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  1. So I got an idea for this RP after reading a Manwha called The Gamer. Its pretty good, so you all should check it out. Anyway, the plot goes as this.

    The Plot (open)

    Everything is normal in Neo Tokyo located in the country of Japerica (Setting names pending, just go with it for now). There is nothing special or ordinary about this world, which is very much like our own. People get up, eat their breakfasts, take their showers, and go about their daily lives without any hint of anything out of the ordinary. Nothing special at all goes on in this world, that is until one day something does change. In the year 20XX a small group of people much like ourselves wake up one day to discover that their own world isn't as it seems.

    These people discover that, for no apparent reason, they have literally become real life video game characters whether they like games or not. They have Stats, they can get EXP through completing every day tasks from studying to running errands for people in the form of Quests, have alert windows appear before them to give them information, and they even have Levels and Skills. It is unclear as to how they came to be this way, as it would have just happened to them without them even realizing it.

    Perhaps they received an errand from their parents that appeared before them as a quest. Or maybe they took a look outside and saw the names of people above their heads, as well as their 'Levels'. Regardless of how they came to the realization that they are now more like Game Characters than real people, their ordinary lives still continue. But soon enough, this group of either unfortunate or fortunate (as it really depends upon your disposition) people begins to discover that there is a whole other side to their world, a side that will begin to make them see everything around them in a whole new light.

    With basic Plot discussed, we will also begin to discuss how exactly this RP will work. This RP will have a Game System. Your characters will have Stats and the success of various actions will be determined through dice rolling (all done by me, your fabulous (or perhaps not-so-fabulous) GM). Naturally as Game Characters as the RP progresses they will gain more EXP and level up, becoming stronger as the challenges ahead get tougher. There will be other game system elements as well such as Skills, methods for combat, and other such things.

    Naturally I want this to be more RP based than Game System based. In fact, most of the stuff about the game system will be taken care of by me, while you guys focus on bringing good RPing to the table. Of course, the story will by no means be linear. I want the character's decisions to affect the story more than anything else. This also means that Characters Can Die. If you do something stupid or by a stroke of bad luck you get a poor roll then naturally your character can die and when they die They Do Not Come Back.

    Anyway, I am still working on the system (it won't be too complicated) so this will only be an Int Check for now until I get the system polished up and ready to display, but for now I am looking for about 4-6 player characters. I will control all of the NPCs and may possibly have my own PC joining in that will be more like a GM's PC than a true main character (cause I wouldn't want my own character to steal the spotlight of your guys' characters).

    Posts will be Casual to High Casual with there being an exception for Combat (which I will go over in the Game System) since not everything can always be fleshed out into several paragraphs (there is no need to flesh out you smashing someone with a baseball bat).

    Anyway, feel free to express your interests. Im looking forward to making a kick ass RP here.
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  2. I actually read a little bit of The Gamer. Didn't get too far, but this RP seems interesting, so count me in please.
  3. Cool. Thats one (two if you count meself).

    Shall wait for a couple more before making the OOC.
  4. Sounds good, can't wait to get this thing going
  5. Feel free to invite your friends ^^
  6. Well the system is mostly polished now. Still probably has its kinks, but oh well XD
  7. Alright~ You've got me hooked. Let's do this!
  8. Cool. Thats two, three including myself. Will go ahead and start up an OOC in the hopes that we will get a couple more.
  9. This sounds interesting! I plan on joining. c:
  10. Oh, I have read this! :D If you still have free spots, then I'd love to join.
  11. Well now we have 4. Will definitely get to work on the OOC now.
  12. Yay~ I'm reading the manwha (However you spell that... I'M A FAILURE AS AN AMERICAN OTAKU) right now. It's very intriguing and making me very excited for this RP!!! It's also giving me ideas about what kind of character I want to make.
  13. Yep, I really love this Manwha, Anyway, almost done with the OOC.
  14. Yay~ I'm so excited!
  15. Oooo yay~
    I started rereading the manhwa because of this RP, and for some reason it seems a lot more interesting reading it the second time around. Welps. I probably wasn't paying too much attention the first time I it =v=
  16. OOC is done.

    Here it is.

    If anyone has any questions about the system, feel free to ask. Remember, I take care of all number crunching, so if it seems intimidating (which it shouldn't be) just take note of that. You guys don't need to worry about too much, just knowing the basic rules really (like the basics of combat IE getting one action per 'turn' and how challenges or rolls are resolved).

    Other than that, I take care of the rest.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
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  17. For those currently reading the OOC, i'd refresh the page. Made some edits to it cause some of the text was still smooshed cause of me copying it from my word document.
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