The Game in Wonderland Begins

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  1. HELLO!

    This is the first time I've ever done this so please be easy on me and don't eat me! Here's a cookie instead! *Gives cookie* But this Role Play is a Alice in wonderland theme with of course a twist! Here is the plot I have so far also anything that seems unless or need change in anything please pm me and tell and explain to what it is and suggests to change for the better since I'm well new at this.

    How the story begins is with Alice coming into Wonderland but she comes there on her own because she has lost something important to her, her memories and how to feel and the only thing she knows if she wants them back and the only way she can is she must go here to Wonderland to find what she has lost. Everyone there is there for that reason they have lost something important to them and they have to find it there in Wonderland, it could be anything you would like but it has to have a reason why to it and once they start to find pieces of it (You don't understand now but you will soon) later on. For examples you have lost your sense of danger or fear. Everyone is already there, Alice is the last one to enter Wonderland so the 'Game' begins.

    What is this game I'm talking about? Here is the answer. When Wonderland was created a few number what appear to be children/teens where already there to begin with and built Wonderland what it has came to be today but they are not good, infact they are the reason why everyone is there because the children where the ones to steal what is important to them to make their world better. Why didn't they just take the whole person just what was important to them? Well you will find out but for now everyone there wasn't suppose to be there. Everyone went into Wonderland in their own free will to get what was important to them and the children let them stay there but then they realize that they were trying to take back what they have stolen from them. So they all decide to make a 'Game' and if they won this game they can keep what you have lost and go home unharmed but, if not they will take everything from you and they have to stay there in Woderland forever. Easy right? But here are the rules. For a side note they call themselves the Jabberwock, they children that is.

    1.) You shall not kill another player or try to purposely harm one. This will make everyone lose they game. (By the way you have all just lost the game! C;)

    2.) Everyone they have ever stolen from must be there to began. (This is why Alice is so important she was the last but they took the most from her and their key)

    3.) You can't win without everyone. (You guys will hopefully will figure this one out or my character will tell you)

    4.) If you are caught cheating or trying to you will be killed right then and there and everyone will lose.

    Rules simple right?

    Also while everyone is waiting for the last player (Alice) many have built or done things in Wonderland to their liking. For Example The Queen of Hearts becomes a queen she was not a queen when she came there but make herself queen. Another thing that every player has is their 'Titles' once again for the Queen of Hearts that's no her real name, what is there real name I have no idea it is up to the player who plays him/her. Also for the character you pick you can choose the way they look, act, ect ect but I must approve and I mostly will approve.

    NOW! I looking for people to be the original characters if they're no more characters or you come to me and tell me why you can't be one then I will let you make one up for this only if for can not. So here are the characters I need also when I have found someone to be that character I will but their name by it meaning it's been taken and another note. No fighting over a certain character please if so and it gets bad neither of you shall play that character and if forced play in this role play at all. Oh yes before I forget when humans or creature enter Wonderland they devolve strange trait most traits they get the base on their character if wanted to Peter White's hair turned white and get ears with a tail ans receive rabbit like traits just for example.

    Alice- Misuki (Me. Sorry!)

    Peter White- Iiana

    The Queen of Hearts- TheFoxMaiden

    The White Queen- Sakura

    The blue Caterpillar- Rssegrim

    Cheshire Cat- Hirohashi

    Mad Hatter- Tenchi-Roku

    Tweedledum- Daki

    Tweedledee- Daki

    Duchess- LadyAnya

    March Hare- Du Tari

    Jabberwock- Aira and Church

    Jabberwock (Pet)- DeathByIcecream (They are Aira and Church's pet)

    If you want to be someone who is not on the list pm me and we can work things out. ^^

    Thank you for your time and I how you like it!!! If any questions please ask me I will be more than happy to help you in any way!
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  2. i wanna play the queen of hearts i call it!
  3. Okay you can. Now you have to tell me this.

    Real name/'Title:



    What you have lost:


    History: How you got there, why, also mainly for people like you what did you do in wonderland and why?

  4. :D This amazing, Misuki-sama. I'd read it all but I've got school in the morning. ;_;

    I promise I'll read it soon!
    *rockstar finish pose*
  5. Thank you Tenchi! Can't wait to see who you are going to be! Bye!
  6. ill post a profile soon just i claim queen of hearts
  7. Iliana has claimed Peter White. Don't touch him or I bite you.

    I will complete my character soon.
  8. Alright alright. I'm glad you've join that makes me happy and well that I asked. I thought you wouldn't what to.

    Also I'm surprised you claim Peter white and foxy my dear I thought you would pick her. C:
  9. of course id claim her that was my nickname around here for like 5 years!
  10. Really? I never knew. O_o Then again I didn't join until some time ago. . . . . . >_>
  11. oh not on this site im talking about real life i carried around a queen of hearts card. i even got cards tattooed on my body lol
  12. Oh. I knew that. >///> Also shouldn't you be working on you e character Foxy?
  13. im hunting a pimp queen of hearts picture
  14. okay i have a question alright so we play people that had something stolen and then they turn into the main characters?
  15. No they are the character they change because they go into a new world and it changes them in some way and most of the time their 'Title' comes from that change. What I meant by something important stolen I meant when the children stole something from you like a part of you that was important. For example what they stole from me my memories and how to feel, there was a time period that I was able to feel pain, love, happiness and know who I am ect ect but the children stole that away from me. We went went there to go what was stolen from us also it could the ability to feel things like clothes, warm. ect or not being able to see there are many out there but you have to choose one and why it was important yo you. Make any more sense now?
  16. yes i got it i know what they stole from me hahahaha!
  17. Real name/'Title: Morgance Heart A.k.a Queen of Hearts

    Age: 17

    Morgance stands at the startling height of five feet. Her brown hair flows long enough to fall past her waist. Usually she keeps it in a high spiraling bun. While several strands fall over her usually green eyes. Though since she entered wonderland they hues had went red. The usual tan skin went pale and lifeless it would seem. So had her style of dressing. Usually wearing bright colors, it had changed to the dark colors of blood and night. A large scar in the shape of a X is marked over the place her heart would be.

    What you have lost: The very thing that thumped within her chest for seventeen years. They took away her ability to love and to feel kindness. At first she was shocked that she still stood. Not wanting to be medical phenomenon Morgance had chased the thieves into wonderland. That is when the changes within her became noticeable. Her feelings had changed into something cruel, and the need to dominate over took her. Now she is hell bent on finding her heart if not she will take over wonderland!

    Personality: Normally a wonderful kind girl. Though since her heart was taken she turned into a cruel sarcastic soul. The need to subject others to harshness is a usual thing for her. The feeling she is better than everyone else, or even royalty. Now she claims to be the queen of hearts. Despite the fact she no longer has her own. Will she stay a bitter queen, or return to be a fun loving teen. Only time will tell.

    History: Morgance was in school, and had felt sick. Wondering from her classroom she made her way to the bathrooms. Though on the way back in the solitude of the hallways. Creepy children attacked her, removed the very beating muscle from her chest. Leaving a large scar to show what once had been. Out of anger and loss she followed the children. They ran from the school to a near by park. Where a large oak tree sat in the very center. The children seemed to magically disappear. It to her several hours to figure out there was a large whole beneath the roots. She managed to squeeze through, falling down a large whole. That is when her very world change. Talking flowers, and several other creatures met her gaze. It was beautiful, and the need to take over to have this land to herself beat away at her. If I shall not get my heart back I will take this land instead. I will rule! She confessed aloud. Ever since she had been wondering about finding several things to add her in either of her plots.

    Extras: She is a meany!
  18. Nice foxy! I really like it a lot! Just keep up the good work! *Gives you a cookie*
  20. Real name/'Title: Aliona Reinhart, "Jabberwock"
    Age: 13

    Aliona (open)

    Personality: Mischevious, Cunning, Prudent, Sadistic, Greedy, Perceptive, Sharp, Artful and Playful.

    History: Aliona was there at the beggining, alongside her sister. Together they created wonderland to fulfill their needs but quickly, the two got bored of having everything. Because of their quick wit, intelligence, cunning and enjoyment of games. The two girls took somethings from living people, in order for those people to get it back they have to win their game - unharmed. If the people loose...well. All the more fun. It's a player beaten.

    When Wonderland was created Aliona helped making and built Wonderland what it has come to be. She is not who people thinks she is (good) Only one of the reasons why everyone is there. Because she and her sister were the ones to steal what is important to them to make their world better. Unintentionally, people managed to show up in wonderland. So they decided to make a 'Game' and if the players won this game, they can keep what they lost and go home unharmed... BUT if not. They will take everything from them and they have to stay here forever.

    Extras: Has an cool looking chainsaw she likes to 'play' with.

    (Note: I have spoken with Angel about this previously - it wasn't random.) =)