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  1. ((OOC: <<<<CHECK HERE FIRST))

    "Welcome to The Game!"
    The announcer booms, beaming at the small crowd of players. There was a slight buzzing sound and all of the player-made uniforms where replaced with the player's game uniform. The princesses in beautiful dresses, butlers in suits, maids in uniform, etc etc.
    "Now that I have your attention, I'll start with the bad news. You can NEVER leave this game. If you take your helmets off in the real world, you die. If you die in the game, you die in the real world. This is your new life."
    The announcer laughed. He liked his job.
    "Now. Each of you know your roles. Your jobs. Follow through them, and you will be fine. Any questions?
    Mia Pase shifted uncomfortably in her blue dress. She crossed her gloved arms, looking down, her brown hair covering her blue eyes. She didn't like this at all. This is not the game I signed up for.. she thought to herself, glancing around momentarily before looking back down.

    Azle Kate liked her outfit. She smirked, twirling the sword in her hand before sheathing it. She had no questions, but shifting her center of balance to her left foot, putting her hands on her hips, her red eyes glancing over everyone.
  2. Nicholas and Cian listened as the announcer said that they could never leave the game. The boys quickly looked at each other. Cian mouthed...did he just say-? Nicholas gave him a quiet nod, before letting his eyes roam around at the people standing before him. He nudged Cian, his chin jutting towards the princesses. Cian let out a smile not feeling so scared anymore.
  3. Ignis opened his eyes as he entered this new world, his arms crossed and his postured leaned as his friend Albus came into reality next to him. Albus stood there looking at the people and then looked to ignis " Huh..i always had a feeling you would be a butler Ignis " Ignis glanced at him and scoffed " I'm a butler because i have class unlike you, you savage " Albus collided heads with ignis " What did you just call me! " Ignis kept his head against Albus " Savage, This was your idea anyways " Albus eye twitched and he sighed " I didn't know we would never be able to leave. " Ignis leaned away back into his posture. " I forgive you " Ignis said, Albus shook his head " Prick "
  4. Crow stood at the back of the small crowd, listening to what the announcer was saying. His outfit had just been replaced to a simple, black outfit, including a shirt, long pants and some gloves. It looked like he had worn these clothes for days, as they already looked dirty and weren't in a very good state. This was his new life? He was supposed to be a thief for the rest of his life? He glanced at a couple of boys standing in front of him. Seeing the luxury outfits they were wearing, they were most definitely the ones who got the role of a prince. Why couldn't he get that role? The boy quickly looked around. Butlers. Warriors. A maid, a doctor. Even a jester. To sum it up, pretty much any kind of character that belonged in a kingdom was present...
  5. When Mia looked back down, Chrissy stared back up at her. She had always wanted to be a princess with her big sister and because of the pretty blue dress and crown she was wearing, it was official! Sure they could never leave, but they could make the most of things here, couldn't they? It sounds like so much fun!
    "Mia!" Chrissy hugged her older sister, her blonde locks blowing gently in the breeze. "We're princesses!"
  6. The announcer's smiled brightened, if that was even possible.
    "Well..Welcome to the Game! Off you go!"
    Each player was teleported to their respective spots. The royal family in their rooms, the butlers and maids inside the castle, guards by the door, warriors and thieves, including a few CP civilians where put in the village. The Game Begins.
    Mia yelped at the sudden change of surroundings. She paused before turning around. She had her own room, though her younger sister was standing there. Slowly, she backed out of the door, only managing to bump into someone dressed as a prince. She crossed her arms, sighing slightly. "Sorry." she muttered, looking around, trying to understand the situation.

    Azle blinked, the sun shining in her face. She stood up straight, striding right into the nearest house and closing the door. She looked around. It was already stocked, but open for take. She smirked. "Wow. Only a minute or two in the game and I have a house, without the need to steal anything." she smirked.
  7. "Wooow....this place is sooo pretty!" Chrissy exclaimed, having wandered over to the picture window in her sister's room. She's a pretty unobservant young girl, so she didn't even notice the boys in the room
  8. Walter surprised to hear the an announcer say there is no way out of this game and that his clothes changed into a suit and then he was also surprised when he was teleported into a huge castle which made him say "wow" and went around exploring it and meeting other trap players there.
  9. Seriana stood silently as the announcer as he explained the situation. She was not fond of this whole situation. However no escape posed a problem. Though Seriana wondered how true that statement was. It was possible an exit could be found. Obviously the announcer would not say so if there was. As she was pondering this Seriana found herself being transformed to a different location. The world regained focus and Seriana looked around. From the large stone walls and the hanging tapestries it was clear that she was now in a castle. "Follow your roles..." She said quietly to herself. Seriana looked down at the maid uniform she was wearing. "I am to serve the royal family. Perhaps I should find them." Seriana started to walk down the when she noticed a man in a suit (Walter). She walked up to him. "Excuse me sir." Seriana bowed at the waist when she said this. If she was to be a maid she might as well play the part. "I was wondering if you might be able to help me. It seems that have certain duties to perform. You wouldn't happen to know what they are, would you?"
  10. Never leaving? Everett didn't have a life anyways, but dying here counts as real life? crazy. When he got into his position he was at the door as a guard, he took his arrows and went to the highest point possible facing the front of the castle. Perfect spot.
  11. Azle walked out of her house, her hand resting casually on her sword. She walked around the village next to the kingdom. As she looked up, she smirked, respectfully saluting a guard she could see by the door. I'll get him later..
  12. what was Everett to do next? sit and wait? but if he were to sit and wait, what for? All he knew was that he was guarding the castle with his bow and arrow.
  13. Cian and Nicholas where transported to their rooms which were joined by a door, cain opened his door and grinned. "This is going to be exciting won't it brother?" Nicholas however did not share the same excitement, he was beginning to feel uneasy about the situation. The game would never end? Something definitely felt weird. He shook his uuneasyness away and smiled at Cian. "Why don't we go meet some of the others? "
  14. Being teleported, Crow suddenly found himself in the middle of a village. He looked around. It seemed like he landed in a market street. He was surrounded by many people, but none of them seemed to be a real player, like he was. There were plenty of stalls, selling items like clothing, food, weapons... Crow realized it was the perfect place for him to fulfill his role as a thief. Right, that was his new life. From now on, he would have to rely on stealing to be able to live. Crow decided it would be best to wait and explore the village first. That way, he could find out where the best hiding spots are, or at least he would be able to find his way around, which could come in handy in case he was in danger.
  15. Mia sighed, stepping out the door. "Chrissy?" She glanced back and sighed, walking over and picking her younger sister up. "Want to explore?" Her sister was the only one other than the maid who Mia had a soft spot for.
  16. Chrissy held on tight to her older sister, who had suddenly scooped her up and away from the window. She widened her large blue eyes at Mia's suggestion and gave her a huge smile. "Yeah! Do you think we'll make friends? Maybe with a dragon!" Chrissy squirmed in Mia's arms, nearly forgetting what happens when she gets too excited. Chrissy's skinny body shivered as her heartbeat picked up speed. "Let's-s g-go!" She winced, trying to ignore it by taking deep breaths
  17. Mia frowned slightly. "Shh...calm down." she said gently, holding her sister and pausing in her walking, looking at her sister with a soft, yet worried expression. " need to calm. Okay?" she said sweetly, her eyes watching her sister's eyes carefully. "Please?"
  18. Everett looked around at people doing their roles, some were ven freaking out, and some were getting a bit more excited than they should, obviously nobody ever thought this over, won't they miss their families in the world anyways?
  19. Azle wandered around a while before she saw someone (Crow). She smirked. "Hey are?" She asked, putting her hand on her hip, her other hand still resting casually on her sword, her red eyes curious, her head tilted to the left slightly, her blonde hair pulled back.
  20. Chrissy nodded, a little too fast and jerky with her movements. But she kept breathing. "Kay Sissy." She laid her blonde little head in her sister's shoulder, nuzzling against her neck sweetly. "Let's goooo." She whispered, eyes still sparking with suppressed excitement. She had always dreamed of adventure, even though she knew it could be dangerous. More so for her because she gets sick so easily. But she didn't care. She lived as freely as she could, trying to be normal or even better than normal now that she's a princess!
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