The Gas Mask

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  1. On a late Saturday night, around three am, the weather was cool, the sky was mostly clear with most of the clouds heading north, the moon would be at the point of perigee, shining brightly over a a medium sized city. The streets would be empty as most of the city would be sleeping. There would be two to three people who were still out and about walking along the sidewalks. The scene would take us around the city, showing several shops, many homes, four skyscrapers in the center of the city. We would finally stop at an old abandoned church. The door looks like it has boards keeping the door shut, windows would be shattered but some pieces would still be intact, This church was old, hasn't been used for many many years. Higher up on the church would be a bell that would start to move back and forth, but no sound would be heard. We now go inside the church, pews snapped in half, some still together where they originally were, candles of all sizes would be sitting on a table in the back left corner. There would be a staircase that would head upwards, the stairs would be made of wood that would have either rotted or is mostly rotted. On the way up the stairs there would be more candles on shelves that were actually lit, the higher up the bigger the candle. Now, at the top of the stairs, directly in front would be a large black door that would be open only slightly. We move forward to take a peek through the crack in the door. Blood would be dripping form the ceiling, as well as a pool of blood on the floor behind the door. We now open the door to see what was inside. A figure would be standing in the center of the room, in the right hand the figure would be holding a scythe with the bladed side pointing up, on the scythe there would be a lifeless male body. The scythe's blade halfway through the mans torso, his blood dripping onto the scythe and onto the floor.

    The room would be lit by candle light, but as we stare at the scene, smoke would be gathering behind this figure, the smoke being dense. the figure would turn to face the door. This figure would have on a long black robe, black jeans, a pair of blue boots that were coated in blood. But the feature that stood out the most, on his face would be a mask. Not just an ordinary mask, but a black gas mask. The eye glass on the mask would be glowing a dark purple that would fade to a light purple, then back to dark. The figure would be breathing kinda heavy. Taking the scythe, lifting it up with the body above his head, the figure would swing in a horizontal swipe launching the body off the blade and towards the door. "....." The figure would sigh deeply, the sigh would now give away that this figure was a man. He would turn around and walk towards a gigantic stained glass window that covered the whole wall. This window was the only window that was unbroken. The stained glass would be covered in dark red. As he approached the window, his head would lift back to look towards the moon. As the moons bright light would shine in on him, the moon would look crimson red. "This city, soon will know that I am here. Soon it will burn. And this time they will know how it feels.." His voice sounding deep, depressed, dark, and very serious.
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  2. Dizzy McLeod. Constable. Cop. One of the very few who were not corrupt in this day and age. Yet with the corruption in mass... Things worked out. Drug dealers, small time thugs and wannabe gangsters often gave information to the cops, usually because either a rival gang had messed with them or one of their own had screwed something up. To be kept out of trouble themselves, they paid the cops in money or drugs. Only things such as murder or citizen affairs were ever taken seriously. The city worked, and stayed for the most part out of chaos, despite corruption itself being its foundation. Often, Dizzy would work late at night, always trying to find evidence against his own comrades, though he knew he was unlikely to succeed. Why? because to be a cop in the first place, your intellect had to be commendable. Meaning they were very good at covering their own tracks. He worked on the fifth floor, his office given a beautiful overview of the city outside. Though he never really found the time to appreciate it, too much work on fruitless investigations was to be done. Frustration never left him, making him aggitated by almost eveything and everyone he encountered. Such a man being one of the good guys... Useless, for lack of a better term. Still, he held onto the hope that one day perhaps his work would actually amount to something, that it would be all worthwhile in the end. File after file he poured through each night, never making any progress. When he did, he found roadblocks left right and center. Such as tonight, he thought he found a breakthrough in a supposed `drug bust` earlier that day. He even found that he had an exact vision of what had happened. Exited now, he went back to the start of the file, his lilly green hues slowly traveling across the text, careful not to miss even a single detail. Yes, it was coming together nicely, he could finally do something!

    Yet... No. As soon as it came to the section in the report where the cops themselves had been involved, everything was flipped upside down. Everything written down was full of odd logic, twisted words, and a point of view that worked alongside the witnesses reports. It was quite literally a matter of them saying the reports were true, yet the motives and intentions allowed such actions to take place, with law quotes often beside them. Angry now, he gave a yell, his digits both gripping the underside of his desk. With a single movement, he pulled the table up, flipping it over onto the ground upside down, his paperwork filling the dead office. Hanging his head mournfully, he knew he had been beaten again. His arms slumped beside his body in a limp fasion, indicating he had given up. No, he couldn't give up, he thought. Clenching his fists into compact balls, shaking furiously, he lifted his head, dedication vivid in his eyes. Quickly, he went around scouping up all his paperwork files, righted his desk, and tried to put everything back into place. With a groan, he realized that everything that had been so carefully sorted was now completely out of place. shaking his head, he began trying to sort them, his downcast mood making him work at snails pace now. Then by accident, he put two of the wrong files together, chancing a look at the times and dates. Four officers in two places at the same time? Wait... But before he managed to go through the files properly, the phone rang, piercing the eerie silence. A little baffled, he stared at the phone for a moment, his eyes fixated on the time. Who would be calling at three am? Little did he know, the phone call would flip his life upside down. Picking the phone up, he put the reciever to his ear, speaking clearly. "Constable McLeod here, police department..." But he was cut off by the person at the other end talking immediately.
  3. Jae stepped out onto the street, her jet black, jaw length hair tucked neatly behind her ears and her icy blue eyes scanning the road for any movement as she took her early morning stroll. Her black jacket was unzipped, letting the chill of the morning wind zip around her dark blue tank top. Her black jeans were tucked neatly in her black sneakers as she looked up to the sky, smiling as the stars twinkled in the cloudless, dark sky. She lowered her gaze to the end of the street were an abandoned church stood. She stopped several houses down, sitting on the curb to take a break as the time ticked by.
  4. "Hmm.. Why wait?" Under the mask he would show a darkish smile. He would raise his left hand making the ground just infront of the church shake, as the ground would begin to erect some kind of object. The object would turn out to look like a throne. Extending his hand, then slowing pulling it towards him making the throne lift up and up to the window. Taking grip of his scythe, he steps back and thrusts the end of the scythe towards the window, with enough force that would shatter the stained glass. Now, he would continue to pull the throne forward, and would have it land a few inches from the now hole in the wall. He would then walk around it to be in front to lower himself to sit on it. "..." Taking a deep breath, smoke would begin to gather, becoming very dense to where the hole room was covered. Controlling this, he would make the smoke cover the throne. Seconds pass as the smoke lifts, revealing a demonic looking chair. This throne would now be completely made out of bones, the top right and left corners of the chair had skulls with purple gems in the eyes. The legs of the throne were actually made out of skeleton legs, the arm rests made of arms with the hands still intact. The hands would be holding a blue gem (In the right), and a red gem (Left). "Now let us be known.. Hey everybody, I returned" He siad in a whisper. As he spoke, a purple mist would flow out from the mask, as if he was exhaling this mist. It cam out in a large portion. This strange mist would begin to slowly corrode the walls, and then move to the floor. It would be corroding in a very slow pace. He would continue to sit in the throne, in hopes somebody, or if anybody would notice.
  5. Jae watched as the church shook and the throne came out of the ground. She took a few steps back before darting to a shadow to hide, but still watching. What is that? It looks like a throne..why is it going towards that a scythe?!? Who is that? What is going on.. Where just a few of her thoughts as she watched the events unfold. She sat down in the shadows, leaning against the wall and trying to sort out her thoughts. There's some creepy dark guy on a floating throne made of bones and he has a scythe..Is that the grim reaper or something?!