The Future rests on us

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  1. There were once good times for androids and humans. An almost perfect, global time of peace. But with the growing population, the androids took control for the well being of mankind. The strong and smart were brought to Arcadia. The center, and biggest country of this time. Superior technology, and fully controlled environments make this a perfect place to live. But it was not a free life. Being kept inside the walls, limited to a selected amount of activities, and controlled food, medication, and free time. Over the course of time, Arcadia became more of a prison rather than a utopia.

    Things did not end here. To save energy for the coming generations, Arcadia declared war, and the androids destroyed all resistances, and terraformed the planed to make Arcadia the only hospitable place on the entire planet. Humans didn't have to be kept within the walls of Arcadia with force anymore. All hopes of free life were crushed long ago.

    But not all gave up. The Androids underestimated just how adaptable humans really were. Not only did a good amount of them break free from control, but they also escaped with help of some androids who understood them, and together they formed The Resistance. Living in the remains of former military bases, they dedicate their lives to destroy the system and free the people of Arcadia.

    -May 1st XX15-
    Hidden deep within the archives of base IA25, resistance members discovered an old dossier, titled Research Project Cipher. Time has damaged the papers, but RPC is noted to be a unique reactor. Capable of supplying energy, while requiring only near half of it's input. This would mean it would be a source of near infinite energy, similar to a sun. Considering how old RPC is, it is likely to believe that it was created before the androids took over. This was research that would be vital to the Resistance's progress.

    -May 3rd XX15-
    A group of 10 resistance members was assembled to investigate the military research facility of RPC, shortened to RF-RPC. Capable fighters and researchers from base IA25 would soon get the mission to search for RPC and bring it back to the base ASAP.
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    Jade, one of the engineers of The Resistance, had heard about the trip to retrieve some sort of research project. She was going along because she was young and one of their brightest. They were hoping to bring back the RPC and get it working as soon as possible. Gathering the last bit of her things, Jade headed out of her work area to meet up with the rest. Today would be important and they could not afford to be discovered or lead the androids to the RF-RPC.

    Everyone was handed a headset and goggles to put on. Jade slipped them on and pulled on her track jacket after with a soft sigh. They were then briefed before being sent out into the inhospitable world that they now lived in. They lived a free life, this was true, but it was dangerous and made the older members wish for a time where the world was still green and beautiful. Now it seemed like the world was nothing more than a dry dustpan (though when it rained it was a mud puddle) that nothing really liked to live in. Sure, they adapted and survived but how long could they keep this up? Their hopes all rode on the technology behind the Cipher project. Jade was hoping to learn from the reactor's design to adapt to their allies and hopefully provide them with an energy supply of their own.

    The group headed out carefully towards the RF-RPC. The night was cold and they had to move quickly. They hoped to be at the facility before too long and be able to get back before anyone noticed their movements. Of course, that was always their hope.....but it seldom mattered. This time...time HAD to be on their side or they risked losing a lot.
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  3. The group made their way out in the middle of the night, armed with weapons, and supplied with light terrain vehicles (in other words: Bikes with big wheels, mid power engines, and low heat signature). Their way went through mostly harmless and simple terrain. Hills and dunes, mostly brown and yellow in color, and completely free of anything green. It took them a couple of hours to get the RF-RPC, but they at least got there undetected.

    RF-RPC turned out to be abandoned, just like countless other stations in this region. Its entrance was a big metal gate, and the control interface was at its side. Time and weather broke it though. It wasn't possible to operate it by normal means, and the metal walls were too strong for the weapons the group brought along.
  4. Jade stepped up when she saw the control interface busted on the metal gate. Luckily she'd brought something for just such an occasion. She pulled off the small key around her neck and opened the interface's parts. She wired it together and the key operated much like a micro system through which she hacked the door and got it to open. Sure the design seemed archaic but she thought she was clever for using the micro system only for cracking open locks. She called it the "Skeleton Key". Soon they were in the big metal gate and Jade put the key back around her neck.
  5. Jade's key and her skill proved to be useful for this mission. Not only did she fix the interface's most important features, but her key also entered the correct command to start RF-RPC's systems. The gates moved aside, and the group was free to explore. But what the group didn't know was Arcadia's tracking systems. Their scanners picket up energy levels in the nearby area, and troups were already dispatched to take care of them. Multiple infantry units, accompanied by a huge robot.

    Unfortunately for the group, they got company just 20 minutes later, and a firefight started. Outclassed by the androids, one member after another fell. Only two survived the infantry. Followed by 2 remaining infantry units and the big they were forced to retreat deeper into the complex. At least the door interfaces worked by now, so they didn't have to slow down.
  6. Jade ran with the only other to survive, her friend Leon. They ran deep into the complex, Jade constantly trying to remotely lock doors behind them. Her heart was racing and she felt nothing but terror as she sprinted along. Unfortunately they eventually ran out of options and were trapped, Jade had locked the door but it was only a matter of time before the androids got in and more than likely killed them both. The two humans feared for their lives and it seemed like they'd just doomed everyone. Jade started to cry softly, she wasn't prepared for so much death like that and didn't know what to do. Everything they'd worked for seemed doomed now and there was just no escaping their fate.
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  7. Heavy steps approached the last metal door, and with one powerful punch, a golem like robot shattered their last line of defense. It walked straight at them, wanting only to fullfill its programming and take out its targets. Leon, desperate as he was, aimed his gun at it and showered it with plasma shots. But it didn't do anything but attract attention. Leon ran out of ammo, and the golem crushed him with a downwards slam of its fists. His death was at least instant, but messy.

    The vibration from the impact caused damage to the old floor, and it cracked on some spots, shattering like glass in just a few moments. The golem just activated its jets to stay airborne, but Jade had no such thing, meaning she just fell like a rock through a long elevator shaft for heavy loads. With the platform crushed, there would be only one thing she would meet in a few more moments. Solid ground. But fortunately for her, water gathered here over the years. It stopped her fall and prevented heavy wounds.

    Even though it was not planned, Jade has made her way to the base level. The gates here were already open, and she could explore this area after resting up a bit. Most rooms here were too damaged to be useful to her. But one that required her key again revieled something unusual.
    In the first moment, it looked like there was a human standing in the room. When turning the lights on though, Jade would notice that it was an incomplete android instead. Attached to a machine, and with some of his limbs being missing. They were in an assembler, but had yet to be attached. The machine also had to be operated to access the OS of the machine and load the AI into the android.
  8. Jade's face paled as Leon was crushed right in front of her, some of the blood and bits spraying onto her clothes. Unfortunately for her, the floor broke and she fell. Certainly this would have meant her end but time had intervened. She landed in water which managed to save her from death. She quickly got herself out though she was still shaken and in shock from what had just happened. Her whole body ached, she took her time to let her body rest a bit and let her mind attempt to settle. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared at her jacket which had quite a bit of blood on it. She decided to abandon it there, trying to put it all out of her mind. She reminded herself she still had to find the reactor and part of her hoped she could find something....anything at all to help her.

    Still shaken and upset she started to explore. After a few minutes of wandering she found a room that seemed to still be useful. She opened the door and saw a figure in the room. Flipping on the lights revealed that it was an android in it's finishing stages. She noticed the assembler had its missing limbs and the system itself seemed ready to load the AI. Cautiously she walked over and started to work with the machine. She placed in its missing limbs when she was prompted to load the AI. This made her freeze. Was this android going to be like the others? She had no idea what kind of AI was to be uploaded but she didn't have a choice. She couldn't go back empty handed after losing everyone. The thought made tears collect in her eyes. Hesitantly she selected yes and let the machine do the rest of the work.

    Now that the AI was loading in she could sit down. She placed her back against the console she was working on and pulled her knees to her chest. She hid her face in her knees, crying in silence. She knew nothing would bring any of them back and as far as she could tell, there wasn't any way back up. She'd either starve or be killed by androids, or at least those were the most likely options. Her body trembled in fear and sorrow as she remained, hidden from the Android's sight by the bulky old console.
  9. The limbs were easily attached, and the computer loaded the AI into the body. The progress bar gave away just how damn long it would take. As one would expect, it was not a pleasant amount of time it would take. When it was about 80% done, the lights went suddenly out, and heavy steps could be heard in the distance. It was probably because of the computer. It used up some of the electricity, which attracted attention. Jad had 2 options now. Star, or get the hell away from the room as quick and far as possible.
  10. Jade snapped out of her little crying fit when the lights went out. She heard heavy steps and quickly got out of the room. She had no choice otherwise and ran as quietly and as far as she could get. She hid herself behind some rubble and tried to keep herself from panicking. Just because her demise was inevitable doesn't mean she was going to just let herself be found so easily. She hid in a dark corner in silence, hugging her knees close to try and calm herself down.
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  11. The heavy steps kept coming closer, all the way to Jade's hiding spot. She would soon hear how they stopped, and the sound of something charging. Could she really have such bad luck that the golem had heat sensors? In the next moment, she heard the shot, but nothing hit her. Something else was targeted, and there were battle noises. When she mustered enough courage, she would see a new person.
    A sword wielding android was actually not just fighting, but actually damaging the golem, all by himself. The battle was, with increasing duration, getting better and better for the android. It was almost as if it learned while fighting. It ended quickly with a slash that went through the golem's head, and the mechanical entity dropped dead on the floor.

    The android deactivated its weapon, and suddenly turned its head to Jade.
    "Who's there?"
    The visor covered his eyes, making it not possible to predict the mood. But with its weapon back in the holster on its back, it was at least not hostile.
  12. Jade felt like her heart had stopped as she heard the steps get closer and then a charging sound. She started to tremble and tears freely flowed from her eyes. She was no soldier, it terrified her to think of dying. However, nothing seemed to happen to her. Instead it sounded like something was fighting out there. Cautiously, she peeked out from her hiding place. She noticed it was an android fighting the golem.....and winning. It seemed to be getting better as it fought and finally ended the golem quickly. The moment his head turned to her she gave a frightened squeak and hid behind the rubble. She was sure it could still tell she was there. Android's weren't stupid; and yet she was afraid to come out. She peeked out again, trembling from her experiences. With some reluctance she came out, knowing there was no point in hiding. If that golem had found her so easily there was no doubt this android could see her. "M-m-my name's Jade....." She said hesitantly, "Who are you?"
  13. When Jade came out, the android remained where he was. Finally some luck. This one wasn't hostile. But the answer took a a while. She probably didn't know, but fact was that he actually had to think about just what his name was.
    "...Cipher... or at least I think that is my name."
    Cipher gave Jade a closer look. This was the first time he talked to her, but there was something about her that seemed familiar.
    "You aren't going to attack me, are you?"
    Judging by that question, that golem made the mistake of attacking. Simple, and deadly.
  14. Jade heard his name and she seemed to calm a little. She dried her tears and looked at him. "Y-you're Cipher? N-no! I don't want to hurt you! I...I was sent out to find you....but... we thought Research Project Cipher was a reactor....." She said softly. She could tell he wasn't going to attack her unless attacked first. That came as some relief to her and the thought that she found the RPC had taken over her mind at the moment. Tears formed in her eyes as she whispered, "at least you guys didn't die for nothing....." She tried to wipe away her tears but it was hard to swallow the truth.
  15. "Hm... So it might be possible that I am not Cipher. This is... kinda confusing."
    Although Cipher was a genius when it came to fighting, he had no idea about what was going on around him. All he knew was that he woke up, walked out of the room, and was suddenly attacked. Jade would not get any useful answers from him.
    "Oh and before I forget. Thank you for activating me. I can't say that I asked you for it, which means I don't owe you anything, but still. Thank you Jade."
    There was a kind of weird change in the air around them. It went from serious to kind of silly and friendly. Cipher's way of thinking was weird, and it was up to Jade how things would turn out.
  16. Jade looked at him quietly for a few moments and listened to him. However her mind focused back on the task at hand. "Shit! I need to get out of here! There are androids up there that are trying to kill me! I've...I've gotta go. Do you know if there's any way out of here?" She asked realizing that the androids were no doubt going to get down there and find her. She frowned and started to look around. Her heart started to pound again as she looked around the floor.
  17. Cipher took a look around when she asked if she knew a way out of here. What she still didn't seem to understand was that he had no memory yet that was older than 5 minutes. Asking him for a way out was about as resourceful as asking herself.
    "No idea. But this place looks big. There's gotta be an elevator, or stairs around here somewhere."
    When Jade would decide to move, she would notice that Cipher was not following. He just continued to look around curiously. This place, heck EVERY PLACE, was new to him, and he wanted to learn.
  18. Jade noticed that he wasn't following. "H-hey! They're gonna attack you if you just hang around like this! If you come with me....I'll try to get you somewhere safe," she said as she paused and looked back at him. She had hoped he knew something of the place but it was clear he was an AI with almost no knowledge in him. He knew how to fight and seemed capable of learning....but that seemed to be it. She hoped he'd follow her. If he was what they were looking for she needed him to come with her. Even if he wasn't.....she couldn't go back empty handed.
  19. Jade took Cipher's attention again when she spoke. Thinking about what she said made sense. If there were 2 more, they would attack him soon enough. Not that he would have to fear them, but better safe than sorry. Cipher nodded to her, and surrounded himself with a red light. It was a transformation, which made him go back to his more friendly looking appearance. He smiled at her and walked to her side.
    "Okay. Lead the way Jade."
  20. Jade watched him quietly. Once he'd changed she found him to appear a lot more friendly. She started to walk again, looking around. "So....what was that just now?" She asked softly as she walked along. They'd have to find a set of stairs or something to get out of there. So their hopes rested on finding an in tact staircase. She felt a little better now that he was seemingly more friendly, even smiling at her.