The Games (Gusioxo and Mocking_Jayy)

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  1. "Thank you, Sir!" Lauren called out to the older man as she hauled the heavy sack over her shoulder, her dainty hands gripping the end of it tightly. Leaving the shop, Lauren headed back towards the woods where her dragon, Rhydderch, was waiting.
    They were about three towns away from the location where the games were going to be held, but Lauren decided to make a quick stop to get some rest and fill up their stomachs. She was more than excited for the games, yet she still felt nervous. This would be the first time she would be participating in the games and she frankly didn't know what to expect. The games changed every year, so people who were returning wouldn't have much of an advantage over the ones who were barely entering. Hopefully all the training, she and Rhydderch did, would pay off.
    After a few minutes of walking through the small town, she made it the woods and she stepped into the line of trees and kept going until she came to a clearing. "Rhydderch! I got food!" She told the dragon as she set her gaze on him. A smile settled onto her lips and she took a couple of steps forward before stopping. Dropping the sack, she cut it up with the small blade she carried. Resting on the cloth was a good amount of fresh meat for him. "Eat up." Lauren laid back down on the grass and closed her eyes, enjoying the peacefulness.

  2. Rhydderch smiled as much as a dragon could and nodded. "Thank you, i was starving." He moved his hulking body to the meat and began scarfing down the meat. "Are you ready for the Games, Lauren? Do you think with our skills we have a chance of winning?" Rhydderch was a rather large, intimidating and strong looking dragon but quite insecure about his abilities. Finishing his meal he burped releasing a foul smell from his mouth. He stood up and stertched his whole body, from head to tail he was about 30 feet in length when he really tried. "I'm really worried about this.."
  3. Lauren thought through his question, before opening her eyes to look at him. "Yeah, well at least I think I am. I'm sure we'll do fine, Rhydderch." With his humongous form, she was sure they would get far, they just had to work hard and be smart.

    At his burp, Lauren fanned away the smell with her hand until she was sure it was gone. Standing from her spot on the floor, she walked over to the dragon and gave him a reassuring smile. "Don't be. We're going to do fine. You're going to do great, just believe it." She wasn't completely aware but she kind of new that he didn't fully trust his abilities. She believed in Rhydderch and she was sure he could do major damage. "I believe in you." She said and she meant it.
  4. Rhydderch nodded "I believe in you too. I trust you." He stood up and kneeled for Lauren to climb on his back. "Shall we continue our jouney? Now that ive eated im ready to go... You know i couldve hunted for myself too? Im a little rusty but i could still catch, a deer, rabbits or other animals.."
  5. Lauren moved and climbed on his back. It took her a few seconds, before she fully settled. "I know, but I wanted this to be a quick stop since we have to get to the town by sundown." It was early in the morning and they had to make in time for the sign ups and such. "But once we get there, we can go hunt. How does that sound?"
  6. He nodded "Sounds good." He turned around and began walking, then slowed down, turned back around, turned around a few more times and finally asked. "So.. where is the town we gotta go to?"
  7. Lauren remained silent as Rhydderch moved about, before finally stopping. A chuckle left her lips and she pointed forward. "It's up North. Once we get out of the woods you could take off and we'll be there in an hour or two."
  8. Rhydderch chuckled awkwardly "Oh. heh.. right." And began jogging, shaking his rider in all directions" Soon he reached the edge of the forest and took off the second his front claw was past the treeline. Soaring high in the sky he looked at his back to check if Lauren was still there.
  9. Lauren was practically bouncing on his back as he started off in a jog, though she didn't mind. Once they stepped out into the treeline, Lauren immediately wrapped her arms around his neck as he abruptly took off. Taking off so suddenly like that without a warning always sent a small pang of nervous to flow through. The fact that she could end up flying off and falling to her doom didn't settle well with her. When he was flying smoothly through the air, Lauren released her grip a bit and sat up. "Warn me next time." She said with a light chuckle to follow. "I nearly flew off."
  10. "Heheh, well you said i should take off when we got out of the forest. I only did as you said" with a smug face he glimpsed at her flying from left to right. He looked down and saw all sorts of settlements, farms and little bushes."God you're so heavy" He spoke taunting his rider.
  11. Lauren only rolled her eyes at is response, though a small smile settled onto her lips. As they flew towards their destination, her gaze strayed down below to farms and such. Her attention was then diverted back to her dragon, who proceeded to call her heavy. "Me? Heavy?" She scoffed and shook her head. "This is coming from a dragon that is way bigger than me." Chuckling, she gave him a look, before glancing down at the land below. Rhydderch was truly a big dragon and a rather intimidating one. Of course, she wasn't scared of him since he was her dragon, but she'd seen the effect he has on other dragons. Surely his intimidating nature would work in their favor during the games.
  12. "Alright, alright" He grinned showing rows of razor sharp teeth. "Relatively heavy." He loved to tease Lauren about everything. It was somewhat of a defense mechanism though. Teasing her kept her at a distance from him. He had been hurt in the past and wasnt going to let that happen again. It wasnt that he didnt trust the girl. He just wasnt comfortable letting her into his mind and soul yet.. if ever.
  13. Lauren chuckled at his endless teasing. Rhydderch was always teasing her about the simplest of things and often times, she found herself rolling along with it and teasing him. "I am not heavy." She defended, an amused expression taking place on her face. "You're heavier." She retorted though grimaced at the lame comeback. She wasn't the best when coming up with retorts and she normally ended up failing so bad it would become embarrassing; yet she did it anyways.
  14. A raspy chuckle escaped Rhydderchs maw. "Fair enough. But thats one of the things you like about me right? Rhydderch the srong and mighty dragon, controlled by a cute little girl.. heh, pretty ridiculous when you think about it." He began rising higher in the sky. "I'm going to get us some more speed if you dont mind. Perhaps we need to fashion a saddle some time."
  15. Lauren chuckle lightly before grinning. "Hey, hey. Don't give all the glory to yourself. I can be deadly, not as deadly as you of course." She said before leaning forward slightly as he rose higher into the sky. "I agree. It might look ridiculous, but I'm sure it'll throw people off." People had questioned before and doubted that Rhydderch was her dragon. They would call Rhydderch a dangerous creature and she was referred to as an innocent little girl. She frankly found it a bit insulting, but she brushed off, especially when she would see their expression when she would ride off with Rhydderch. "Go ahead. We'll see if they have any saddles at the games. Hopefully they do."

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    Rhydderch grinned and suddenly bucked mid air throwing her up into the air. Quickly he caught her gently with his claws making a 180 drgrees flip. "Dont worry" He said before diving at an immense speed, he ilted his wings in such a way gravity pulled his weight down quickly and he gradually ajusted the angle at which he dove. He smiled as they soared incredibly fast through the air though at low altitude. He was simly using his build up momentum to speed up the ride a little.
  17. (Alright.)

    A scream resounded from the back of her throat when Rhydderch threw her in the air. "Rhydde-oof!" Landing in his claws, she glared up at the dragon. Before she could scold him on his actions, they were diving down towards the ground. Squeezing her eyes shut, Lauren felt her hair whipping at her face as it flew everywhere. "I swear! One day you're going to scare me to death!" She told the dragon through her mind. Despite the fear she had felt, she was enjoying the wind blowing through her hair. "We definitely need to get a saddle when we arrive to the town." She commented as she opened her eyes and looked down at the ground that was flying past at a great speed. Closing her eyes again, she relaxed and enjoyed the ride.
  18. Teasing her again Rhydderch did corkscrew after corkscrew. A dragons balance system worked diffrently from a human allowing hm to keep a true course while making all sorts of manouvres. After a little while the town came into sight. "We're nearly there. Anything you wanna do before we face the deathstares of other dragons and riders?"
  19. Lauren's moment of relaxation came to an end when Rhydderch began to corkscrew threw the sky. Her world was spinning and after a while she was beginning to grow dizzy. Yes, she shared abilities with her dragon, but that didn't make her immune to human traits. Like he fact that they grew dizzy after spinning for so long. Fortunately, the town came into view. " Do you need to do anything?" She questioned as she glanced up at the dragon.
  20. The dragon sighed. "Perhaps some selfconfidence? Yeah... that would be nice. I hate how we're always the outsiders you know.." He smiled and looked at Lauren "But at least we have eachother right?" He flipped 180 degrees again and tossed Lauren elegantly back on his back before preparing to land