The Game of Choices

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  1. One Regular Day At School:


    You get to your regular class, sitting down in your regular seat and twiddling with your regular mechanical pencil as you halfheartedly listen to your absolutely regular teacher. Nothing could be more boring, especially after cramming last night and getting hardly any sleep. As the class nears its' end, the Intercom blares its' Good Morning phrases, reciting the scores of sports games and scholarship applications... the like. However, it catches your attention as it does a siren sound, meaning something "fun" for everyone. You listen, as it was apparently important.

    "Now, as everyone knows, the Carnival is taking place this weekend! We just want to remind everyone that if you attend, you are showing school pride! As our way of showing all of you how much we appreciate everyone participating, we have placed random prizes throughout the carnival: On the rides, in the booths, even just laying on the ground somewhere! We hope this is enough incentive for people to come out and enjoy the Carnival... and with that,
    Have a great Friday, everyone!"

    That was the signal to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and everyone automatically recited in monotone, sinking into their chairs once they finished. You, however, wondered at what these "prizes" were.

    You decide to go to this Carnival, if not only for the prizes then to have fun


    Saturday, Day One of Carnival:

    As you arrive at the carnival, it is very overwhelming to the senses and you take time to dissect everything about this place that just makes you feel like jumping in and never leaving.

    Colors: Only limited to the imagination, the balloons showed to the retina reds, yellows, greens, and blues, even as the crazy LED's reflected pink and cyan and purple. Amusement Park rides flare their own color schemes, each one seemingly more enticing than the next. One of weak stomach wouldn't be able to watch just one spot at a time, when more than 5 colors passed in 5 seconds along each and every crevice and corner to see.

    Scents: The sickly sweetness of Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, and Soda Pop pervade even the total greasiness of Mega Hot Dogs, Cosmic Hamburgers, and even the Gigantic Turkey Legs. Authentic Food was pricy, and most vendors created a profit from selling the stuff of kid's delights, only to have them throw it all up as they ride The Spinner, fashioned as a spider weaving it's web.

    Sounds: They surround you, never ceasing and always loud. The screams of happy kids and yelling parents wasn't even the half of it; even the air gave off its' own hum as the echoes reverberated from the Gaming Stalls, Haunted Houses, and Amusement Park rides. Beeps, blips, gunshots, roars, and the tinkling melodies from every ride would any normal person hearing damage, if they were to be in a prolonged state of having to hear it, day and night. You feel slightly piteous of the carnival workers, and their low pay, but then again this wouldn't be a bad job.

    Now here comes the fun part; Choices!

    Where do you wish to go first?

    〉 ~ Type what you would do if you were to:
    Approach a food vendor: You want to get that appetite taken care of early!

    〈 ~ Type what you would do if you were to:
    Go on one of the Amusement Park rides: That's the funnest thing when it comes to carnivals!

    〉 ~ Type what you would do if you were to:
    Wander around the Carnival Area, viewing everything: Who knows, maybe you'll find one of the Prizes the school was talking about?

    〉 ~ Type what you would do if you were to:
    Leave immediately: This Goddamn Carnival will be the death of you!
  2. Who didn't like prizes? More importantly who didn't like FREE prizes that was just lying around?

    Crescendo loved rides, food, and ripoff game booths, butbhe really wanted to see what the prizes were. He reached into his black hoodie and pulled out his red bandanna tied and tied it around his cut mouth before beginning his search.

    He kept his eye to ground as he walked hoping to spot what he was looking for.
  3. As Crescendo moved through the crowd, he could hear the multiple game booth owners, crying out to the people to "Hit the target and win a teddy bear!" and other such nonsense games. If he were to look up, he would've seen that he was approaching a large board with a map hung on it. This map depicted the whole Carnival, including a little "You are here" symbol, and it was definitely less flashy than the other things around the place. The major attractions included The Screaming Mansion; the scare house, The Spinner; the biggest ride out of the 6 there, and The Big Tent; the place where acrobatics were performed and taught.

    If Crescendo were to look up, he would see a young woman in front of the map, and would have recognized her as a girl who went to the same school as he did. She had brown hair that reached to her shoulders in front and was a slight bit higher in back, as is the style of the A-Cut, and kind-looking blue eyes, deep as the sea. They were framed by magnificent eyelashes, lengthened through mascara, and her bangs hung around the sides, revealing a butterfly drawn onto her forehead by one of the face painters. Her lips formed a natural pout, and she looked childish in her innocence. Her outfit was modest, a plain pair of jeans and a sweater that seemed a little too large as if hung past her hands a bit, but then again it was cold outside. Her sneakers were plain white, yet had hand-drawn designs on them that looked tomboyish.

    What do you do?

    ~ Approach the girl
    ~ Continue your search for prizes
  4. Crescendo would approach the girl
  5. The girl seemed to not notice Crescendo until he had come close, then she turned away from the board with a worried look on her face, which was swiftly whisked away when she saw him. Smiling a bit, she greeted the newcomer,
    Hey, Crescendo. Tammy the Journalist, at your service!
    Giggling a bit, she turned back to the board and spoke over her shoulder,

    I was just recording the biggest places here, and I'm putting them in the school's newspaper so that more people wanna come tomorrow, or the next.
    Looking at Crescendo again, she gained a thoughtful expression as she asked,

    What are you doing here?

    What do you say?

    ~ Deflect the question

    ~ Answer truthfully

    ~ Ask Tammy about prizes
  6. Crescendo answers truthfully
  7. (( Feel free to do longer posts, I don't mean to dominate the whole thing ;) ))

    Tammy raised her eyebrows when he replied, then laughed a little,
    Oh, you're searching for the prizes, huh? Yeah, I don't think a lot of people from school would've come without them... guess they just needed a little incentive, huh?
    Moving her head to the side, she looked at his face with a toothy grin.
    Hey, wanna get your picture in the paper? The job you did with that "permanent smile" is absolutely marvelous! It totally looks as if you cut out your cheeks, but no one would do that.

    She got out her camera and showed it to Crescendo, expecting a response.

    How do you react?

    〈 ~ Decline politely

    〈 ~ Smack the camera out of her hands

    〈 ~ Let her take a picture
  8. When I said "Feel free to do longer posts...", I meant kind of like the first one you posted, @That0nePasta, just thought I should clarify =')
  9. (>_<" My computer sent the previous messages before I could finish the responses, and the connection kept failing both times so I couldn't complete them, sorry about that. And I don't think you're dominating :) I love this idea)

    Crescendo looks a bit thought a bit before agreeing to the picture "Sure, I wouldn't mind." He said grinning though it was hard to tell due to his 'smile'. 'But I'm not just anyone..." he thought resisting the urge to touch his mouth.

    "Is there any particular way you want me to stand?" He asked curiously.

    It was rare for anyone to want to take a picture of him and he wanted to do a good job with this photo.
  10. Tammy smiled even wider, exclaiming,
    Everyone usually just puts me off when I try and take pictures!
    Grumbling, she mutters,
    The only real pictures I've got are family only.
    Smoothing her hair back, she looked at him again, thinking for a little bit. Then her eyes lit up as she said,
    Oh my gosh! Um... see that pole over there?
    She motioned towards one of the light-posts, where they put up lanterns in the night time to light up the carnival when it gets dark.
    You should lean against it, with your hood up, and look at the camera. And make sure to smile, the whites of your teeth will contrast really well against the dark makeup.

    Do you agree to this idea?

    〉 ~ Change your mind

    〈 ~ Suggest something else

    〈 ~ Go with it
  11. (( Or you can do something else, if you think of anything better to do, @That0nePasta =3 ))
  12. Crescendo looks over at the post and thinks for a moment he loved the idea. It made him sound tough, though smiling, he wasn't that big on smiling.

    "I love the idea, but I was thinking maybe instead of smiling, what if I looked mischievous?" He asked curiously pulling his hood onto his head.
  13. Tammy nodded easily, raising the camera to her eyes.
    Yeah, that's fine. It'll still look really cool either way.
    She waited for him to pose, her lips raising into their own smile as she got more excited for the picture.

    I don't have anything to do here; you'll post what Crescendo'll do. =^~^=
  14. (( Oh sorry, I forgot about this... for 7 days... ;~; I don't know what to do except for wait, @That0nePasta ))
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