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  1. How far are you willing to go in order to protect Utopia?

    The world was once a lush paradise, filled with many fantastical creatures and magic. One such creature was the Human, a humanoid being of great intelligence capable of shepherding the world into a new age. That age, however, was not as the Creator had intended. Power hungry and selfish, human-kind began to destroy all the beauty around them in their attempts to claim the land they were placed in. Determined to save all her creations from each other and themselves, the Creator created an alternate plane for humans to exist on.

    Over the centuries, Humans forgot about the fantastical world they had come from. Magic died out, fact became fiction, and fiction became a twisted myth. Human nature did not change, however, and it didn't take them all that long to begin killing the world the Creator had made. They had created a sickness upon the world, a sickness of technology that tore nature apart. Fearing for their lives and those in the forgotten realm, the Creator took one last measure to save creation.


    Flashing forward to the human year 3015, the entire world is digital. It was during this transition that the Creator made herself known to the world, warning mankind that this was their last chance to make amends with the world. As part of her help, the Creator began selecting children that she saw great potential with and bestowed upon them a new kind of magic, one to fit with their new digital age. Resources are no longer an issue, war hasn't broken out in a few generations. For once in Human existence, peaceful coexistence with one another has been achieved. As a reward, the Creator began to tell stories of the other realm, a natural place with all of the other creations they had been separated from. Upon hearing of untapped riches, a band of greedy business men and ancient religion leaders got together with the intentions of "reclaiming" Paradise.

    Sensing danger, the Creator hid herself amongst the humans in one of the smaller towns where she granted the last batch of children their access to magic. Keeping her head down, the Creator did her best to teach the kids the fundamentals of how to use their abilities as they grew up. She watched with great joy as these kids bonded together in the best of ways, forming their own little group known as the Gamer's Guild. This group was known to run around and cause mischief but their pranks were generally harmless and brought entertainment to the community they hailed from.

    Everything was going wonderfully for them until one day, their patron Goddess disappeared without a trace. The only clue left behind was a small note begging for their help and one name; Astoria, the nation's old world capitol. With the fate of all creation in the balance, are they willing to do whatever it takes to save Utopia? Even if that means giving it up?


    General Stuff:

    Hey there, and thanks for taking the time to read this monstrosity. XD At one point in time I thought this idea was original, but I've now realized it is just a twisted mash-up consisting of Sword Art Online and The Chronicles of Narnia... Oh well! I thought this sounded cool so I'm presenting this interest check to you all.

    I planned for this to basically be a "search and find" rescue mission type adventure. The evil men have kidnapped the Creator for their own evil plots, you/your characters have to stop them and save her.... But at what cost will this rescue come at? Guess you'll just have to find out. This also has the potential to continue on after this main plot, thus turning this into just an adventure/world creation kind of thing, however details on that will have to wait until a later date.

    I'm looking for about 5 people to partake in this, and just so we're clear... All the characters should be about the same age range, which I will give to you come time for a CS, but just to give you an idea: it'll be high school ages.

    So, all that aside... What do you guys think? Interested?​
  2. My first thought was 'Sounds like Shadowrun without the social commentary'. It's an interesting genre mash up. I've seen digital mages but digital clerics is a pretty original combination.

    I like it.

    How limited are thinking of having the chosen power wise? Is their magic limited to an aspect (one of us can create AI, one of us can purge systems of secure data, etc, etc.) or are they basically digital demigods?
  3. Think of them more like computer viruses... In a way... Sort of... XD

    What I had in mind was the ability to change the properties of the world around them. Can't destroy or create but can change the purpose of a set space, including some of the laws of physics. No flight (yet) but short levitation type stuff. I'm still working on the specifics but I think I'll leave what I just mentioned as common abilities, then make a list of specifics for each character to have that'll make them unique. The AI idea is a pretty good one, so if you'd like that one you are welcome to reserve it as your own specific aspect.

    As for other aspects, I'm not quite sure yet. That is still a work in progress.

    Now that I think about it, maybe less SAO and more Tron... *shrug*
  4. Ooooh. So we're reality hackers. >:D

    I think the comparison you're looking for might be The Matrix? Maybe?
  5. I almost said Matrix at one point, but like SAO those have people in "comas". So the physical body isn't actually there. Tron would be closer because Flynn actually entered the digital world, physical body and all.... But yeah, it seems like you've got the gist of things. XD
  6. Beatifully written you really painted a picture. I would like to express my interest.

  7. Aw thank you. I really appreciate it. ^.^ *watches head grow five sizes*

    Glad to have your interest.
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  8. YES.

    Just two questions: how many sentences do you expect per post? And you said the magic fits the technological world. Does that mean guns are involved with the magic?
  9. Oops. I can't count.

    Does the picture you use for your character have to be in an anime style? Or can it be you own drawing in a kind of chibi?
  10. Hahaha... I'm not big on putting specific sentence markers on posts because I always feel bad when I can't make the number. The goal is quality, so anywhere from one to three paragraphs sounds good to me... As long as you put effort, the length isn't as big of a deal.

    Like I said before, I'm not quite sure yet on the specifics but the usage of guns as an aspect did cross my mind.

    And as for your third question, I would prefer anime... However if you can draw your own character, power to ya! Go for it... You mentioned chibi style, if that's the way you roll I'll accept it however I'd appreciate it if you paired it with a written description to include "real life" measurements and stuff like that. ^.^
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  11. I generally have trouble writing half a paragraph. D: But if it's quality you want, I suppose I can do that.

    Alrighty. But just to be sure, I'm gonna give you a sample of my version of chibi in a PM.
  12. Count me interested!
  13. I'm thinking just one more person then we can get on the road.
  14. Sounds good.
  15. I'm very much interested in this, but I have a few questions! Are the digital world and "old world" separate from each other? Or does the digital world in some form exist on the old world? Or is it just the same world but with digital aspects? Also, this is just an idea, but since you mentioned old world magic, I think it would be interesting if the characters gained an old world power later on. Perhaps it could correlate to the digital power they have!
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  16. I'm in, so when you say its like tron, does that mean if someone could program they could say....write a unique code to cause a effect because I may or maynot have a character idea that would be very interesting and fit in. but I'd love to discuss it in detail with you.
  17. Woah, sorry about that. Randomly busy day yesterday. >.>

    Okie dokes, we have enough people interested. I'll try to have the OOC Thread all up and running within the next couple of days. Probably not by tonight as I have an odd shift at work. (Working the Fallout 4 game launch... Midnight event.) Might have a CS skeleton posted here for you guys before that so you can et to work on your wonderful character ideas. Now over to other side of my brain with your questions:
    In some way or another, the Digi-World is the "Old World" but converted... like a picture file. That means that the magic these kids will have, can affect just about anything they can see. I think it would be interesting, however, to have a few areas here and there where the conversion failed or skipped over. These would be areas where the kids have little to no power and they would look a little run down, filthy, haunted almost. And as for Old World magic, don't worry. I've got a plan for that too! Well, at least a destination of an idea.... XD

    I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you mean by "write a unique code to cause an effect". Are you referring to the ability to change the properties or "rules" of the matter around them? If so, I was planning to make something like that a universal ability of the magic. Different characters might have varying ease/difficulty with the general magic, which is completely alright and encouraged considering your character will also have their own aspect in which they can excel at.

    ^^ If that's what you meant, I'd like to direction you to comments #2 and #3 on this thread. They aren't terribly large or informative, but they might help clear a few things up. If that's not what you mean, then could you perhaps re-word the question? Either way, I enjoy detailing things out, so whenever you have a moment, feel free to PM me with ideas and I'll respond ASAP.

    That goes for the whole group as well. Something crosses your mind, have an idea character/plot/bad guy... anything really, feel free to bring it up in PM. Secret goals wish to remain secret? LOVE THE PLOT TWISTS, just please PM with your ideas first just so I can make sure it doesn't mess with where I want this RP to head. Get it? Got it? GOOD! I'll see you all soon with a CS skeleton and a little later with a link to the new Thread. ^.^
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  18. Well, I'm quite excited for this!
  19. Glad to hear that.

    I should have a CS skeleton ready for you tomorrow morning with the OOC thread not far behind. It's possible I might have time some time tonight to shoot you guys something, but I wouldn't get your hopes up for that timeline... I have a persuasive speech and a visual aid to finish for presentation tomorrow. *Eeeeeeeeew* Anyways, once the speech stuff is out of the way I can refocus my energy on my newer RP stuff.
  20. Cool cool, sounds good to me!
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