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  1. -Prologue-

    Gamers Assemble! 2.jpg
    (Art Made by @Sairoh, do not use without permission)

    April 20th, 2050, only 9 days remaining until Golden Week begins. On this day, a group of five individuals would awaken from what should have been ordinary sleeps. That is because they were indeed ordinary sleeps. What was out of the ordinary though is what happened to these individuals once they awoke. Nothing was different with them at all physically, except perhaps waking up a little more refreshed than normal. Perhaps very much so, as if they all had gotten a good night's sleep.

    Nothing wrong with that at all.

    What was wrong is what they could see above their heads.

    'The Gamer'
    Last Name, First Name, Lv 1

    In light blue text above their head was floating text. It looked like something straight out of a video game. How many of these individuals actually played video games was another story, since most, if not all, had jobs or lives that were keeping them busy and thus possibly unable to be huge gamers. Maybe these five had played some games before, perhaps a couple? Well regardless... the text is there, and it doesn't seem to be going away, no matter how many times any of them close their eyes or pour water on their faces.

    Above other people's heads throughout their day they would see similar floating text. Their last name, first name, LV, and a number next to that. It usually ranged from 1 - 3, with around 3 being for those who looked or seemed a small bit tougher. The occasional tough martial artist looking type or tough police officer was around Level 5, those definitely being people who had gotten into fights or danger.

    As these five went about that Friday, the text didn't seem like its going away at all. No one else seemed to notice it at all, or if they did they were master actors as they weren't bringing it up. Most likely though it is no one noticing it at all as otherwise that would have to be thousands of people in on a joke.

    Saturday comes rolling around after Friday, so at least time itself hasn't changed.

    What also hasn't changed is the presence of the text. Its still there, so either this is a very long dream or a very surreal situation. Its also still above everyone else's heads as well and no one seems to notice. Of course, if everyone got a full night's sleep, then they would see the following window and feel very refreshed.

    Despite how bizarre and surreal this is, these days will continue being halcyon days. Nothing is changing. Perhaps the small additional perks provided from this bizarre scenario aren't too bad.

    Sunday, the 22nd, rolls around. The text is still there, as is the same notification they got when they woke up on Saturday. As they prepared for their days, however; another window would appear suddenly without warning.

    If they clicked no, the window vanishes and that is that. If they click yes... however...

    Other's Like Me

    Other's Like Me

    Issued By

    A Passing Thought

    Find others who bear the class, 'The Gamer'.

    6 EXP, 1 AP
    More information on 'The Gamer' power.

    Failure Results

    A Quest. Information perhaps. Thankfully today is Sunday, so unless any of these individuals had an important job to get to then today couldn't be a better day for seeking out other 'Gamers'.

    The Search has begun.​
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  2. Shouko's eyes darted open as if she was startled awake. It was merely a quirk of hers, although it only happened when she was well rested. Today, she was. In fact, Shouko thought she felt in perfect condition- no aches, fatigue, or even an itch. She rolled out of bed and took a shower before noticing the change. Within the steamy bathroom, combined with her myopic eyes, she could only see a strange blue smudge in the mirror.

    "What in the world?" she muttered. Only when the steam cleared could she see the message above her head.

    'The Gamer'
    Koizumi, Shouko, Lv 1

    It was very strange, to the point where Shouko began to question her sanity. When nothing else out of the ordinary occured, Shouko could only carry on and go to class. It wouldn't do to miss them.

    Outside, she found that everyone now had similar tags above their heads. Was this some kind of prank? She couldn't actually touch them.

    "Shizuka, do you think there's something... a little strange today?" Shouko asked her classmate and friend in the lecture hall. Their professor was droning on before the class, and above his head bobbed the same tag, displaying his name and "Lv" number, whatever that meant. He also had a different title: 'Master of Medicine'. How was this thing working?

    "What do you mean?" The blond girl asked, oblivious to the situation. Shouko shook her head and sighed.

    "Your hair- you got it trimmed again, didn't you?" she decided to say instead. Shouko really did envy the tall, pretty girl. "It looks gorgeous!"

    "You noticed! As expected of you. I got it done at that salon near..." Shouko's attention drifted off, because something else happened at that point. A message appeared before her eyes, and it was obvious Shizuka wasn't seeing it.
    "Earth to Shoouukooo-"
    "Huh, yeah?" Shouko snapped out of it when Shizuka noticed she wasn't listening. The message. Shouko couldn't place it, but it reminded her of something. A game! Right, a videogame! And 'Lv' must stand for 'level'! She wasn't a gamer and such things weren't normal for her.

    "Are you feeling okay?" Shizuka asked.
    "Y-yeah. Totally fine!"

    For the rest of the day, nothing else happened, although the name tags did not disappear. She went home after the laboratory session, turning down Shizuka's suggestion to go for some drinks in light of her strange situation. Maybe a night's rest would repair her broken sight.

    It did not. Shouko woke up the next day feeling unusually refreshed again. The tag was still visible. She decided to turn to the wisdom of the internet, but nothing concrete game up. 'The Gamer' was too general of a term to search for, and 'why are there words above people's heads?' wasn't helpful either. Shouko gave up and slapped her head on the desk.

    Frustrated, she double-clicked on the icon of a poker card on her desktop. Popoker World booted up, her favourite online poker application. Much laughter and tears were had on this game of life and death. Shouko cracked her knuckles and went to business.

    "Yes!" she screamed when a lucky had netted her a nice sum of about ten thousand yen. Lucky! Shouko continued after her lunch, effectively spending her entire Saturday gambling, but her luck didn't last. She lost some money by the end of it, though it was still a net gain. It was good enough.

    She ended the night reviewing her study material. If the strange tags didn't go away- it wouldn't be hard to ignore it for the rest of her life, right?

    Sunday 8:00am

    Shouko woke up like clockwork. Today, something new awaited her.

    "Other people. Not... surprising," she muttered to herself and pressed the 'Y' button to accept. Other 'Gamers' would probably have more answers to this curious situation, and Shouko's interest had been piqued. But where would one actually find another 'Gamer'?

    "Sure won't find one in my room..." The only option she knew was to go outside and search manually. It was tedious, but Shouko planned to go shopping anyway. The entertainment district is always full of people, so there should be a handful there, right? Shouko got dressed and headed out with a handbag slung over one arm.

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  3. Kyousuke's eyes snapped open, only to see a dimly lit room as the sun began to crest the horizon from the window next to the bed. It was still early, in fact, he had set his alarm for 30 minutes from now, but he had gotten used to it ever since he had started working years ago. Such was life especially for people in the business world. He got out of bed and began to prepare for the day. He lived alone in a one person studio near the heart of the city. He wanted to have some independence when he graduated from high school, and requested his family that he be able to move out. Surprisingly, they were supportive of his request, and thus he moved to this studio. It was a convenient place to live since it was close to everything, so he could walk to everywhere he needed to go and not have to rely on a driver.

    After his morning routine, Kyousuke left the studio and headed towards his classes. Since it was still early, the streets were pretty quiet and empty. He eventually came across one of the neighborhood cats. As usual, he walked up to the cat in order to pet it, but that was when he realized something. Above the cat... he saw some sort of HUD that you would normally see in games. "What the..." Kyousuke muttered. He quickly just went on his way and ignored what had occurred. When he began to approach his school, Kyousuke began to realize that it wasn't an anomaly. He could see everyone's name and a level associated with each person as if this were some RPG. This was a bit disturbing, but everyone else seemed calm and minding their own business as if this were just another day. So, Kyousuke did his best to remain calm and pretend that everything was normal. He continued to walk to his first class when he heard something familiar to him. Two people were attempting to discreetly talk to each other while obviously looking at Kyousuke "Isn't that the Azai family's..." Kyousuke ignored the pair. It happened rather frequently. No matter how much he tried to blend in. Some people just seemed to realize who he was.

    Arriving at class, Kyousuke proceeded to sit in the middle of the lecture and listen. However, while he listened he tried to get used to the HUD and occasionally let his eyes wander the lecture hall. He eventually stumbled upon a menu of some sort that contained Stats and other RPG related things. Despite these distractions, Kyousuke learned a bit during the class and he realized that some of his skills leveled up.

    Knowledge (Rank 10, 5 AP) (Level 1, 1/10 SP)
    Bartering (Rank 10, 5 AP) (Level 1, 2/10 SP)
    Leadership (Rank 9, 7 AP) (Level 1, 2/12 SP)
    Linguistics (Rank 9, 6 AP) (Level 1, 2/10 SP)

    Life, for some reason, had literally become a RPG, but he was playing as himself.

    After classes, Kyousuke went on his way to work. This was his normal daily routine. There was a lot to learn about his family's business before he would have any remote chance of being able to make sure that it prospered when he took over. Still, he had made a lot of progress since he started. He walked to the company's headquarters and walked into the finance department. For the last few years, he had been on a bit of a rotational program where he would join a department for the span of a year as a project leader in order to learn all the aspects of the company. One needed to know all aspects of business to run a company properly. However, today would be one of the occasional days where his father would have Kyousuke shadow him and learn more about the responsibilities as a senior officer in the company.

    After work, he noticed that his skills were leveling up again:

    Knowledge (Rank 10, 5 AP) (Level 1, 2/10 SP)
    Bartering (Rank 10, 5 AP) (Level 1, 4/10 SP)
    Leadership (Rank 9, 7 AP) (Level 1, 2/12 SP)

    So, he decided to take some time to walk around and see if he could learn anything more about this weird... situation that he found himself in. Unfortunately, nothing really happened that night and so he just went back home and went to sleep. Tomorrow morning, Kyousuke would wake up for a full day of work, which went very well. A lot of progress had been made on the project that he was working on, and today was pay day, so he also received 20,000 Yen for this week. Once again, when Kyousuke checked, he saw that his skills were continuing to develop.

    Knowledge (Rank 10, 5 AP) (Level 1, 3/10 SP)
    Bartering (Rank 10, 5 AP) (Level 1, 7/10 SP)
    Leadership (Rank 9, 7 AP) (Level 1, 4/12 SP)

    Surely, there was a lot to this "Gamer" ability that he had received all of a sudden. Wanting to learn more about the ability, Kyousuke spent Saturday night trying out things to learn more about the ability, but once again it was to no avail.

    The next morning saw something new for once. A window popped up with something that looked like a quest, but more surprisingly the text seemed to imply that there were other people who had this ability... and now he had to find them to receive this "reward". But, was this something that Kyousuke really wanted to be a part of? Then again... it was a Sunday and he had no plans. Surely, it wouldn't hurt to at least try to learn more about what is going on, or at least that was what Kyousuke thought. He accepted the quest and got ready for the day. It looked like he would have to do quite a bit of walking today. After all, this was a big city, and chances were that not a lot of people had this ability.
  4. [​IMG]

    Artisia walked into the room and was instantly approached by Xenon, essentially the only friend she had. "Hey Artsie" he called out casually. "Artsie?" she laughed. "Is that a new nickname?" He shrugged, eyeing her title. "It's morning, anything is possible," he supplied. "You're an odd one Xenon... Speaking of odd, you know you don't happen to-" Xenon suddenly spoke, his words mixing into hers, "By the way-" "suddenly see..." Both teens paused, trying to recollect the conversation. "Oh, uh... Sorry..." Artisia interjected, "You go ahead first." Xenon slowly nodded, seeming to straighten out his words. "Wait so... are you seeing what I'm seeing?" he asked bluntly. Artisia raised her eyebrows a bit. Maybe she wasn't crazy? "What exactly are you seeing," she questioned, seeming a bit apprehensive. Xenon breathed out lightly, then pointed a couple inches above the crown of his head, "Blue text, right about here, right?"

    Artisia moved suddenly, grabbed Xenon's shoulder and pulled him down the hallway. After Artisia had moved him, then she moved her head around, checking to make sure that no one was listening to their conversation. In this sense, she kind of felt like a spy who had been found out. "How did you know?" she whispered. In response, Xenon blinked, then slowly began to peel away her fingers. "Calm down Artisia, breath... it's too early to get worked up," he reasoned. Artisia lowered her hands cautiously, then spoke evenly, "I'm not getting worked up. I just want to know what's going on. How is it possible that I suddenly wake up one morning and see names and levels above people's heads? That isn't normal." Xenon sighed, "Yeah, it really isn't... but honestly? I can't think of a reasonable explanation to this. My best guess is that we were either kidnapped and drugged last night after the show, or we're both going insane." Artisia almost laughed at the idea. "Kidnapped and drugged? I don't think so," Artisia mused. "At least, I definitely wouldn't let that happen!" she added defiantly. Xenon chuckled at her sudden show of passion, "Good point. Though, that just leaves our sanity to be questioned."

    "Hey! You're plenty sane!" Artisia said as she punched Xenon in the shoulder. "Ow," he muttered. "I'd say the same about you, but I am very hurt," he said sarcastically. The girl simply huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. Feeling a bout of stubbornness coming along, Xenon attempted to turn the coin. "Just kidding. If you'd gone insane, I'd probably have a broken arm by now," he smiled, poking her arm for emphasis. Artisia simply turned away, her arms still crossed. "I wouldn't have punched you that hard," she mumbled. Xenon poked her arm again, "How would you know how you'd act if you were insane?" he asked. Seemingly frustrated, she began to walk away from him. "Sh-shut up Xenon..." Xenon continued to talk as he followed her, "I'm making a point, but hey." He tapped her shoulder lightly, just light enough for her to know he was there. "We'll figure this out," he said in a knowing tone.

    Artisia was quiet for a bit, then she picked up her pace and began to speak, "Yeah, yeah. I know we will. Also, why do you keep poking me? That seems to be a strange habit you picked up." To that, Xenon simply shrugged, "It's morning, anything's possible."

    As the class bell rung, she waved goodbye to Xenon for the time being. Then, Artisia quickly found her seat and found that a few students were staring at her. She continued to sit in her slouched posture as she gave the students the evil eye. She didn't want anything to do with students who continued to judge her despite not knowing her at all. As the students quickly turned back toward the front of the room, Artisia found the back of Xenon's head. She stared at it for a little before she tilted her gaze upwards toward 'The Gamer' title above his head. It was odd that both of them had gotten the power, wasn't it? Artisia shook her head as she looked toward the front of the classroom. It seemed that not everyone had a title, but they did have names and a level displayed next to them. Most people had only level 1 or level 2 next to their name, which made her frown, seeing that Xenon was one of the people that had a level 1 stuck above his head. Why does he have a level 1 stuck above his head? He's awesome, so how is it possible that he's only a level 1? He should at least be a level 2. No! He should even be a Level 3. Artisia looked up and couldn't see her title, but she looked toward one of the windows showing the trees outside. There was a small reflection in the window and she found her face. She looked up a bit and found that she was a level 1 as well. Hmph. Whatever.

    Artisia took a test, which made her increasingly aggravated as she continued to go through it. She couldn't seem to get a grip on some of the concepts that the test went over and many things she just outrightly forgot. SERIOUSLY?! Why can't I remember such important things on the test?! Artisia, at one point, slammed her hands on her desk in frustration with herself. She was supposed to be the smartest, stronger girl in her class. "ARTISIA!" Artisia looked up at the teacher, who was the source of the yell. Artisia rolled her eyes as she continued on with her test. Sorry...

    As Artisia walked out of the test, she knew that she had done alright. Although she did nowhere near as well as she wanted to do. She guessed that the best she could do was a solid B. The worst, she was sure was at least a low C. Artisia clenched her hands into fists as she sat in her desk. She stayed a few seconds after everyone had left the room and walked past the teacher as she strode out. "Sorry about the outburst." Artisia was someone who had pride, but nothing would stop her from admitting she had done wrong. She just couldn't ruin the image she had. If people had found out that she was honest, caved in to authority, and tried her best to be kind to teachers, people would consider her a weakling. She was a woman. It was certainly harder for men to recognize that women weren't inferior to them.

    While strolling down the hall, Artisia suddenly felt eyes on her. Lots of them. Artisia turned to see a plethora of people watch her walk down the hall. Perverts who wanted to see a bit more than Artisia was already revealing, hall monitors who definitely wanted to dress-code her, teachers who didn't enjoy her company or her personality, gossiping girls who would indefinitely talk about 'how much of a slut she is'. Artisia simply turned back in the direction she needed to go and continued to walk. This was a pointless school. Everyone wanted to make her an enemy, with the exception of Xenon. Xenon at least understood her. And his magic was so cool all the time! Seriously, how was it possible that he could make a quarter appear from behind your ear?! I didn't know I had quarters behind my ear before he showed me! I've still been trying to figure out how I can make quarters appear from behind my ear. But I guess only Xenon can do that since he's a magician.

    After school ended, Artisia walked home by herself. She walked by a few places like a park, a yakisoba shop, a maid cafe, and even an umbrella store? Who goes to an umbrella store? I mean... I guess people lose umbrellas when they're in TV romantic dramas, but other than that, I can't see how someone would lose an umbrella. Artisia laughed to herself. I can only imagine someone kneeling in front of the umbrella shop and saying, "GOD IS GOOD TO ME! BLESS THIS UMBRELLA SHOP FOR EXISTING. I JUST LOST MY UMBRELLA AND I NEED ONE IMMEDIATELY." Artisia began to burst out laughing as she walked down the street.

    Soon enough, she reached the dojo where she lived. Both of her parents bowed as she walked in and she didn't say anything to them. After school was her meditation time, which her parents knew as well. Her parents knew it was a bad idea to interrupt her while she was meditating. It was the one time where she was calm after she finished meditating. But as she began to try and meditate, she found it incredibly hard to concentrate on nothing. Her mind kept wandering to different places. What was 'The Gamer' power? Why was she given 'The Gamer' power? If Xenon has 'The Gamer' power, who else could have it? How does this power even work? Why does this power even exist? Why do I see titles above people's heads now? Is it a result of the power? But why did I suddenly gain the power? IS THIS POWER WHY I DIDN'T DO SO WELL ON THE TEST?!

    Artisia shook her head and then looked at the time. WHAT THE HELL?! It was almost time for Xenon's show! Dear God why did she take so long trying to meditate?! Artisia threw on some new, warmer (but not less revealing) clothes before she snuck out the front door of the dojo. Her house was very spacious, so there was no chance that her parents would ever find out that she was sneaking out to go see a magic show. As she shut the door to the dojo, she knew that she was going to have a lot of fun at the magic show. Xenon was very entertaining anyway.

    Artisia woke up to the sound of her alarm going off. Alright! Time to go running! Artisia suddenly questioned her own thoughts as she sat up. Why wasn't she fighting an urge to go back to sleep? Suddenly, she saw a window pop up in front of her. It seemed she had been fully rested. Okay? She was fully rested. And felt refreshed. This was a very odd power. It transcended human's nature to want to go back to sleep, even when they've already received it. Artisia shook her head as she put on some exercise clothing and went outside. She ran for a good while and felt that she did a good job keeping her endurance up for the time being.

    After finishing her run, she went back into her room to try and figure some things out about the Gamer power. In order for her to meditate properly, it seemed that she had to get some of the questions she was asking herself earlier out of the equation. She tried all sorts of ways to find out how the power worked. Eventually she accidentally stumbled upon something. "Hmm... What kind of things does a game have? They have... Uhh. I don't know. Skills?" As she questioned herself with the last word, a window labeled 'Skills' suddenly popped up. As she looked at the window, it seemed the window was split into three sections. Hmm... She had two passive skills, but not any active skills, but she did have quite a few Talent skills. She pressed them and saw something that tipped her off. Next to the Health skill was something label "HP used: 0". Artisia suddenly had a 'eureka' moment as she said, "Ah! That's it! Stats!" Out of nowhere, another window popped up in front of her. Eventually, she also figured out that there was an inventory, which didn't currently have anything in it.

    As she figured all of these things out, she found herself meditating. Alright. Now I can focus. With that thought, she did actually relax as she meditated. Right after meditation, she started to work out again. All kinds of workouts, a little bit of running in place, a little hand-to-hand combat, a little weightlifting. It seemed the workout went well, probably due to the fact that she was able to focus earlier.

    After she finished the workout, she headed over to Xenon's show again. "Alright. Time for some more fun."

    Artisia woke up the next morning wiping away the window that had said she had rested well. But suddenly, she found another window lying next to it. "Huh?" Artisia looked over what seemed to be a quest. She pressed 'Yes' for the heck of it. It seemed that there was some kind of excitement that came along with this power, so she was glad to accept the quest. She needed some fun. As she pressed yes, she found that the quest indicated that there were more Gamers. "No shit Sherlock." She rolled her eyes as she continued to read over the quest. It seemed that there were more to gather. Huh. There were more than two. Artisia took out her phone and decided that she would text Xenon. "Meet me by the Yakisoba shop that's near my house." Artisia didn't really care what Xenon was up to. She was going to complete this quest and figure out what was going on.

    Artisia put on some new (revealing) clothing as she exited the dojo. She bowed to her parents as she exited. She had an immense amount of respect for them, but they never really talked. She thought that maybe it was for the best anyway. Artisia shook her head as she began heading to the Yakisoba shop that was about halfway between her house and the school. C'mon Xenon. We're going to figure out what kind of bullshit this is.
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  5. Friday

    Alex awoke, but something felt off, something almost strangely good. It was morning, but it didn't have that normal morning feel to it, no feeling of hitting the snooze button, no requirement of caffeine to function, as a matter of fact, he even got out of bed before his alarm.

    "I have a feeling that today is going to be a great day." he peered out his window looking to the sky, his hair, even with bed head, looked more like it was a stylish mess than someone who just woke up, one of the perks of being Alex, and one of the greatest mysteries known to any of his close friends. Looking around, he saw what looked like a great morning, birds flying, chirping, a few clouds, but not enough to dampen ones mood or day, looked like a great day, felt like a great day. Gamer tag above his own reflection. "Ehhh?" He paused for a moment. Did he really see that? He blinked twice then looked again, then went to his vanity to confirm it. Yes, there was indeed a tag floating above his head. "Oh course, a beautiful day, and I find out that I am broken for the day." Even with no one but himself in the room, he spoke very dramatically, and his hands motioned towards his temples furthering the point. "Better take a day off I suppose, A good sleep usually cures most things in life."

    Sitting in his silk house coat, with fuzzy slipper on, Alex Called the school to inform them of him not being present that day, they understood his circumstances, and with his value of his grades, it was clear he wasn't simply playing hooky.

    After the call was made, Alex tried to get back to sleep, but found himself unable. He lay there for hours, but it really did seem like he got the best sleep he could of that night. He just layd on his back, with his eyes closed. After a couple of hours, when he got up to get a drink, he passed another mirror in his house, and again, staring back at him, was the blasted tag. "Well, rest was unfruitful, maybe the doctor will be able to tell me something." Picking up the phone again, he made himself an appointment, squeezing himself in as soon as possible, which gave him time to have a shower and do his hair. Two musts if one is to leave the house.


    "Well, is there anything out of the ordinary?" Concern in his voice, Alex buttoned his shirt back up, as the doctor removed the earpieces of his stethoscope.

    "Completely normal, nothing worth noting." The doctor sat down and looked at Alex, "So tell me, what did you expect Alexander? You're not a hypochondriac, and you don't come here unless you need to." The Doctor kicked back, he had been Alex's doctor since his birth, and visiting him was never cheap, no one would book an appointment just for kicks.

    Taking a moment to think about it, Alex scratched his head wincing, was it all just in his head? He looked back up to the doctor, Seeing his name Felix Nazumi, level 4 doctor above his head. "I think I may be hallucinating. I think I am seeing things?" Alex spoke with uncertainty, would it sound crazy if he said exactly what he was seeing?

    Felix sat on the edge of his seat, his attention completely focused on Alex, "Go on, what are you seeing?"

    Alex shook his head, "I can see names, above every person I see, including my own when I look at reflective surfaces."

    The doctor sat back a bit more, "Oh?" His face showing a bit of relief after hearing it. "I think that maybe you are a bit too stressed then, I would recommend having some 'me' time, and just relaxing for a while, and probably cutting back on games and reading while you are at it." He scribbled some incomprehensible notes on a piece of paper then tore it off handing it to Alex, "But if it does persist after that, I would recommend a we take a scan and confirm that everything is alright." He tapped his own head twice


    "Yeah, because I can go without reading, gaming, or being around people." Alex shook his head and got in a taxi to go home. Pulling out his phone, he typed away at a ferocious speed, then pocketed his phone. With that I should at least get the notes of everything I missed today. Even I may be able to go without two of the three, but one will always be there. He let out a sigh as he stared out the window, names, levels and titles sitting above everyone's head, mostly level one, but a few higher.

    After arriving home, Alex sat down in his throne. His computer chair. He spun it around as he flopped down, then placing his headphones on, he opened up all the usual tabs prior to clicking open his email, spotting the message with the expected attachment of the notes he desired. "Good, at least something will go right for me today."

    54 - 13 INT = 41
    Your study session goes decently well.

    Afterwards, calling it a day, He undid his hair, changed into his pajamas and drifted off to sleep in his bed.


    Waking again, feeling very well rested, Alex stretched his arms out, closing a window without realising it, finally opening his eyes he instinctively moved to the mirror to check if the tag was still there, torn between the hope it would be gone, and the thoughts of what it could mean if it remained.

    "It still exists." He looked at himself in the mirror, staring at the floating words, then at his own face as he gave a wink, "Hey good looking, care to find out if you are simply bonkers?" He then twirled around, and in a deeper voice spoke to himself, while making a face, "Certainly Handsome, let us begin." He chuckled as he threw himself into his chair, forcing it to roll across the room and for him to scoot his way back to his computer. "It looks like its from a game, what other things are in games." He opened up a window with a notepad, and dragged it into a second screen, before opening up one game after another, spending a few moments to play the tutorials, and a few moments of 'rest' playing his favourite games and just going through every tab in those games that he could think of, and even using the help to find others he rarely used.

    A few hours passed and he managed to have a rather nice list, organized as to which seemed the most common, most useful, and those which seemed rather obscure, but would be interesting if they existed.

    Alright, so if life was a game, how would one access the commands, he first looked at his keyboard, unplugging it and trying to poke himself with it and hitting any key. Nothing notable happened. He swiped the air dramatically, like how they did in a few stories of people playing games that they could dive fully into, again, no avail. "Not action based, or key based, unless I don't have the keyboard..." Vocal maybe? "Status." A window popped open infront of him, like that of a game, he turned, and it turned with him. "Interesting..." He continued, going off from the list of tabs he compiled earlier. After a while of opening and closing them, he seemed to have a good idea of which existed and which did not and how they worked as he experimented with them. Sadly though, being vocal commands, he wouldn't be able to simply activate them in public, or people may just think he was a nut job. But could others see them? And how trusty was this map? Using his hands, he manipulated the screen, keeping his map open, and deciding to go on a walk.

    Strolling down the street, no one seemed to give it any notice. Again, no one else seemed to be seeing what he saw. a Grin crept across his face, If life is a game, their is almost always a benifit to talking to all the NPCs. They may just give me items, or lead me to something big.

    "Hello," "Good afternoon madame," "Good day Sir." "Pleasant morning,"

    84 - 6 Charisma = 78

    Using your wit and charm you greet people. Perhaps you are having an off day, possibly due to the weird shit going on, but people don't really pay you much mind as you use your charm and appearance to greet them. You do get a few smiles or waves in return, but for the most part greeting random people has no real affect... except one.

    After going at it for a while, it seemed like things didn't go as he expected. No one changed, and he must not of really been feeling it, as less people seemed to pay him attention then normal. He found himself alone, on a bench, he glanced around, and after seeing no one, he pulled a bottle of water from his inventory, the only thing he felt like placing in there as he had hoped for getting random items. Drinking from his bottle, he dismissed the window and sat back, rather disappointed, he fiddled with his braid with his other hand, "Aside from confirming the map, did I just waste the rest of my day?" He muttered to himself. Then it dawned on him, he had skills, maybe he earned a new one from his effort? Opening the window, he was a tad disappointed, but still rather pleased. "I earned experience in my charisma from greeting people..." he looked at his knowledge skill, "And likely this was from studying the other day then." He closed them up, and tossed his bottle in the garbage before getting up to walk home. "So then, in that case, I can probably just become a master of charisma if I focus on talking to people, and I will become even more captivating faster than anyone else" He brushed his hand past his smug face, "Wonderful! I know what I am doing tomorrow!"


    [BCOLOR=#333333]Getting a full night's sleep in a bed has left you awake and refreshed.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]HP and MP fully restored.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]All Status Ailments removed.[/BCOLOR]

    "Oh? Is this why I feel so good?" Finally seeing the window that appears from a good nights rest, Alex closed it, and carried on with his morning. For something so bizarre, he was rather calm about the whole thing, most likely due to that one passive skill. Alex sat down and poured himself a glass of milk and started to sip it as he stared outside. A new window popped open before him though.

    [BCOLOR=#333333]The Quest: "Other's Like Me" has been created.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333][Y] [N][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333] [/BCOLOR]
    "Oh?" He placed his glass down, clicking the accept button. "Things just keep getting better."

    After his morning routine, Alex stepped out his front door. "Using the map, I assume quest related markers may be placed, I'll go search through the crowds that go through the main train station, if one of them goes through on a train, I'll see it, or they will get off to switch trains and I'll catch them inbetween." He nodded, "And I can simply greet anyone I want to at the station looking like a nice guy, maybe ask if they have seen someone who looks like me?" He laughed, people would either greet him and dash, or listen to his lie, either way, he would accomplish grinding and his quest at the same time.
  6. [​IMG]
    Day 1Anyone who knew Xenon even remotely was usually aware that mornings weren't his most glorious time of day. In an analogy, his morning hours were like the hours of a man who lived on dry humor alone. But regardless of how tasteless or bleary he could be in the morning, Xenon Zhu liked to believe he was sane. It had begun with a simple window indicating that he was well rested, and continue with words floating above peoples' heads. Including his own:

    'The Gamer'
    Zhu, Xenon, Lv 1

    He knew he needed sleeping pills, but he didn't quite realize how badly he actually needed them.

    To his early morning self, the words were more like a hindrance. Just a fly buzzing about. Until he got to school, sobered up from a long night of performances, and realized There are words floating above peoples' heads. Xenon's thought process revved from one to a hundred in an instant. It was like playing ping pong with old men, the ball whizzing everywhere at one. What were they? No one else seemed to be reacting to them. Did this mean only he could see them? What did they mean? What was his title? The Gamer? What was that? The train stopped when his eyes suddenly caught onto someone walking into the classroom. Artisia Jiancai. His friend.

    Pushing out of his seat, Xenon approached her with a wave. "Hey Artsie" he called out casually. "Artsie?" she laughed. "Is that a new nickname?" He shrugged, eyeing her title. "It's morning, anything is possible," he supplied. "You're an odd one Xenon... Speaking of odd, you know you don't happen to-" Xenon suddenly spoke, his words mixing into hers, "By the way-" "suddenly see..." Both teens paused, trying to recollect the conversation. "Oh, uh... Sorry..." Artisia interjected, "You go ahead first." Xenon slowly nodded, straightening out his words. "Wait so... are you seeing what I'm seeing?" he asked bluntly. "What exactly are you seeing," she responded, seeming a bit apprehensive. Xenon breathed out lightly, then pointed a couple inches above the crown of his head, "Blue text, right about here, right?"

    Artisia moved suddenly, grabbed Xenon's shoulder and pulled him down the hallway. "How did you know?" she whispered. In response, he blinked, then slowly began to peel away her fingers. "Calm down Artisia, breath... it's too early to get worked up," he reasoned. Artisia lowered her hands cautiously, then spoke evenly, "I'm not getting worked up. I just want to know what's going on. How is it possible that I suddenly wake up one morning and see names and levels above people's heads? That isn't normal." Xenon sighed, "Yeah, it really isn't... but honestly? I can't think of a reasonable explanation to this. My best guess is that we were either kidnapped and drugged last night after the show, or we're both going insane." "Kidnapped and drugged? I don't think so," Artisia mused. "At least, I definitely wouldn't let that happen!" she added defiantly. He chuckled at her sudden show of aggression, "Good point. Though, that just leaves our sanity to be questioned."

    "Hey! You're plenty sane!" Artisia said as she punched Xenon in the shoulder. "Ow," he muttered. "I'd say the same about you, but I am very hurt.," he said sarcastically. The red haired girl simply huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. Feeling a bout of stubbornness coming along, Xenon attempted to turn the coin. "Just kidding. If you'd gone insane, I'd probably have a broken arm by now," he smiled, poking her arm for emphasis. Artisia simply turned away, her arms still crossed. "I wouldn't have punched you that hard," she mumbled. Xenon poked her arm again, "How would you know how you'd act if you were insane?" he asked. Seemingly frustrated, she began to walk away from him. "Sh-shut up Xenon..." Xenon continued to talk as he followed her, "I'm making a point, but hey." He tapped her shoulder lightly, just light enough for her to know he was there. "We'll figure this out," he said in a knowing tone.

    Artisia was quiet for a bit, then she picked up her pace and began to speak, "Yeah, yeah. I know we will. Also, why do you keep poking me? That seems to be a strange habit you picked up." To that, Xenon simply shrugged, "It's morning, anything's possible."

    When they returned their class, Xenon slipped into his seat, his mind still thrumming with thoughts about titles and floating words. As he eased into the hard plastic beneath him, his fingers unconsciously found his pencil and began to twirl it. His mind wandered, peering at the words that accompanied other students. A majority of the students, he noted, had level 1 written above their heads with a few exceptions. The class president, the basketball captain, a member of the kendo club... Xenon looked around, mentally listing the few level two's. Pretty much all the smart and athletic people... minus a certain raging redhead. He internally chuckled. Upfront, Artisia boasted an unwavering confidence that stood at a hefty ten stories tall. Though, that was not to say she was all bark. No he thought. She's got about twice the amount of bite as bark, Xenon mused. So why is she level one? And what's with the gamer label? Isn't fighter a bit more suitable? Maybe bruiser? Brute force-r? he continued to think until class started and took his attention away. Well, at least partially.

    Having a quiz first thing in the morning wasn't exactly his cup of tea, but Xenon found it to be easy enough. He finished quickly, jotted down the last few answers with confidence, then leaned back into his seat. With a flourishing twirl, he snapped his pencil into his sleeve, making it seemingly disappear. Just as he had begun to settle into his thoughts, however, a loud slam sounded behind him. His suspicions of the perp was confirmed with the teacher's following outburst. Needless to say, Xenon spent the rest of the quiz time stifling laughter.

    Despite the day's odd start, school seemed to continue per normal. Teachers switched, lunch was spent, and after some painfully slow lessons, the students were released. Without any clubs or after school activities to go to, Xenon simply chose to go home. "I'm home," he announced when he entered his family's cozy townhouse. The silent reply of the empty house signaled that his father was likely out chasing another scoop. Between his mother's late working schedule and his father's finicky and sporadic chasing, being left home alone wasn't uncommon for him. Not that he was complaining - laissez faire was actually quite wonderful for sneaking out at night. Sadly, his parent's particular brand of laissez faire left no room for question when it came to school work. With a resigned acceptance, Xenon pulled out his notebooks and began to attack his weekend work.

    Though, to his pleasant surprise, the homework was done... bearably quickly. Even Japerican history, with it's seemingly pointless over exemplification of dates and dead people, was retained quite easily. While basking in his quasi success, Xenon's eye caught onto a window of some sort...

    ... and also almost fell right out of his chair and onto the floor when he leaned too far to read it. After sitting back up, he eyed the window curiously. "Knowledge... Talent?" he murmured in confusion. There was no doubt that this wasn't linked to the floating text phenomenon that begun that morning. But what did it mean? Xenon attempted touching the window in various spots with no response. Eventually, he gave in and closed it out with the 'x' in the corner, but not without leaving even more inquiry to the wind.

    Night quickly came, and with his homework done and his parents out doing work for the night, Xenon suited up in a black dress shirt and red vest for his weekend show. His time slot was fairly early, so he decided to perform one of his silent routines - a mystifying blend of methods and music that tended to work best early when the audience was still fresh faced and awake. Xenon's choice of tune was the deep, rustic voice of Oren Lavie's "The Opposite Side of the Sea" as he turned ripped, shredded, and burned paper into live birds; Which by the end of his performance, disappeared into nothing more than a wisp of smoke huffed out of his mouth.

    In the rush and adrenaline of the performance, he had easily forgotten about the whole enigma floating above his head. Once back into his house (up the tree and through the window), the thoughts came back, accompanied with the realization that he'd forgotten to catch up with Artisia before he'd left. Tomorrow he thought idly. I'll deal with everything tomorrow he concluded before sinking into sleep.

    Day 2The next morning, Xenon woke up feeling clearer than usual. Sure, his body had grown more or less accustomed to staying up at night, but the newfound clarity was... unexpected to say the least. Perhaps it was something to do with the window in his face that said he was well rested? Nevertheless, as he had decided the previous night, Xenon chose to start exploring. His main hint was the fact that his title was "Gamer". As a kid, he'd played plenty of arcade and handheld games while moving about, so discovering menus came along as an odd reference to experience. And Ma said that games had no real life application he thought with a chuckle. The other underlying thought that slept in the back of his head was the slow realization that his life was now apparently a game. Some poking and prodding allowed the discovery of stats, skills, and the inventory.

    The inventory's boxes were all empty, but more out of caution than anything, Xenon chose to leave them be. Next was his stats. By distribution, it looks like I'm agility based? he thought quizzically. That... sounds about right. Strength seems to be more of Artisia's thing. Last was the skills window. The first division, active skills, left nothing to be found since it was empty. The second one, passives, had two skills that seemed to heavily emphasize that he was now a "gamer". The last tab was talent skills. This one seemed to have the most information:

    Sleight of Hand (Rank 10, 6 AP) (Level 1, 3/10 SP)
    Charisma (Rank 9, 8 AP) (Level 1, 2/12 SP)
    Night Owl (Rank 10, 6 AP) (Level 1, 1/10 SP)
    Stealth (Rank 9, 7 AP) (Level 1, 0/12 SP)
    Knowledge (Rank 10, Cost: 5 AP)​

    The terms seemed pretty straightforward and by the looks of it, he noted that he had gained "SP", which seemed to be like experience points for skills. None of it seemed to make much sense out of the whole gaming concept. Though, if anything did stick out, it was the "Knowledge" talent, which Xenon remembered, had appeared the previous day. The text was grayed out with a small lock over it, implying that it was locked. He assumed that it could be unlocked by paying the cost of 5 AP, but like yesterday, his deduction ended there, since he was unsure of how to obtain AP, or what it even was.

    While Xenon would have been perfectly content trying to figure out more things about the whole shebang, his mother had different plans for him. Plans that included going to the store and getting groceries. While walking around and picking up various vegetables, he also took the time to chat with some shopkeepers. Most were incredibly nice to him and many complimented his charming manners and calm disposition. Some even gave him a couple free items. Though, if there was one thing that Xenon could have gone without, it was the notorious cheek-pinching of middle aged women. With red cheeks, he wandered home from shopping with three extra cabbages, crabs, baby bak choi, and distilled vinegar.

    After quelling his mother's suspicions of thievery (Are you up to the magics again?), Xenon took a while to practice some tricks for his night show in the sanctum of his room. Unlike the previous night, his time slot was pushed back to a much more rowdier crowd. To adjust, he chose to do a comedic anecdotal performance with the cups and balls. All in all, it seemed to run smoothly throughout the relatively fast paced narration with equally rapid sleights in quick succession to make the illusion of the balls disappearing and reappearing. By the time he had finished, Xenon felt like he had picked the performance to the bone in front of his three way mirror. With a relatively good amount of time before his show, he donned his usual attire and set up his room to make it look like he was sleeping. Before he left, he took a moment to look at his menus again to notice that the SP in the Sleight of Hand Talent had risen by two. He quickly correlated the practice to the rise and decided to bring it up to Artisia if he managed to catch her after the show was over. So, with that, he Xenon left quietly through his window and into town.

    The show itself started well enough - a grandiose little jingle and a round of applause welcomed him to the stage. For the first few minutes, everything seemed fine. All of his opening tricks went fairly well, accompanied by some well placed improvised one liners that really piqued the crowd. But when the time finally came for the closing trick of his set... Well. While he was narrating the story of how he was walking down the supermarket, one of the balls that he had been using flung out during the sleight and rolled innocently to the edge of the table. In plain sight for the audience to see. Compensating, Xenon continued shuffling the cups in a false shuffle with one hand, and picked up the stray ball with the other. Without skipping a beat, he continued speaking, modifying the story before slipping the ball back in and finishing out without any more hitches. Despite the small hiccup, the audience was still applauded generously as he took a bow and left the stage for the night.

    Xenon had managed to catch Artisia unlike the previous night and to no surprise, she had figured out just about everything he had - the menus, skills, and whatnot. But both of them still seemed to lacked information to bring reason to the table. So, after parting for the night, Xenon snuck back in with a little extra caution due to the hour, then slept like a dead man the moment he laid his head down.

    Day 3Mornings seemed to be the prime time for surprises. The beginning of the third day as a gamer was no different:

    Other's Like Me

    Issued By

    A Passing Thought

    Find others who bear the class, 'The Gamer'.

    6 EXP
    More information on 'The Gamer' power.

    Failure Results
    After accepting the quest, Xenon found himself rapidly piecing together the fact that there were indeed other gamers other than Artisia and himself. Right as he made the connection, the telltale sound of his phone notification went off. Upon checking it, he smiled. It seemed like she had already figured it out as well. To a stranger it may have seemed like he was uncharacteristically excited for no good reason, but to Xenon himself, he liked to think that it was the magician in him that pushed for answers. He rushed through his morning routine, finishing a shower in five minutes flat and running out the door to the destination spot no more than ten minutes within waking.
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  7. [​IMG]

    As Artisia headed out of her house, she knew that Xenon would meet her there even if he didn't text her back. As she walked, Artisia went over all of the information that she knew about the power. Okay first. There's the fact that I can see people's names, titles, and levels. Even having that is kind of freaky. I can tell people their name without talking to them. I'll have to be careful with my use of their name. I can't let anything slip because then something will be given away. Artisia pursed her lips a bit and put on a look of thought. Or maybe I could sell myself as a fighting psychic. Huh... Might be interesting if I- Artisia shook her head. Now wasn't the time to be thinking of taking on the life of a crimefighting psychic.

    Artisia continued to walk through the streets as she went over the information she knew. Second, there's the windows that can pop up. Skills, Stats, and Inventory. Skills is an interesting category, but I'm surprised that I don't have more skills. Concerning stats... Artisia pulled up her stat window and read over the different stats that were displayed. Health, Mana, Strength, etc. It seemed that she was definitely a fighter in this instance. Her Health was, in her opinion, very low. But you couldn't expect to have health as a level 1, right? Artisia looked concerned. Right? As the thought quickly faded from her mind, Artisia read over the other stats she had that weren't as high. Her luck was the lowest, which strangely made sense to her. Artisia did not consider herself a lucky person, nor did she do anything with the basis of getting lucky. She put faith in her own strength, her own confidence, her own power. It's strange... My stats never exceed 10... Well... For now at least. But why do I have these numbers as my stats? Is the power expressing my strengths and weaknesses through numbers? No. That's a question to ask later when I get some answers.

    Soon enough, Artisia could see the yakisoba shop that she wanted Xenon to meet her at. Artisia waited outside for a little bit. The shade felt very nice and, to make things much better, the smell of delectable yakisoba was wafting through the air. As it touched Artisia's nose, she wanted to get some yakisoba really badly. But she had to prioritize right now. After she completed the quest, she could get something to eat. She was sure that it wouldn't take long to find the rest of the Gamers... At least, that's what she hoped.​
  8. Xenon ZhuIn restrospect, running out of the house with wet hair might not have been the best idea, Xenon thought to himself as he made his way to the yakisoba shop. Strands of red hair uncomfortably slapped his face and ears and his bangs kept getting into his eyes. "Ah, screw it," he muttered in defeat. Throwing a hand back, he pushed his bangs smooth over the top of his head like he did during performances. I'm sure no one will notice me anyways, he rationalized. After a couple minutes of jogging, the warm smell of yakisoba wafted into the streets and soon enough, the shop came into view, along with a waiting Artisia. "Hey! Xenon called out as he came to a stop.

    Before speaking again, he paused to move his hair again. This is easier to do when you actually have hair gel, he thought offhandedly. With the strands out of his face, he spoke again, the words spilling out. "You got the quest too, right? The one about finding the other gamers?" he asked fervently. With a little bit of jumbled commands, Xenon managed to open the quest description again. It seemed to be, rather unremarkably, the same as it had been when he first looked at it. "It's not finished," he said as his eyes scanned over the text. He had assumed the implication that there were other gamers other then himself and Artisia based on the wording of the text. After all, had it just been the two of them, why would they need to suddenly find each other when they met pretty much every day. Though, actually meeting with Artisia confirmed his suspicions.
  9. [​IMG]

    As Artisia waited, her stomach only became more impatient with her attitude toward not filling it. Artisia looked down at her stomach and shushed it a few times before she heard a familiar voice. So Xenon had gotten her text! He just didn't respond. Artisia observed Xenon as he walked toward her. His hair was different than he normally kept it, but she didn't really mind. He looked good either way. As he greeted her, she only thought it fair to say something back. "Hey." But as she responded, Xenon continued to talk. He asked her if she had gotten the quest to find the other gamers. Then, it seemed he checked the progress of the quest somehow. Xenon told Artisia that it wasn't done. "Well... I thought it wouldn't be finished. We talked to each other previously and it wouldn't be a challenging quest if there were just two of us. At least, I think that's the case. Anyway, that's not important."

    Artisia adjusted her ponytail a bit and pulled at the gloves she wore on her hands. "What is important is how we find the other Gamers. They could be anywhere, but the quest probably wouldn't be offered unless the system was sure we could catch them. At least, I'm pretty sure that's the case." Artisia put her hand on her chin, thinking hard. It was a bit out of character for her to show her slightly intelligent side, but Xenon had probably seen this a number of times since Artisia was much different than most people believed. Even though she actually isn't. "Since you and I got a quest, it probably wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that the other people with 'The Gamer' power got it as well." But where would most people go to look? What kinds of routes would they take to find people? Artisia shook her head. The answer was probably very easy, which made her a little angry that she couldn't come up with it. Artisia slammed a fist into her leg. "Screw it. I'll go one way and you go the other. Do whatever you think will help you find the other people. If you find them text me. I'll text you if I found someone." With that, Artisia didn't give Xenon a chance to speak. "Sorry, but we can't waste any time!" Plus my stomach's going to concave if I don't eat something soon!

    Artisia knew that she had to go somewhere to eat before she tried to look for people. But she couldn't go to the yakisoba shop because she had already told Xenon that she was going to go in the direction she was currently walking in! Artisia shook her head as she just continued to walk. Where could she go?! Where could she get some food fast? Suddenly, a sound of screeching metal resounded through the air and into her ear. The train! That's it! I'll take that towards the mall and then I can eat plenty of food! Artisia's eyes lit up with a newfound passion. She was going to make it onto the train so that she could eat her fill!

    Artisia ran a bit to get to one of the smaller train stops, but she had made it. As she entered the train, she noticed that there were no seats and the only options for her were to stand. Of course. I have to stand. Even though I'm a beautiful, confident woman. Artisia continued to ride the train in silence, quietly cursing all of the grown men who could've offered her a seat. If they had offered though, she'd have declined and said that she wasn't some slut for them to offer a seat to.

    As the train came to a stop, she felt her body give a bit of resistance to walking on ground that wasn't in a bit of motion. As she got off, she could feel her self swaying little by little, until she suddenly found herself landing face first onto the ground. Ouch! Artisia pushed herself up and wondered why she had gotten so dizzy, but found someone standing right in front of her. She could hear other people laughing and she would soon see if this boy, who was probably a boy but might be a girl from what she could tell despite the stupid ponytail, was going to laugh along with the crowd of other people.​
  10. "Darnit!" Shouko swore when she realized that the next station wasn't going where she wanted to go. The girl had been too preoccupied with reading the names that she completely missed the announcement. She would have to get off and backtrack. Shouko alighted and looked around, finding herself in the business district. It wasn't an area of the city she was familiar with. After all, Shouko wasn't a native of Neo Tokyo and she had little reason to wander outside of Tokyo U and the entertainment district.

    On a whim she decided to take a look around. Surrounding the train station were tall office buildings, mostly made of steel and glass in the modern style of architecture. The odd salaryman walked past her, poor souls enslaved to massive corporations who couldn't even rest on a Sunday. Shouko took her sweet time strolling around the streets, but she wasn't cut out for exercise, especially in her heels. After only half an hour, Shouko was relaxing inside a cafe, sipping her mocha slushie gleefully. From the window seat, she could still look at the passers-by and read their tags.

    "Where are you..."
  11. The streets of the business district were relatively quiet today since it was a sunday, but the ever diligent and hard working people still made it a bit hectic to search for other gamers. Kyousuke leisurely walked down the street, one block at a time. He, honestly, was in no rush. This was supposed to be his day off, so he didn't want to make anything a huge deal. This gamer thing was just something to do today and not a reason to stress. Thus, he just kept calmly walking as if he were on a Sunday stroll. After quite a while, Kyousuke eventually started to get a bit tired. A small cafe slowly came up from the horizon with was great timing as he wanted to grab something to drink and sit for a bit.

    Thus, he walked towards the cafe, but as he walked to the entrance. He looked at the window and at the person sitting at the window front. Kyousuke couldn't help bit slightly grin "What a small world." he thought. But, rather than walk up to the girl, he just kept walking to the line to buy a drink as if he did not see a single thing. There was no reason to act strangely. If anything, it may be prudent to act as if everything were normal despite this "gamer" ability.
  12. Arriving early, as planned, Alex had already spoken to many different people, grinding his skills, and telling a rather entertaining lie, about his exact doppelganger going around, who is a perfect match to him! As if there could ever be more than one of me! It was a good time, and surprisingly some people bought into it, and said they would send him to the station if they crossed paths with him. A fun seed to sow, as if he ever met them again, outside the station, he would simply act as if he was the other twin! Perfect!

    As a new trainload of people came for him to greet and lie to, the main quest fell out. Literally. Alex stood there, looking down at the young lady, her name displayed above her head, a name that Alexander knew even. Artisia, A rough woman, I have a hard time telling if she is going to be irrational and aggressive. Never would of thought of her as a gamer though. Alex and his crowd usually avoided types like her, needless violence was rarely a trait that could be used properly without the right intensive, and usually only got as far as prison.

    He held out his hand, "Are you alright?" With a smile on his face, he looked the perfect gentleman.
  13. [​IMG]

    Artisia continued to look up and soon found a hand outstretched to her. The male then queried if she was alright or not. Hmph. He just wants me to owe him one. Artisia waved the hand away from her in a fiery, quick slap. "I don't need help from any stupid boy. I'm completely capable of-" Artisia was getting up as she finished her last words. "-getting up myself." As she made eye contact with the other person, she noticed a small ponytail poking out from behind the male's head. How gross. Out of curiosity, Artisia looked up at his na- HUH?! THIS GUY IS A PERSON WITH 'THE GAMER' POWER TOO?!

    Artisia grabbed the boy on the shoulders and smiled widely. "I FOUND YOU!" Artisia suddenly noticed quite a few people staring at her as a result of her loud outburst. She quietly muttered to herself, "Oops." Artisia gained her composure again as she moved her hands down from the boy's shoulders. Alexander was his name. Artisia quickly pulled out her phone and texted Xenon. "Yo! I found one of the people with 'The Gamer' power! We're at the main train station. Keep looking. I'll keep looking too. Good luck!"

    Artisia was glad that she had finally found another Gamer. She had so many questions for the other person, but she decided that it would be better to continue looking for others. Especially since she didn't get a notification that she had finished the quest. "Hey. Do you happen to know where any other of the people with 'The Gamer' power are?" Artisia was ready to move in any direction after she heard the response. Alright! One down... I don't know how many more to go!
  14. Xenon ZhuXenon nodded as Artisia spoke. It seemed that both of them had reached the same conclusions about the nature of the quest. But before he could offer any of his own methods of searching, Artisia hit her leg and stormed off with a declaration to split up. "Okay, that works too," he muttered bemusedly to himself as he turned in the opposite direction. As Xenon slowly strolled, the cogs in his brain began to turn. The residential district probably isn't the best place to look since its pretty sparse during the day. Not to mention it's not like I can just go door to door looking at the tops of peoples' heads... he reasoned.

    With that in mind, he made his way to the nearest train station leaving the residential district. A quick look at the train schedule indicated that the next train was bound for the business district in five minutes. Somehow I feel like the entertainment district would be a better bet to find gamers... but, Xenon scrunched up his face. The next train there isn't supposed to run for another hour. With no other choice than to loiter, he chose to hop onto the train. Perhaps he'd get lucky.

    Once in the business district, Xenon found his way around a throng of Sunday workers, his eyes trained slightly above level in hopes of catching sight of other gamers. However, after a brief ten minutes of walking, he realized something. In his rush to leave the house, he hadn't had a chance to eat yet. After a quick look around, he caught his eyes onto a nearby cafe. Perfect. Xenon entered the cafe with the intention to take a pause in his gamer search, moreso focused on the fair luck that he hadn't forgotten his wallet or phone that morning. Which was fortunate, since Artisia had sent him a text: "Yo! I found one of the people with 'The Gamer' power! We're at the main train station. Keep looking. I'll keep looking too. Good luck!"

    Great, one down and however many more to go. Then he looked up, and noticed some familiar blue text standing just down the line. Xenon looked back down with a smile on his face as he texted Artisia back: I think I just found one too. I'm in a cafe in the business district. Gonna see if I can talk to him after I get myself a bagel.
  15. Already half an hour had passed without any luck. The mocha slushie was already down to its last dregs, and Shouko was getting bored. Another stroll around the block and I'm headed to the entertainment district, she decided. The girl turned around, and her eyes widened. There, right at the back of the queue, was a person with the same "The Gamer" title as she had!

    "Jackpot!" Shouko squealed loud enough for those nearby to hear her. She hopped off her chair and went straight up to the man with striking red hair. He looked young, probably younger than herself. His name was 'Xenon Zhu'- a foreigner? His facial features looked Japerican.

    "Nice to meet you, Xenon. I would introduce myself, but I don't think that's necessary, right?" Shouko said once she was beside him. In the noisy and busy cafe, it was likely that he wouldn't notice Shouko's approach. Shouko's gaze briefly moved along the line of people at the counter, and she gasped. Near to the front was another 'Gamer'.
  16. Xenon ZhuXenon had been looking downwards at his phone when he noticed someone in his peripheral vision. At first, he assumed it was another customer standing in line, so he kept idly scrolling through his phone. He only perked up when his ears caught onto the familiar sound of his name. He looked up and around for the caller, when his eyes landed on the person standing next to him. Or more importantly, the title above her head:

    'The Gamer'
    Koizumi, Shouko, Lv 1

    Xenon's eyes followed downward, settling on the owner - a female of average height, with fairly long, dark hair, and black rimmed glasses that framed a piercing gaze. Three down, however many to go. He smiled pleasantly. "It's nice to meet you, Koizumi-san," Xenon greeted congenially. Then, he noticed that she seemed to be looking away from him. Did I mishear something...? he thought, puzzled. He followed her gaze and easily pieced together where, or rather who, she was looking at. "I suppose we should meet our other gamer, shouldn't we?" he said with a nod towards the front of the line.

    "Are you planning on getting anything? If not, could I ask you to maybe get his attention?" Xenon asked politely. "I'm afraid he might leave while I'm getting my bagel," he explained with a sheepish smile.
  17. Kyousuke took out his phone and used the selfie camera to take a look. While appearing to be checking his hair, Kyousuke was actually keeping an eye on the two gamers who were behind him. It seemed awfully convenient that another one had showed up. Regardless, it was always better to side with caution. So, he pretended like nothing was going on, and waited in the line to buy a drink. Kyousuke eventually got the iced green tea that he wanted and paid for it. Thus, he turned around and simply approached the two other games in the line. He smiled and said "Ahh Kaizumi-san, Zhu-san, how are you both? Anyways, we should get going soon. Everyone else is waiting for us." as he didn't want to talk about this stuff in such a populated area. Rather, he would like to have some privacy in the discussion, which is why he wanted to leave the cafe.
  18. Alexander & Artisia

    His hand slightly stung from being slapped, Alex stared down at Artisia, People like you are the reason that chivalry is dying off. Alex withdrew his hand, "Sorry, I thought yo-" Before he could finish his sentence, He found Artisia's grubby little paws on his shoulders and she shouted that she found him. If that wasn't bad enough, people started to stare at them, many raising their brows. Great. Inwardly, Alex wanted to roll his eyes.

    The girl then stopped everything and started texting away. Rude. After she finished texting came a question, not a standard greeting question, a straight to the point, we are in public and could sound crazy but who cares! Lets get on with the Quest! Question.

    "Sorry, this 'stupid boy' isn't too sure what you are talking about." He brushed off his shoulder, acting like he didn't know, "I am just here looking for others like me, I have been here a few hours and only one so far, but seeing as this is the main station, I just know that they will pass through here eventually. Unless you have met them already?" Alex hopped that Artisia was not too thick skulled. The talk of gamer power, in a busy public space, simply made people look like fools.

    Artisia heard the snarky, sarcastic remark and it made her lip crawl upwards into a smirk. That was the first sarcastic thing said to her face in a while. As Alexander continued to talk, he spoke about the only other person who he had found. Artisia knew it was herself. There’d be no reason to lie about finding someone else, right? When he talked about having other people like him, then she kind of felt… Gross. She was the same as an ingrate such as him? Oh dear. Her future really did hold good fortune.

    As Alexander finished, she received another text message from Xenon. Luckily Alexander would remain unscathed… This time. Artisia quickly replied to Xenon saying, “Sweet! Just stay there and we’ll meet you at the cafe. What’s the address?” Artisia’s stomach grumbled, confirming that she really was hungry. It was lucky that she could go to a cafe to meet the other Gamers. If they could get them all to meet up, hopefully they could finally complete the quest.

    Artisia pulled Alexander close to her by his collar. “Look. I’m about to hold your hand. Don’t get all embarrassed because a beautiful, confident girl like me gets to hold hands with you. Got it?” Artisia let go of his collar and grabbed Alexander’s hand. The train heading to the entertainment district was departing in a matter of minutes, so they had to hurry and get to the platform. “We’re going to the entertainment district, in case you were wondering. Your strategy was nice, but I’ve got a friend who’s helping me.” Artisia pulled Alexander until they got onto the train, ignoring what he would say. Right now, she didn’t have time to listen to useless chatter. When they got onto the train, she quickly let go of his hand and she looked Alexander up and down. He was certainly nothing special, nor a person who particularly impressive or stunning. This was a fellow Gamer? She wondered what the others looked like, but then decided not to think about it after seeing this lump of potatoes.

    "I see no reasoning behind acting like your significant other. I understand, I am a catch, but you are not my type darling." He had gone with her on to the train, but he refused to hold her hand, "I'd likely date another man before you, no offense." Again, he fixed his clothing, Could she stop touching me? Silly woman. "So, we are travelling based on the assumption your friend has found all the others in this city?"

    “Acting like my significant other?” Artisia burst out laughing as she repeated what he first said. “Oh no. You’re not worth anything like that to me, in fact…” Artisia suddenly got very serious and intimidating. “I find you repulsive.” She sat down in a seat that was open and crossed her arms and legs. “We are not travelling on an assumption. A confirmation is what we’re traveling on the basis of. He has found all of the others. Did you find anyone else besides me? I don’t think so. I found you and my friend, so I would suggest keeping your mouth shut for the time being.”

    "You really are dumb as a rock." Alex shook his head, "Then there was no need to hold hands now was there?" He pulled some hand sanitizer out from his pocket and cleaned his hands, "The feeling is mutual then." Finishing with his hands, he put the small bottle back into his pocket, "I was also grinding skills, as the quest had no end time, and everyone goes through the main station once a day if they have to travel or are searching for something, I would of found everyone had I stayed there, with time, and gotten more experience." He looked her dead in the eyes, "Also, don't tell me what to do." He gave off a charming smile and tilted his head.

    Artisia once again got a bit too serious for her own good. This peon had just insulted her intelligence. But as he pulled out the hand sanitizer, she couldn’t contain the absolute hateful laughter that she was holding in. Her laugh resounded incredibly clearly through the train and she was sure she got the attention of multiple people, but she didn’t care at this point. This idiot was entertaining. Aggravating, but entertaining. Although not in the same sense as Xenon. Xenon was light-hearted and kind, while this kid was spiteful and full of insults. She enjoyed his company, in an incredibly hateful and spiteful way. “Did you happen to get a skill for being a germaphobe?” She snorted at her own joke. “And it doesn’t matter what I tell you, you don’t have to listen. But I guess an ignorant, unintelligent, useless pig like you wouldn’t realize that.” Artisia began to twiddle with her nails now. She wasn’t going to give this little piece her time anymore.

    "I'm guessing your intelligence stat is a single digit." Speaking calmly, Alex pulled his braid to the front and fiddled with it for a moment, "And germaphobe is a very useful talent, it comes with the passive skill allowing me to detect dangerous bacteria, and virus'." He pulled the bottle back out of his pocket and held it out, "I suggest not eating anything prior to washing your hands or at least using this."

    Liar Liar (Alexander)
    35 - 5 Charisma = 31

    Did she buy it? (Artisia)
    88 - 7 INT = 71

    Artisia pretended not to be hurt when he insulted her by saying her intelligence stat was a single digit. Sure… It was a single digit, but it was at least more than 5… As he said that germaphobe was a talent, she pursed her lips. Was it really true that he could detect dangerous bacteria and a virus? That would be a wasteful talent to have if you did have it. As he gave her a suggestion to wash her hands before eating or using hand sanitizer, she stood up while on the train, went over to him, licked her hand and slathered it on his face. After she finished with that, she sat back down in her chair, twiddling her thumbs again.

    Pulling a clean handkerchief form his other pocket, He folded it carefully, and poured some sanitizer on it, cleaning his face afterwards. "I see, I must have hit a nerve." Putting them back into his pockets, Alex looked out the window, "Don't worry, like any game, you can raise your stats given effort and time, If you would like my comprehensive study guide, I'm sure that would help raise it." He then turned back rubbing his chin, "Though I suppose that wouldn't be your character type." He looked at her, and for the first time got a good look at her, She is more likely to min max a fighter type I assume. Hopefully not a Leeroy type though.

    Must have hit a nerve? No. Not even close. Of course not. But as he was telling her that she could raise her stats over time, she was no idiot when it came to games. She only played fighting games normally, but she knew that you could get stronger as you continued to fight. Getting upgrades, getting new skills, or getting new weapons. She didn’t know much about stat systems, but she knew that each stat was pretty self-explanatory. Strength was… Strength. Health was… Health. Mana was… Something that might’ve been related to Ki? Intelligence, itself. Spirit… Was that something else related to Ki? Wisdom… She wasn’t exactly sure what Wisdom was, although that was one of her stats tied for her highest number. “And what exactly is your character type?” Artisia looked up to see him looking her over. “I’m sure you’ve already figured out what kind of character I’ll be shooting for.”

    "Intelligence and Wisdom are tied as my highest, with Strength being my lowest" He pulled out his cell and typed away with one hand as he continued to talk, "My current skills prioritize speaking and study. Odds are, I'll turn my character into a mage of sorts." an image of a classic dnd Bard on the screen, "Possibly a bard type," He scrolled over, "Or a glass cannon." He then stood back putting his phone back into his pocket, "Or a mixture of the two, with both team boosting skills, and hard hitting time consuming skills."

    A mage, hmm? He seemed the type to stay behind and calculate things out. By his manner of speaking, it seemed calculation was his forte. “You know that I’m definitely going for a fighter. I won’t betray my own personality. If there is chance for some magic on my end though, I’ll take any enhancement-type magic I can get. But I’ll focus on getting as strong as possible before I get any enhancement magics. Strength, Vitality, and Wisdom are my top traits, in case you wanted to know.” Artisia didn’t need to pull up the stat screen in order for her to remember that. Now that she had met someone knowledgeable with games, she decided to ask what Wisdom was. “Speaking of the Wisdom stat, what exactly is the function of the Wisdom stat? And what is the Wisdom stat in the first place?”

    Scratching his head, he looked upwards for a time, trying to find the ways to word it all simply "It is usually tied to your mental state of mind, or your will." He then fluttered his fingers, "So if your wisdom is low, mental attacks like charms and illusions will be more effective." He then stopped and thought for another moment, "Monks also usually have this as a high stat due to refining their minds, and it is needed for their arts."

    “Monks, huh?” Artisia thought about having the types of skills that a Monk might have, which intrigued her throughly. “Maybe I should consider taking on the traits of a Monk. It sounds like it would be a nice way to fight.” Artisia smiled for a bit. “Maybe you’re not such an ass. You’re at least helpfully informative.”

    Alex smiled and nodded, As long as you play your part in the end, I have no problem helping you mature. "Any Idea one what your friend may be?"

    Alexander smiled and nodded, which made her incredibly suspicious. She had complemented him, but it didn’t seem to match the vibe he was giving off earlier. She needed to watch him with a close eye. Now he questioned her with something she had no idea about. “I have no idea what my friend will be shooting for. He’s a street magician, which probably makes him relatively quick. Maybe a ninja-type character? I don’t know. Something quick I think.”
    The train came to a stop and Artisia got up quickly. “Alright. Time for us to meet the others.”

  19. Soon enough all five Gamers would meet up, although the three in the cafe wouldn't have left yet since Xenon still needed to eat some breakfast. Plus, when Artisia eventually shows up, she would want to eat something as well. When she did show up with Alexander in tow, unfortunately, the Quest didn't seem to actually show any notifications that it was being completed, nor did it actually appear and say how many Gamers were left. There could be a couple more, or a dozen more. It is a big city after all, so who knows how many others have actually gotten this strange power.

    When all of the Gamers finally had breakfast and greeted one another in whichever fashion they would do so, it being about noon now, or at least maybe thirty minutes before, it was time to see if they could find anymore Gamers. Of course, that meant leaving the cafe. However; the moment they left the cafe they were greeted with a rather peculiar sight. The streets, which were full of people when Artisia and Alexander entered the cafe just not too long ago were now devoid of any people. The lights in the nearby buildings were off, their windows darkened.

    It was as if the entire world had gone silent. The sky seemed not to move, and not even bird nor car could be seen or heard in the distance. The once bustling streets of Neo Tokyo's illustrious business district had gone all but silent.

    The Gamers would only get not but five seconds to observe the strange, silent world around them before a dark red light suddenly flashes about ten yards west of them. From this smoky, dark red light three, three foot tall creatures emerged. They were the size of children, and had small child-like frames, but these creatures were anything but childlike. They looked like devils or demons of some kind. Which given their appearance and the red text above their heads isn't such a bad assumption.

    Imp Lv 4

    An enemy, judging by the red text and, for Alexander who knew about the minimap, the small red dots that were now upon the minimap. These creatures, despite their small sizes, looked quite intimidating given their muscles and those sharp claws upon their hands. They were chittering mischievously as they began to approach the five Gamers, definitely not looking like they were here for friendly conversation. They were here for fighting. This is the Gamer's first fight.

    And boy is it clear to see how inexperienced they are. Xenon attempted to try and stealth his way around the creatures, but was completely unable to. He kept giving himself away every time through just slip ups. He is much more used to sneaking out of the house rather than sneaking up on an enemy, the Imps spotting him every day and taking slashes at him whenever he got close, one hitting him for a nasty 18 points of damage, forcing him back lest another attack like that knock him below 0 HP.

    The other Gamers do not fare well either, Alexander especially. Every time he draws his foot back in an obvious way to punt, he ends up missing completely, and even gets clawed heavily, taking 17 Damage with the one claw strike. He has no choice but to withdraw back, since more than half his health was taken out with just one single attack. Their lack of experience in an actual fight is rather clear, since they are just a bunch of pretty normal and average people.

    The only one who actually seems to do well is the one who you would expect. Artisia. Given her background in Martial Arts, she manages to land in some decent punches and kicks, dealing about 3 Damage with each one. They are pretty strong and fast, but their defenses are rather low given their small frames. Of course, she does get hit a few times as well unfortunately, but fortunately they are just somewhat glancing blows. Still, by now she has taken 20 points of damage given how the Imps start concentrating on her.

    The group, wounded and beaten, is backed against the cafe's door eventually, unable to get in for whatever reason, the Imps snickering and chittering as it looked like they were closing in on the group. These creatures were overpowering the Gamers despite the group's bigger numbers and bigger bodies. There seemed to be nowhere left to run. These Imps would soon descend upon the wounded Gamers and end them.

    Suddenly though, the Imps seem to stop, as a figure seems to appear about a four or so inches off the ground in front of the group. The moment the very tip toe of their foot touches the ground, they are behind the Imps in the next moment, right arm stretched outward. It was impossible to even see what happen, or tell what happened at all. One moment this cloaked figure was in front of the gamers, the next he was behind the Imps, arm stretched outward, wisps of red smoke being there for only a tiny moment from where the Imps were once standing. The creatures hadn't even been able to turn around to run away.

    This hooded figure turns around, a rather curious tag above them.

    Messenger of Gaia
    Jin Lv ???

    The hood of the figure's cloak seems to obscure their face completely. Its not as if its over it, but in the hood there seems to be some sort of black veil or... just wall... that prevents them from seeing this figure's face. The only clue they have to his identity are his name, the 'Messenger of Gaia' above his head, and his voice as this hooded man speaks.

    "Hello, my name is Jin, and I am a Messenger of Gaia. Are all of you alright?"

    He is showing concern for their safety first, a mysterious aura about him, but if there's one thing to know about him is that he is strong. If he could take out those Imps without a second thought, there was no doubt at all that he could do the same to the Gamers if he wanted to and, if he had wanted to, would have probably done it already.

    "I am curious though. How did all of you seemingly... ordinary civilians enter this Pseudospace? What sort of 'Power' do you possess?" He pauses for a moment, before muttering "it feels... familiar." He seems to be looking at them, that much could be surmised despite the wall of blackness that obscured his face.​
  20. [​IMG]

    Artisia met up with the others shortly after she got the address from Xenon. But as soon as she was about to go buy something to stave her hunger, something incredibly strange happened. The air around her suddenly turned stale as the people around her all disappeared, with the exception of the other Gamers. Artisia suddenly slammed her foot down on the ground. "DAMN THIS! I WAS JUST TRYING TO GET SOME DAMN FOOD, BUT I GUESS THE WORLD IS OUT TO GET ME RIGHT NOW!" Artisia clenched her hands into fists and gritted her teeth.

    As Artisia was having a bit of a fit, a flashing red light appeared in the corner of her vision. Huh? What was that? As Artisia looked over, she saw small devil-like creatures that made her wonder where the hell they were. As the devils began to chatter among themselves, Artisia could sense the air of a battle brewing. The tension and the excitement of the opposing party was something that she was used to. Very used to, in fact. As she looked over the devils and they began to move toward them, Artisia wasn't going to let them get the jump on them first. "ALRIGHT! LET'S FIGHT! THEN I CAN GET MY DAMN FOOD!"

    As the battle raged on, Artisia seemed to be the only one who was doing exceedingly better in combat than anyone else. What the hell?! These guys are all wimps! Artisia continued to fight, punching and kicking to attempt to kill at least one of the enemies that they had encountered. As Artisia continued to fight, she could inflict as much as 3 damage per hit, which she thought was so bad for how much combat experience she had. Why can't I hit them for more damage?! I'm hitting them as hard as I can and yet, it's still not enough?! Artisia's anger grew and grew as the damage number she inflicted never climbed above 3. When her blows became more frequent and filled with anger, it seemed the Imps were doing the same. Every time they attacked her, they never got more than a very meager blow on her, which made her more and more motivated to kill one of the Imps.

    At some point though, she was being targeted by all of the creatures, which made her grit her teeth and move back where the rest of the group seemed to be. "Okay! We've gotta make this last stand count! We're not having any of us die today!" Artisia looked over the rest of the members. "Although most of you are incompetent at fighting, try and deflect as much as you can and then expose their weakspot!" I have no idea what their weakspot is, but at least I can fight the damn things.

    But after she finished speaking, someone seemed to appear from behind the Imps. Huh? Who the hell is that?! Artisia watched the Imps carefully as the person landed on the ground. But when Artisia blinked, the Imps were suddenly gone in a small plume of red smoke. Artisia looked at Xenon. "Looks like we're dealing with another magician." She snickered at her own remark, but as the man spoke Artisia knew that this person was definitely not ordinary. He wouldn't have picked the words 'ordinary civilians' if he wasn't. Artisia may not have been the best socially adept, but she was at least capable of picking out certain things from what people say.

    This person, Jin, was significantly than Artisia could ever hope to be, so she respected this person out of fear for the time being. "It's nice to meet you Jin. I've got a proposition. If I answer your questions, will you answer some of mine as well? It won't be anything too hard to answer." I think... "So... Whaddaya say? Hmm?" Artisia raised her eyebrows as she smiled toward Jin.

    Jin, in response, nodded. This triggered the immediate flow of answers from Artisia's mouth. "We have a power that seems to be called 'The Gamer'. We take on the abilities of gaming characters, although we're not sure of all the parameters of the power. I just know that I don't bleed when I get hit and I can see numbers that represent damage I inflict on an enemy when I fight someone." Artisia locked eyes with Jin before she became a bit serious. "Now... If it isn't too much trouble, may I ask who Gaia is? Also, do you know what this world is? We suddenly appeared here after meeting each other. I also think I handled myself just fine for being an 'ordinary civilian'. Unlike all of these wimps over here." The last two sentences were to fortify her own confidence that she definitely handled herself better than most people would. Artisia tried to make eye contact with Xenon after she said that, as if to say sorry. Then, she turned back to Jin and locked eyes with him again. It was rude not to look at the person you were talking to. Especially when they were significantly more powerful than you.​
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