The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women

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  1. "‘Learn Her Skills, Honor Her Sword, Keep Her Secrets"

    A prestigious, all-girls school, for "privileged snobs". Residing about two miles from the small town of Roseville, Virginia and half a mile away from Highway 10. To all this small town school seems like your average all girls prep school. However only those who attend this prep school know that this school is anything but what it appears to be.

    In fact, Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women is an institution for talented young women to study espionage. This school trains the young minds of today to protect and guard the nations secrets and always watch your back.

    It's your first year at Gallagher, your a sophomore so that means you're starting on sub level 1. This is Covert Operations and this year, it's about to get veery very real.

    Anything can happen at Gallagher, in fact driving a get away car, speaking 4 different languages, and using a laser to cut your way out of a air conditioning unit is an everyday activity. So the question is, are you ready to become a Gallagher Girl?

    Hehe I loved this book series and I have a reallllly intense plot for this basic scene. Tell me if you're interested! :)​
  2. I'm so interested! :D I've never read the book series though.
  3. This looks cool, but not much knowledge, or accurate knowledge on this sort of stuff though :( haven't read the books either.
  4. That's perfectly fine, no prior knowledge is required
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  5. I'm interested as well!
  6. I'm interested.
  7. Yay interest! So does anyone have any plot ideas they think would be cool?
  8. Hey there, this sounds like something hella fun to do.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a school for girls, who might potentially turn into secret spy agents one day like for the government or whatever secret organization whatever else there is later on in life? So that means like, no superpowers, spiritual, demonic, ritual things, right? Just some modern day cracking/hacking, infiltrating, Mr and Mrs Smith kind of action?
  9. Yes it would be all modern day. No magic of any kind
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  10. Sooo since no one suggested any plot ideas... IT IS MY TIME TO SHINE!
    How about the schools been infiltrated and school secrets are being released to enemy forces and screwing up the girls missions?
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  11. ^ That sounds like a delicious plot.

    I'm not sure what to really contribute at the beginning stages of the RP. The girls are basically starting at the very bottom, level one, and ... even if the girls had been on the streets, trained fighter, naturally born with animal/fighter instincts, prestigious background, won tournaments, isolated shy hacker, (and whatever other classic fighter girl stereotype there is) none of them can really do anything at all against those who are older than them, let alone enemy spies. Let's be real, no one can do anything at level one.

    Do our characters need to be friends? Are we going with the stereotypical like 'one (wo)man job' through the whole thing where we have an army of Ice Queens and Ice Princesses at the school because we take the spy stereotype that far? If not, I would suggest getting the characters to know each other before they're thrown together for some wild 'survive on this island, we'll pick you up after 2 months' don't make it happen. Poor example.

    It might be boring, but maybe we could stretch this RP out in Arcs? Like in the beginning we're getting used to things, Arc 2 we get some missions and then we're thrown together for one big assignment (and like Polystical suggested, it could be dealing with a rival school/enemies taking secrets), Arc 3 ... someone can bring something up and so on.

    Another note, I'm not sure if this RP is just interest or if there's another an OOC thread somewhere, but there isn't a CS yet. So maybe, as First Years, or newcomers, the girls could spend it by getting familiar with studying (we could always pull together like, a 'notebook' of the 'lesson') getting acquainted with a particular weapon/gadget/gear or fighting style (probably much later).

    I apologize if I may be taking things really far out, these questions have just been burning at the back of my mind for a while.

    I must also confess that I've never read the book, that this RP ... is kinda based on? It seems that most people here haven't read it either, so is there anything in the book that we could 're-enact' or any major plot events that we could take from the book?
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  12. Also what's the series called because I wanna read it. :o
  13. Thank you both for the ideas. I think I'll start the OOC tomorrow if I find some time to really make it good! I'm really excited for this one to play out. Also the series is called the Gallagher Girls.
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  14. xD Haa, I actually read the first book in that series, I just didn't know it was a series. :3
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  15. Went and checked out the books, I like the background and settings for the school, but romance driven plot isn't the most interesting. So will the RP be more of a light mood like the books or will it be heavier?
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