
    He said with a more naturally friendly smile. "Anyway, FMA! Love the big armor guy, whatever he is. You're a mangaka, so may I see your art? I know they'd be awesome, so." he held out a palm, sitting backwards on a chair.