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  1. At this point the rp is still a work in progress so be prepared for changes.
    1: I want to make it clear that you can come and talk to me or any of the other gm's about any concerns or questions you have. we all would rather have an issue brought to attention right away then letting it cause drama. the three of us have seen quite a few rp's end because of this. we are understanding and reasonable people we can talk and compromise.
    2: we will leave it up to you to decide how you want your relationship to work. we will look at everyone's cs and then make partners out of the characters that we think would make a good couple or simply just to make the rp interesting. It is up to you to follow that pairing or to go off and try to make something happen with a different character. however when it comes to the challenges you will have to work with the assigned partners there is no switching!
    3. to join the rp either myself @Nat or @Poetic Justice need to approve your character if we don't get to it right away I'm sorry but we may be busy working out things with other rps we're in.
    4: If you have your own ideas to make the rp better PLEASE talk to one of us we are all willing to take any ideas to make it better or more enjoyable.
    5: for now I am only allowing two characters per person if it comes down to the fact that we need more and no one else is signing up I will allow people to have more then two characters if they want
    6: I would like at least a MINIMUM of one paragraph if you have two characters then it becomes a minimum of two paragraphs.
    7: this is not! i repeat not! a sexual rp. this is a game show. yes your characters can make out and kiss and all that but if your getting into more adult situations fade to black or time skip or whatever. if one of us or all of us feel you are going too far we will warn you to stop. if you continue to break this rule we will decide together what will happen but don't be surprised if it is to simply kick you out of the rp.
    8: normal Iwaku rules apply
    9: have fun :)

    Welcome one and all to reality TV's new game show! "Love or Run!" in this game show 20 everyday high school students have been selected and paired up with a member of the opposite sex where they will compete together to win a cash prize of one million dollars! the contestants will live together in a tropical island resort on an isolated Island in Jamaica where they will have no contact with the outside world except for their fellow contestants. The couples will compete in all kinds of events to prove to the world that they are a couple that deserves to stay together and that deserves to win the cash prize! What will our contestants compete for? love? money? both? or will they just simply run and forget the whole thing!? The only way to find out is to watch "Love or Run!"

    Since there are only 20 slots that means we need 10 boys and 10 girls we currently have 9 boys and 10 girls we need just one more!

    Age: (between 17 and 19 please)
    Archetype/Clique: {Basically the kind of person they are if you were to stereotype them. examples, jock, nerd, cheerleader, know-it-all, queen bee, goth. etc etc.)
    Audition Video: {Describe setting, and what they say. This is a good reflection for personality, as well.}
    Extra: (basically anything else you feel that you want to put)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Jaelyn

    Age: 17

    Gender: female

    Archetype/clique: Rocker girl

    Personality: Sarcastic, over-confident, short tempered

    Strengths: Music and arts.

    weaknesses: large crowds

    fears: fear of tight spaces

    Audition Video:

    Jaelyn sat in her room which was a mess. There were scattered clothes, guitar picks, a couple amps and guitars lying around.
    "Hi my name is Jaelyn and I would love to compete in "Love or Run". I would love to compete for the one million dollar prize and to possibly compete for love as well."
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  3. Looks good accepted :) if you could just make her a bit older that'd be great
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  4. Name: Justin Miles
    age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Relationship status: single
    clique: musician/party boy
    personality: Justin is very laid back and the go with the flow kind of guy. That doesn't mean he doesn't take things seriously when he needs to. Justin loves a good party and is always throwing parties back home with all his buds. He also has a strong love for music he can play several instruments and his dream is to make it big in the music business whether that be as an artist or as some big shot record label owner. He's a strong team player and can be considered very loyal he's loyal to his team and his friends to the end even if that means taking huge risks.
    strengths: extremely loyal, strong team player, musically gifted, lots of energy, always stays optimistic.
    weaknesses: can let his loyalties to his friends get in the way of making the right decision, can sometimes be too laid back and can slack off, and tends to play his music too loud at the annoyance of others.
    Fears: losing the ability to play his music.
    Audition video: When the camera started it showed a small room filled with music CD's, posters, guitars, drumsticks, and all kinds of other musical attire. Justin jumps in front of the camera out of no where with a guitar hanging on his back "WOO!! Hey there! names Justin and I want to be a part of Love or Run. music is the main thing that drives my world. If I didn't have my music I honestly don't know what I'd do haha! I'm sure I'd find something else to interest me I want to be on the show for love more then the money but hey a cash prize of one million is quite the bonus huh?. Anyways thanks for taking a look at my video and considering me and hope that you'll let me be a part of the show!" He reaches behind himself and pulls the guitar around in front of him. He quickly strums a few chords andlets out another loud "WOO!" before turning the camera off.
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  5. What's the age range?
  6. 17 to 19
  7. Can I make two characters?
  8. Sure I'm setting the limit at two for now though
  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Kole Kitzman

    Age: 18

    Gender: male

    Cliche: Ganster

    Personality: Rude, disrespectful, careless.
    Most of the time he is found on the streets with his closest friends having a drink or smoking.

    Strengths: Loves motorcycles. fighting.

    Weakness: has a soft spot for tears.

    fears: Causing something disastrous without meaning.

    Audition video: As Kole straightens the camera and moves back some you can see a motorcycle in a garage along with scattered tools
    "Hello, my name is Kole Kitzman. I'm auditioning to compete for the million dollar prize so I can be able to take care of my family. A friend of mine says I should audition so here I am."
  10. Alright accepted
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  12. Name: Elisabeth Baker

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Archetype/Clique: Shy bookworm/ geeky girl

    Personality: Lizzy is very awkward around people, so she prefers living in the world of fiction where wouldn't make an idiot of herself. She is one of the best students in her class, but not good enough for a scholarship. Lizzy can be fun once you get to know her, she'll tell you all about the books she has read and about the episode she just watched with lots of energy.

    Strengths: She is very smart, can think of tons of stories without much difficultly, she is willing to try something before saying she can't.

    Weaknesses: She is pretty weak, people freak her out, she day dreams a lot, she has a hard time talking to others, without her glasses she can't see a thing.

    Fears: Not seeing, public speaking, being lost in a crowd.

    Audition Video: The camera turn on seeing a room full of books, action figures and posters of games, T.V. characters and comic books. Walking around in front of the camera, Lizzy bit her lip before she began. "Um, H-hi, my name is Elisabeth Baker a-and I'm 18. Thou most people call me Lizzy, I-i love reading and watching my favorite cartoons. I want to be on 'Love or Run' because that money would help me on my way to college. A-and maybe I could find someone for might like me." Her face was bright red as she reached to turn off the camera.

    Extra: Lizzy likes to draw, but isn't very good at it.
  13. Very nice accepted :)
  14. Thank you! ^.^
  15. [​IMG]
    : May-linn Halson
    Age: 18
    Appearance: May stands at 5'4", has blonde hair that's usually up in some kind of ponytail or braid. She has dark brown eyes. She's athletic and slim, and is usually dressed in her cheerleader uniform, or in jeans and tops that show off her form.
    Gender: Female
    Archetype/Clique: Cheerleader
    Personality: May is the kind of girl who knows who she is, ad what she is. She's confident and stand tall against more or less anyone. She tends to jump into things before thinking, but she's not exactly the one who gives up when she's started. She's a bit of a dare-devil regards the cheerleading as she's the flyer of her cheersquad. She's one of those typical popular girls, who can tend to flirt a bit too.
    Strengths: Gymnastics, flexible, light.
    Weaknesses: Heavy lifting, not very patient, doesn't eat enough.
    Fears: Her teammates not catching her, not being amongst the populars, owls.
    Audition Video:
    As the camera was turned on, one could see a large green field, girls and guys dressed in white and black, with a petite woman standing above everyone else, held up by the rest of her team. A leg moved up to her head, her hand catching it before she let it go back down again, and slowly the team lowered her, before she was thrown up, spinning in the air before she landed in the hands of the rest.
    She moved down on the ground, and together with two others on the team, she and them took a series of Aerial Cartwheels and ended in splits. "I'm May-linn, and well, my friends challenged me to join! But, I'm in for the money. Go love or run!" She shook a pair of pompoms in the air with the other two, before the screen went black again.

    Extra: Has been part of championships in cheerlead.
  16. Nice Nat :)
  17. Merci ;)
    Figured we needed someone who will be the typical doll xD
  18. Lol XD I plan to make another character along with the host
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