The Gates of Tartaros

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    In the City of Tartarus lives death, along with his apprentice. This is where he conducts his day to day operations of sending out reapers to collect souls to bring to Tartarus, and eventually, the underworld. Every so odd centuries, death has to rest. And in his place, the apprentice must conduct his buisness or the world of the living would not die and pass on the world of the dead.

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    The Gates of Tartarus are guarded by the Gatekeeper, who holds the key to the underworld. The wielder is able to shape Tartarus to her whim. As long as it brings souls, she is granted this ability. Tartarus, having been made by the gods, is a living being. The gate breathes and eats like a person. So the gatekeeper also tends to its needs.

    Then there are the legendary death wielders. They hold the weapons of death. They serve and protect the world from evil. Though they hold deaths weapons, they do not have his abilities. They only serve to protect. They are also granted freedom to do as they want, within moral reasoning. Each wielder protects one continent. This may seem like a lot of work, but evil does not pop up like it used. So, it's an easy job.

    Deaths Hammer : View attachment 14461 (one on the left)
    Deaths Spear : View attachment 14462 (yes, it appears to be an axe but I'm considering it a spear so more people could join)
    Deaths Sword : View attachment 14463
    Deaths Pistol : View attachment 14464
    Deaths Axe : View attachment 14465
    Deaths Daggers : View attachment 14466

    Character Sheet :
    Name :
    Appearance : (Picture preferred)
    Weapon : (Pick out of the death weapons, first come first serve)
    Personality :
    Bio :
    Ability/Power : (Limited to one, I also must approve. I.E. Teleportation, telekinesis, pyrokinesis)
    Other : (Anything you think you should add)

    Accepted characters :
    Death Sword - Mayhemhouse (ability accepted - teleportation)
    Death Daggers - EquinoxSol (ability accepted - electrokinesis)
    Death Axe - Freebota Kaptain Dedtoo (accepted ability - regeneration through the wounds of others)
    Death Pistols - Jessica Stansell (accepted ability - telekinesis)
    Death Spear - Trackerofthenorth (accepted ability - summoning from materials)
    Death Hammer : xXStephXx (accepted ability : aerokinesis)

    Stations :
    North America : Death
    South America : Jessica Stansell
    Europe : Freebota Kaptain Dedtoo
    Asia : EquinoxSol
    Australia : Mayhemhouse
    Africa : Trackerofthenorth
    Antarctica : xXStephXx

    RP link :
  2. Is no one interested. Or maybe just too busy.
  3. Hello! This sounds interesting to me and caught my eye! ^.^ If you don't mind me joining, i would happily! But could you explain the idea to me again? It may just be me and my stupid way of interpreting things but may i ask of what your initial ideas were? Curiosity Is my trademark, im afraid.
    See you again.
  4. ...This kinda sounds interesting. If I could get to know a bit more about the plot ideas (if you have one, that is), I think I could be interested.
  5. yay, two people. Ok, I am stuck in a rut with where the rp is headed so I need help wtih that. Also, sorry about the pictures, I'll have them up when I get home where the pictures are. And to answer your question mayhem, this is the idea. Death lives in the city of tartaros. That is his work area where he sends out reapers to collect souls. He also has an apprentice. Well, the apprentice watches over the place when he sleeps, which is every so odd centuries for so many centuries. That time has come. Then there is the gate of tartaros. (I know I'm spelling it "tartaros" even though it is spelled "tartarus") The gatekeeper (again sorry about the picture) is the only one able to open the gate and allow souls in. (Cereberus gaurds the inside from souls escaping) Well, the job is too much for the apprentice so she ask help from the gatekeeper. So then everything becomes a mess. Then they ask the help from the death wielders. Now. This is where I'm in a rut. What kind of trouble? Why are the death wielders involved? So I need help from you guys to further the plot. I'm providing the setting and basic ideas while you guys help further the plot.
  6. Ohhh... now i understand! haha... here's me and my terrible understanding skills. (Did that make sense?)
    Okay, so here is some idea's i have just randomly brain stormed. What if there is Demons (or something like that...) Stealing and tainting the souls that they need to collect- and the Demons are planning to bring down Tartaros while Death is on his daily hundred year nap!
    Hey- the random dreamed up ideas of a crazy girl!
  7. That could also work. Indeed, a good idea. I guess once the threat is eliminated, the two characters I'm playing as (apprentice and gatekeeper) could head up to the surface to fight the boss. But, I guess there also has to be a good juicy middle, so they have to find the menace. They could encounter angels, demons, vampires, werewolves. What do you think? Also, character sheets are up in case you didn't notice.
  8. (looks up at the top post) oh yeah...i knew that!
    thanks by the way. Oh and the picture links won't work. Or is that just me? O.o
  9. I put in the readers notes, no they do not. I said I'll put them up later. The computer I'm currently at won't allow me to attach items. So, I'll try again when I get home. You could leave the weapon slot opened if you want to see the weapon first, or go ahead and choose one. They are all great.
  10. Sorry bout that but sure! here's my character!

    Name : Gabriel Lozier
    Appearance : (I have the same problem with my computer so i'll describe him! Stupid Mac...) Golden yellow hair, that is extraordinarily long- coming to his knee's which is often tied in a low ponytail. His eyes are unusually blue, and wide and show an innocent look- reflecting his fun loving personality. Gabriel is quite lean, but muscled.(he's no pushover) Two jagged scars are over his left eye.
    Weapon : Death sword
    Personality : Childish and fun loving, Gabriel is surprisingly cheerful despite being a Death Wielder- something that surprises many. However, though he may appear like a foolish child, he's a brilliant strategist and strong fighter. He doesn't seem to have any skill in human relation- and will often be extremely confused at people's emotions.(Keep him away from females! XD)
    Ability/Power : Teleportation
    Other : Known also as 'Candy' or 'Gab'
    Has a certain love for human food, (Especially Lemonade)
  11. Your good to go. And death wielders don't have to be gloomy or dull. So that "people find bubbly surprising in a death wielder" wasn't necessary, but all in all your good to go. Except on small deatail. Your teleportation should be limited. Give specifics. Limitations and whatnot. Regular teleportation could be too overpowered.
  12. Sorry about that... It wasn't intended like that- i guess i pictured a Death wielder, typically as some know...serious like? Apologies! :(
    Oh, and his limitations are that he can only travel short distances- a couple of feet or what not.
  13. Character Sheet :

    Name : Oliver Corvus
    Appearance :
    Weapon : Death's Daggers
    Personality : Very tomboyish, Oliver is quiet and reserved around those she doesn't know especially well, but when she gets to know someone, she tends to be loud, obnoxious, and boisterous, something that keeps those she doesn't like away, and those that may be potential allies close. People who don't know her think of her as an airhead, but she is an incredibly deep thinker and self-aware.
    Bio : She had hoped to pass through each life unnoticed, simply skate by with the bare minimum. Then one evening, she'd decided she'd had enough, and did everything in her power to become a Death Wielder, wanting to not only make a name for herself, but live the lives she had passed up on.
    Ability/Power : Electrokinesis, can control electricity and electric fields. Touching people, she can deal a really bad shock, possible heart, lung, and other neurological problems after continued exposure or repeated exposure. The farther you are from her, the less danger you're in, but completely safe is about 5-7 feet from her.
    Other : Her favorite line: "I'm a girl, seriously!" She is constantly mistaken for a boy, something she hates, and will never hesitate to correct people.
  14. Character Sheet :

    Name : Victor DeMondse
    Appearance : (I don't have a fitting pic >_>) A man of average height, yet rather well muscled. He has black hair and goatee, and a very pale skin. Mostly wears dark clothes or armor. The armor has pauldrons formed as skulls, and the chest formed to ribs.
    Weapon : Death's axe.
    Personality : Mostly a negative man, yet slightly less so towards people he likes. Seemingly obsessed with death, disturbingly so, would some say.
    Bio : Being raised in a land worshiping death himself tends to make people a bit less joyful. And the same goes for Victor. Yet Victor wasn't the kind to simply let life pass in peace. Instead, he trained himself to become the best fighter he could, hoping to join the Death Wielders, seeing that as the greatest way he could honor his patron. And he did manage to join them, yet it didn't become the (un)life he had expected. It became a boring one, as there almost never seemed to be anything to fight.
    Ability/Power : As he wounds his enemies, his own wounds heal.
  15. Man, I'm bad at being a GM. Your good mayhem. Though I'm adding one more limit. You can't teleport other people. I will allow long distance (up to 3 miles) but only where you can see. No images in head or through a building unless your looking through a window.

    Equi, I'm so glad your joining. About the Bio. Just a brief glimpse of your life before being a death wielder. Also, I need to know limitations on your powers. (Distance, amount, etcetera)

    Kaptain, I like your character. Truly deaths follower. But, again limitations. Tell me what you think, and I'll accept like mayhem.

    Mayhem, you are accepted and your powers are good to go, as long as you remember my limitations.
  16. You are good to go Equi. You are granted permission for the powers and your character is accepted.
  17. I edited first post for accepted characters.
  18. (Hm..a reaper Rp huh? okay..well i haven't done an RP like this yet before so i'm not sure if i'll RP it right..but I guess I'll join it^^)

    Name: Connie
    Apperance: Well I just made her up so I don't have a pic yet. And I haven't come up in my mind what Connie is going to look like. But I've seen an anime once called Zombie Loan where the main characters of the show were working sort of to keep the evil souls from reaking havoc or something(haven't seen it in a long time so^^). But I guess I'll say her appearence is a purple vest over a teal t-shirt. and a teal and black vertical striped skirt
    Weapon: I want to go with the pistols I think.^^
    Personality: Serious and strict most of the time but kind. Has a no put off to the last minute attitude and is good at taking orders and does her best to get the job done in any situation.
    Bio: Grew up in a boarding school most of her youth. Has been an ace hall monitor while in her boarding school and was sort of like a secret agent for the school as well.
    Ability/Power: Telekinesis
    Other: Sharp aim, can rope up somebody in a matter of seconds due to tons of training, the longest time being 1minute and 30seconds, can knock someone out by pinching their arm in the right place(don't know what that technique is called actually)
  19. Jessica. Good. Um, the pinching thing is going to only be used for comedial purposes. I think its a little strange yet overpowering in combat. Also, what are your limits on your powers? (I.e. amount of weight able to lift, period of time, side effects, etcetera)