'The Game Master'. Anyone interested in an RP where all gaming universes collide with reality?

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  1. Nintendo, Sony , Microsoft, SEGA, Atari, Gaming Cabinets, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Activision, EA..and more.

    I'm sure we all went "If I could live in this world...." as gamers. Now's your shot!
    I'm thinking of a story where a mad Willy Wonka-esque villain uses some contraption to fuse gaming universes (multiverse theory) with reality. Join your favorite gaming heroes, or RP as them. Either join forces to stop the universes from colliding or..well just have fun. But imagine the conflict of certain heroes meeting each other..hmm.

    Also: I have no idea how people may receive this. It's not a full idea soo....any suggestions? I don't want to flesh out the plot if no ones interested so comment below if you are.

    Your Characters Here: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/game-master-video-universes-collide-character-sheets.50980/

    The Plot Thus Far:

    In the distant future, a mysterious new game developer and hardware manufacturer enters the grand console war between Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and those of the PC gamers. They call themself 'GameMaster'. E3 is upon them, and it's time to unveil their latest piece of hardware: The GM3 (GameMaster 3). The device? There isn't one. That's the catch. Everyone can play, from the disabled to the athletic. No controller, no turn on switch. You aren't the gamer. You are the game.
    The mysterious COO of GameMaster, Mr. Lancelot X. Caliber (That's right, I'm going to be cheesy), is unveiling his contraption on all of the E3 attendees at his live presentation. You were asked to fill in your favorite game before hand...and now?

    You're trapped inside that game universe! Or..is that universe trapped in your universe? Or are both of them the same now? Regardless, the GM Lancelot has total control over the game's obstacles. It's up to you and whoever else you can find to stop him before he somehow...(in a campy way) takes over...THE WORLD *lightning crackle*

    Now, company mascots also hate each other, hence the console war. RP with, become or watch your favorite mascots fight, save the world and stop the GM!

    Tell me if your interested...meanwhile...I'll be here...eating my mushrooms. d--(^_^)
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  2. ^ My sign of interest.
  3. I'm willing to play morrigan aensland 8D
    And also I like it. I like morrigan x dante from dmc that's why //dies.
  4. Definitely interested. I wonder if it would work best if each person played a game character and an OC, or else limit it to only game characters. I say this because I once tried something similar, and we just ended up with hundreds of fan girl OC's...
  5. Since this is my first time, Id gladly take advice from you once we've got suitable support for this idea.
    I'm going to need to plan it out. Probably going to say each person is going to have about 1 character outside of the videogame world.
  6. So One Character outside of the videogame world and one inside or just one outside?
  7. Maybe. Im still figuring it out. Meanwhile, I've put up a place to have your characters go in.
  8. You have peaked my interest...this is something I would like.
  9. Woah. Sorry guys I forgot about this thread. I will be posting in it soon ^_^"
    I hope everyone is still interested?
  10. I was wondering if this waas still alive. Glad it is :D
  11. Ofc it is. Feel free to start your Character sheets!
    Meanwhile, I'll be researching some stuff for opening a new Pokemon RP so I may take a while, but it is alive and well
  12. As a fellow nerd, this is seriously playing with my interests and I want a part of this!
    Is there a limit to who we can play from the gaming world? Such as; nothing before 2000? Or are you wanting to keep this very, "modern day-esc" for the solitary purpose of knowing the characters xD?
    I'm only asking because I go a little wild with artistic freedom of characters and I don't want to seem like GM'er or anything of the sorts :O That would be bad!
    Anyways, LOVEEE the idea! I hope to be apart of it :D!
  13. I am very interested in this RP :) I am still in the process of creating my characters and hopefully I'll be able to post them next week (since I'll be out of town this weekend).
  14. Im sorry Ive been gone. Things have happened. At this point though, Im waiting for your posts :P
  15. Looks interesting. I'm up for it. :) Got a fews things to do across the week but I'll go about looking through and hopefully completing the character sheet over the week.
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