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The Galaxy's Strongest

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by The Dapper Mog, Jul 1, 2016.

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  1. DBZ! Am I right? Well, I have a simple story concept in mind based on the universe of Dragon Ball Z. So, the premise is that a warrior from a faraway planet holds a tournament to bring the most powerful warriors in the galaxy to a single location, to fight it out and see who deserves the title of the mightiest warrior in the galaxy. Of course, there is more going on than this, but, in the world of DragonBall, the promise of a good fight is usually enough to bring the protagonists running.

    This rp will be for a group of up to six, but I warn you now, the rp will be pretty strict. I will be effectively playing the enemy the entire time, running the game like a good old fashioned dungeon master. I'll guide players through the scenes and serving as their opponents during battles.

    I also must warn you that if you join, this'll be run like a dictatorship. In order to ensure fairness between players and that the narrative isn't adversely affected, everything I say goes. If I say your attack missed, it missed. If I say an enemy grabbed you, he grabbed you. Don't worry, though, I wouldn't want to just power through all the players and just make the thing a slugfest. I promise to be fair, but, I want to drive home the point that I don't want to hear arguing or complaining if your Character gets hit with an attack or misses with something big, just because you feel it shouldn't have.

    Anyway, the primary goal is to have fun, and enjoy playing out the scenario, not to play some power fantasy. Your characters can be powerful, but an obvious mentality to keep is this; there is aways someone stronger. I also hate it when players try to bicker with others about their characters being greater, or what have you. Don't try to make it a dong measuring contest. Please and thank you.

    Any questions? Just ask. I'll be adding a legitimate plot outline along with a sheet soon.



    Ki Color:
    Power Rating: (Between 1,000 and 10,000)

    Skills: (Techniques and abilities, like the Kamehameha and Flight respectively.)


    Distribute 40 Points

    Strength: (Physical strength)
    Endurance: (Physical endurance and Stamina)
    Agility: (Overall speed and maneuverability)
    Intelligence: (Smarts and wits)
    Willpower: (Mental endurance, stability, and fighting Spirit)
    Power: (Effectiveness and destructive power of ki)
    Potential: (Special stat determining your latent and hidden potential)​
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  2. Let me just take that number 1 spot real quick.
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  4. Short sheet added.
  5. [​IMG]

    Raizen Nakamura

    "I'm the proud age of 24. Still within my prime."

    "I dunno if I should be insulted or flattered." (Male)

    "The only race that has been going through my family forever...I hope." (Human)

    - Great Potential
    - High power level for someone of his race
    - Unwavering Spirit
    - Physical Genius (Unknowingly)

    "What Weaknesses?"
    - Not Specialized
    - Slow on the uptake
    - Pushes his limits
    - Kind-Hearted

    Ki Color:

    Power Rating:

    Ki Techniques:
    Kamehameha: A blast of energy that focuses all of the ki in the users body into 1 point which is then released as a beam of pure destructive energy.

    Spirit Ball: Raizen creates a ki ball that he launches at the enemy, but unlike a standard ki blast he can control this one allowing it to act as a homing missile that follows until it either hits the target or another object.

    Dodonpa- Much like the Kamehameha the Dodonpa focuses energy into a single point in the body except this technique is more so used for its piercing capabilities rather than raw destructive force.

    Mimicry- This is the technique that allows Raizen to let his natural talent shine. He only needs to see a move done at least 3 times for him to get the hang of it, but it is limited to only something he can, both physically and mentally, pull off.

    Full Power Kamehameha: Its just like his regular version except that Raizen puts his all into this move making its effects deal double the amount of punishment; although he rarely uses this since it leaves him in a state of weakness after its preformed.


    Distribute 40 Points

    Strength: 5
    Endurance: 5
    Agility: 5
    Intelligence: 5
    Willpower: 5
    Power: 5
    Potential: 10
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