The Game of Honor

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    In the brink of dawn, the soldiers ran through the courtyard, servants scattered around, and everyone was at panic. The queen woke up in a scream to find blood on her bed, where the king should have laid asleep. His body wasn't there, but it seemed his blood is. Her three sons are missing, but her two daughters was untouched. Everyone was ordered to search the whole castle, when they didn't find the king and the three princes, they were ordered to search the whole country. A month had passed, the queen is devastated, none of the official at court can comfort her. It seems that the only person who is keeping her sane was the king's close adviser and general Lord Solemn.

    All hoped was almost lost, when the court received a letter of ransom.

    The Lionclan has your king and your heirs. Give us the Sword of Ice and we will set them free.
    You have until the end of the Festival of the Silver Sun to bring the sword.
    Find the Cave Between the Five Mountains of Almorea. Bring your prized warrior and a companion.
    Try and bring more than the two and we will kill your king and your heirs.

    Two warriors was immediately sent, but something was wrong. The king's adviser, upon their departure, was immediately crowned Lord Chancellor of the land, and his son, his heir.

    The warriors left with three questions in mind.
    Why did the queen agreed Lord Solemn be the one to be the Chancellor and not her?
    Why immediately surrender the sword?

    And, why only send two warrior to go back and forth and retrieve the king, without back up?


    Lady Leona Fay Edela
    Order of the Light-First Circle
    House of Edela

    Daughter of Lord Bellroi Edela and Lady Eolande Edela
    Age: 23
    Birth: February 13-Day of the Red Sun

    Eyes: Peircing Violet Eyes usually contains hard looks to everyone
    Hair Color: Baby Blue hair, short cut at the back and long cut on the front
    Skin: Pale White Skin
    Face: Round with a touch of angular features, scar by the left eye due.
    Lips: Red lips, always in a comical line or frown.

    Positives: Critical Thinker § Faithful § Independent

    Negatives: Arrogant § Quick-Tempered § Quarrelsome

    Leona was born to a family of warriors. Her eldest brother became Lieutenant General right after he graduated from the academy and entered the Order of the Light. Her second and third brother, twins, finished the academy and after a year both became Major and Captain and entered the Order of the Light. Her father retired when she born, the fourth child and only daughter, and became a minister of the court. Her mother is a distinguish lady-in-waiting to the queen. She was educated to become a prominent lady in court, and possibly marry a high ranking lord, or possibly one of the prince.

    But being a lady in court was never her interest. She became her father's number one admirer. Yes, she can be like her mother, she has the talent to, but she also has the talent of her father and brothers, and she choose to follow on their footsteps. She wasn't the first female to enter the Academy. There are ten candidates of entry each year and only one, sometimes two, who pass through four years of the Academy.

    It didn't take a genius to see Leona is like her brothers. She's good in history, and strategy, and is very firm. She can do things on her own, and can work in a group and lead them. Those qualities have been her father's and brother's, and she's like a female version of the warrior family. She wanted to be like her father, but she wanted to make her own legacy and a mark on history, as Leona the Female Warrior, no Leona from the Family of Edela.

    Lord Warren Rae Kallan
    Order of the Light-First Circle
    House of Kallan
    Son of Lord Orin Kallan and Lady Shea Kallan
    Age: 28
    Birth: November 19-Day of the Gold Sun

    Eyes: Golden Eyes, always with spark and mmischievousgleam
    Hair Color: Dark Auburn Wavy Hair, usually unruly.
    Skin: Light Tan Skin
    Face: Strong Angular Face.
    Lips: Voluptuous Lips always formed in a smirk.

    Positives: Brave § Generous § Passionate

    Negatives: Flirtatious § Indiscreet § Prideful


    Warren came from a family of pure nobility, he was expected to enter the academy and join the military for several years and be trained to become the heir of his father. But when his time came up to take his father's position, he didn't take it. He declined and gave it to his younger brother. His father was furious, but he never cared. He continued his position as Major General and an officer in the Order of the Light. He received his own land and title from the king, something he himself worked hard for.

    Despite him being the golden boy in the kingdom, he has his own bad reputation among the nobleman. He is a Casanova, who never look back once he got what he wanted. A secret, a kiss, a treasure, or even a girl. He doesn't hide it, and never really cared for what the other nobleman thinks of him.

    What most doesn't know, he never had any good relationship with his family, except his younger brother. Never did he care to visit them after he had declined to be his father's heir to the title. He wanted to make something of himself, with his own efforts. He never accepted help from anyone else. He hated when he was helped from a situation he cannot come out from, to him owing a dept was something to be ashamed of, especially from being a warrior.

    *My preference is always female. So I am looking for a partner who loves to play the male.
    *If there is anything you want to change about the male character, I'm always open for discussion :)
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