The Gates Come Crumbling Down

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    "And then the Days shall come upon us
    When Man become Monsters
    Devils sing of salvation
    And Heaven quakes.
    The Father will Sleep
    and the Children will come
    Knees will tremble
    and gates will crumble
    Spirits of old will walk among us again
    Hearts will break free
    As Heaven and Hell come as one
    For the Father will not wake
    The Children will not pause
    For the true war is on the horizon
    and not even the fates will say
    Who the victor shall be."

    -Corious, the Mad Prophet
    Page 216
    The Words of a Mad prophet they said. Words written in the blood as he awaited execution sentenced upon him by church and King. A blasphemer. That is what history named him. Not as a mouth piece, the last prophet of a tired creator to his children. No, history only called him a mad man who's writings were locked away deep in the Vatican. Away from curious eyes and prying fingers. It was only now that such blasphemes words were allowed to be on display, traveling from museum to museum. The words of a Prince before he fell to madness and put to death by his own farther. The start of a bloody war that had no victor and a society lost mostly to the sands of time.

    The last surviving writings of a man who was shown the truth before a God slept, of darkness to come and horrors that had passed. In a world like ours? It has become nothing more then an interesting bit of history, a fun fact told by the six o'clock news as you try to shake the last of sleep from your muscles. The Fathers last warning, his last attempt to prepare man, no, even Heaven and Hell, for what was to come. Of men becoming monsters that would try to destroy themselves, fall to their vices and to be collage by masters. For the Gates of Heaven and Hell to crumble. For The Children are already here. They are your friends, your boss, that weird guy down the street that smells like pickles. You never see them in their truth, as what they really are. Not until we fall on our knees before them and their King like times of old, as in told in words of a sick Prince, a Mad Prophet. Our future lay in the hands of old souls and in the most unlikely of allies.

    Lets just hope the world doesn't crumble as we wait for them.

    The Writings of The Mad Prince
    A collections of writings of Prince Corpious
    By Dr. Jonathan Morris.

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    Page 216
    "And then the Days shall be upon us
    When Man become Monsters
    Devils sing of salvation
    And the Heavens quake.

    The Father will Sleep,
    the Children shall come,
    Knees will tremble,
    and the gates shall crumble.

    Spirits of old will walk among us once more
    As Heaven and Hell come as one
    For the Father will not wake
    The Children will not halt.
    The true war shall be on the horizon
    and not even the fates will say
    Who the victor shall be."
    Verses of the Children
    And then the day come when old wounds healed, and mortal kind flourished. Our numbers became many and our limits few. Our ancestors of old pressed their limits, touched upon things we could hardly dream. Though it was this, the pride of man, our folly as the stories often told. This is was brought upon the world a creature of man and not of God. Once upon a time mortal man shared in the grace of the world. We could do things of grand feats. What some could call magic, witchcraft. Though it was not of blessed, or of damned, it was what the father gifted of us, what the home he made for us, fed us. Man was once more, and our great down fall is what forced the father to strip us of a gift he had so lovingly blessed us.

    It was the pride of man that damned us with creatures that once preyed upon man. It was man playing God who burden our maker with the responsibility of our foolishness. The children, the Forbidden, The Children of Man. These creatures with many skins, predators, of magic and nature. We played at God and we received out punishment. Now our children and them after shall wait and cower for if they ever return. Our ancestors might have doomed us all to the lives of beasts of burden and of slaughter. For creatures they once made to serve shall show man what our place truly is.
    (For characters you submit that made impact/ or of some sort of legend worthy acts in the past or was importance in the war, I’ll write verses of them for the prophets book. This is a place holder,)

    What Walks and Flies.
    Creatures Of Heaven
    They appear much like they do in biblical drawing and art where they appear human in appearance but with wings. Their blood runs gold. An angel’s wings very in color and patterns like a bird. Some have wings like doves, while others like humming birds. They are all different. Some bright and colorful, while others more muted and understated. Though higher ranking angles have more than two wings. Their wings are a great source of pride and vanity. The higher their ranking the more wings they tend to have. (Though this is not always a universal truth.)

    Their wings can be hidden with a great deal of magical effort if they make themselves perceptible to the mortal eye. Some of the lower level angels can only do this by pulling their wings under their skin, and muscles. Their backs often look bumpy and scarred with this method. In truth it looks like something is under their skin, though most can hide this with clothing and layers.

    They are weak to dark magic and copper. Angle bane is poisonous to them. It’s a dark green flower with fire red rimmed petals. No amount of healing can ever replace an angels wings. They like demons are stronger and faster than humans as well as far more durable.

    All angles have the possibility to learn holy magic as well as healing if they will study and learn. They are adept as well at protection spells. Though only and Archangel can resurrect and they only get three of those in their lives. They use more than three they will lose their wings. Resurrection of this sort only works on humans and animals. While the resurrection of the Father can resurrect any creature. They can also with good deal of study and practice can learn elemental magic but they do not have the control that the Father does over the element.
    Creatures of Hell
    They are a diverse. They have a potential for Dark Magics. Everything from Necromancy to the Dark Arts they taught witches of old. They like their Heaven counterparts also can learn elemental magics, though it falls mostly to the Fire and wind categories, though there are older Demons and Fallen angels that have the potential.

    Fallen angles have many of the weakness of their heaven counterparts, but find boiled lily root poisonous.

    Devils, Demons and Fallen angels are only immortal as long as they stay in Lucifer’s favor and feed from their chosen or preferred Sin every three Hell years. (Which is the equivalent of the earth twelve.)

    Fallen Angels resemble Angles greatly, except their blood runs black when spilt and their wings vary from red, brown and black. (There are a few rare exceptions but most when the fall from Heaven to hell their wings were scorched or blackened passing through the first level of hell.
    Devils and demons can vary from little limps in story books to something that looks just as human as the mortal that prance about. Some have horns, tails, claws and fangs, while others have fur or feathers. Some even resemble walking skeletons. They vary the most in appearance in comparison to other immortals. They tend to bleed Silver as well.

    Some of the higher ranking demons have three forms not only their natural and familiar form, but some even have a human disguise they can create themselves instead of acquiring one by pricey magic or possession, that lower ranks have to use to hide when they go on earth if they want to be seen. Since the average human can’t see a devil or demon with the veils up and the gate closed.

    Like Angles they are stronger, faster and more durable than humans. Though they are easily poisoned by Devil root, the roots of a flower that is gold with silver stripes. They are ironically enough despite a demon's or Devil's blood color, are vulnerable to silver.
    Children of Man
    hey are natural born predators that in their natural forms look like these tall, lanky creatures with sunken eyes and skin pull tight over skeletal frames. They always look as if they are starving with sunken stomachs and exposed ribs. Some usually are. Their eyes have long, vertical red pupils. Their eyes are adapt at seeing well in darkness, though due to this they cannot be out in sunlight without very thick sunglasses, even when they take on the shape of another. They also have a sensitivity to iron/ it’s poisonous to them along with gold.

    They are skin walkers, they need to steal the skin of another creature to take on their form. They can only do this by killing and devouring the remains or blood of the human or beast they killed. Though the way to spot one is that if you know who they have took the shape of well you might notice they are acting not like themselves at all, furthermore the fact that they seem to have trouble seeing even in low light at times or feel the need to wear some form of sunglasses even in doors.

    Like most predators they have fangs and claws that can rip through flesh like butter. The creatures vary like many others. Some might be strong with the strength of six men, but they might be as slow as a turtle while others could be like grease lightning, but can barely lift up their own body weight. Like all creatures they are not perfect.

    Not all are evil creatures and not all are good. Some are their own creatures that believe whole heartedly in their King or Generals ambitions, while others might believe otherwise. There is not black and white, it is all gray.

    You can spot one that partaken in the war of old by their trophies. It was common practices to take a feather of an Angel covered in their golden blood that when dried shines like gold, or even their whole wings. While Fallen angels wings would be taken as trophies as well, along with the claws or horns of devils and demons alike. Though from both some might even take they eyes and preserve them or in the less gory sense take their weapon
    Dead but not Gone
    They are the reincarnated souls of the Angels that god gifted parts of his grace. They are born as normal humans with their powers locked away. They have no memory of past lives at first though some have been known to have dreams of past lives. The frequency rises the closer it comes to their awakening.

    They all have died in a number of different ways. Some were killed, some had unfortunate accidents, and while some even killed themselves for them to end up on this circle.

    What marks them differently form Angels and Humans is that the Grace manifest themselves in different sort of powers. They can have Dominion over one thing god could. Be it Resurrection or healing, power over sea/water, to read minds, and so on. They only have one and that is what marks them as the Angel they once were.

    Once their awakening comes they will change. Blood once red will become blue and one day they will come into their wings, though unlike angles that are born with them they will grow in, and it is not a pleasant experience.

    Above, Bellow and What Lies In-between.
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    The first, protective level of hell is nothing but fire, brimstone and ancient traps set by the fallen angels of old. It weeds off the weak and deters most who would dare invade their borders before their time. Depends on what part of Hell you find yourself in. Some parts can look like the worst cesspools of the largest modern cities, while some look like the romantic interpretation of Victorian England, and styles vary in that sense. Though at the lowest rung you can always find the lakes of fire and scorched earth from when he first fallen fell below the Earth and the damned are tortured and played with for amusement by those with no better goals or tastes.

    The sky and weather that that higher levels experiences are pure products of magic. Lucifer enlist a few more powerful illusionists and elementals every few hundred years to maintain this illusion. Most who have this job run themselves until they are withered husks, pushed aside for the next round of demons to take their place.

    Their Hierarchy are split up by Sin they feed from or favor and ranking. They are split up in ranking much like the class system of Dukes, Earls and so on.
    -Arch Demon -The Direct decedents of Lucifer, they are sort of like the Royal Class
    - Fallen Angel
    -Dukes (Duchess)
    -Earl (countess)
    -Vicount (Vicountess)
    -Generals-(Though generals can be of the higher classes as well, it can be a second tittle)
    - Legionary
    - General populace
    - Low blood. (Those with zero blood of the fallen angles in them and do not serve in the military)
    One can go up in rank by breeding with one of higher status and having an heir, conquest in battle or personally killing an angel. As well as actually defeating and killing a demon of higher rank then them. Though these have often started blood feuds if a proper challenge hadn’t been placed. Unless they showed enough power a clan might seek vengeance if they felt it was an insult. While at other times they could be properly cowed. (or you were just enough of a baster that even a clan of your blood, demon or not, that fighting for their name wasn’t worth it.)

    In Hell, Angle flesh has become a long lost delicacy that many only have memories of if they ever partook of it at all.

    It is split in levels with building made of ivory, gold and silver. The first level could remind them a fanciful version of ancient Rome. Columns and buildings, fields of trees and wild flowers. Lakes you can see clear to the very bottom. Of billowing silk that covers little canopies to block prying eyes. Tall mountains caped in snow in the distance. Though angels of higher rank themselves live higher up where land gives way to solid clouds as soft as the finest furs under bare feet. Many dress in all manners of designs and fabrics, everything from the dresses and tunics of old to something of the more modern age. Since The Father sleeps a counsel of five Archangels rule Heaven in his place.

    Their ranking goes as
    -Guardian Angels
    -Keepers. (they maintain Heavens records and weapons)
    All angles can be part of the legion of Heaven though not all are.
    The Nitherland

    A land of never ending winters and stone. Night never became day and Trees are few and food even more scarce. This is the lands the Maker had banished the Children to. Homes made under ground and in caves and underground passages. They try to hold on to that ancient glory and became inventive. Though struggle for food was harsh, and many a child left in the snow if there was no more room or food to supply. Furs, carved woods and ancient trinkets and trophies of old and things of the higher ups. Something dear. Though now after many years, those of stranger Magics and craft having finally tore through the seams weakened and strained by ancestors alike. Now many flood through the little hole that grows more and more. The question be is the Children the only beasts that will come thorough or is there more beyond the curtain of snow, creatures whose pelts are large enough to cover a cave floor, to cause such creatures to hide and struggle to feed? Only fate knows.


    Soooooooooooo, this is an interest check for an idea of mine that I've had for years. I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in it. Though goodness looking at the plot points I have down so far I should probably find someone to Co-GM with me to keep an eye on it all.
    Soo a few little things
    This might be an Advance level RP, still trying to decide.
    Also probably on the mature side due to themes, it's just going to have some dark, dark themes as a heads up, violence, a touch of gore..
    >///> Goodness I might have went a little overboard.
    So anyways if anyone has any questions I'm more then happy to answer you can either post here or send me a message! Well then anyways all things aside thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

    Sorry still learning the coding here. >//<​
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  2. I like your idea very interesting I would be interested and love to help you Co gm it.
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  3. Oh really? Well if you are still interested I was planning to start on it after my finals next week. well at least try to get it up and running. I've been super busy these last few weeks.
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  4. Sure
  5. I haven't read it all but I'm interested in what I have read.
  6. Well poo.... It's gonna be mature? I can try to do an advanced, but *sigh* if it's mature.... that ruins everything.
  7. Awww, sorry dear, yeah I should probably as a mod or someone to move this for me to the mature section search. The only reason I thought about making it mature is the fact it's going to have ALOT of dark themes, (I mean the real dark parts of society dark, ) the blood, violence, gory subjects, and a lot of other things that have to do with the dark twisted minds of Demons, morally ambiguous angels and the seedy bits of humanity. I just didn't feel like a responsible adult if I allowed anyone bellow 18 in it (to be honest some themes I'm planning on this to touch on I'm a little concern for some types of adults. Though I really do appreciate the interest! The next idea I have that I'm thinking of throwing up will probably be allowed for all ages. This one I just know what i have plotted I wouldn't feel like a good adult if I let someone not quite ready for the horror that comes with war and earth going to heck in a hand basket, just yet. (at least to the degree I plan)

    Though again thank you very much for the interest!
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  8. so the character options are, Angel, Fallen Angel, Demons, Immortal Spirits and Children ?
  9. Yup! The options are Fallen Angel (They will be very limited in slots since they are supposed to be the oldest of hell and what remain from the first war of Heaven and the Fall. Let alone decedents of them aren't very plentiful) Angles, Demons, The Immortal spirits(There will only be Four allowed slots for it). (They will be technically above the stander of human but at the start of the RP they aren't on par with the other options in strength and such, though that will change later due to ploty things~) And then there are The Children The Hybrid race that the opposing force of this RP is from, it is possible for them to be or eventually become a traitor to their king. Like all the other creatures they are beings of free will. (even if angles are a lied to a tiny bit that they don't have complete full will.)
  10. I guess the humans will be the canon fodder npc's ?
  11. Well not all are cannon fodder. XD But pretty much. The immortal spirits think they are human, maybe a bit weird, (or they believe themselves to be some form of Psychic if their abilities started developing prior to the RP) But they think they are human by the start of the RP. But yeah no 'just human' characters. It's just with how the plot is going to to be nudged I don't think humans would really fit outside characters NPC friends, families, coworkers, random face on the street, ect. In what's coming a human trying to help would be ripped to shreds at worst, at best becomes a personal pet/snack to one of "The Children"
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  12. I'm super interested . Do you only need one Co-gm, or can you have two. I understand if it's just one, and I'm not here to cut lines. If it's possible, I'd like to jump on bored. Other than, I'm down with role playing this!
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  13. I'm very much so intrigued with your idea!
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  14. Is this still available? Sounds very in depth and has defiantly caught my eye!
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  15. Yes it is, I was planning to get it started last month but family emergencies have had me busy. I plan to get it started up some time this coming week. At least the OOC and signups.
  16. Are there any available positions?
  17. You mean like roles to play? if so everything is still open, no one has reserved anything since i haven't gotten the slots put up yet.
  18. Mind If I begin a Character Sheet in that case?
  19. I must applaud your skill in writing and storytelling. I find myself incredibly interested in how this will turn out... But since it seems like it is going to be a group RP i wont participate myself... I tend to find them a bit slow due to the number of people involved... I prefer to have multiple replies a day. However i do want to wish you luck! I hope it turns out amazing!
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  20. This sounds amazing. Unsure if I am up to the level of quality you are wanting, but I will keep watch to see what happens. ^.^
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