The Future rests in Secrets

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  1. The Territory:

    The City:

    Don't tell the secret and don't get lost in the big city. Remember, life of the tribe must be hidden from wandering eyes.
  2. "You nag on me like my mother Lou, I know how to do this" Nightshade stayed in her human form for a reason that shall not be named. She was in a human bar, with alcohol. Lou decided it would be fun if she dragged Nightshade to one of her brothers episodes. She never approved what Wrath did and right now she wasn't accepting anything that Lou was doing. How Wrath ended up running a bar in the first place was beyond Nightshades ability. The place was filled with men, and nothing but men and grungy looking women. They rode loud two wheeled objects and wore leather, leather was a dead animals hide. Nightshade already didn't approve. "What the hell is this crap, it smells like drunk people" She lifted her head from the class, a bottle of brownish red liquid in a fancy bottle labeled 'Captain Morgan' while her other hand gripped the half glass on the dirty table. She heard Wrath's steps and turned her head to him lazily. He better be coming over here to explain this dirty place. How he managed to get it and why they were there. His normal outfit of a mafia outfit with a black matching fedora. Black dance shoes and his golden blonde hair attached to his face. His lips ring dancing lazily on his smile, his violet eyes watching her with an emotion that made Nightshade growl. The look of amusement at her lack of human drinking habits.

    Wrath watched her with a concerning smile on his face. "this is alcohol and you want to be able to go back home don't you? We'll leave when your done with pouring this happy little human drink" he slid against the chair and sat next to his sister, not bothering to look at her. Her and Nightshade were already getting the attention of the bar, their human forms taking to much attention for their beauty. He listened to the pool tables, the sudden clank of the balls and curses from the other players, the clinks from the beers they held. Wrath wasn't really used to being a wolf in disguise, but it was something he had gotten used to faster than his sister and her singing butt. Nightshade poured the drink and set it towards Wrath, an unhappy look on her face. He finally took a glance towards Lou, she was awfully quiet and even in her human form she was usually loud and happy. Wrath glanced at Nightshade who made a gesture to a couple at a red table in the corner. They were drunk and in love, if you could call it that. Unaware of the world staring at them. The man whispering things into the girls ears, erupting smiles and laughter from the woman who only got closer, whispering the same things into his ear. Wrath sighed, he knew his sister wanted a life like that, someone who could embrace her in a better way then he can being her brother. As a human he only gave her hugs, but he knew she wanted more, someone to kiss on her and treat her like she was worth something. If they didn't have that rule to date only werewolves in the pack, he would find her a man right now. Just so she would be happy. He stood up, his eyes finally full of sadness "Lets go LouAnne"

    He motioned over to Nightshade and sighed "Lets go Sara" he set the drink on another table with only one grungy person and mumbled on the house. He floated out the door, his hand in his pockets and him watching his feet prance on the sidewalk. Lou stayed behind as Sara walked next to Wrath. Her voice catching his attention but never fully looking up to meet her gaze.

    "We have that law for a reason W- Bryce" She didn't like calling him by his human name and she muttered something else, glancing back to watch Lou who walked with her hands in front of her, her golden blonde hair in a fit cause of the wind around them. "We cannot allow humans to understand what we are. She will find someone even if the wolf takes time to find her. The gods all have wolves picked for us, all for us. They have chosen our mates and it may take awhile but she will find her mate" Sara sighed as they walked into the woods, deep into the woods, she smelt of alcohol and cigarette smoke, two smells she couldn't stand. Wrath wasn't even her brother and she still cared for him like he was. She was to nice. Glancing back at Lou she noticed Lou was already in her wolf form. Her white fur tainted with sadness, she was bothered by the human life. Already walking ahead of Nightshade and Wrath. Nightshade shook her human head and started running, Wrath suddenly at her side as they fought to change first. Running as fast as she could she made a human howl and noticed Wrath already in his wolf form and running ahead of her. Sara smiled and jumped into the air, changing. Her skin ripping at her heart, no blood only adrenaline. Her wolf form sprang forth and landed on Wrath's back, his feet slipped under him at the moment he felt her weight clash onto his back. Releasing a yelp his chest hit the earth at an incline and he tumbled down the forest. Hopefully covered by moss and the lack of trees in that area. Nightshade kept running again her mouth soaking in the fresh mountain air. The edge of her lips forming a smile as she ran, lifting her tail up in the air to keep her balance and hearing Lou bark a notice of her following. She had slowed and ran with Lou, having her own little race with the white wolf. They headed home. All three of them howling their arrival to their pack.
  3. At the sound of familiar howling, Manx rose out of the lake, only enough to poke her human head out. She'd always wondered what it was like to swim stretched out rather than cooped up on all fours. It was relaxing, actually. She felt like a fish, for lack of a better expression. And she felt as if she weighed less. It felt free, almost.

    The night was aging, but she had no intention of returning to her den as yet, preferring to wade near the middle of the lake for a while longer. Her green eyes made out the figure she'd left at the lip of the lake. She'd asked him if he wanted to join, if only to have a bit of fun with her and Axel. Axel at the moment, had gone over to harass poor Jace as usual. The green eyed girl shook her head and took a breath, delving back under the dark blanket of the water. Learning how to swim as a human had been trying at first, nearly sinking like a rock the initial few times. But she'd learned. Jace was a natural at it, as was Axel. She guessed it came with being male and built for the activity -- so she'd read in books in the city.

    Axel pumped his legs harder, remaining under the water until it was safe enough to change back into the creature he was born as. He bolted out of the lake and landed squarely onto Jace. The black wolf used muscled arms to throw the large wolf off his person.

    "Don't block my view," he huffed. "I want to keep an eye on her."

    Axel panted out a laugh, shaking his body wildly to dry himself off; he deliberately did so just to get his best friend soaked to the bone. But he understood where the other was coming from. "Even if she were to stay under for too long, who's to say you'd get there before anything happened?"

    Jace shot him a glare and he backed up a step. "I'm just saying," he defended with a soft whine. He knew he was right though. "But the kid's alright. She's got the hang of that swimming thing."

    A second round of howling pierced the night air.

    "They're coming home," Axel hummed, sitting next to his human-turned friend. Admittedly, learning to turn from wolf to human effortlessly had been a challenge for all of them. The feeling of joints shifting and rubbing against each other wasn't the best and neither was it easy on the nerves. But he'd been glad they learned to master it because they could all do without the pain that usually came with. Now it was more pressure than anything.

    He didn't get a response from Jace and he looked over at the dark haired man. Following his gaze, Axel saw that he was still watching the lake. She wasn't visible, even with his extended wolfish eyesight. But he had faith in her. She wasn't stupid. But he knew Jace; that girl with his damned heartbeat. He'd drop whatever just to pander to her. If it was one thing, Axel was too glad that Manx never took advantage of the poor sap.

    There was a break in the surface a short distance away before the dark mass went back under. She'd heard the call as well, then, and was returning to the land. A minute later, she was crawling out of the water, shifting bit by bit as she emerged. Axel resisted the urge to snort. To be honest, Manx was always somewhat shy. But as a human, her self-consciousness knew no bounds. She's a wolf, and they were built off pride. He watched her shake-dry herself.

    "Let's go back to the camp," Jace announced, rolling over in his seated position. Before he could make the complete turn, he was already a wolf and heading toward the clearing.
  4. Yenzo had been watching the others from afar, sitting behind Mib, who was also watching the others. If she could see, that was. He had a strand of her glowing white hair twirled around in his pale fingers. She herself was playing with the long strands.

    "Miberetha, did you hear that?" Yenzo whispered into her ear.

    "This better be the last time I tell you, Yenzo, do not call me Miberetha." She said calmly, yet sharply.

    "If you're name isn't Miberetha, surely it is Mibbens. Or possibly Mibna." He let go of the white stand and it hung straight down.

    "My name is Mib, it is not short for anything, nor will it ever be." She said, her words now beginning to sound slurred. "Now, what was it you-"

    She turned her head and listened to Nightshade and Lou's howls in the distance, coming closer. "Yes, Yenzo, I can hear it." She stood up and quit playing with her hair. She was only dressed in the underwear Yenzo had found in the city in something humans called a 'boutique', with denim short shorts. Mib hated dressing herself, she'd felt controlled and contained in them, for she didn't like being a human much, either. If it weren't for her long, straight hair covering her chest, she'd be almost completely exposed.

    "Yenzo, can you walk me too the grounds, I'm hurting and don't wish to put my muscles under so much pressure to change." She held out her hand, which Yenzo took into his.

    "If I must, but if I do, you will tell me how old you are in return." He said, smiling to himself. "Or perhaps, tell me whether or not you can see."

    "I'll tell you, Yenzo." She paused and let him feel victorious. "With my last breaths." She said, crushing Yenzo's happiness. But it bounced back up, him being the happy fool he is.

    "Surely, Mib, someone other than yourself knows?" He asked, dangerously curious of the matter. As far as he knew, no one knew her age, or her sight.

    "Nobody. If I had a family, they wouldn't know, either. But I am the last of them, so it is I alone."

    "Huh." Was all Yenzo said, before actually shutting up for once. They were approaching camp, Manx, Axel and Jace were a few feet ahead of them. He shifted himself into his wolf self, while Mib stayed the same.

    Mib sighed and looked to the brown, black, and grey wolf beside her. "You're too curious for your own good, Yenzo. You must be careful about that." She paused. "You might go too far one of these days." Another call came from the alfa and her companions. Mib raised her head and gave them a welcoming howl.
  5. "Ah see my sisters lover is calling. When will you get a lover Sarafina?" Wrath joked, his fur covered in dirt and broken twigs, he limped a little bit. Keeping his gaze on Nightshade just in case she wished to pounce on him again. The alpha was a curious one as usual, Wrath often found himself having more fun with her then he did with Lou these past weeks. With his sister being down it was mostly his job to tend to things. He stopped at the river and snarled "Look I have to take a bath because of you, you bully" he turned on the dirt and stepped into the water, it was cold and wonderful on his hot fur. He sunk in and let his nose stick out of the water while the rest of him was hidden.

    Nightshade trotted to the edge of the river and watched him, a gentle smile on her fangs. Wrath was only trying to cheer Lou up and even then the Moonteller was anything but herself. She was moody and it angered and concerned Nightshade at the same time. She sat down and shifted her body weight onto her haunches. Hearing the familiar ripping sound of flesh. She turned to Lou and noticed her in human form again, her gold hair waving across her face, the black knee length dress she picked out for her and Nightshade waving against her legs as she moved. Nightshade watched her walk carefully to the pack changing back and trotting into the clearing. Nightshade moved and watched Lou gallop and slide into her den. The white wolf no longer visible, Nightshade focused her attention on Wrath. Playing in the water. She didn't need to remain here any longer. She stood up on all fours and started walking "Wrath you are a wolf not a trout" she reminded him. Going into the clearing and shaking herself, she eyed everyone else and calmed her soul. She sat down a few feet away from the rest of them she she may observe.
  6. Allister hadn't moved from his spot all day. Watching over the forest boredly as he avoided conversation with the others. It hadn't crossed his mind to get up and actually speak with any of the others sense he'd arrived, nor would it ever occur to him that it'd probably be the best option. Instead he remained where he was. Resting up on a rock that had a decent over view of the forest. A small yawn escaped him before he rested his snout back on his black paws. Looking expressionless at the land before him.

    Howling brought him back to life, causing him to spring to his feet as he noticed the figures moving through the tree's. Looking them over, he snorted. Shaking his fur out before turning and making his way down from his little perch. Seeing it best to at least make an appearance to the alpha before retreating into his hut away from the others.

    He walked slowly, listening to the tree's and other such things. His ears twitching to each new sound, including the soft crunching of leaves under his paws. He sighed, nearing the small clearing where they all resided.

    Juniper had been exploring the forest most of the day, and remained doing so as she pit patted her way around the tree's. Looking up at all of the branches. Pressing herself up closely against each tree she'd felt could be of use to her in the future. She let out a sigh of contentment, closing her eyes as she let her cheek press against the cool bark. A smile gracing her lips as she relaxed in the cool night air. She let this go on longer than intended, her feet all muddy from her walk in the forest. Wishing to get clean, she relaxed, changing back into her original form. Shaking her head after, still uncomfortable with the transformations.

    Feeling comfortable once more, she broke into a quick sprint. Sniffing the fresh pine air as she searched for the lake that laid near her new found pack. Though she lost her footing over a small twig, tumbling through the brush, just to find herself at the edge of the water. "Ah-ah," she grinned triumphantly. Standing over the water as if it was a conquered enemy. Quickly getting over herself, she jumped in. Doggy paddling her way to the other side, where she emerged. Shaking the water from her fur and trotting on once more.
  7. Manx heard the howl from behind, recognizing it as Mib's. Axel had joined in on the keening wail of welcome, as well as Jace. They had all arrived at the camp seconds later, stopping to lower their muzzles to the ground in respect.

    "Welcome home, Alpha," Manx and Jace said. Axel had to be the odd one out and ended his greeting with "Boss lady." Manx merely shook her head at her friend and Jace tossed him a glare.

    Crazy pup.
  8. NightShade happened to glance in Allister's direction, having felt his presence through the scents of the pack. Focusing on Allister was better than forcing out her anger on the pup. Axel ran her nerves. She watched him for brief moments, he was an interesting wolf that boy was. Always quiet minding his own business all of the time, keeping to himself. He was so alone, NightShade looked away and eyed the rest of the pack members. She had acknowledged him so he could hide away just like Lou. Sighing she padded over to her den and slowly slipped inside, her mind running about Lou and Allister. It truly was a shame that Allister wasn't more social at least to her, she was Alpha and she needed to remain in contact with all her pack mates. She made a circle into her large den and laid on the ground. Her large bear sized head facing the entrance to her den, so she could hear everything that was going on and keep up with her sleep. She released a long breath and closed her eyes, her mind going slowly empty and her heartbeat making a lullaby for her. She wanted something or someone to occupy her. She was bored.
  9. Yenzo and Mib's heads were bowed for the short moment Nightshade was in sight. Yenzo couldn't help but let out a quiet giggle at Axel's greeting. Once Nightshade was inside her den, Yenzo picked his head up and charged at Axel. Instead of attacking him like a mad wolf, he pounced on his back. He took Axel's ear by his mouth, gently enough that it shouldn't hurt him, and tugged on it playfully.

    Mib shook her head and walked to her tree. Yes, she claimed the tree to be hers, since she slept in it when she didn't want to become a wolf again. She disliked being human, since her hair, eyes, and skin were whiter than the heavens and an easy distraction to people in the city. But she loved the advantages.
    She climbed up the tree, resting on the thickest, yet lowest, branch. She curled up and kept her eyes open as she observed the wolves below. She'd tell Yenzo to be careful, but her vocals were too tired to push out a sound. Instead, she relaxed her muscles as well as she could and fell asleep.
  10. Axel buckled slightly under the assault and instinctively twisted and rolled away. There was only one person who'd do that, really.

    "Yenzo-dude," he grinned. It looked more like a snarl but what the hell. He couldn't help it, he was a wolf at the moment. The gray wolf returned the favor and in one bound, was on the younger wolf like a furry back pack. "I hadn't seen you all day, man. I was bored out of my mind and you know Jace."

    He darted a look at the other, seeing the glare intensify. "See? The bastard's old before he's even young!"

    Manx giggled softly, padding toward him and their hyperactive pack mate. She pawed at Axel's flank as if slapping him on the shoulder. "Stop it, Axel," she laughed. "I can't save your hairy hide all the time from him."

    "I beg to differ," he sniffed, cautiously eyeing the black wolf. "He'd have ripped off a patch of fur if you weren't in the line of fire."

    "Then I guess--." he heard her say before she inched out of the way.

    "Don't you dare, woman!"

    "I'm going elsewhere," Jace snorted, doing just that, heading in the direction of his den.
  11. Yenzo laughed at Axel riding his back. If anything, Axel would've looked like he was trying to mate Yenzo instead of play with him. But of course, Yenzo wouldn't mind either of them. He giggled like a little girl pup at Manx's remark.

    "Don't worry, Axel, I'll save you." He said, smiling. But once he saw that Jace was about to leave, he rolled around until Axel was off his back. Then he ran up to Jace, rubbing his head on his side.

    "Oh, but Jace!" He whined. "Don't you want to play with me?" He looked into his eyes with a smile. Before Jace was given the choice to answer, Yenzo gently bent his ear, and tugged on it like a pup.
  12. Manx's laughter faltered for a moment, and Axel gave a nervous chuckle. They knew Jace's penchant for being a bit...defensive when it came to his personal space.

    Jace caught his balance quickly enough, wresting his ear from the younger pup. Clearly, Yenzo had been taking lessons from Axel. He glared at him and then looked at Axel. "You did this," accused.

    Axel sat on his haunches. "His choice, not my order."

    Jace bumped Yenzo with his muzzle, moving him out of the way non-too gently. "I don't play."

    "No, sadly," Axel quipped. "He frolics," Manx, probably not wanting to draw the ire of her friend, wisely thumped her tail on the ground and looked around nonchalantly, resisting the urge to laugh.

    Jace was going to mangle Axel one of these days. But for now, he ignored him and proceeded to his own den.
  13. Yenzo tried to hold in his laughter when Axel said Jace frolics. The thought of that made Yenzo smile. But despite Jace's kind of harsh attempt to get Yenzo away from him, he was determined to keep messing with him.

    "Jace," He sang quietly, still following the stubborn wolf. "Please play with me." Suddenly, a bright, yet twisted idea came into his head. He whispered into Jace's ear,

    "If you want, we can privately play in my den. Just the two of us. Alone." He snickered to himself with a grin displayed on his face, waiting for a response.
  14. Having made his appearance to the alpha, Allister slowly made his way through the clearing. Avoiding the others as they laughed and went about their business. He kept his eyes low as he walked, truly showing no interest in anyone or anything around him as he resumed to make his way back up to his perch. Feeling the night was still young, he had no wish to retire quite yet.

    Instead the wolf found himself sitting upon the same rock, staring out over the forest. Only catching a glimmer of the city lights beyond the tree's. Letting out a puff of air, he laid down, resting his snout on his paws. Closing his eyes as he listened to the night once again. Though the loud laughter of the pack seemed to roar louder than anything else. With a sigh, he put his paws over his head, trying to pin his ears down to drown it all out, to no avail. Finally, giving up, the wolf stood, leaping from the rock onto the forest floor. Changing into his human form as he landed.

    Juniper soon came tumbling into the pack, landing on her back as she looked up at all the other. "Ah, I'm sorry," she squealed, scrambling to her feet as quickly as she could. "I heard earlier, I swear I did. But then there was this tree and--" she froze, noticing the alpha she was trying to apologize to was no where in sight. Looking around, she finally noticed the wolf in her den, and choose not to disturb her. Instead she looked at everyone else, and took a seat where she originally stood. "H-Hello," she stated, a small smile on her face as she felt a bit nervous. Stumbling in so suddenly on everyone.

    Her attention caught off guard earlier while she was making her way back. She'd stopped to follow a small bug as it trailed along the forest floor. Doing so until she realized she was probably the only one that hadn't made an appearance to the alpha upon her return. Her tail laid beside her as she heaved out a small sigh, feeling rather embarrassed and she hadn't even been there for too long and she'd had her first screw up already.

  15. ((Am I the only one who is reminded of Naomi by Juniper? xD I guess it's a healer thing :3))

    Mib found herself unable to sleep. She assumed it was Yenzo and Axel being an asshole towards Jace. Mostly Axel. But another scent didn't seem satisfied with the night, and she knew it wasn't Jace. Mib breathed in and looked around. The silent one, he must be it.
    She climbed down from her tree, and found the opportunity to sneak away from the rest. She walked lightly through the forest, weaving her way through the trees. Soon enough, the strong scent of the mysterious black one wasn't far, even her as a human could smell it.
    Only three more steps and the black haired boy was in front of her.

    "So, Allister." She said, hoping not to startle the young man. "The moon is full, the night is young. Spirits, the moon, they tell me you are a creature of the night, yet your essence tells me otherwise." She took a moment to observe him. He was a silhouette in the moonlight. He was a contrast to her, who must've looked like an exposed, white ghost. "Are there dark thoughts on your mind?"
  16. Wrath shook himself free of the water finally happy that his fur wasn't such a mess. He padded to a rock and ripped away at his wolf form going human. Placing his Fedora back on he stood up and dusted off his outfit, his lower lip in his mouth as he played with his lip ring. He walked into to view of the other wolves, not making any notice to them, or caring to focus on them or their comments. He took time to glance at Manx and looked up into the trees and noticed Mib, she was so pale it was no wonder. When Wrath turned his direction back to NightShade's den. He picked up as stick and bent down to poke at the entrance untill he heared a growl. He smiled "Sarah we have something to do, your going to make us late" he groaned. Standing back up and taking a small glance at Juniper. Where was her buddy, that other wolf whatever his name was Aldo?.....Almond? Wrath shook his head, he didn't care. He focused his gaze back at NightShade in her wolf form as she entered out and sat, glancing halfway up in his direction. Wrath started walking feeling NightShade follow him.

    NighShade growled as she broke into a trott and burst into her human form "You made this dress, wrinkly" she growled, punching him softly on the arm. She noticed him smile and stuck out her tongue out at him. Fixing her knee length dress, her hair curly and down to her hips. As soon as they were out of view and in the town she sighed "Lou hasn't left her den, do you think this will work?" She asked, being eyed but other male humans like she was a steak she held onto Wrath's arm to make it seem that they were a couple. Humans made her uncomfortable. She walked with Wrath and waited for his answer.

    Wrath nodded, bringing his hands into his pockets and bringing NightShade closer to his body. He walked casually, chewing on his lip ring "We have to do this for her, she won't get over it if we don't" He stopped and glanced around "Do you know that other wolf? Almond? no..Ali? Whatever his name...what is he doing?" From a distance he could see Allister behind them. He started walking again.

    NightShade glanced back and started walking with him, refocusing her attention on the sidewalk. "His name is Allister, he keeps to himself, no need to draw his attention" She rested her head on Wrath's shoulder as they walked towards a store, that was covered in neon lights and covered in loud music. A man stood and didn't allow anyone in. People in masks entered and exited. But they pasted the building and kept walking.

    Lou awoke sooner later. Her head ached a lot, she shook her head slowly and blinked the darkness of her den away. She whimpered, everyone was asleep or at least she hoped. She got to her feet and slipped outside, the cold air making her shiver. She glanced down at her paws, against the moon it was like she was a ghost. Not paying attention to any of the others still awake she broke into a run, in the wrong direction of the city. Just away. Stopping after she was sure she went a least 122meters away from everyone. She just wanted to be alone, NightShade hadn't bothered to come check on her, her brother wasn't there so he took NightShade out. she would have gotten angry but she knew that NightShade and Wrath didn't like each other like that. She just walked farther away swerving through the trees.
  17. Allister glanced behind him, noticing the girl, yet still saying nothing. For a moment or so, he turned to face her. Listening to what she had to say, with no words in return. Her choice of topic interested him little, actually causing a bit of aggravation. His gaze fixed on her for only a second or so. The sound of two others catching his attention, this time behind him. Scoffing, he rolled his eyes and stepped on. Ignoring all around him, including the girl who'd stepped to him. There were too many people around in his eyes, along with the bright moon above him. He had little interest in being around any of them.

    Without a word behind him, he walked straight. His walk turning into a slow sprint before the tug of his flesh changed him into a wolf once more, and he was off. No destination in mind particularly, just away. Till he reached a comfortable distance, and a vast amount of tree's, he came to a stop. Taking a deep breath to keep himself from breathing to loud. The glowing silhouette of that girl seemingly engraved in his mind. Another deep breath, and she was gone, along with his wolf form. Sitting with his legs before him, looking up at the full moon with human eyes.
  18. He knew there was only one of two ways to get that reaction. One: tell him someone was in trouble. Two: flirt. And since there was relative peace...

    Axel saw Jace tense up, and leaned his head over to Manx. "I've taught him well."

    "Oh, gods," Manx whined softly, putting a paw over her muzzle. Axel nudged her with a paw.

    "You'd better watch, Kitty," Axel said. "Someone has to save the little guy."

    "Why me?" Manx asked, peeking over her paw.

    "Because the idiot does whatever you ask," Axel huffed.

    Manx didn't dignify it with a response, never one for having that regularly scheduled argument.

    Jace looked down at Yenzo. Just what the hell was he on?

    "Alright, look," he said. "If you're so eager to burn some energy, go for a run in the woods."

    Not waiting for a response, he turned and beat a hasty retreat to his den.
  19. Yenzo smiled to himself, then turned around and trotted to Axel and Manx. He had given up for the night. When he was next to Axel, he rubbed his head affectionately on his side, then left for his den.

    "Goodnight Axel, Manx." He said over his shoulder, reaching the small den he resided in. Breathing out a huff of air, he looked up to the branch Mib had slept on. But, where was she?

    Mib didn't mind his dismissal, nor did she find it rude. She herself was rude enough to intrude in the quiet warrior's space. Once he was out of sight, she turned on her toes and headed back. As she walked, she began rocking side to side, her eyes were half-lidded. Somewhere along the way, she thought she sensed the other white wolf, Lou, and brushed across her side as she walked. But she couldn't tell, if she was real or not, so she kept walking towards camp.

    Several minutes passed, and the camp was only a couple meters in front of her, but getting there was an obstacle course. She couldn't keep her balance, and she began walking into trees.
    "Y... Yenz... o." She mumbled several times, still not able to get to the camp.

    Surely enough, Yenzo wasn't asleep yet and he heard Mib's familiar, deep voice saying his name. He peered out of the den, spotting her long, white hair.
    She hit a tree and fell back onto her hind.

    "M-Mib!" He broke into a sprint, shifting to a human at her side. Without asking, he picked her up. She had passed out. He carried the ghostly body to her tree and sat down with her in his lap.
  20. NightShade and Wrath finally made it back, they had failed, the one chance they had to find Lou someone to make her happy. Wrath had to get into a fight. NightShade was glad he won but she still failed to punish him for his little spat. She walked casually like nothing was wrong, her arm over Wrath's as he walked, chewing on his lip ring like nothing happened, he was bleeding from the shoulder, but you couldn't see it from his clothing, but clearly you could smell it through his cloth. NightShade could and she did the best she could to use her head and press on the wound of a broken bottle. They should have tried a different place, night clubs were not the best place for meeting people. But that grungy man, talking dirty things to her like that. Wrath was over protective, she didn't know how much until tonight. The best thing for them was to get him to the river so she could clean him up of the blood and the blood of another man. She was grateful that wrath had been there, human form or not. He made her feel safe.

    They finally made it to the river and she made Wrath sit down, on a rock next to the water. Taking the handkerchief from his tux pocket she wet it and helped him take off his jacket and white shirt. Seeing his ripped chest, NightShade avoided the view of his muscular chest and dampened the cloth over the wound. Wrath stayed silent, letting her work through the wound. The second wound he got, one on his chest from the bottle that had broke over his shoulder and the cut from the broken bottle trying to stab him and kill him. He felt the blood trickling down from the wound onto his abs. The smell of metal going through the air, it made him want to puke, the smell of his own blood. But he kept silent and unmoving while NightShade cleaned up his skin.