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  1. The name of the game is the house. Once you enter you cant leave until the game is over, your voted out.. or.. because something else happens...

    The host of the game came out of the tv advertising a new game concept. Anyone could join at any time. Challenges would happen often and voting out people would happen almost as often. If you won a challenge you were safe from the next voting. That is unless the players killed you first.

    The house is basically a castle. Everyone has thier own small room with a lock on the door so they cant be harmed at night. When you enter the castle there are 2 doors. They basically work like a goat pen at a petting zoo. The first door would lock before the second door opened. Not much else is explained to the contestants. You will have to figurw out the rest on your own.

    Enter if you dare......

    Start out your character enteting the house.
  2. Ariana entered the castle. For reasons unknown, she had found it. After passing into the first door, a second one appeared. She turned to the first door, thinking that maybe she could just turn back and find a different place to stay the night. But, to her surprise, it was locked. She had no choice but to go through the second door. She came into a small room, with a bed, a dresser, and a chest. On the bed was a small key with a note. She bent over and picked it up. Lock the door at night, it said. Ariana turned around and locked the door, like it told her. Then, without a second thought, she collapsed on the bed.
  3. Jack walked towards the big doors of the castle and opened it, walking inside. He was sure that he wanted to do this. He wanted to play the game... He opened the second door and walked trough the dark hallways, finding a room to stay. He locked the door once inside and sat on the bed, looking around. He was scared... No, that was an understatement. He was bloody terriefied till his toes. He sighed deeply and laid down on the bed. Why had he joined this? His life had been horrible, but maybe he could've made something of it... No, not without the money he could win with this, he had to play. He had to play and he had to win, no matter what it would take. He would even kill a puppy if that was asked of him.
  4. nivek walked up to the castle and enetered for his own reasons. he sighed "just my luck" he said to himself as he walked in as the gates closed behind him. he rembered his family and remembered making a promise to them and now hes here to fulfil that promise. he stands ready to take on what ever this place had to through at him.
  5. Daniel made his way towards the castle, as he walked ever closer to the doors he began to feel a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, though he pushed on trying to reason why he shouldn't be scared thinking to himself 'im not going to die, im to tough to die, not to mention im finally going to do something interesting with my life' not totally believing it himself even though it helped calm his nerves a bit. Once he finally made it to the tall pair of doors his fear was gone, he had psyched him self out and was ready, being restless he sped up his pace, pushing the doors open to the interior of the manor "this place is rather nice" he said aloud as he looked around.
  6. Flo makes his way to the castle, he walks in and the doors slam behind him, he decides to enter the door on his right.
  7. nivek looked around inside the gate. "HEY IS ANYONE HERE OR IS IT JUST EMTY TO ALL WHO SEE FIT" nive shouted trying to get someones attention. " screw it im going on ahead." he said as he walked on ward with extreem caution. un knowing what would happen nivek thought one thing ' i will srvive and prove that my name can be used for the better.
  8. -Eli was pretty bored with his life so he wanted a challenge, he hoped it wouldnt be like "go through this labyrinth" or "go across this bouncy balls" ...... what he was looking for was some real action, anything that is abnormal, anything that was unexpected, he loved suprises, he opened the door to the castle and then tried to open the first but it was locked, he gigled, someone was obviously hiding something- i know you are in there monster.... -he smiled as he made a joke, and went to the right door and soon was in his room, he observed the room and locked his door, it had a bed and other simple stuff, he lay on the bed waiting for the next thing to happen -
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