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  1. Why did it happen? It was impossible to say. It just happened. Two days ago a small group of people found their world mysteriously changed. It wasn't the world around them that changed though. No, instead it was something else. They themselves had changed. Upon waking up on that fateful day these people would discover the names of people floating over the heads of those around them and, if they looked in the mirror, themselves. Next to these names also were the letters LV and a number next to that. Most people would have 1, but some may have had 2 or 3 for some mysterious reason, these people seeming a bit tougher than the average person, but not by that much.

    Still though nothing else in Neo Tokyo or even in all of Japerica didn't change. Everyone still went and lived their ordinary lives despite how much this small group of people changed. Did their lives change though or did they just change? You would have to ask them their take on that. On the surface though no. Nothing would have changed for them other than being affected by this mysterious phenomenon. In fact, despite having it affect them their lives would continue to function as normal unless they strove to make it otherwise. Still, if everything else around them was normal then there really would be no reason to.

    Those two days came and went rather quickly. Whether they investigated and found out more about what they may or may not discover to be a strange power would be besides the point. As this group lived out their lives around noon suddenly in front of each of them appeared another alert window with a small ding. Anyone else around these people would be unable to see the window or hear the sound that the window made as it appeared. Bright blue in hue, flat like paper with an exclamation mark on it. On the window in black text said the following, "The Quest 'Others like Me?' has been created".

    Two buttons were below the text. One read 'Accept (Y)' and the other read 'Ignore (N)'. If they really decided to hit the 'Ignore' button they would be able to go about their days as normal. For the more adventurous or curious sort that hit 'Accept' button would see another window appear. It seemed to tell the details of the 'Quest' that had been created. It was also a bigger square than the smaller rectangular window that showed this 'Quest' being created. This larger window read the following.​

    Others Like Me (open)

    Others Like Me

    -Issued By-
    A Passing Thought

    Sometimes in the world there exist multiples of the same thing. There could possibly be more of those with <The Gamer> above their heads, or in this case more of those who are <Gamers>. Whether this is true or not is uncertain, but perhaps going to investigate could be very beneficial. Its not like there is much else to do at this point anyway.

    --Find Other 'Gamers'

    5 EXP, Possibly more information on <The Gamer>

    Failure Penalty
    Not finding out more about <The Gamer>

    Where would one start though? It was hard to say. The city was large and even though would be above the heads of others like them it would still be incredibly hard to find people like each other. There were a few good places to start like the large mega mall Septemberes or maybe other larger places of people gathering like Neo Tokyo U where alot of students attended. Of course, there was a chance of finding people in the streets around the Entertainment District of Neo Tokyo where alot of shops and clubs as well, Septemberes being the centerpiece of the district.

    There was also the Port Island District, which could only be accessed from the main part of Neo Tokyo by train or a bridge since it was an island near Neo Tokyo and considered to be a part of Neo Tokyo. This was the more residential and school district of Neo Tokyo as it was were Neo Tokyo U was located as well as a large number of residences. Of course, there were other areas not on the Port Island District that were residential as well, but the Port Island held some of the more larger residential areas. Neo Tokyo was one of the largest cities in not only Japerica, but the entire world. It would be hard to find other people with above their head even if it was floating above their head.

    Still though, no sense in not accepting the Quest and not looking. After all, whatever was going on certainly was something completely out of the 'Normal', if such a thing even truly existed in the world. Luckily it was Sunday now, so those who had school would have the day off from it. With that in mind, and the fact that it was only Noon, it could be possible to try and find a way to reach out to others with this strange power or phenomenon occurring to them.

    Of course, it could also be dangerous and one may say that it is best to ignore this strange happening. Regardless, something is happening, and it could be beneficial to try and figure out what. ​
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    Selina - Day 1.png
    Selina opened her eyes and thought it was an entirely normal day. She had gotten her homework done the previous night and she had gotten in bed by 8:30 PM sharp. She felt refreshed and ready to face the day. She thought maybe she should take a shower just because she could. She had a lot of time to kill since she was so well-rested. She wandered into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She looked in the mirror and her hair looked awful and then there was this name thingy hanging over her head. She yawned a bit as she slipped her clothes off of her body. She popped into the shower for a short while and hummed a familiar tune from one of the many popular songs that she knew.

    After a few minutes, she got out of the shower and dried herself off a bit. "Ah. I feel much more awake now." She smiled at herself as she walked over to the mirror to check out what she looked like. She started neat the bottom of her body and then worked her way up. By no means was she fat. She was slim as hell, which made her grin. Then she worked her way up to her beautiful face and hair. And then there was a small surprise which she had never seen before. It was a floating nametag, like from an MMORPG, above her head. She blinked and then rubbed her eyes. "I... I must've been playing games too long yesterday. Maybe I need to cut back a bit and study some more."

    After the small shock (Which she completely ignored), she got ready for school and headed downstairs for breakfast. And then she definitely knew that something was wrong. She could see the nametags above her parents and the maid. She blinked and rubbed her eyes again. What has gotten into me? I haven't done drugs... I think. And I haven't drank alcohol in a while. It's probably because I've gone and played MMOs for too long. Yeah, I bet that's it. And I bet it's just going to affect me for a short amount of time. It'll go away once I go to school.

    Selina ate breakfast with her family, then headed off to school. To her dismay, the nametags didn't disappear. Okay... This is super weird. But... I think I should just ignore it for now and then wait for lunch to come around before I experiment. When she entered her classroom, it was very odd to see. She didn't always remember all the names of the people in her class, but she was sure that they wouldn't have more than LV1. She saw the class rep was LV2. She also saw that the multiple people who practiced kendo and martial arts in her class had LV2s. She was a bit frustrated because she was a LV1. I AM AWESOME. HOW COULD I NOT BE A LV2? I MEAN, HONESTLY, MY MIND MUST BE BROKEN.

    Throughout the day, Selina was paying attention to the teachers, but she was also paying attention to all the weird things above people's heads. Like, <Amazing Class Rep> Homura Keirin LV2. It was strange to see all those things because she didn't really know anyone at all. She wasn't close friends with anyone and she usually just made enemies instead of friends. She sighed. Why can't I just get lucky today? And right as she thought that, they broke for lunch. She was lucky enough to find a 10,000 ¥ bill in the hallway. Wow! Maybe I am gonna get lucky today. Then, she looked at her nametag. Okay... I need to figure out what this is about.

    Unfortunately, Selina had too many things occupying the rest of her day to study what the name actually meant. When she went to bed, she knew that the next morning, it would be important for her to study at least some of the aspects of the strange phenomenon that was occurring in her life. And with that, the day ended.

    Selina - Day 2.png
    Selina woke up determined to find something out about the phenomenon. She poked and prodded at the nametag for a while, trying to figure out exactly what was happening. The thing that she was most confused about was the name above her actual name. <The Gamer>. It seemed so... Strange. She felt like she could solve it, but at the same time, she couldn't. The answer on the tip of her tongue, and when she finally decided to give up, then she went to her computer and started to play an MMORPG. She always played mages and it always excited her when she was able to get something awesome in her inventory. "Yay! More inventory!" And then she heard a 'bing' noise and a window displayed in front of her. She freaked out the second she saw it because she wasn't expecting something like that to happen. "WAAAHH! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" She calmed down after a few seconds and then realized that the window was labeled 'Inventory'. She looked at the window strangely. It appeared to have a person on the left and a set of boxes on the right, just like an MMO. She looked curiously at her computer screen and then back at the window displayed in front of her. They looked almost the exact same. And then it clicked. <The Gamer>. Inventory. Nametags. It all made sense now! Her life was now officially an MMO. She squealed in excitement. IS THIS REAL? IS MY LIFE REALLY AN MMO?! OMG! THIS IS EXCITING!

    As she went through the day, she discovered other windows, which corresponded to the MMO that she was playing on her computer. There were a few that weren't there, including 'Pet' and 'Blacksmith'. She discovered the skills bar last because she thought it would be the most exciting. When she pulled it up, she was happy and also a little depressed. Why do I only have four skills? FOUR GODDAM SKILLS. WHAT CAN I DO WITH THESE FOUR SKILLS? She looked at each of them individually. One increased dexterity and one increased intelligence and allowed her to 'think like a gamer'. She had no idea what that meant, but she moved on. Another increased something called a 'talent'. Then the last one could basic stats about a person. She wondered something about talents, so she went and said, 'Talents'. A window popped up in front of her showing her distributed points. She seemed really well-rounded in the talent section. Her stats left something to be desired, but she didn't really care. The only stat she really cared about was INT. It was key to becoming a mage, and if her life was going to become an MMO, she was going to become a mage. She just didn't understand why she didn't have skills that fit a mage. Hmm... Maybe I should go outside and try some of these things. She pulled up the skill list and poked one of the skills. All it did was give her information about it and if she wanted to re-name it. Re-name? No... Not right now. And how to use a skill... Oh! Maybe it's voice activated, just like the windows! She looked down at the ground and said, "Observe!" A small window popped up telling her that it was grass and that it didn't have any stats, it was part of the environment and could not be used for crafting. Hmm... Who could I use this on? Oh! Of course! The maid! Selina walked back into the house and looked at the maid, she whispered, "Observe." But nothing happened. Huh? IS THIS SKILL BROKEN?! I BET IT IS. DAMN YOU. DAMN YOU SKILL. She tried one more time to get stats on the maid. She shouted "Observe!" And then a status window popped up. The maid gave her a confused look. Selina then realized that it probably would be a better idea to name the skill something else. Something normal. Maybe... 'Melon Bun' or 'Hey there.' Selina then knew what she was going to re-name the skill to. 'Hello' It would always give her stats on any person she was talking to because the word 'hello' would always be used in a conversation. She laughed at her own genius. And then she went back up to her room. For the rest of the day, she tried to figure out tips and tricks to each of the functions for the different windows. She didn't really find anything, except that her inventory worked as an inter-dimensional storage for this world. She stuffed a few things in there to see what kinds of things she could carry. Everything that she put in seemed to work. Anything that she could carry could be put into the inventory. She couldn't figure anything else out. And with that, she went to sleep and the day ended.

    Selina - Sunday_Noon.png
    After figuring out so many useful things the day before, she tried to put the majority of the knowledge into practice. She used 'Hello' on people quite a few times just to see if the new name would actually work. And it did. It was completely functional by the new name. She laughed because she could see just how strong different kinds of people were. She went and visited a shrine, where there was a shrine maiden. She had an incredible amount of points allotted to the SPI stat. Then, she went and visited a gym. There was a kickboxing instructor and his stats her mostly allotted to STR. But these other people weren't like her... So how could they have more skill points than her? Was there some sort of trick to getting them? She ignored those questions for right now. She wanted to walk around town and see all of the different kinds of people. She found it fascinating that she could find out their name and what they did for an occupation by not even talking to them!

    Right when Selina was walking, she heard a small 'bing' and stopped right in her tracks. It was a small rectangular box with two different buttons at the bottom. One was accept. One was ignore. And she knew what this was immediately. It was a quest! The title of it was, "Others Like Me". She thought that the title was odd, but read the description anyway. The giver was a passing thought. Since when do passing thoughts give quests? If they did that, then in MMOs, I'd be rich as hell. From the description, it seemed that there were others that had this gift that she had. It didn't say how many, but judging by the kind of quest it was... It probably wouldn't be easy trying to find someone with <The Gamer> above their head. She laughed. How interesting. It will definitely be a challenge, but I'm up for it. It would give her information, and she wanted that information. She was sure that someone might know more about this power than she did. She wanted to obtain that knowledge for the sole purpose of having an advantage against any possible future opponents. If her life had become anything like an actual MMO, then she would be battling monsters in order to level up. She knew that she needed whatever knowledge she could get to conquer whatever task was thrown at her in the future. She pressed the 'accept' button. Alright. Now I think I should head home and get some binoculars. This place is large and there's no telling when I'll actually find anyone with <The Gamer> above their head. I should try to cover as many places as possible without moving. If the others also got that quest, then they'll be looking for me also. I shouldn't move while they are. I hope that if the other people got this quest, they accepted. I'm sure they want to know as much about this strange power as I do.

    Selina headed home and grabbed a pair of binoculars. Then she went to a higher elevated place than most spots in the area that she lived in. She lived on the edge of the place where the residential and school areas met in Neo Tokyo. And with that, she began to search, but did not move.
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  3. The first day, despite there being something obviously very wrong or different, Ryuu went on his day like normal. He had seen his reflection in his bathroom and saw the status bars and the numerous pop-ups. In fact, he entertained the thought that he may have become insane all of a sudden. But, the status things didn't really seem to change anything in his life. Rather, everything around him seemed to be the exact same. So, that day he just did his usual routine. During his walk to school, Ryuu noticed that most people had similar stats, level 1. But, occasionally, he would walk by someone who took particularly tough, or really smart and they had a "lv 2" above their names. In fact, the really noisy butcher that he walked by every morning was a level 2 for some reason. Why they had a higher level? Ryuu didn't really know, but they seemed to be unique people in some shape way or form. In fact, he even came across a level 3 in the form of a police officer who was in patrol. Ryuu took note, but didn't say or do anything particular about his observations. After all, it seemed like he was the only one who could see all of this all of a sudden. Otherwise, there would be large groups of people talking about this sudden development in their daily routines.

    Class went by and Ryuu spent the time learning and cracking jokes with his friends. The mood in his classroom was peaceful, but a bit sullen. After all, everyone was going to graduate soon, and no one was completely happy about that. Still, there wasn't anything that could be done. Once school ended, Ryuu left the school quickly. He was relieved to have finally been released. As, Ryuu walked back home, he walked by a park located next to a stream. The weather was nice, and the sun was warm. It wasn't surprising that he got bit by the lazy bug, so he decided to just lay down in the grass and sun bath a little.

    Unfortunately, the short sun bath turned into a long nap, and when he woke up, the sun was already starting to set. But, when he woke up he was faced by a familiar message "You are fully rested." He had seen that message earlier this morning when he woke up. But, for now he had been largely ignoring it. Now that he thought about it... these messages were very game like. Kind of like those RPGs that he occasionally played. But, what the hell was going on then? Ryuu was pretty sure that he didn't enter a game. After all, everything was all too real. He couldn't do any of those crazy mid air spins and stuff... yet. He was still working on it. But, he finally got a bit curious. Ryuu got up and went for a long, detour back to his house.


    Ryuu woke up in his room again. He figured out a few things last night, but most of it was in vain. He tried to pretend that he was a game character now. In fact, he once tried to shoot an energy beam out of his hands and yelled Kamehamaha! To his disappointment, nothing happened. He was really excited by the idea that he might have special abilities like that. Then again he was only a level 1. Most of his physical capabilities seemed to be the same. In fact, nothing felt that different. He couldn't really run faster or anything like that. But, he did find some random menus. He randomly opened what seemed to be an inventory box. In fact, he tested it by trying to shove in a random branch nearby into a slot, which worked. He then pulled out the branch and threw it away. It was helpful to know that he seemed to have some crazy inventory system. Today, Ryuu went further on and tested out his abilities, which led him to find and get used to the other menus options that were available to him that he would normally find in any RPG esque game.


    On the third day, daydreaming in class, Ryuu was suddenly interrupted by an new interface. "A quest?" Ryuu thought. "This is new." The quest seemed to suggest that there were others who had the same ability that Ryuu had now, and that the objective was to find someone similar to him and his new capabilities. It all seemed interesting enough, so Ryuu accepted the quest. In fact, the second that classes ended. He went back to his house in order to find his bike. Today was a good day to ride his bike anyways, so he might as well knock out two birds with one stone. He would cover as much ground as possible on his bike and try to see as many people as he could as be randomly biked around town. He hoped that he would eventually stumble upon someone else with this "Gamer" title.
  4. Day 1
    Caleb deemed that the day was destined to be off his luck even before he opened his eyes. Why? Well, if living in his cheap shared apartment had taught him anything, it was that when he woke up feeling like he had just taken a shower, I meant that the pipes were leaking. True to his initial thought, the moment the teen opened his eyes, a drop of water plunked onto his face. He sighed, reaching up and ruffling his semi-soaked bed hair. The stars were not aligned in his favor.
    "Heinzeee, Lukasss," Caleb drawled out in a lazy yell, "The water's busted again." A round of tell tale shuffling on the other side of the thin wall alerted him that his roommates were indeed in the waking world. Caleb waited a few seconds as the shuffling escalated exponentially, before going silent. "One, two, three, fou-". The loud bang seemed to resound throughout the entirety of the complex, followed by a stream of colorful language. With a sigh and a soft smile, Caleb hoisted himself up off of his futon. As he did, a small cascade of water dripped from his hair, spraying droplets everywhere. The teen cringed as he inspected the damp fabric of his sleep shirt that clung rather uncomfortably to his skin. Moving at a slow pace, he peeled off the fabric and tossed it into his hamper. After drying himself down with the hand towel that hung off of his workbench, he pulled on a fresh shirt and reached for the infamous water-collecting bucket that rested underneath this desk. However, as he stood up from the bent position he assumed to reach the bucket (who put it in that far, far corner?), something caught his eye. Among the mess of parts, blueprints, and stubs of pencils on his large desk, Caleb had also taken the liberty of installing a small bust shot mirror to A) inspect how bad his bed hair really was and B) get a new perspective on the little things he made. But today, there was a new addition to the mirror. While his bed hair looked as atrocious as ever and the lighting in his room was still not to be envied, a few, odd lines of text had appeared over his head.

    <The Gamer>
    LV1 Caleb Miroffe

    Yep. The stars were not aligned.

    Caleb shook his head and padded to the living room, where his roommate, Lukas, leaned against a counter in the apartment's cramped kitchen. There were words above his head too. "Oh, Ceb, perfect timing. Heinze drank all the milk last night. I'm pissed at him because I already warned that health nut that I was gonna make breakfast puffs. So, he's fixing the pipes and I'm preping everything else. Could ya get me a half gallon of milk?" he asked. As Caleb opened his mouth to reply, but shut it again as the words above his friend's head held his gaze. Lukas could not see the words. If his roommate had been able to see them, he certainly wouldn't have chosen to stay quiet about it. The teen opened his mouth... Then shut it. Instead of replying to his roommate, he simply nodded, turned around, and left the apartment. This was just an off day, he tried to convince himself.
    An off day and some floating words.

    Day 2
    The words did not go away. Caleb could not touch them, nor cover them up, as shown as when he made by his embarrassing attempt, which ended in patting the poor cashier's face at the store the previous day. After profusely apologizing and reaching home, he had managed to ignore the words. Today, they were starting to truly make him tick and tock. So, the mathematical cogs in his brain began to run, drawing up potential solutions. First was analyzing the words. <The Gamer> seemed to refer to himself, a title of sorts. Caleb had also noted familiar titles above other peoples' heads like <Postman> and <Store Manager>. As inferred by his own title and the abbreviation, LV, the situation seemed to have an rpg-like quality. Another thing that also hinted such was the fact that a window had greeted him when he woke up, apparently indicating that his HP and MP had been restored by the night's sleep. But even with these elements, what was he supposed to conclude? The world was actually a video game this entire time? That some player was actually controlling him? There was also the small theory he had thought of, where all the floating words were actually just like a post haze from playing too many games. A similar experience had happened before in a hack and slash RPG where he had farmed enough to one hit KO everything. He had seen the haze of dropping slimes for days. But... This time it was too personalized. How could his post-game daze conjure names and unique titles? As the teen thought more, he only became more confused.

    Day 3: Noon
    As Caleb flipped the last switch, the engine roared to life, much to the joy of the elderly man next to him. He grinned, swiping sweat with the towel around his neck. It came when he was looking up. A stark, yet bright blue, strained against the color of the sky. And some very interesting text. The simple though of other "gamers" seemed to tickle Caleb's spine. So far, the whole condition of seeing titles and levels had been nothing but a small nuisance to his daily life. Just a couple more words on the street. Just a way to remember some names. But Caleb was well aware that living the rest of his life with the words wasn't something he was acutely looking forward to. Well, at least not without an explanation. After bidding his client goodbye and collecting his pay, Caleb made his way down the street, hands shoved into his hoodie. He needed a couple parts for the project that he was working on and it certainly couldn't hurt to keep an open eye while he did a little bartering here and there.
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  5. Day 1

    Lucian awoke like any other day, half in a dream he felt, as he reached his hand around to grab his bed sheets, gripping them between his fingers he tossed them aside, the sudden shock aiding in his process of waking up.

    "Just for an hour, they say, It will be a quick raid, they say." Lucian grumbled as he slowly made his way to the bathroom to have his shower and get ready for the day. It was more out of instinct then being tired, strangely enough, he felt fairly refreshed today, but, old habits die hard, so he continued with his usual, 'I gamed too late last night' routine. A piercing cold shower, followed by lounging around with just a towel on as he ate breakfast, got his notebooks together, and then it came time to get dressed. Quickly throwing on his boxers, slacks and socks, he then proceeded to iron out his dark blue shirt. The refreshing hiss from the steam, and like magic, the wrinkles disappeared. After he finished getting himself dressed, he grabbed his bag and went to school.

    The most peculiar sight was seen on his way to his class, and even in it. People actually had their names above their head, they even had levels, and some what would appear to be job classes. Thinking this was all simply due to his latest binge of gaming online, he didn't give it much thought, and just went through his classes, it seemed like no one else saw them, or was bothered by them, So either A, only he saw them, or B, he damaged himself by playing too many video games like his teachers had warned him in grade school.

    After Class, Lucian carried on with his normal routine, go to the park, drop your bag at the bottom of his favourite tree, roll up his sleeves and climb it. Seeing as he had done it so often before, he knew just where to put his hands and where to step. Climbing it was a breeze, and before he knew it, he was perched on a thick branch, a birds nest only an arms length away.

    At first he thought of having a nap, maybe then all the names would disappear and things would be normal. But as he closed his eyes, he recalled something he had seen in the morning, maybe it wasn't his dream. Maybe he really did see a notification informing him that his HP and MP had been fully restored from a good nights rest, and his own name above his head with the class of 'Gamer' as he looked in the mirror. Thinking about it, the first part would explain his lack of usual drowsiness after gaming during a school day, Perhaps this wasn't a delusion, or a strange consequence of gaming too much, what if he truly was in a video game? It would require testing.

    He looked at the bird, sitting on its nest beside him, it was level one, and it stared back at him, as it normally would, no, the world was not a video game, maybe it was just him? "If my life became a video game, who strokes the keys and moves the mouse?" The question was directed at the bird, but he expected no answer, it simply tilted its head, and gave a chirp in response. Looking at his hand, he made motions, mimicking the controls he would use in his games. No response. He tapped away on his arm, hoping something would happen, but to no avail. "No hidden controls, maybe my voice?" He spoke softly to himself this time, as he made a mental list of common tabs in games, "Status". He spoke and had to grip the branch tight as the window appearing in front of him nearly caused him to fall back i surprise. "Okay..." Reading it over, he reached out and clicked the [x] to close the window, then proceeded to say all the tabs he knew of. The ones that seemed the most useful being status, inventory, skill, and talent.

    Time was flying by as he explored this strange skill of his, and it soon came to time for him to head home. Swiftly climbing down, he made the final jump to solid ground, then stared at his bag. His textbook was really the only thing in it, but he thought it would be a worthwhile test. He looked around, to see if anyone was near, he didn't quite wan people to see what he was about to try. "Inventory" The window would naturally appear. Looking at the empty spaces, then back to his bag, Lucian tried to put the bag into the window, annnnnd, it worked. He blinked twice, just staring at it, it filled the space in his inventory. "This could be useful." Words escaping his lips, as he pulled his bag out, then placed it back in. He turned to the tree and tried to shove the window over it, failing to do so, he concluded that it would likely only hold things a game character could, size wise at least. He rushed home after that, as much as he wanted to try more things out, it was getting late, and after that latest distraction, he really did need to get home.

    Day 2

    He awoke the next morning, surely enough, the window was there again, informing him of the effects of sleeping in a good bed. He spent most of the day trying to figure more of this strange power out, not that he really learned anything new or important about it. Gladly he did it all in the safety of his own home though, as making things appear, then disappear into a small window was a bizarre sight. He put his breakfast into it, then took it out and ate it. He put his drink in it, then took it out and drank it when he got thirsty, truly he was just treating it as a super convenient way to carry things, but decided to stop goofing around with it...after the day was gone, and he managed to fit a good portion of his wardrobe, neatly ironed, into his inventory. He decided to empty it in the end though. "Why on earth would I need to walk around and suddenly go, 'Hey, I need so many of my shirts right now!'" He spoke in a mocking tone to himself as he hung up everything. "Maybe putting something useful in there would be nice...Like a pencil, those damn things always disappear if you don't keep an eye on them." He pushed his pencil through, then called it a day. Mostly wasted, but it kept him well entertained, and on the bright side, 25% of his wardrobe had been ironed.

    Day 3

    Eating his cereal, like a normal day, Lucian was surprised by a new window popping up, though its contents came as no shocker. "A quest?, that makes sense." He read the details over carefully, "Doesn't seem like there is really any downside to it either, so why not?" He clicked to accept the quest, then continued on with his breakfast. The quest wasn't likely running out too soon, no point in rushing his meal.

    "If I wanted to find other people like me were would I look..." After saying it out loud to himself, Lucian realized how stupid it sounded. If he knew were to find people like himself, he would likely have more friends to be around, his study groups would be big groups, and their would be more people sitting up on the tree musing and gaming with him. "...this might be harder than I though t when I accepted it." He rubbed his chin and just walked out his door. Gamers like to game, the arcade? a game store? the mall? random urban streets hoping to find someone giving a sweet deal on a game they plan on chucking without know it's value? school? To many places to little time, and as he walked without thinking, he was heading towards the park.
  6. Selina Rosenburg's Real Font - Wedding Fonts - exmouth_.png
    Selina watched the streets for a long time. A LONG time. Enough that she would start cursing herself for even coming up with this idea. Ugh... It's so boring. Why doesn't someone just walk right in front of me that has <The Gamer> above their head. And then I say, "Wow! I-I've been looking for you all day!" And then they'll say, "Yeah, I've been looking for you too!" And then she'd beat the crap out of them for not finding her sooner. She clenched a fist in the hand that wasn't holding the binoculars. Someone better show up soon or else I'm going to have to go ballistic when I find them. She looked all around the residential district with her binoculars. Unfortunately, not may people were active during this time of day in the residential district. She couldn't find that many people to actually find. But it made it far easier to discern what their name and class was.

    Selina widened her eyes as she looked at her phone, which said it was only 12:30. WAIT! IT'S ONLY 12:10! I-I've been looking for only ten minutes! Ugh! It's felt like ages! Why does time have to flow so slow? Selina just pouted before she started to search again. She looked in the direction of the Port Island District. It seemed like a number of students had just gotten out of school today. Hehe~ I luckily didn't have school today. She stuck her tongue out at the students, even though she knew none of them could see her. But... As she was looking in that direction, she found a student, who seemed significantly older than her wearing a suit. He's probably from the university. He sticks out like a sore thu- She saw <The Gamer> above his head. W-WHAT?! SOMEONE THAT OLD IS A <GAMER>?! Selina got up and started running towards the guy, she didn't even care what his name was or what he was doing. She was going to find him at all costs.

    Selina sprinted like no other as she headed towards the guy. She thought he was probably taking some of the main roads to get wherever he was headed. Using that information, she covered any ground that he may cover while walking. She first decided to cover the right side because that was always her lucky side. She sprinted to the point where she believed she could spot him on the road, but the attempt was in vain. As she arrived to the spot, she couldn't see him down either side of the road. Damn... Now I should head towards where he'd cover if he always went straight. As Selina thought this, her body was already in motion. I know this is tiring, but I can do this. I can make it. I can do this. This is nothing. Distance is only tiring when you think about it. But this mentality soon vanished as she arrived at the other spot she thought he'd be. Unfortunately, she was wrong again. She vocalized an angry grunt as she headed towards the other spot where she thought he might be. DAMN IT! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO GODDAM TIRING?! She checked the clock on her phone while she was jogging. 12:20. Holy crap! I'm fast! I didn't know that I could run this fast in such a short amount of time! With this positive thought, she got a slight burst of energy. But about a minute later, that energy had died out.

    Selina saw a nearby park with a large tree that provided a large amount of shade. Oh... That'd be a nice place to rest for now. Probably just a few minutes. She was breathing heavily. In. Out. In. Out. Deep breaths. Just rest for a little bit. You should be fine. Just fine. After about a minute, she got up and started to jog again. At least I feel a bit better. Alright! Let's do this! As she turned the corner to continue towards the spot, she bumped into someone. She fell onto the ground and she felt herself smack her head on the concrete. "Ouch! What the fuck do you think you-" She looked up at her assailant and it appeared to be the man in the suit. She read the name that came with <The Gamer> class. Lucian Bonhert.

    Selina suddenly realized who she was talking to. She switched to her innocent persona. "Hello!" The skill 'Hello' activated and she looked at his stats as she continued speaking with Lucian. "I've been looking for you all day long. How lucky of me to bump into you on the street!" She sweetly smiled. I can't believe I have to do this to this goddam bastard who just knocked me over on the street. I'll make sure to 'accidentally' injure him later. Though... His stats aren't bad. He even has a higher intelligence than I do... Much more agility too. And my strength stat is quite a bit lower than his. What role would he best fit into? Mage would suit him, but his agility is high. Might not be the best choice. And I also want that position, so... No. Paladin? Maybe... Rogue maybe? Hmm... Luck is too low. Hmm... Selina rubbed the back of her head and laughed nervously as she sat on the ground, her head in excruciating pain.

    Alright... Now I just need to find the others. It said there were <Gamers> meaning there's more than one that I need to find. If I'm going to find people, then I should probably look in the business district. I'll also need to drag Lucian around. I don't want to lose him while I search for the others. Selina stood up quickly and grabbed Lucian's hand. "You're coming with me! We're going to go find the other <Gamers>!" Selina honestly didn't care what he had to say right now since he injured her, so if he was going to say anything, she just ignored him altogether. She needed to find a place where she could see lots of people. Ah! I'm pretty sure there's a cafe on one of the main streets that has a second story outdoor patio. That'd be perfect to spot people from! She dragged Lucian the entire way through the residential and business districts. Alright! Let's do this!
  7. Caleb Miroffe

    Within the business district of Neo Tokyo, the unofficial mechanic and auto-repair joint committee held a broad, friendly network for all the gearheads in the trade. On a countless number of his ventures, Caleb had easily come to realize how valuable the network was. With the addition of a small ring of people he was actually at ease with, it was a sure fire way to obtain any parts that were discontinued or hard to find. In addition, unity and melded economics of investment helped the network whenever there was a slump in the line of work. Granted, certain requirements were needed to be actually reap the full benefits of the connections, but the bar was set fairly low and readily welcomed newcomers among those who had been in the biz for decades. For his clockwork head, it was all just one grace card that Caleb kept tucked near his chest.

    As he rounded the corner, the teen smiled as he caught sight of a familiar, rusted sign. In a chunky, uneven font, the sign read "SPARE" in faded red and blue letters, with a forward slash mark, two bowling balls, and some knocked over bowling pins for a logo. Spare was a small, but meticulously tidy parts shop that was run by the a wiry old man. Despite not actually being the service provider it had once been, the shop and the elderly man were still valuable members of the unofficial committee. Caleb pushed open the glass door, the sound of electric fans filling the air. From the counter at the back of the small shop, the owner looked up and cracked a smile.

    "Caleb!" he exclaimed in a throaty voice. The teen smiled back sheepishly before making his way to the counter. "How are you doing, sir?" he asked pleasantly. "'M doing fine son. How about you, you old rascal? How's it at the Doc?" the man inquired. The Doc, or The Auto Doc, was the ancient mechanic and auto repair shop that Caleb's uncle had started when he had first moved to Neo Tokyo. But despite it's age, it still held its prominence for good service and travel repairs. "It's been good. Ever since I finished my high school schooling unit and got the okay from the state, I moved out,"Caleb replied. "Uncle still works me pretty hard though. I've been promoted from 'non-busy day shop sitter' to 'Travel maintenance unit'. Its a one man unit though," he idly rubbed the back of his neck as he spoke. While he conversed with the man, the topic bounced to what new parts the teen had been looking for, then deviated to the old man's recent antique hunting. However, all the while, Caleb found his gaze on the top of the man's head, where text floated. By then, he was already accustomed to seeing the floating words, though they proved hard to ignore in the miss of a simple conversation. The man's title read "Spare's owner" and below that, was his level, indicated by a number 2. While he thought little of the information, the thought of his new "quest" spun in his skull. There was a small comfort in the fact that he wasn't the only one who was having this... Experience. He idly thought back to the blue notification window. As he recalled, it had been issued by "A passing thought". That in itself disclosed even more questions than anything. The whole ordeal was just puzzling. Caleb internally sighed. 'I hope at the very least that the other "gamers" know more than I do...' he thought idly.

    "Caleb, you listening?" the owner's voice cut through his thoughts. The teen jolted to attention, a look of embarrassment on his face. "A-ah, sorry I wasn't paying attention," he confessed abashedly. "Well, you never could listen to me drone for long anyways. Always had your head tucked in some paper, or whatever else you could get your hands on," the other man commented cheekily. Caleb could only offer a small smile in response. It was fairly true after all. "Ha, okay. Well, we should start looking for that part that you need. I'll check in the backroom an' you can look near the front. Can't quite remember if I had it stocked, but there should probably be a pile of it somewhere around here." With a chuckle, the two split up and the teen found himself walking down the loaded shelves of mismatched parts. In his head, he noted a couple of things that were out of place: A pair of pliers mixed in with the scissors, a lone nut in the neighboring bolt pile, and other poor strays. After browsing for just a couple minutes, Caleb found himself simply reorganizing the shelves. Spare was a nice shop, but sometimes he feared that it would run dry - it wasn't everyday that some stray person needed something and chose to come there instead of a dollar store or a convenience shop.

    Suddenly, a squeaking sound alerted him to attention. 'That door really needs to be oiled...' he thought as he added it to his mental checklist. He took a quick glance towards the counter to inform the owner, only to see it still empty, implying that he was still in the back room. Rapidly making a clean 180, Caleb turned to face the person. "Ah, hello, welcome to Spa-" he froze mid-sentence. In the doorway was a teenager, who appeared to be a little taller than himself. He seemed to give off a feeling of organized mess. On any other occaision, Caleb would have mentally cataloged his odd, yet clean style of dress. But as for that day, the only thing that he could look at was what was floating above the stranger's head:

    <The Gamer>
    LV1 Ryuunosuke Shiba

    His pursed his lips together, unconsciously holding his breath. 'Well. That was easier than I thought.
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  8. Places to find Gamers...Places to find Gamers... Lucian was lost in thought, still not realizing he was walking to his favourite spot, and certainly oblivious to the fact he was being watched, followed even. If he was aware a female was practically stalking him, he would likely go hysteric, in his head, he would have a hard time conveying this across, or it would come out bluntly, most likely.

    Force of habit was certainly guiding him, and leading him to exactly where he needed to be, as he would soon find out. Ohh hey, its the park! I bet I'll be able to come up with the best solution while sitting up on the tree, yeah that will be the bes- His train of thought was disrupted when a teenage girl bumped into him, and knocked herself to the ground. Lucian just watched blankly as she smacked her head to the ground. A part of him cringed, the other part saw it as justice, as she did walk into him.

    "Uhm...Hello?" Lucian continued to stare blankly for a time, Why? Why the hell did it have to be a girl gamer that he met first? It couldn't be the stereo type, the over the top nerdy guy wearing a game shirt with a joke no one would understand without playing the game, nope. It had to be a cute highschool girl. Damn women!

    Before he could get out a single word, she grasped his hand and started pulling him away. Finding the other Gamers? What the hell! "Don't I have a say in this?!" She ignored him, another reason why Lucian distrusted women, did she hear him and brush what he had to say off? or did she not hear him at all? Regardless, he knew that if he voiced a complaint, it would be the other, and it would be his fault. Damn women...

    "Let go of me." He forced his arm free, brushing off his arm and inspecting his shirt for wrinkles, "Being dragged through a business district is not my idea of fun," How the hell do most guys live with this?! "It is nice to meet you too Selina, I am Lucian, as you know. Now then with a slight attempt of formalities out of the way, you will now inform me of this plan of yours to find the others, Before we go rampaging through the streets."
  9. Ryuu yelped in excitement as his bike trudged down a rocky, undeveloped hill. His hair was blown back while his poor commuter bike groaned in protest as the metal parts were not designed for such rough handling. Still, it appeared that he would be able to make it through this rough patch until he realized that there was a 10 foot drop at the end of the hill. Ryuu pulled the handles back and stood up on the bike pedals with his knees bent, ready for impact. Once the drop came, he leaned back and the brunt of the fall was taken by the rear wheel. Ryuu was thrown off sideways and tumbled a few feet from his bike on to his back. It took a few seconds for him to process everything, but he soon started cheering in excitement "Yea! That was awesome!"

    With his quick celebration, Ryuu got up and walked over to his bike to assess the damage. The rear tire was bent at a weird angle. Ryuu sighed. He didn't have that much money saved up, but this was a problem that had to get fixed. So, he picked up the bike and did his best to walk with it while searching for a repair shop. It took a few minutes, but he was in the business district so he didn't expect to take that long to find a repair shop. He walked in to see a teenager who dressed pretty comfy, and had a pretty disheveled appearance, mostly due to his hair. But then, he looked up and he saw it, "The Gamer". Ryuu's mouth gaped and he stood silent for a second. Soon, after a smile formed on his lips and he excitedly yelled "Ha, Ha! It must be my lucky day!"

    Ryuu practically pounced on Caleb and said "Did you get that quest too!?" only to change the subject when his attention returned to something else. "I should have fulfilled that quest by now!" He opened up his quest log, only to find it unchanged. He re-read the quest and his eyes then caught the keyword, "gamers". There were others that he had to find as well. Ryuu looked at Caleb and said "Hey! Do you know other Gamers?" Then he noticed Caleb's facial expressions. Seemed to be a mix of surprise, confusion, and uncertainty. "I guess not, huh?" Ryuu answered. "Well, I guess we should go off and try to find the others like us! I'm sure we'll run into them somehow just like how I ran into you." Ryuu said as he grabbed Caleb's arm and started to head for the door, completely ignoring the original reason he came to this shop. Simply in and out like the wind.
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  10. Selina Rosenburg's Real Font - Wedding Fonts - exmouth_.png
    Selina was ready to head towards the cafe that she was going to look for <Gamers>, but to her dismay, her partner in crime decided that he wanted to stop and talk about her brilliant plan. He said he wasn't moving until she explained everything that she was planning. Does this goddam guy know that we might be missing a vital chance to find other <Gamers>? She looked innocently towards him. "I'll try to explain fast. I want to head to a maid cafe on one of the main streets to find them. Sound good? Okay! Let's get going!" Selina grabbed his hand again and held onto it with a tighter grip than before, making sure that he couldn't shake her off like a few seconds ago. She completely ignored whatever he had to say again because his ideas weren't important now. Her plan was perfect and there was no way that anything he had to say would improve it in any way. He seemed somewhat passive anyway. He wasn't bold, so she knew that if she showed him enough dominance, he wouldn't complain continuously.

    When she reached the outside of the maid cafe "Love Love Company", she opened the door and grabbed Lucian's arm like they were dating. "Lucian, I need you to play along with me on this, or else they won't let us get a spot on the second floor outdoor patio. So please just be quiet for a few minutes and then we can talk. Okay?" As soon as she had finished, one of the maids at the maid cafe greeted them and asked where they'd like to sit. Selina simply smiled and cuddled Lucian. "We'd like a table for two on the second story outdoor patio. Can you help us with that?" She looked Lucian in the eyes as if she was in love with him. I really wish that this goddam bitch would hurry up so that I can stop acting so lovey-dovey with this dick. The maid led them up a set of stairs and then sat them down at a table that had a perfect view of the street. She made a small squeal to help herself out with the persona. "Aww~ Thank you so much! We're definitely going to enjoy being here!" As soon as the maid walked away, she stopped acting all lovey-dovey.

    "Okay. Lucian, here's the plan. I want you to cover that side of the street." She pointed towards the side of the road that was behind her. "I'm going to cover the side behind you. If you spot someone, please tell me and then we will give chase. If I end up spotting someone, then I'm going to tell you and we'll leave. Okay?" I don't really care for this prick... He seems to listen, but... Goddam he's annoying. She had complete attention on the street, tuning out anything else that was happening. She scanned the crowd for people with <The Gamer> above their head. But, she also searched for people that seemed to be looking for other people. The person/people who fit that description were her targets. C'mon Selina, you can do this. It might be a lot of people, but you can cover that much ground in a few seconds. Those few seconds are important, but don't stress out or you'll waste time. Focus... Focus...
  11. Her explanation was too brief, and her logic too far flawed. Lucian didn't like this one bit, and the vice like grip in which she grabbed his hand the second time was even further from what he wanted. Seriously...If all woman are like this, maybe I should just go to a mountain, and become a hermit. Yeah, I could tolerate a hermit life style. No one bothering me, the company of the animals...Maybe I should give up schooling and become a monk then? Nah...I like my games too much, and he did like some ladies...just not this one, with all the pulling and yanking, and ooh, here comes another sharp turn past the corner, Nope, never mind the fact you almost forced me into it, its perfectly all right, it missed my face, and only pulled a few threads off my shirt. His musing came to an end when she finally let go, Lucian felt the blood flow in his hand return to normal.

    "So, pretty much just continue on as we have been doing, you dragging me around like an object? Sure why not." Sarcasm dripping from his last words, he truly was not keen on any parts of this plan, and even if it did work, they would have to rush down from the second floor from a maid cafe now to get to their goal. great planning, no flaw at all. He let out a small sigh, then had to all but hold back letting out a small yelp.

    It seemed the girl had more than just holding his hand in mind, she completely latched on to him! Wha-Wha-What is she doing?! His heart began to beat faster, he never was in such close contact with a female before, and as she played her game to get the spot she wanted, she looked at him, her eyes, oh her eyes! Lucian couldn't help it, it was a new situation for him. He felt his face slowly change red, and he was certain that he heard the maid laugh at him! This is not what the quest told him would happen! But suddenly, it was okay. Things worked out, it was back to business, something that Lucian could handle, and handle well.

    "Fair enough." He took his watch post, and looked around, his heart pace slowly getting back to its natural rhythm. Scanning the people, looking for another Gamer to just walk out and into the open. After a short while, Lucian broke his silence, "So..." He started, "Don't ever do that again, and don't go dragging people around," He tried to think tactfully on what to say next, sadly, that was not his forte, "You don't look like a savage, so try not to act like one either." A little condescending, and definitely a line his step-father had used on him before, but it got his point across.

    Almost as if on cue, he spotted two tags that they had been looking for. Lucian stood up, his chair making that annoying noise as it is quickly pushed back, "Found them, walking just past the store with the pink fish sign. Try to keep up." He took his time to neatly place the chair back in place, then bolted out the door. IT likely looked like their 'relation' had taken a sour toll, but Lucian was fine with that. Though he did lose his cool for a moment, who in their right mind would want to date her?
  12. Soon enough Lucian and Selina were able to catch up to Ryuu and Caleb, making all four of the Gamers come together. Unfortunately though when they all came together, no notification about the Quest being completed appeared. So perhaps not every Gamer had been found yet, it being unclear just how many they were supposed to find to complete this quest.

    Before they could begin to discuss anything though, something seemed to happen. The area suddenly became silent, devoid of sound and people; which was odd as the Business District was usually crowded during this time of day, even on Sundays. That wasn't all though. All the stores and shops had no lights in their windows, as if they were all closed for the day. It was a strange feeling considering that the streets had been filled with people just moments ago. It would be obvious to anyone that something was going on now.

    Well, no one for long anyways. Suddenly about not too far from their current location, about twenty yards in front of the group to be a little bit more precise, several strange creatures appeared, three of them to be exact. Above their heads the Gamers could see bright red text instead of the light blue text that appeared over people. This text read Imp Lv. 4. These creatures seemed to be about half of their size, but the Level 4, for those who knew what the 'Lv. 4' meant, meant they were probably somewhat strong.

    This situation presented the group of Gamers a choice. Either run or fight. Whatever choice they made they would need to make it quickly as things were starting to look pretty dangerous now. The Imps seemed to notice the Gamers now and were chittering strangely and mischievously as they looked at the group.. Despite this being a potentially harrowing situation, however; all of the Gamers would feel somewhat calm, no streaks of immense panic or fear going through them if that would have been their normal reaction to these monsters appearing. They would be calm and able to analyze the situation normally with a clear head.

    For those who saw their Skills before, perhaps this was due to the Skill known as The Gamer. It was keeping them calm, cool, and collected in a situation where normally fear and panic would set in. It was a strange feeling, but it would definitely help them survive since the small group of Imps was starting to slowly approach the Gamers now. Unfortunately though the Gamers lacked weapons to fight with, so they would either have to use their fists or try to indeed run away. ​
  13. Ryuu turned his head back to the group of Gamers and said "Well, looks like we have to cut introductions short. Call me Ryuu." as he winked and gave a thumbs up to everyone. He then turned his attention back to the approaching imps and said "It's like we're heroes or something on a quest to slay the demon king." while laughing softly. This development was just interesting to Ryuu. It was like they really were in a game. To Ryuu, this meant that there was a simple answer to this situation. He began looking around him for anything that could serve as a makeshift weapon, a chair or maybe even a loose sign. If not, then he planned to just try and tackle one of the imps to pin it down. If he could handle one imp, then it would be a 3 vs. 2, which gave the group even better odds. He wasn't banking on the fact that he could defeat one imp. He was happy with buying enough time for the others to deal with one of the other two imps. But, the thought of running wasn't really considered in Ryuu's mind. Besides, the hero never runs from a challenge!
  14. Caleb Miroffe
    It was fair to say that Caleb was fairly shocked to find another gamer so quickly. In the grand capital of Japerica, he had thought that finding the other gamers would have been like looking for grains of rice in the ocean. 'Then again,' he thought in the back of his head, 'I don't actually even know how many gamers there are out there... Still, it seemed a bit surreal to see the title on someone else, let alone watch as they accessed blue windows with such a casual attitude. When he was addressed, the teen found himself unable to reply to the onslaught of questions. But nothing quite topped the high of Caleb's stupor than when he was literally dragged by the arm out of Spare and onto the street. Now, Caleb liked to believed that life should have some thrill. In small increments, that is. As the duo seemed to downright fly out of the store, he found himself tripping over his feet, staying upright only by a miracle of a stumble. "Uhm, 'scuze me? Ryu...Ryua... No..." Caleb fumbled, trying to wrap his tongue around the absurdly long name that he read above the other teen's head. He shook his head. That name was something ungodly for his vocal cords to produce.

    Everything seemed to be on a roller coaster that only went up though, as coincidence would have it, they managed to simply run into the other gamers (people he noted as forte and dapper)... And subsequently get ambushed. Caleb chewed on his lower lip. Despite the odd dressed teen's - Ryuu's confident stance, the teen eyed the imps with little enthusiasm. Games were one thing - in a game, he could hide behind some destined hero or talented soldier. In real life, there were no controls or combos, no cards to play out. He had nothing to fight with and while fist fighting was an option, he wasn't particularly keen on it just because of the odd horns that protruded from the creatures' bodies. 'I'd rather run away... he lamented inside his head. After letting out a breath, he slid off one strap of his backpack. If anything, he figured that duking it out grandma purse style was likely to be his best option. "Caleb," he introduced himself curtly, nodding to the others. With his knees bent, he eyed watched the other gamers for some sort of commencement. However as he studied the others, he kept the strange creatures in his field of vision. He noted their level, a hefty three above his own and all the other gamers. As they approached, Caleb realized that they were emitting strange sounds. 'Its like communication... he thought. The teen frowned a little. "Is it just me, or do they seem somewhat slow...?" he asked uncertainly.
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  15. Selina Rosenburg's Real Font - Wedding Fonts - exmouth_.png
    Selina's focus broke as she saw Lucian stand up from the table. He told her that he saw them down the street. They gave chase, and she quickly found that this group... was all males. Of all the goddam chances that people become gamers, they all have to be male. This world is so damn sexist. Jesus. She looked around at the group, studying their stats with the 'Hello' skill. There seemed to be a boy wearing green named Caleb with a pretty balanced set of stats, and a gung-ho guy named Ryuunosuke with balanced stats. Yeah... I'm not going to call him 'Ryuunosuke' that's a name that's too damn long. Why do people have to make my life so hard? And why do we all have to have such balanced stats? Though, we are only LV1 and it probably isn't a good idea to start your stats off specific to the role you want. The idea might change based on the party's needs, so it's probably better that we all have some pretty balanced stats.

    Shortly after meeting, she saw the people around them disappear and it became dead silent. She widened her eyes as she realized exactly what this meeting was. DAMN IT! This is a trap! How did I not see it? My own goddam motivation to find the other <Gamers> blinded me! Shit! She looked around and knew that something was probably going to hop out and surprise them. She looked around the place where they were. As she looked around, she saw three small creatures. All of them were LV4 and they were called Imps. WHY OF ALL THE CREATURES DOES IT HAVE TO BE DAMN IMPS?! I HATE THOSE THINGS! IN MMOs THEY'RE SO ANNOYING! She tried to recall anything that she could about imps from playing MMOs. Okay... Let's see... In some MMOs they have the possibility of fire magic. They usually have a high resistance against fire. Their stats sometimes leave something to be desired from their movement. But, that's only sometimes. It might not apply here. Ah! 'Hello"! I can use that to see what stats they have! She stared in the direction of the imps. She didn't really care which of the three she could glean information about. "Hello!" She saw a status window that showed that it was a creature of the species, demon. It also gave a brief description of what they were like. This is good. That means that if we separate them, then it should be easier to deal with them. It also showed their HP, which was what she was looking for. Alright. 20 HP, which is lower than mine. But that means they probably make up for it with attack. She also got a status window saying that her 'Hello' skill had leveled up. Right now, she ignored that. Then, she heard Caleb say something about them being slow. So I must be right about their agility stat. "Caleb, you're right. I'm guessing that it has something to do with a smaller agility stat." She also saw Ryuu searching for something. Is he looking for a weapon? She giggled. That guy's definitely resourceful, I'll give him that. Then it hit her. Maid cafe. There are tables and chairs up there.

    She looked in Ryuu's direction and shouted. "Maid cafe! Down the street a little bit! Has a second story patio, they've got tables and chairs!" After she said that, she pointed behind her. "Go!"

    She looked to the other two members of the group. "He's going to need help getting to the second floor of that building." She looked at the two left. Out of the two, Selina knew that Caleb had a higher STR stat than Lucian. "Caleb, I need you to go help hoist him up there. Lucian, you're going to stay with me and try to figure out if the imps follow a pattern. Make sure that you don't get hit by these things. I think they have a high attack." She looked at the imps with a fire in her eyes. "Let's beat the shit out of these things." Selina smirked as she began to study the movement of each of the imps.​
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  16. Ryuunosuke

    Looking for Weapons: 28 - 11 Observation = 17

    Ryuunosuke looked around and, while it wasn't in plain sight, he did spot something. In a nearby alleyway, there was a old, somewhat rusted metal pipe that someone left there. It didn't look like the best of weapons, and didn't look like it wouldn't last that long, but for the purpose of this fight it could probably deal a bit of damage to these creatures. It would certainly be better than trying to tackle the creatures or fight them with his fists, since it wasn't clear how tough their skin was.

    It was either go get the pipe, or get closer to the creatures. ​
  17. Lucian had succeeded in his given mission of finding the other Gamers, though it still seemed like his quest was not completed yet, sadly. Well at least we got some more guys here, and I'm not surrounded by a bunch of crazy girl gamers. Lucian let out a small sigh of relief at this.

    He didn't really have time to introduce himself though, Selina said hello to all of them, and he did see their names, but they didn't have time to chit chat, as the world seemed to change, almost without them noticing. The once busy area seemed dead, no one but the small group in sight, aside from three red midgets walking towards them. Wait, red midgets? Oh OH! Lucian clued in to the oncoming Imps.

    The others sort of hatched some plans, Selina wanted to use chairs and tables as weapons, the other guy, Caleb as he called himself, mentioned the Imps looked slow, and Selina confirmed it as well.

    "Or I could out run them, and likely at least one of you" Lucian spoke as he unbuttoned the first button of his sleeves, and proceeded to roll up his sleeves, "But I wouldn't mind punting an imp." He eyed the imps up, trying to gauge the distance, the exact size of them, calculate how fast he could move, and which one would be the safest target to go for. "On three I am going to bolt it and kick the one, try to get the attention of at least one other so I don't get decimated. Ready? One" Lucian started to get himself into a good starting position, "Two, Three!" He ran as fast as he could, hoping to deliver a swift kick to an imp.
  18. Lucian

    Scanning The Enemy: 57 - 15 Observation = 42

    Lucian attempted to scan the small group of Imps, hoping to figure out which would be the best to target. They were about fifteen yards away now as they had approached the group a bit when they first appeared. So for Lucian who had a decent AGI and STR, that would be about a medium distance sprint. They were small, so indeed punting them would be the best option, the little Imps being about three feet tall.

    Lucian would be able to discern that the one on the far right was the safest to pun. It was a slight bit apart from the other two. Not by much, but by at least out of immediate claw reach of the other two. He didn't get this info from observing them, but rather the distance between them since their patterns were a bit hard to gauge for him at the moment.

    Regardless, it was good information to go on. So with that, Lucian would run forward with all of his might, attempting to punt the little Imp creature as hard as he could to hopefully do some damage and possibly knock it down as well.

    Imp Punting: 3 - 8 Fisticuffs + 25 Distance Penalty = 20

    Max Hit!

    Damage Dealt: 5

    BAM! The kick connected fully to the creature's stomach. Unfortunately Lucian wasn't exactly an American Football player and the Imp had a rather tough hide, so the damage wasn't too great. Still, a red 5 appeared over the red text above its head that indicated its name and Level, showing how much damage the attack dealt. Furthermore, since the attack connected square on, the Imp was thrown back to the ground with both the force of the attack and the momentum of Lucian's sprint adding to the attack. This meant that he managed to stun one of them, a couple of windows appearing for Lucian.

    Skill Get (open)

    A Skill has been created through a special action. Through adding the force of a sprint to an attack, the ability to more properly do so; Running Strike, has been created.

    Running Strike (open)

    Running Strike (Lv 1: 0%) (Passive)
    When you charge forward, flowing the momentum of your movement into your strike, you increase the damage you deal by an amount equal to 10% of your Movement Speed. Be careful though, as charging can leave you open to enemy attacks. To Level: Attempt a Running Strike, Execute a Running Strike, Defeat an Enemy, Score a Critical Strike.

    Unfortunately there was no time to celebrate though. While one of the Imps was knocked prone and thus would have to use precious time to get up, the other two were on the attack. They immediately went for Lucian and were much quicker than the group originally surmised, both of them flashing their sharp claws towards Lucian.

    The first Imp would have missed, if Lucian didn't have to focus his attention on dodging the second Imp since they were effectively flanking him on his left and right with their simultaneous attack. Lucian would feel a very sharp, hot pain across his chest as the creature's claws slashed into it, a red 10 appearing above his own head signifying that he just took 10 Damage. In the corner of Lucian's own vision, he could see about 1/3rd of his HP Bar draining away, the bar staying there in the corner of his vision signifying that he was hurt.

    Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, another couple of windows appeared for Lucian.

    Skill Get (open)

    A Skill has been created through a special action. By enduring physical pain, the ability to better do so; Physical Endurance, has been created.

    Physical Endurance (open)

    Physical Endurance (Lv 1: 0%) (Passive)
    +5% HP, +1 Constitution. You know how to better resist pain and physical damage, allowing you to survive tougher hits and take more punishment. To Level: Take Physical Damage, Take Massive Physical Damage, Survive a Fatal Blow, Endure a Critical Strike

    While these Skills could be a good thing, one thing was clear for both Lucian and the group. If the group didn't come to Lucian's aid quickly, he was going to be slashed apart by these Imps. Luckily the other one had to use this precious time to stand up, but still, the group would have to move quick lest they lose one vital party member. ​
  19. Ryuu noticed the piece of rusted pipe and felt a small bit of relief. He planned to go and grab it. That is, until Lucian charged the imps "Damn it." Ryuu cursed. He now had to decide. Back up Lucian now by charging in, or risk spending precious time getting the pipe. He couldn't risk not going into the fight somewhat prepared. After all, Ryuu wasn't a martial artist or anything like that, so he wasn't confident in landing a solid hit. He bolted for the pipe and tried to get it as soon a possible. Unfortunately, he saw from the corner of his eyes that while Lucian managed to knock one of the imps down, the other two attacked him in a coordinated attack.

    Ryuu knew that Lucian took a vicious attack, and Ryuu thought that he even saw a red 10 pop up on top of Lucian. It really was like they were in a game. Either way, Ryuu reached the pipe and held it in his dominant right hand. He quickly turned to the fight and began to run to Lucian's aid. Specifically, Ryuu hoped that the two imps attacking Lucian would be too focused on Lucian that they wouldn't notice Ryuu in time to react. Maybe he could hit an imp from behind if he was lucky. Regardless, he was hoping to smash the closest imp in a fell downward blow using both of his hands to produce as much force as possible.
  20. Ryuunosuke

    Luckily the alleyway was on the way to the Imps, within the 15 yard sprint, so if he went double time he would be able to run to the pipe, snag it, and then run quickly towards the Imps. Unfortunately, this left no time to be stealthy if he wanted to make it there quickly, so they unfortunately noticed his mad dash since he would have to give it more than his all if he wanted to make it there in time to get an attack in to rush to Lucian's aid. Essentially just abandoning tactics and going for the charge blindly approach as Ryuunosuke now aimed to bring the pipe down on the heads of one of the creatures. Hopefully it wouldn't break.

    Charging Attack: 20 - 9 Melee Weaponry + 25 Distance Penalty = 36


    10 Damage

    A red 9 appeared over the creature's head as the pipe connected. It didn't look like it was going to be a full hit, but apparently it did more damage than one would expect. Luckily the pipe didn't break either despite it being a full on rushing attack. Of course, that didn't mean it wouldn't, so Ryuunosuke would have to be careful with it. Still, it was a pretty solid hit, the creature angrily growling after it had been smacked by the pipe. This was good. Now all of the 'aggro' was no longer on Lucian since the Imps had two contenders to deal with, one with a pipe and one with 'Imp Punting' skills. Perhaps this fight wasn't so hopeless after all.

    After his attack had been executed, a couple of windows appeared in Ryuunosuke's vision.

    Skill Get (open)

    A Skill has been created through a special action. Through adding the force of a sprint to an attack, the ability to more properly do so; Running Strike, has been created.

    Running Strike (open)

    Running Strike (Lv 1: 0%) (Passive)
    When you charge forward, flowing the momentum of your movement into your strike, you increase the damage you deal by an amount equal to 10% of your Movement Speed. Be careful though, as charging can leave you open to enemy attacks. To Level: Attempt a Running Strike, Execute a Running Strike, Defeat an Enemy, Score a Critical Strike.

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