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  1. Everybody at the Bootleg bar were either bounty hunters, assassins or criminals from different planets.
    As one glob creature swallowed a man a giant beetle was arm wrestling with a tree man.
    Suddenly the door opened and everyone turned to see a normal looking, and attractive woman. Humans don't roam along this area, if they were then they either are brave or stupid. The young woman scanned the bar with her dark chocolate eyes. Female humans were rare these days. The creatures stared as she stepped into the
    bar, the old wood creaked. Acting normal when everyone was staring at you was hard, especially if they were creatures from different planets.
    "Hello" she said with a smooth, gentle brittish accent.
    Wearing a dark blue tank top showing off her curves and cargo pants with a Black trench coat reaching to her ankles, she kept walking.
    The bartender gave her a funny look as she sat down. "One cider please" she said as she put her long brown gorgeous hair in a high ponytail, leaving her long bangs to either side of her face.
    The creatures continue to stare as the bartender left.
  2. One man at the bar didn't look up when the woman entered. Sitting a bit off from two blue skinned aliens at the counter, the man was wearing a leather robe with a dark hood hiding his face. He lifted an eyebrow when she greeted the people in the bar, but he just took another sip of his drink. It wasn't often he met fellow humans around here, especially not ones who dared walk around publicly like that. He would watch for now.
  3. One alien from a trash planet in sector 9 walked up to her, he was bald, brown and wore no shirt leaving everyone to stare at his flabby disgusting body. "Hey there sweet cheeks" he smiled and sat down next to her.
    "The names Zara" she said "I prefer Zara."
    The creature laughed obnoxiously, "of course doll face."
    Zara rolled her eyes and grumbled "I bet your a hit with the ladies."
    "My names Onally, but you can call me anything you want!" the creature continued.
    Zara sighed "I know where your going with this and im not interested."
    A tree creature in the corner chuckled "shes a pistol Onally, you sure you can handle her?"
    Onally grabbed Zara's face and lifted it up so she was looking at him. "This girl doesn't have much of a choice...almost all the humans have been wiped out..." the creatures all over the bar laughed as Zara looked sad for a moment. She then thought of something and smirked "I'd rather be with no one then be with someone like you" she told Onally. Everyone looked shocked as Onally grew furious and quickly got up leaving the bar. The bartender gave Zara a cider and Zara sniffed it then rolled her eyes again and threw it across the room. Whipping out a lazer pistol from her pocket she pointed it at the barkeeper "I will not be sold at the black market! Do you take me a fool? Bring me something thats not drugged!"
    The barkeeper ran away and Zara sat back down.
  4. That woman is a fire pistol. Thought David as he watched the display from the corner of the bar. He could not hold back a smirk as the blotted creature retreated through the front door. When he turned his attention back to the young woman he noticed a glass was flying towards him. In an instant he dodge it as it slammed against the wall over his head and shot out in multiple pieces. The lizard to his right began pointing and laughing at David. The smirk was reinforced by a smile at the laughing lizard before David threw a quick punch at the creatures face sending it off the chair. Had to put an end to that before i drew attention my way. He thought as he slid his hand along his short cut hair, the cut of a soldier. His light blue eyes searched the room to see that his action did not gain much attention and he was able to relax once more. He could not screw up this task his commanding officer dropped on his lap not more than a week ago. David thought it was a joke to follow a woman around. Why was she so important? He thought. Yes the human race was short on numbers but there were clearly enough of us around to ensure the race. David knew not to ask questions so he accepted the task and has been following this woman. He was only to observe, not intervene that was made clear to him.

    David felt the scar on the left side of his face fill with liquid from the exploded glass of drugged flooded that was swung at him earlier and wiped it from his hand. He brought it up to his nose and took a deep breath through his nostrils. She was right..He thought as he dappled a little on his tongue. These creatures wanted to poison her for slavery of some sort. She was going to get herself in a lot of trouble and David was not sure if she was going to get out of it by herself. That was when David noticed the other human at the bar not to far from her. Two humans at this bar? Something a'int right here. He thought as he scratched the side of his neck. Maybe this was why he had been following her for such a long time now. He would just have to wait and see what their reactions are to one another. It would prove that his observation would have to wait as the blotted creature she scared off earlier came storming back into the bar. And it looks like he brought friends..
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  5. The man chuckled silently by himself when she threw the glass across the room. There was two kind of people. Those that learned to adapt the alien world, and those who decided to rebel against it. The lady was clearly the latter. As for himself... He had realized getting attention never was a good idea. Just like that other mysterious person who had dodged the glass. When he saw the alien creature return with two friends he quietly signaled his men. They acted fast, and soon the aliens was pushed back out of the bar without the rest of the guests noticing. The man rose from his seat and walked over to the human female. He removed his hood, revealing the face of an experienced mercenary. Dark hair and dark green eyes, the man looked a bit older than he was. He seat down next to her and revealed a unopened bottle with rare cider from the Paruta forest planet. He reached over the counter and took two glasses and opened the bottle. "I don't drink this stuff often, but at least it isn't poisoned". He filled the two glasses and placed the bottle on the counter.
  6. Zara smiled "thank you" she said "my names Zara" she said then sniffed the bottle. It wasnt anything against him, to make sure that he knew that she looked over at him. "You wouldnt believe how many humans could poison a girl as well" she then drank it. Zaras licked her soft pink lips "its delicious thank you" she said.
  7. Zara glanced over at the man back in the corner of the room. This man has been following her all day. They might have figured out that her father was a leader of the rebellion. She had to think of something.
  8. "Yeah. You would think a dying race would band together. Instead the United Human Military protect the rich bastards while the weak become exotic pets for aliens" The man grinned almost sadly before drinking the liquid in his glass in one go. "People call me Hunter". He filled their empty glasses. "So, what is a lady like you doing in a remote place like this? With those looks sneaking into a protected human colony shouldn't be a problem".
  9. "I just came to..." she paused for a moment. She wasn't sure if she should tell him about a rebellion that her fathers running in a forgotten planet. "I just decided to stop by...see what this areas all about." If he could gain her trust she would show him but she wasn't sure if he would even join.
  10. Hunter clearly didn't believe her. You don't just stop by. Especially not in a rough are like this. "So, how did you end up here anyway? Own your own ship or something?" He smiled at her while sneaking a look around the room.
  11. "My ship crashed, there's a repair shop nearby here" she quickly said as she watched him. In truth that did happen but a while back she was stolen and taken to the black market. Too young at the time to be a sex slave but old enough to work she constantly cleaned her masters house until she came of age. When he wanted to have her she refused and ran away, she's been on the run since looking for the rebellions hideout.
  12. David had reached towards his pistol holder ready to strike himself as the other bully creatures came storming into the bar looking for trouble. David knew he should not intervene but there would be no way that these three would stop him from finishing the mission at hand. Before he was able to intervene he saw that the only other male took control of the situation and once again David could relax. He took another sip from the same drink he had been nursing for the pass ten minutes as his eyes were now focusing on his target and the other human sitting closer and sharing a drink. There was no way this was a coincidence. He thought as he pulled out a small transporter from his clothing and placed it near his mouth before whispering. "I think we may have found another member." He whispered into the device. It was not a moment later that his ear piece replied an answer. Follow them. over. David rolled his eyes. He wanted nothing more than to have a vacation on the planet of Suwaya where there was nothing more than booze and cheap entertainment with the local females of that world.
    Once I am done with this, vacation here I come. He thought as he pulled out a small device from his left pocket and pointed it undetectable towards the two humans. He would now be able to focus their conversation better than over the loud and obnoxious bar.
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  13. "let's not go into detail about it" she said holding her drink. Suddenly a huge monster from a rich planet came in. "There you are my pet!" he said.
    "Shit!" Zara began and two men was about to grab her when she backed into a corner. One man was about to grab her but she grabbed him by his arm and threw him onto a nearby table. Everyone started cheering as the other man growled and pulled out a sword. She waited for him to swing and he did but she dodged and kicked him into another table. The rich monster laughed and took out a tazer. He tazed her and she fell to the ground groaning. He picked her up "sorry folks she was a run away slave"
  14. This was unexpected. Hunter had hoped to avoid a fight but that was no longer a option. While Zara was fighting off the two men Hunter looked down on his mobile device, ignoring the sound of a person getting thrown into a table. The ship was fully tanked and ready to go. Now all he needed was a recruit to replace the one lost under the last battle... Hunter walked up to the huge monster who now hold Zaro on his shoulder. Coming up from behind, he kicked the creature in its left leg forcing it down on it knees with a large growl. In a smooth moment he was holding a old human made Desert Eagle pistol to its back head and shot. The creature fell to the ground, the bar now deadly silent. Hunter walked over to the woman and lightly kicked her in the side to turn her around, "You will be better off if you come with me". He reached a hand down to her.
  15. Zara slowly sat up and held her head. She waved "just give me a moment..." the monster was dead and she just stared at him. "Why should I go with you?" she said standing up slowly.
  16. Seeing that she ignored his hand he just said, "Because one, you can't stay here and two, because I am currently hiring for people for my crew. I have a Class Three Endora Frigate fully tanked and ready to go. Preferable right now". He looked around the bar, scouting for anyone who would mean more trouble.
  17. Zara looked at him and his still reached out hand. He was right, she did have no other choice. Finally taking it she said "okay deal, where to?"
  18. A smile ran across Davids face as he watched the bar fight play out like some old western movie. His hand already on his military issued pistol for his own safety before easing up as the tension of the fight ended. He would have done a standing ovation but there were other pressing mater at hand. New information had come to light, she was in fact a slave herself. The intel went directly into his ear piece.The slave owner was form the planet Zamex, a very rich and power nation for the Galactic community. The slave owner himself was partial royalty so someone would be out searching for answers about his death. No long as there are no military action. He thought as he continued to stay out of he entire mix. If he was involved there may have been other complications. When his target took the hand of the young man and answered him, David rolled his eyes. This better end soon. I am done baby sitting. He thought as his new orders came over for him to follow them and some how sneak on board. If the military's intelligence was correct she would lead them to the rebels.
  19. "Let's get out of here" He pull her to her feet and whistle his men the signal to leave. He hide the pistol in his jacket and take a second look around the bar before quickly moving to the exist and towards the ship dock.
  20. The young woman followed and gasped at the sight of his ship. She then sighed, "what are you doing?" she whispered to herself and boarded the ship.
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