The Future

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  1. Setting

    A young woman who has everything anyone could ever want, money, the guy that every other girl would want, great friends, the best job and anything else one would need to make them happy. The only thing her life is missing: adventure. That all changes when she stumble across an old book and begins to read it. Unbeknownst to her, magic is in the air and simply by reading this book, she has brought it back to life. Will she allow the seduction of this new power and the adventure that it brings with it to transform her or will she be content with the life she now lives?

    Basically, a bookworm or however else this would fit in, finds an old book at the Library (or whatever else works) and begins to read it. It starts with a faint voice that doesn't scare her but sparks her interest and slowly turns into the perfect guy for her. Little does she know that this man is the essence of magic tempting her to delve deeper into it. Will she resist his temptations or fall under his sway? Will she turn her back on everything that she's known and, for once, be more than she's ever been?

    It'll work like an addiction but we're putting a face to it. A voice first, but the more she reads and the more experimental she becomes that voice will be replaced with a physical manifestation without the ability to touch. The further in she gets, he will seduce her with touch and intimacy and will be everything she's ever truly wanted but at a cost. She will begin to lose touch with everything else that's defined her - her family, friends, boyfriend, money, essence, her life. Will it be worth it or will she be reigned in by a mundane life she finds she no longer wants be a part of?
  2. The future is: We will either be here on this planet with our advancing technologies, possibly flying cars, or even just a lot more problems that poor Earth has to deal with. Second possibility: Total destruction of our existence to make room for something new.
  3. I don't think we'll ever look like that picture. XD For some reason I doubt technology will run in that direction.

    I'm thinking we're going to have some sort of global disaster before there's another huge boom in technologies. Either an epidemic of disease or global climate change. Something that'll wipe out a huge chunk of the human population and set us back a few hundred years. That hasn't happened in a long, long time... we're a bit over due.

    For me, the future has rarely existed. I live in the present and deal it with from there... .__.;
  4. I agree with Diana! We're all going to die!
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