The game of Love or Run!

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  1. Chris Jones
    the Island (open)
    the Docks (open)
    living quarters (open)
    "On a seclusive Island out in the Bahama's a giant 5 star hotel has been built and set up to host guests of all kinds. But not just any guests. The guests of the new game show Love or Run!! where 20 contestants will be paired up with a member of the opposite sex to compete for the ultimate prize of 1 Million dollars!! now here's your host! Chris Jones!!" The camera swings down to the docks on the Island to pull up on Chris Jones the host of the new game show love or run. "Hello everyone its nice to meet you all. My name is Chris Jones and welcome to our little paradise in the tropical islands of the Bahama's here we will have 20 contestants paired together to compete for the ultimate prize of one million dollars. the team that wins will split the cash prize evenly at 50 50 so the winners will receive a cash prize of 500,000 each! If I wasn't hosting the show I know I'd be competing in it haha! now the whole point of the game is to find love and make it to the end of the show without killing your partner or anyone else on the island haha but I'll explain the rules later for now lets meet the contestants!" With that he waves his hand over to the end of the docks where a large boat would slowly pull up. a crew would quickly tie the boat down to the docks and set up the gang plank so the contestants could walk down without falling in (hopefully) "now since I'm a man of character we will start with the ladies. Will all the ladies please come down to join me on the dock! ladies and gentlemen I present to you. Our rocker girl Jaelyn! the shy but sweet book worm Elizabeth Baker! Everyone's favorite cheerleader May-Linn Halson! Our very own aspiring author Aria Macantosh! the mixed martial artist Alex Cross! Our favorite little knife wielding cutie Lili Benson! She runs her very own music store and is an aspiring musician as well lets hear it for Emily Loveless! Next is our friend from across the sea, France's very own Mona Fiorella Voclain! Next is our very own Wiccan Imojen Delaney! and last but certainly not least we have the all around nice girl Sierra Rose! Let's get a warm round of applause for the beautiful women who have been selected to be apart of the first season of the show!
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  2. Lamont sat on the boat, with his hands on a support bar, spinning around like a crazy ballerina. He was giggling while doing it, and thought it was quite an enjoyable activity. He was so focused on this, that when Chris called the names of the girls he didn't hear any bit- that like it applied to him anyway. Just as Chris finished talking, he tripped on the bottom of his overcoat, and hit the ground. "Ow," he mumbled, and pulled himself up from the solid metal ground. His hands tried to grip the cold floor, but it was slippy and his body had no choice to fall once again. He pulled his feet forward a bit this time and tried to grasp a wall and find his way up from there. He put his left foot in front of his right, and carefully pressed his hands against the wall (not trying to look sexual or anything).
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  3. Mona Fiorella Voclain.

    A loud squeal was heard, which followed by the click-clack of a pair of heels and the rolling wheels of 2 large luggage packs being carried behind the young contestant. Mona looked up and glanced around, a gleaming smile and matching dimples welcoming themselves. She wasn't used to being around such large bodies of water, never the less an island, where she lived in the crowded heart of Paris and when she visited the hectic sights in New York. The French girl pranced over to the host while trying not to trip on the creaking wood beneath her as if any movement that took a second too long would end in the clear water below. Her slim legs glided over quickly and her small purse hanging from her arm swung happily. She heard something fall on the boat, but she didn't pay attention to it as she approached and pecked his cheeks with glee. "Je suis tellement heurex! (I'm so happy!)" Mona peeped with a grin. The 2 men behind her dropped her bags behind her with a rumbling "THUD" and with a grumble, slugged away. Mona pursed her lips and shrugged, turning back to Chris with dimples deeper than the sea they were standing before. "Hi, Chris! It's amazing to be here." She greeted with a cheerful nod, as well as a subtle wave towards one of the cameras that was most likely an attempt to woo the people watching at home. It felt like a dream to be standing infront of beautiful blue waters and an opportunity to find love, but the only thing that could register in Mona's mind was that she was definitely going to win some cash.

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  4. |||Aria|||
    Aria smiled and looked at the host of this show. She could feel her heart race as she took each shaky step down the stairs. She adjusted her hat, her bracelets clanking as she moved. She pulled her small little rolling bag as she got off the boat. 'Don't throw up, Don't throw up, Do not have a repeat of last time.' She told herself as her feet pressed gently against the floor, and she made it to the bottom. There was some sort of French girl talking to the host, so she just coughed softly. "It's nice to be here." she said shyly, looking down and away from everyone else.
  5. Mona Fiorella Voclain.

    While Mona was thanking Chris and asking him what was planned for the day, she heard someone clear their throat behind her. She turned her head and was met with a brown-haired girl who was obviously very reserved from the way she refused to make eye contact. It never made sense to Mona how people could act so shy and as rude as it was, she didn't want to make nor have time for someone who couldn't be a straight-forward. 'Être moyen ne va pas me gagner de l'argent, si. ( Being mean isn't going to win me money, though. )' If Mona was going to win this game, she had to be endearing. With that thought, she flashed her winning dimple smile and greeted her warmly. "Hello! I'm Mona Fiorella, but Mona's fine." The French girl thought that maybe it wouldn't be so bad, and this would be a breeze. Thoughts pittered and pattered across her scattered mind, all of them reminding her she had no idea what could happen while she was on this TV Show. For all she knew, she could become best friends with this stranger. In fact, Mona might become the shy girl of the show! That nerve-racking image in her mind caused her to visibly twitch her hands nervously, but she blew it off with a hair flip and another charming beam.

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  6. May-Linn was everything but shy. To be quite clear, she was far too confident, she was a drama queen even at times. and she dressed almost always in ways to show off her body. Yet, she didn't dress like a... Slut as to say. So she walked down from the boat and down to the dock, ignoring the frenchie and the shy kid for the moment, and stepped over to the host, placing a small kiss on his cheek before winking to the camera. "Come on ladies, we should give them the chance to introduce the boys too" She had the blonde hair in a ponytail and was dressed in jeans and a tanktop, and she was ready to find out who she would be paired up with, and if he could manage to help her earn that money. She didn't really care if he wanted money or love, she could trick him into thinking she even cared for him.
  7. Mona Fiorella Voclain.

    Mona stared at the blonde, the look on her face radiating nothing but poise. "Vous êtes vraiment à la hauteur de votre couleur de cheveux. ( You're really living up to your hair color. )" She mumbled, the dimples on her pale cheeks disguising the insult as a greeting. Mona didn't mean to be so harsh, but she could already tell this girl would be a threat. After remembering no one else spoke French, Mona nodded her head and said the same greeting she had told the shy person aside her. Her clear lip gloss shimmered against the radiating Sun and she tried to look as innocent as possible as she turned to look at the boat to see who would be coming next. 'So much for being endearing.' She couldn't get in a fight this early in the show, unless she wanted to go home first.

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  8. Sierra noticed the island up ahead and jumped up excitingly and shouted “It’s game time baby! Woot!” She ran back to her bunk and grabbed her Nike backpack put it on as she watched them dock. Chris Jones was announcing the contestants as Sierra took a glance around everyone and thought, Interesting. This should be fun! I can't wait. As she walked down the plank she gave the camera a warm smile and a wave as she noticed the well dress ladies already on edge with the competition. She shook her head and laughed lightly to the blonde’s comment as Sierra walked over in her black belly shirt and Nike black capris and place an arm around the blonde’s neck and said cheerfully, “Chill out chicka, the boys aint going no where. Now we all know what YOU came here for, come on!” She then took her arm off the chick and booty popped her on her hip as Sierra clapped her hands ready to dance. “Let’s check out our crib! C’mon peeps!” She had some street slang to her personality but she was filled with zest and energy. She stood beside the others waiting for everyone to get off the boat as she couldn't stop rocking her hips.
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  9. Mona Fiorella Voclain.

    The French contestant stared at the new girl with furrowed eyebrows. A smile tugged at the side of her glossy pink lips, but the "jazzy" behavior of this girl was confusing, if not excessive. She figured that this show would greet her with crazier and crazier contestants, so Mona just nodded as a greeting and tried to loosen up a bit. Through out everything that was going on, she sneaked in small glances towards one of the cameras and made various faces in an attempt to entertain herself, and maybe some viewers at home.

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  10. As people were exiting the boat, a black rabbit suddenly hopped out from it depths, soon followed by a boy with short, blood red hair wearing a black long sleeve shirt, some torn up jeans, sneakers, and tinted black sunglasses. His luggage was behind him, but he soon dropped it in his pursuit for the fluff ball, which had just made it to the french girls feet when he made a slide on the ground to catch it. As the boy got up, he had yet to notice that his sunglasses had fallen off during his slide, to busy focusing on his furry friend.

    "You little fucker, just put the damn thing on, okay. I know you hate having to wear leash, Monty, I hate to put it on you, but this is a big island and I don't want to lose you." The boy then scoffed, "Though this wouldn't be a problem if you would just get in your damn pet carr-OW! Fucking shit Monty, that fucking hurts." At the mention of the word pet carrier, the black rabbits strange red eyes had narrowed, before he bit his owners hand, not too hard, but enough to draw blood.

    The boy placed Monty on his shoulder, were the rabbit expertly balanced itself, obviously used to the odd perch, as the boy reached into his pocket to pull a box of bandages, opening it to pull one out before crushing and stuffing it back into his pocket. As he applied the bandage, one could see that his entire hand was covered in such wrappings, leading the observant to believe this was not an uncommon occurance.

    "I swear, I'm going to turn you into rabbit soup one. . of . . these. . .days?" The boy looked around, as if finally taking in his surroundings, giving everyone present a look at his strange, and some what intimidating black and red eyes. "Oh shit, I'm sorry, he just got out of my hands and ran all the way up here so I came to catch him, so, I'm not, like, disqualified for this right." He nervously reached up to straightens his glasses, only for him to finally realize they weren't there. Quickly spotting them, he reached down and put them on, hoping beyond reason that no one had seen his eyes. "Anyway, I'll sit over their and wait until you call to introduce myself, sorry for the trouble." And so the yet to be named boy decided to sit down on nearby rock, taking his rabbit and petting it while taking a chance to study the competion, not that anyone could tell with his sunglasses on. The rabbit in his hand, however, was giving them all a clearly critical look, as if to say 'Hmm, is this the best that they could find.'
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  11. Mona Fiorella Voclain.

    Mona was in the middle of feigning a yawn at a camera to show she was getting bored, when she believed all Hell broke loose. She heard thumping against the wooden deck and barely had time to register what was happening when someone dove to the ground near her feet. Mona nearly went down with the stranger and was considering yelling "Bloody Murder" when she realized this stranger had sprinted off from the boat. 'This proves my point; People will get crazier and crazier.' The black ball of fluff didn't even catch the dazed attention, and neither did the man's dark blood red eyes.

    Well, they actually did. They did enough for Mona to think a demon was in front of her, but when she stopped being delusional she simply knew it wasn't her place to judge. After all, it would have been hypocritical considering the French girl had all the features of an albino with actually being an albino. A small part of her thought they were the most interesting thing that had happened ever since stepping on foot on this island. Besides the whole swan dive for a bunny part, which caused Mona to have to stifle a small giggle.

    It even amazed her how the man suddenly had bandages prepared beforehand, as if this was a frequent thing for him. It made her want to burst out laughing at all the time this poor guy had to injure himself for a rabbit, but she didn't want to be rude. Mona felt bad enough the first screen time he got was a random rabbit chase, and she didn't want to embarrass him anymore. In an effort to ease the tension, she opened her mouth to ask him if he was okay, and if now would be a good time to tell him his sunglasses were gone. The stranger beat her to it though, and she watched him trudge away with the bunny miraculously balancing on his shoulder.

    She balanced on her heels, stealing a look towards the rabbit. She was taken aback by the analytical look from something that wasn't human, and that's when she remembered she wasn't very fond of rabbits. Actually, she hated rabbits. Their buck teeth and beady eyes made her want to dive into the ocean under her and stay there forever. "Seigneur , aide-moi. ( Lord, help me. )" She muttered under her breath.

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  12. Lizzy was a nervous wreck, she was actuality here. Where millions of people would be watching her. Lizzy was taking deep breaths, maybe it wouldn't be so bad? Hearing her name being called by the host, Lizzy grabbed her suite case to head out when a black blur ran by her feet and not a moment later a boy followed. Lizzy wasn't sure to laugh or freak out, so she just pretended it didn't happen. When she got on the deck the boy from earlier was on a rock, three other girls and the host. Taking one last deep breath, Lizzy started toward them. Getting off the plate she tripped a bit and almost fell into the girl with the Nike stuff on. Lizzy wanted to die right then and there, her first moments in T.V. and she almost face planted. 'Kill me now' was the only thing going through her mind. Lizzy looked to the host to greet him, just because she wanted to hide under a rock didn't mean she should be rude.
    "H-hello, m-my name is Elizabeth, but everyone c-calls me Lizzy. Its wonderful to meet you all." She spoke quietly trying to think of the hero from the comic book she was reading to give her a little bit of courage, didn't help much thou.
  13. Wiccan? Imojen thought, wondering where in the world the TV people got that idea. There's probably gonna be a lot of Wiccans shouting at their televisions before this show is over, she thought as she started picking her way down the gangplank in a Gothic Lolita tutu and matching "crown" hat tilted at a jaunty angle. She held the strap of a modest black steamer trunk she'd modified with a pair of miniature black wooden=spoked wheels designed to be reminiscent of those of a hansom cab, following it down the gangway. It was inscribed with arcane geometric diagrams, sigils, and text in Linear A and Unspell letters. Even with its weight "downhill" of her, keeping balance took some doing, so she was slow getting down. At the bottom, she could see two of the prettier girls preening and playing for the cameras, one of them even kissing the host on the cheek. The French girl and the Cheerleader; destined nemeses and the hyper-competitors of the game, if reality should happen to play by the common pattern.

    "Wha?" Imojen said, as something small and soft brushed against her legs. A black rabbit! Her face lit up, and of course she tried to speed up to follow. The creature's surprise appearance had to be some kind of synchronicity, didn't it? A glitch in the Matrix, a tear in the veil of consensus reality, pointing the way toward the unknown, if not the unknowable? If a white rabbit led to Wonderland, where would this one go? Just as suddenly, another figure rushed past, blood-red hair standing out against the cloudless azure sky. He bumped her trunk, and it veered into the handrail, coming to a jarring stop as its left wheel dropped off the edge of the gangway. It thumped to the gangway as she pinwheeled her arms. Imojen lost her balance, stumbled into the handrail and tried to catch herself as she went over it. The world seemed to go end over end, and she found herself hanging from the railing by one hand, the other still holding Myakiznak. She clutched the plush kiwi bird in her teeth to free her other hand to hold on as well. "Mmmrrrff," she mumbled as she tried, and failed, to pull herself back up. She looked down at the gorgeous blue water below, trying to gauge its depth.

    It didn't seem likely to matter, as her fingers were starting to peel off one by one. goes... she thought, noticing that the red-haired person--a boy? They hadn't announced the boys yet--was sitting on a rock not too far from where she'd end up, his attention focused on his black rabbit. She let go, and landed in the warm sea with a frothy splash. A moment's floundering, and she found her feet in the waist-deep water. She took Myakiznak from her mouth; remarkably, he was still perfectly dry. "I'm OK!" she said to the cameras, which had turned their glassy eyes upon her. Arms out to her sides like a not-quite-graceful ballerina, she waded ashore, naturally going straight to the boy and the rabbit, which looked at her critically with red eyes.

    "Whoa! Evil Bunny! Awesome!" she said, beaming. I wish I'd known we could bring a live animal! I'd have found a way to get a pet bat or tree sloth or something! she thought. "I guess we're not supposed to meet yet, but I'm Imojen Delaney, Adeptus Prime of the Illuminati, and special investigator for the Committee for the Surrealistic Investigation of Claims of the Normal," she said, offering a hand.
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  14. Emily Loveless
    Emily was lost in her own world. One her head were headphones that blared pop music. She had her eyes closed and was singing along to just about all the songs. She smiled happily, tapping her foot to the beat. She was so lost in the music Emily didn't even realize they where there.

    Emily opened her eyes and removed her headphones in time to hear someon yell 'awesome'. She immediatley looked around then relaized they were there. "Crap!" She yelled and grabbed her lugge handles. She ran to the board and calmed herself. Through her headphones you could clearly hear the song Hero by Sterling Knight. A light blush formed on her cheeks, making them warm. She walked down the plank, her luggage following behind her.

    When she was on the dock Emily walked over to Chris. Her brown hair was up and her green eyes showed embarresment. She looked into the camera, ignoring every one else. "Sorry. I'm Emily Loveless. I was kinda lost in my music. Once again, sorry." She said kindly then looked over at the others curiously.

    She soon got tired of watching them and looked at the island. "Whoa." She said, a smile appearing on her face. Emily grabbed the handles of her luggage and rolled them behind her as she past the camera man so shs was able to look at the island witjout feeling watched.
  15. Sierra Rose almost fell herself trying to save Lizzy from tripping. ""Whoa there girly! Its a good thang you caught yaself on tv." She stood back up now and looked over the simple glasses, quite, skinny looking book worm type female girl that called herself Lizzy.Sierra couldn't help but give her a welcomed warm smile as she greeted her with enthusiasm, "It's Sierra Rose. " she pointed her thumbs back at hersef. "Nice to meet you Lizzy.Dontcha worry 'bout those cams chicka. Its the competition ya need to keep in check." Her last words whispered to Lizzy as she crossed her arms tapping her right foot.
  16. |||Aria|||
    Aria could already tell from one glance that she was hear for the money, not for the men. She screamed premadana. Like she had never lost anything in her life. Well, that was most likely to come at the end of this, but she decided to remain passive for now and not talk to her. Talking to her would meant they had meet, it would mean that they had some form of interaction, and it would honestly probably be negative. So for the good of getting along, she ignored her and stayed in her own world.
    Alex walked down the steps with confidence, her ponytail swinging as she rolled down one of her suitcases. There was a man behind her, carring a few more of her bags, and she pointed to a spot, where he set them down. Alex adjusted the strings on her jacket as she observed the crowd, her muscles in full view thanks to the short sleeved shirt. She cleared her throat, and stared down at them, her passive face almost murderous as she turned away. Having girl friends was uninteresting to her. They where soft, and squishy, not a chance she was going to hang out with them.
  17. Korrey had been busy wondering how he would deal with Monty's territorial attitude when it came to who ever his partner was, when he heard a splash in the water. Looking up he saw a girl in a strange, gothic get up half swim, half walk out of the water. Putting two and two together, Korrey immediately realized he must have pushed her over into the date in his mad dash to catch Monty. When the girl came his way he decided that he would apologize, it was only the right thing to do. He also made sure that he kept his sunglasses all the way up, so that his eyes were in no way visible to the drenched Gothic princess.

    "Hey I'm Sorry abo-" He began but quickly stopped as she began talking, paying close attention to her comment on Monty. He knew that she meant nothing by it, but calling Monty evil based on his looks, made him remember some not so pleasant times in kindergarden and the 1st grade, where he would always here the parents of other kids tell them to stay away from him, that he was a demon, an evil entity that they should never interact with. He ripped his shoulder in anger, trying his best to keep from going off on the girl, Imojen as she had introduced herself, she was just commenting on how he looked and seemed to think it was cool. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

    "Look, Imojen, I know you didn't mean anything by it, but please never call Monty 'Evil' again. He maybe be a mean, little fucker, but you shouldn't but such labels on him just because of how he looks. Now that I've dealt with that, let me introduce myself. My name is Korrey McCarthy, this is Montichello, but you can call him Monty as it's less of a mouthful. And i have absolutely no idea what the hell any thing you said after your name means, nor am I overly curious to find out." As he spoke to the girl, he gave small glances to the other girls who had come out, especially the last one who was glaring at all the girls near the host like she was about to kill them. she was a fighter, and the sight of her awakened his not-so-dormant urges to start some shit and get a good fight going. He(just barely) surpressed the urge, as he was sure that it wouldn't be appreciated and he was probably on thin ice as it was,

    'I'm going to have to meet with her later for a couple rounds on the mat, it's been to long since I've had a good fight.' he thought, scratching Monty in the spot he liked right between his ears. Monty was also looking over the competition, except he was making an actual analysis of them, seeing if any of them were a threat to his master.

    He didn't understand a lot about humans, but he did know that they all seemed to have trouble finding a good mate, and Monty was determined to keep his master reasonably happy. and that required a good mate. He gave the strange girl who had walked up to them a glare when she called him evil, having heard such phrasing before and had taken the appropriate actions to ensure they never did while being anywhere near him again. He would have done the same to this girl, but Korrey had made it clear that biting people while they were here was a bad idea, and had bribed Monty with a bunch of his favorite treats t not bite anyone else. Monty had so far kept his end of the margin, but if any of these human's crossed the Monty's line or tested his patience, treats or no treats, they were getting fucking bit.
  18. Ohcrap! Imojen thought, seeing both boy and rabbit tense with anger.

    "I'm so sorry. You're right. But I never meant to say I thought he was actually, literally evil. More like cosmic mischief? And I like cosmic mischief." Imojen lifted up a foot, balancing unsteadily on the other. She waggled her two toes, enclosed in a specially-made black shoe, her foot resembled a cloven hoof. "I've been called 'Devil Feet' all my life. There have been people, kids mostly, who actually thought I'm a Devil-spawn. And they...'reacted accordingly,' I guess you could say. So I'm very sorry. I don't ever want to be one of those people to you and Monty." She said all this still teetering on one leg.

    Seeing motion out of the corner of her eye, she glanced over. One of the TV people, standing off camera, was trying to wave her over to join the girls.

    "I'd better go. Maybe we can talk again later? I'm sorry we got off on the...wrong foot, she said, waving goodbye with her toes before walking over to join the other girls. Thankfully, one of the TV people had gone up and retrieved her trunk, to keep it from blocking the gangway for anyone else. There were more girls now, one of whom was putting on quite a "gun show" with her sleeveless shirt. She was built like a lioness, and made it a point to stare everyone down the same way. Imojen deliberately gave her a smile. It's just like school. There's mean people. So I just have to find fun where I can find it, she thought. Besides, unlike school, she can't actually beat me up. There were cameras to play for--and with--now, so her spirits lifted.

    "Hello, I'm Imojen Delaney, Captain-General of the Empire of Floating Texas Airship Corps." As she said this, she reached into her handbag and pulled out a leather flip-fold badge holder, similar to the ones FBI agents used, except hers had several slip-cases. She slipped a finger under the second one, then flipped it open and held it up in a practiced motion. Inside was a card that said, The Bearer of This Card is a Genuine and Authorized POPE of the Church of Erisian Discordianism. Please Treat Her Right.
  19. Mona Fiorella Voclain.

    Mona kept her spot right next to the hose and stared at the other girls with eyes that feigned curiosity. It was easy for her to learn something about each girl from a glance, considering she just stood there with her chin up instead of diving into a conversation. Mona's periwinkle eyes danced around the deck as she scoped out everything. She wanted to loosen up and have a fun time while she was here, but the fact that a million dollars was on the line caused Mona's loud and cheeky self to shrink more and more.

    She just saw a rabbit who gave her a stink eye, there's a girl who looks like her muscles could easily lunge Mona into the waves below, one person just held up what she briefly thought was an FBI Badge, and she could barely keep her own head on straight when people around her were falling. She mumbled a few French curses that her parents would have grounded her for, and tugged on the sleeve of the host. "How long is this going to take, Monsieur?" Mona murmured, trying to make her voice loud enough.

    At school, Mona was always the one people surrounded. When she walked down the hall, she had her own squad behind her and there would always be a clear path waiting for her even if the hall was completely full. She was always the top-dog with the prettiest smile and brightest eyes. However, she couldn't help but feel incompetent when she was surrounded by people who were virtually better in her in every aspect. Most of them were pretty, if not gorgeous, and it seemed like every had their own special talents. Mona's hand started anxiously twitching again, and she looked around to find someone to talk to. She looked at a camera nearby to give it a cocky grin, hoping that no one just noticed the fleeting mental crisis she just had in her mind.

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  20. Jaelyn

    Jaelyn kept to herself way to the island. The one she brought with her that hold any value to her was her guitar.
    She kept the case close by as she kept an eye on everyone, her way of getting to know everyone.
    Usually Jaelyn would be at home watching these things and making fun of the contestants, now she is one of them.
    Apart of her wondered how the band back home was doing, although at the moment she wasn't exactly happy with them. She only agreed to come here for the prize money. She was told she needed a love life though so why not give it a try?
    Jaelyn waited as her name was announced to get of the boat.