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  1. You were just going about your normal, human life. Food, and work, and television, and school...and then you weren't. you were falling, further and further down into darkness. Then everything went black.

    When you wake, you are in a room. Cold stone floors and walls loom around you ominously, and on the floor are other people, just like you. How many are here? Ten? Fifteen?

    The only thing in the room is a small wooden table. On the table, laid out neatly, are a row of envelopes. On each envelope is a name. Your heart skips a beat when you see your own. With shaking hands you reach out and pick up the thick, fancy parchment. When you turn it over you see a seal on the back; a tree it looks like.

    You break the seal and slowly draw out the letter inside.


    You have been chosen! Isn't it wonderful? You get to play our game! Don't worry, it's quite fun! To watch anyway. Do you see all of those people around you? They're playing the game too. They may not know it yet, but they are. The thing about a game though, is there can only be one winner. The winner goes home! The rest of you...don't. So, who are you going to trust? You will need teamwork to get to the end of the game, but who do you want at the end with you when all bets are off? I look forward to seeing how you do. Oh, and of course, there are rules.

    1.) No trying to leave notes for future players
    2.) No thievery
    3.) No harming the locals
    4.) No trying to leave/escape the game

    Violation of any of these rules results in immediate forfeit of the game. We'll be watching.

    Have fun.


    Welcome to The Game.

    You have exactly as much information right now as your character does. I, playing the 'narrator', will reveal more and more information to you as The Game progresses and you make your decisions.

    At the end of this roleplay, there will be only one winner; possibly two if your storytelling convinces me you found a loophole/way for two to survive.

    I do hope for this to be a long term roleplay, meaning once the first Game is over, if everyone liked the roleplay, we can start the next Game with a fresh group of characters and possibly some new players.

    if you're interested, please post your character here. :)


    Age (No younger than 17):
    Inventory: (What items your character had on their person when they were taken)
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  2. This is the OOC/Signups thread. Post your characters and any OOC conversation here. :)
  3. Can you give us any more information on the nature of the game? Will we be solving puzzles? Fighting each other?
  4. Ooh, sorry! I knew I was forgetting something. It's puzzles based games.
  5. Cool, I'm in then. I'll get a CS up as soon as I decide on a character. :o
  6. How's this?

    Name: Lyra Amoro
    Age: 20

    (Image by @GreenSea)

    With her tall, skinny build and nervous posture, Lyra looks like a stiff wind could knock her right over. Her face has a very mousy look to it, with small, soft gray eyes, thin eyebrows, and a round nose. Her narrow jawline is framed by a frizzy mop of black hair, dark enough to have a bluish luster in the right light. It tends to cover parts of her face, especially when she draws into herself, as she is liable to do. She is also nearsighted, and wears rectangular glasses with thin frames. She likes to dress in tight, layered clothes, mostly muted tones.

    Personality: Lyra is quiet, anxious, and cripplingly shy. She only speaks when spoken to most of the time and avoids conflict like the plague. As a result she has a hard time saying no or otherwise standing up for herself, instead choosing to put up with hardships or to quietly run from people she doesn't like so she doesn't have to face them. She prefers the peace and quiet of small towns to the hustle and bustle of urban cities, and enjoys walks through the forest or the beach in the middle of the night, when all is still.

    Inventory: A simple cloth purse containing her book of the week, a bit of cover-up, two granola bars, a photo of her parents (with her older brother conspicuously missing), a journal, and a small roll of scotch tape. She also has a paw print pendant on a chain necklace around her neck.

    Strengths: Lyra spends a lot of time reading about all sorts of subjects, so she has a lot of book smarts to make up for her lacking street smarts. She's studying to be a vet, so she especially knows a lot about animals and some first aid care that can be applied to humans as well. Spending a lot of time traveling has also made it easy for her to adapt to any new situation she finds herself in.

    Weaknesses: She can't handle confrontation at all. If someone challenges her on something, she'll back down almost immediately just to get attention back off of her. (The only exception is her religious beliefs, which she is very passionate about.) She isn't very strong, physically, and can barely see without her glasses.
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  7. Wonderful, I love her! :D
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  8. May I join? I thought this was Hunger Games, but it seems to be a bit more promising. I have a feeling we aren't allowed to create multiple characters... If we are, I'll add some others into the mix... ;) For now I'll only torture one of my OCs...

    Name: "My name is Misty Kay True."
    Age (No younger than 17): "I am currently 19 years old."
    Description/Image: "Above here is one my friend filmed. We can get quite crazy and silly sometimes."
    Personality: "People say I'm intelligent and funny, and very shy. They say I know when to take things seriously, and when I can be silly. They also say that I'm very stubborn and unpredictable."
    Inventory: "When they took me, I had my backpack around my arm, and that's what I woke up next to. I had a binder, filled with paper and scribbles about plans and random drawings. Also, there was a pen. Then, there was a pretty decent sized novel, and in the front I had a lollipop I had gotten that day, a travel game I had gotten, and some tissues."
    Strengths: "I'm intelligent and always think before I act. I also know the boundary between serious and silly."
    Weaknesses: "Thinking before I act makes me quite slow at actually acting, and I'm not the most athletic person in the world."​
  9. Awesome! Let's give it some time, and if we don't get more people soon I'll allow multiple characters.
  10. Got it! Looks like the others will have to wait for their turns...
  11. Is this character acceptable?

    Name: Darren Robinson
    Age (No younger than 17): 22
    Description/Image: Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.46.33 PM.png
    Personality: Darren is a blunt and detached individual. He says little not because he has little to say, but because he usually sees no point in saying what he thinks. People think he gives up rather easily, but this is only when he feels there are other options besides pressing on. He tends to hide his emotions, mainly because they make him feel like he's doing something wrong by expressing them.
    Inventory: A small pair of scissors, a packet of birdseed, and a cell phone all rest in his shirt pocket. In his jacket pockets, he has a couple of pens and a notebook.
    Strengths: Darren enjoys and is good at riddles; he actually uses his notebook to work out the harder ones. Also, due to living in an area that remains within varying degrees of cold, he can withstand chilly areas rather well. He always looks for options in any given situation, which has been helpful for riddle solving.
    Weaknesses: He has trouble trusting others, particularly strangers. The aforementioned resistance to the cold has left him weak to hotter temperatures, something he absolutely hates. He can be painfully ambivalent sometimes.
  12. That looks good!
  13. Hey everyone! I had a thought about multiple characters; I thought that perhaps we could bring in characters that would conflict with each other (if you want to play multiple characters.) For example @Moogle-Girl 's post mentions that her character's brother is missing from the picture. If they're at odds with each other for some reason and he were pulled into the game too, it could cause some really interesting conflict! Thoughts?
  14. Oh boy. As much as I would love writing out their conflicts, I'm always a little iffy playing multiple characters at the same time since I get caught up writing them interacting with each other and accidentally leave other players in the dust. And I really don't like other people playing my characters. owo'

    I suppose I'd be willing to bring the big bro in if he and Lyra were put in separate groups entirely? But that would defeat the point, haha.
  15. That's alright, Moogle! :) It was a suggestion/example. xD @MouseMas is still welcome to bring in a second character!
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