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  1. 2134, The real world, filled with corruption, money grabbing politicians, corporations at secret war with each other, economic shortcomings, the whole nine yards......The humdrum life of everybody is taxing on the psyche, but scientific advancement has yielded a reprieve......The Network, as it is called colloquially, a place where people can escape their real lives and be whatever they create. For three decades now, dry/wet matter conversion has been possible and everyday, millions digitize themselves to escape their bleak realities. The Internet has finally become a place you can simply walk into.

    By far, the most visited sectors are of course the Adult Entertainment realm for those interested in the carnal relations and inappropriate fantasies they could never fulfill in the real world, but the hotspot is the Game Hub. A site designed for gamers and role players of all walks of life that allows said visitors to imagine their own game suited to their tastes and with friends live out epic tales and sagas of heroism the likes of which only known in video games.

    The Game Hub stands as a social networking center, and branching off of it are the Genre Ports, ranging from sci-fi, to fantasy, from erotic to educational, the Game Hub suits the desires of all gamers, role players, and even just writers looking to gain inspiration by playing a game. The Genre Ports also have sub-genre kiosks as you set up your specific journey, to aid you in selecting elements from whatever you wish, enhancing your experience.

    So gather your friends, make new friends, and as always, Make your own Adventure, here at the Game Hub!


    This is an equal opportunity role play, meaning players can have their characters, referred to as Avatars within the in-character world, be of any genre.

    This is meant to be a fun and cute role play, if you want to play an erotic game with some one take it the mature section or pm's.

    Avatars appear as normal people, save for the customization and personal desires of the User, however in a journey they will have Three style options.....

    Option 1: Bit Style; A retro rendering of your desired journey giving an 8bit or 16bit look to both your Avatar and your game world.

    Option 2: Early D style; The grand pappy of polygon rendering, hardening back to the early shooters like Doom and Duke Nukem3D....features an Enhanced giving the appearance of games such as Deus Ex and Final Fantasy VII

    Option 3: Realist Style; State of the art virtual rendering, almost feels as if you're in TRON: Legacy

    Equipment such as weapons and powers are presented to the Avatar in the game world, they have two different styles in Bit Style games

    For Sci-Fi, Bit Boosters give the player different powers and weapons, and only Two can be equipped at one time until they reach level 10 at which they are allowed Three bit boosters to equipped at one time. Bit boosters can be held on to or dropped by the inventory interface switching to the Bit Boosters RAM chip

    For Fantasy players, Gift Crystals are presented in game giving weapons, spells, concoctions, summonings, and Share the same interface and guidelines as Bit Boosters.

    No Godmodding, and try to keep cursing and in game fighting to a minimum, like I said it's supposed to be cute and Fun!
  2. This is interesting! I followed an amazing-ly pretty banner! &I love sci-fi game-related roleplays!
    Did you do some advertising for players?
  3. I only requested a banner (thank you by the way that picture was hard to find, finding the right pictures is always hard) this rp is a little cutesy side game to a bigger rp I'm planning set in the same world
  4. I also have other sci fi role plays in the sci fi signup section, actually only one right now, Sins Of The Father, a space faring horror story about a human starship that has mysteriously reappeared after disappearing during a test of an experimental FTL drive 200 years before the events of the story. I'm also working on a corporate conspiracy cyberpunk role play and an apocalyptic time travel rp.
  5. Hmmm... I see! I'll check out your other rps, too!

    & are you going to start this one? You'll need character sheets and stuff for people to fill out, won't you?
  6. I have to admit. This is an amazing Idea for a rp. :D
  7. I'm gonna be working on a bigger rp for this universe that'll be in the scifi section soon after I finish up making my time travel rp

    And Saki, not for this one this one is jump in, this will be used to organize the different games that want to played. The Big Rp Idea this one spawned from will need character sheets. However if you want to be part of both, and you can post it here and it'll carry over.
  8. YAY. I can't wait.
  9. We can start this one today, what type of game should we have the party play?
  10. *appears out of nowhere with a flourish of smoke and lots of sputtering coughs* This RP dragged me in like a tractor beam, and though I futily tried to resist....I shall resist no longer! I appreciate your newbie friendly approach, man does that make a new registrations beginning posts a lot easier. *wipes brow with a sigh* I'm getting tired of reading 13 pages of roleplay just to get up to speed. *clears throat* So anyhow, might I suggest we perhaps start in an option 3 setting in either a sci-fi or fantasy genre? The game we play is entirely up to you.
  11. Well the game we play when i put up the actual ingame thread is supposed to be discussed and agreed upon,

    so I have a vote for Option 3 graphics

    what plot would anyone like to voice up for the game?
  12. Oh lima bean sundae, I'll give it a go at throwing a plot idea out there. Please forgive me if my lack of roleplaying expertise is painfully obvious, it's been a while since I've delved into the vast waters of RP.

    Genre: Fantasy

    Timeframe: Midieval times, around the dark ages

    Location: The land of Ashtium, beginning in a peasant town called Ostren located on the mid-eastern panhandle of the trach divide.

    Plot: The three divides of Ashtium have been thrown into chaos. War, poverty and fear have become the ruling factors over the land. Though it was once a peaceful place, the arrival of a large batallion of powerful and wicked creatures of all races from across the Dread sea has cast a dark shadowy rule over the Mezer divide, and put all three divides in great danger. Although races of all types visiting Ashtium had been common before, a hostile race had never been found within the borders of Ashtium....until now. The dominate race of these intruders are called the "Drach' bog", a silent and deadly assasin race, bred for thievery and natural leaders. When their war vessels landed on the south western shore of the Mezer, sheer numbers and superior strategy allowed them to quickly overpower the human outposts and outlying towns located there. Once their take over was complete, the "Drach' bog" sent a few scout lackies to survey the other two neighboring divides: the Trach and Feom divides. Seeing that each were much too heavily fortified for an outright attack and bustling with life that would sound the alarm to their presence in Ashtium, they returned to their superiors to plan a cunning infiltration.

    The other divides are not quite so dark, however, political struggle and a recent wave of famine have made problems in Feom and Trach as well. The Trach divide is a center of trade, both within its borders and out, due to the lush forestry and farmland as well as the presence of many skilled tradesman. It is an independant land, not ruled by any one faction or organization, and therefore has not experienced the hardship of war for many years. At least until the Outpost, a large magically protected military stronghold was built by strangers from across the Golden Waters, who landed on the north-east tip of the Feom and began attempting to convert all locals to their statues, religious customs and rule. These strangers are a magical race, and have many spells guarding the Feom. All traders and visitors to that land either never return, or come back with no recollection of anything at all. They are a lesser evil, and yet are still very much a danger. Amongst all of the violence, espionage, deception, and overwhelming confusion, the last place of peace seems to be in the town of Ostren. Otren is a peasant town that has escaped the notice of all other major cities and governing powers, due to its lack of services provided and it's downright unimportance. What better place than this for a band of heroes to arise?

    I welcome any and all additions to this plot, or you could just disregard it completely. :)
  13. very final fantasy-ish, nice, now for discussion, could magically intertwined technology be present? do the heroes have one or two among them who have a past they are unaware of?

    what say all who are interested in being part of this gaming roleplay? any additions? thoughts? questions?
  14. Absolutely! I would love to add several other twists to the plot! If you would like to blend some sci-fi into it, perhaps a wrecked spacecraft that time-warped into Ashtiums timeframe made a crash landing in one of the divides or just offshore and contained many space-age or advanced weaponry or technology that could find it's way into the hands of the antagonist, protagonist or both. Throw your creative juices in, I'm okay with whatever, within reason. As for the heroes, the pasts are entirely up to those playing them. I enjoy tragic pasts, betrayals within family or in the band, perhaps unique hereditary gifts or powers, inheritance of charrie bonus treats like that.

    Please, anyone, feel free to critique...this is meant to be a fun and smooth experience for everyone!
  15. Ohhhh i kinda wanna be the hybrid child of an extraterrestrial and an indigenous
  16. Sure thing! What would your hybrid race be called? What are his/her properties, strengths and weaknesses? Perhaps you could give a little bit of appearance info and a short synopsis of his involvement in Ashtium, including which divide he lives in and how he ended up in Ostern. Ya know, just gimme a breakdown so we can integrate that race into the history of the land. Gotta make it flow bro, know what I mean?
  17. Hmm the Crashed Vessel could be a relic lying near Ostern, and a survivor or two could've assimiliated themselves into the Ostern community hiding their alien heritage to avoid attention. The race, Hiraen, though not much more advanced in technology than our world's 1940's era, like Red Skull from Captain America, have found an object of unlimited power that powers their technology, though now cut off from their world, are technology less. due to eons of using this power source and the radiation absorption thereby, they've mutated slightly to be able to conjure bolts of immense energy and fire them from their hands, the more mutated or more trained in the use of this power may at times be able to fire a blast from their mouth (Like Godzilla) of intense heat and radioactive fire. This is thought of as magic of course. They Appear mostly Human, save for reptilian scales over their shoulders, biceps and back. Males have short blade like spines up their vertebrae, which glow indicating a blast of energy was about to ruining the day of a target emitting from the mouth if they so have that ability.

    This boy about the age of 17, does not know that one of his Parents is not human, and like his species, has the scales and is budding the spines. He's realized the power he has to blast energy from his hands, and is a peasant who has yet to realize his destiny. He's short, nearly 5'6 and slender, muscular however by working day in and day out. He has a particular weakness to the magics used by the people of Ashtium, as it damages him more than physical attack or elemental attack. Some magics even effect him psychologically, causing him violent muscle spasms and hallucinations.
  18. Ah sweet introductorial bliss. Sounds fantastic! I especially like the idea of the infinite power source, because that could create a motive behind the "Drach' bog" and their sudden violent arrival. Perhaps they witnessed the timewarping ships slip stream erupt just over their land beyone the Dread sea, and out of sheer interest set sail after the multicolored, crackling energy trail it left behind. Being an extremely intellgient race, the "Drach' bog" probably guessed there would be something of immense power on board the strange futuristic vessel, as well as new territories to conquer on their voyage. And, with that said, I suppose I'll introduce my character now.

    Of a race know as Vixara, Marcos is a deserter from the Outpost located on Feom. Captured by the Feernah, the magical race that initiated the conquest to Ashtium from across the Golden Waters and the ones responsible for the creation of the Outpost, he is an orphan and very much a stranger to the land. At first being held within one of their prisons, Marcos was brutally beaten and tortured, both physically and magically, each day until he submitted to serving the Feernah....or until he died. After months of beatings and cruel starvation techniques, he finally succumbed to their brutish desire, and reluctantly joined their movement. After being trained in combat and instructed in basic magics, he was tasked with reconaissance and Initiation, the brutal act of scouting out the new land and forcing any inhabitants found to convert to The Standard, which is what the Feernah call their new tyrannical empire. But Marcos would not stay involved with this power hungry organization any longer than he had too. His chance to escape came soon after. On one of his Initiation missions, Marcos took advantage of his Feernah companions lack of suspicion and silently knocked them all out. Noticing a glowing band on one of wrists of the fallen officers, Marcos quickly removed it and immediately took flight towards the capital city of Feom: Tern. After about a 7 day journey, Marcos exhaustedly entered the city. Spending the night in a local inn, Marcos curiously took notice one again to the magical band around his wrist. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that it had a small interface. Curiously exploring the controls, Marcos discovered the incredible power that it wielded. It had the ability to summon a temporary shield around him, fire small bolts of lightning, and could create a teleporation portal that could transport him to any town in Ashtium. Apparently, undercover Feernah agents had planted teleportation hubs all along the land, allowing them quick and stealthy entry into the other divides. Using this function, Marcos teleported to Ostern, a town he knew from the trade records of the Outpost would help him to stay under their radar for a while.

    Race description-
    Name: Vixara

    Height: 6' 0"

    Build: Lanky and lean muscled, Vixara are a fox/humanoid species, who hail from a large meadowland known as Denalah. (refer to Avatar picture for appearance)

    Abilities: Have amazing stealth abilities, and are extremely proficient in hand to hand combat.
  19. >.< I have officially gone confused.
  20. We're discussing the game were going to play neon, care to weigh in?