The Gamestation!: Live, Play or Die

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  1. The Gamestation: 200,100!

    Welcome to the Gamestation!
    The year is 200,100, and there are now over a million channels to keep the viewing public glued to their screens. With the news channels all vanishing a hundred years ago, Game Shows are the only things that are still broadcasting. But the Ratings War has turned deadly.
    Lose at Big Brother? Evicted from Life.
    If you’re the Weakest Link? You get disintegrated.
    And wait until you see the X-Factor…
    You’ve been kidnapped by a mysterious White Light, and dropped into the Game Stations’ latest seasons. A mysterious puppet master is pulling the strings behind the scenes, but for now you’ll have to deal with deadly android TV Hosts, bears, and viewing figures.
    Apparently the show’s a real killer….
    Basically, this is a Fandom RP based around Doctor Who’s ‘Gamestation Trilogy’ (consisting of The Long Game, Bad Wolf, and The Parting of the Ways), however, no knowledge of the episodes or the show is necessary-plus the game is set a couple of years before Bad Wolf anyhow.

    Basically, the characters will be put through numerous Deadly Game Shows as they try to journey towards Floor 500.
    Characters will die, but if you're character dies, you can make a new character CS and jump back in.

    So, I’ll be Co-GMing with @Cromartie Sarkissian, and the games that we’ll be starting of with are:
    The Weakest Link
    Big Brother
    The X-Factor
    Bear with Me
    That said, more shows are going to be added as the game progresses.

    So, it’s raincheck time! Is anyone interested?
  2. Yes! I am so in!

    I want to be in Big Brother for now, because, yeah!
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  3. ohoho I remember this episode set. It was some of the few episodes that I actually liked. I'ma rewatch it then I'ma throw in my interest.
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  4. Well, I watched it. Definitely up for an RP of it.
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