The Game of Life

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Yaoi, FANTASY , magical, romance, every day, drama, violence, alpha/beta/omega verse (I have been craving an in depth roleplay for this)
Your character is a famous idol known across the world for his amazing voice and his breathtaking acting skills. Every girl wants him, every guy wants what he has, but your character has a secret. He never wanted to sing or act. In fact, your character always wanted to be something else when he grew up (what he wanted to be, you can pick.) What more, your character doesn't just have women on his radar when it comes to romance. To top it all off, his family has a history of illness in the male side that can kill quickly. His grandfather had it and passed away, his father had it and died when he was very young, and he is routinely sent to the hospital to check for any signs of this odd disease. Of course, all of this is kept secret to the media. He's lucky that nothing has leaked being so advanced into his career.

Then he wakes up in his hotel while on tour, a mystery man in his bed with him after a wild, drunk night on the town. Checking all social media, no one seemed to see him go into the room with this male... Little did your character know, one drunk night would change his whole life.

And it all starts with a business card.

This will be a malexmale roleplay. Looking for someone willing to share their ideas and a dominant. I just want a minimum of one paragraph and to have fun. Thanks for reading!
Not open for further replies.