The Future of Our Greatest Secret

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  1. Deep inside a nondescript warehouse in the former city of New York, a man was strapped by his hands and ankles to a table. His short blonde hair was matted and curled up in places from sweat and blood. He was small of build and his normally vibrant clear eyes were shut from the pain he had to endure. There was no wound on his body, only a machine with small suction cups on his body. If one was to look at him, they'd say he was suffering from lack of sleep. The actuality of the situation was he had hundreds of volts of electricity flowing through him every second, just enough not to over-ride his systems. His body was shaking constantly, and his clothes were matted down with sweat. All in all, his body was being fried at an incredibly slow rate, making it impossible for him to move or open his eyes.

    His name was Tokiko, an old name due to the more modern age. He was 22, though he looked to be more around 18. He was a member of the Dranaz and was spying on them until he had found a special weapon that would kill both sides of this war. His escape attempt had resulted in his capture, now his torture. He was in pain from it, and on top of that, he couldn't remember what it was that he had been looking at. The secret was hidden under the veil of amnesia, which he had gotten from a blow to his left temple. His body was shaking hard and he would die if not saved soon, and even then it would be a long recovery.
  2. Hidden in the shadows of a run down old building a young woman crouched nibbling on a hunk of dried bread. It was the last of the bread she had brought with her, dark brown eyes scanned the area just past the alley she was hidden in. Most of the city was still intact except for the outer ring where she was hidden now. A breeze tugged at her long black hair blowing a few strands free of the braid she wore. Her name was Catherine she was 21 years of age, small of build and slender from hard training. Tossing away the remnants of the loaf that were too hard to eat Catherine stood. Her mission was of the uttermost importance. A fellow member of the Dranaz had suddenly dropped off the map. The last missive they had received from him had hinted at a terrible secret. Catherine had been sent to find out the information and bring him back. After two weeks spent in enemy territory flitting around the edges, staying out of sight, she had managed to track Tokiko down to an old warehouse.

    Her body was drawn taunt like a bowstring ready to spring into action, the guards were due to shift change soon which gave her all of five minutes to get inside. Her best bet would be to find a place to hide until the next shift change. She knew the room that Tokiko was hidden in, this information had been a dangerous bit to ferret out and had earned her a nasty wound on her arm. But she had everything she needed now to get in and get out with Tokiko in tow. But getting him out would be the easy part it was getting him back to headquarters that would be the difficult part.

    It was time, moving quick Catherine dashed across the open ground staying in the blind spot of the security cameras, hugging the wall she slipped inside. It was only by using the internal map of the warehouse that she managed to secret herself into a broom closet she hoped was out of use. Now the real work began.
  3. The amount of energy slowly killing him fluctuated, so he had moments of brief respite. He was able to eat and drink then, for any other time would make it useless and dangerous. Each time, a man in white clothing administered this to him by mouth. It was all old fashion, for there were machines to do it for them. The reason they did so was unknown, and it puzzled him during his Times of relief. He guessed it was all for show, all adding to his pain. He absorbed his time in these thoughts before his brain shut down again. Perhaps they meant for him not to think of escape.

    Inside his head, Tokiko had given up any hope of escape. If he did manage to do so, he knew he didn't remember the way in or out, due to the accident. Given time, those details may come back to him. But, as it was, time was the last thing he now owned. As the electricity increased again, he completely gave up and laid his head to the table, making both him and it spark. He maybe had a week left before his organs began to fry, and he already was weak. Before he passed out, he sent up his last plea into the cold air of his 'cell.' Then his brain shut down from the power and he slipped in and out of consciousness.
  4. The man in charge of their “guest” left the holding cell. The machine could function perfectly on its own for hours, there was nothing more to do but sit and watch the young man on the table fry.. slowly. The hour was growing late when Catherine finally emerged from the broom closet she had hidden herself in. She could hear the quiet hum of machines as they worked, but nothing else. She couldn't allow that to lull her into a false sense of security. Keeping close to the wall Catherine trotted towards the holding cell her soft souled shoes making barely any moves as she jogged along, her heart in her mouth the entire time. If she was caught the mission would fail, they would know she was trying to save Tokiko and would make it impossible for the next person who came after him. And she wasn't exactly thrilled about the prospect of dying.

    Nothing eventful happened in the trip between her hiding spot and the cell where Tokiko was being held. She stopped and stared at him for a moment, he was in a sad state hooked up to a machine by way of suction cups. The machine wasn't terribly complicated so it wasn't too difficult to shut off the current that ran through the poor blondes body. Frowning she pulled the suction cups off his body, they left angry pink marks as they came off. “Tokiko open your eyes, we don't have much time. We have to get out of here” she whispered her whisper low and intense. “Before they come back we must go, I can't carry you and move quickly you have to help me!”
  5. When the machine shut off, he felt only a small change. His hands stopped vibrating and his body stopped frying. Her voice first sounded like he was under water, for he only heard a blurred message. The removal of the suction cups at least made his eyes open, for he hadn't been expecting that to happen. Using all of the strength he had left, pitifully small as it was, he managed to turn his head towards her. The sound I'm reminded him of cardboard.

    When he saw the girl, it was relief to him she wasn't his interrogator. He had thought, even for a second, they were done with him. She looked young, pretty, and formidable, and he saw the same symbol of her allegiance on her right breast. He spoke hoarsley, "okay." To him, it sounded far away. He slowly moved his legs over the lip and stood, almost falling down. He took a step and nodded. But he was slow, and still twitching.
  6. His body wasn't completely under his control yet, that much was obvious. He looked unsteady on his feet, wrapping her one good arm around his waist she hoisted him up. He weighed less then she assumed he would, he was obviously underweight. “We don't have much time. Once they realize your missing they'll be after us. We have to get to a safe place fast where you can rest for the journey back” as she spoke she hauled him along going back the way she came in. The halls were silent, safe for her own harsh breathing. They were nearing the exit when she heard the quick tap of footsteps hurrying toward them. Thrusting Tokiko against the wall she spun towards the noise a hidden knife appearing in her fist. Around the corner came a scientist in a white lab coat, a clipboard clutched in one hand and a coffee cup in the other. He came to a halt eyes wide behind his spectacles as he gazed at her. He was dead before he hit the floor, the hilt of a knife sprouting from his chest.

    Their long trip back to Catherine's hiding spot was slow going, filled with many rests for Tokiko (and though she wouldn't admit it herself as well), dodging the city guards, and eventually when Tokiko was found missing the scientists guards as well. Catherine had situated herself in a run down building on the outskirts of the city in an area pretty devoid of guards. A pile of old sheets she had collected served as her bed, it was here that she settled in Tokiko. He was pale and sweating from the effort it took to get here. Catherine wasn't feeling so hot herself. After changing the wrappings of the wound on her arm she fixed up a small meal of rice. It was the last of what she had brought with her. She hadn't been able to scavenge much in the city. Bringing the bowl to Tokiko she sat beside him and helped him sit up some feeding him a bite at a time interspersed with sips of water.
  7. When they were back at her little hideout, Tokiko couldn't manage another step. His body was weak from his constant electrocution, and he felt weak. Some of his muscles would spazm at random, and it felt weird not to have it slowly coursing through his body. He gratefully sat down and he smiled up, even thought, by then, he was about to pass out. Being slowly fried to death for a constant span of over four days was more than enough to drive any normal man to his knees, not to mention give him slight amnesia.

    That was the issue that they were about to face: He had seen something that was going to spell out the doom of every single place on the country, except for a select few loyal government cities. The majority of the population, the rebels and all animals and plants were going to be killed, and the entire nation would collapse into chaos. During his escape with the knowledge, he had been shot with a new prototype laser weapon, then smacked his head into a bar. The two resulting collisions caused him to forget his memory of that event. He held the future of their greatest secret, and he couldn't even remember enough to tell them the bare basics.
  8. She could see his exhaustion, felt it herself. But it was paramount that she learn what he had learned in case one of them should die before getting back to headquarters. Shaking off her fatigue she set the empty bowl aside and helped Tokiko get another sip of water before she started in on the questions. “Listen I know your tired Tokiko but this is important. I was sent to recover you and bring you back to base or at least get the information back to base. In case something should happen to you I need to know what you know” she wasn't worried that should she get caught she would blurt out the truth, hidden in a small pocket in the shoulder of her top was a pill that when swallowed would kill her. So even if she were tied up she could still take it. She had another to give Tokiko.

    “We can't stay here long...” she said finally after being greeted by silence. “I'm sure they are scouring the city for you, so once your rested up to keep moving we need to go. We have a rendezvous with a ship that should take us directly to headquarters. Its a few days travel. We will have two days to wait once we get there.. that is if we get there as quick as I think we shall” she continued taking a sip of water herself. Her stomach growled but she ignored it. She would eat once they were safely out of the city and could gather something edible. Besides Tokiko obviously needed it more. Shaking herself she looked at him. “So I need to know what you learned that was so important you were captured.”
  9. Tokiko had his eyelids closed, but his mind was not shut down yet. With a massive sigh and leaning up to try and talk, he moaned softly. The memory was still there, just hidden from him. He looked over to her and held his head in his hands, thinking softly, "I-I don't remember. I don't remember." His voice was weak, and he would say more, but it was too much to even try and think about a prologned conversation, "I only remember going into the base and...then...fying..." He pointed at a bruise on his temple.
  10. Without touching him Catherine leaned in and inspected the bruise, it was a nasty one that hadn't been cleaned as dried blood matted the hair around it. Pouring some water on the rag she gently cleaned the cut and didn't press the matter any. Even she, as uneducated as she was in healing matters could put two and two together on this. He didn't remember the bump on the head had given him a classic case of amnesia. “Okay, shh just lay down. We will talk more in the morning.” Standing she left him and went to the one window of their hideout. Her body cried out for sleep but one of them had to keep watch in case a guard found them. Pulling a chair over to the boarded up window she planted herself there her mind whirling with the newest obstacle the rebels had to overcome. Surely once she got him back headquarters would be able to help him. It was the hope she held onto as the hours stretched on
  11. Tokiko nodded to her, just as it throbbed again. AS he had been pulsed to the point of near death, he had almost started to bleed out his cerebral fluid, mainly because the bruise was so deep. HE didn't notice it until a few days ago, when he had felt some hot blood on him. He didn't know that he had amnesia; he didn't even remember falling down when he was hit. Seeing her sigh as she sat, he realized she had been counting on him remembering something about the entire layout of the base, or at least the thing. With a gasp of pain, he closed his eyes and slept lightly.
  12. Her fingers were closed around the hilt of a knife, she had lost one knife in the warehouse this was the only one she had left. In her other fist was a gun which she tried to avoid using as the sound was loud and she wanted to save the bullets until their need was great. Her lids felt heavy as she stared out at the space just outside their building, they had been lucky thus far. She could hear the sirens in the city for the last few hours finally stop. For some reason this put her more on edge then the sirens had. Did this mean they were giving up the search? Or had they located them to this building and had the place surrounded? Peering into the darkness she could see no white suits but that didn't mean anything. Jamming the chair under the doorknob she left through the ventilation shafts, she liked to be sure there was a hidden way out of anywhere.

    There was nothing outside, no guards. But still she couldn't shake the feeling that they needed to move now. Going back inside the way she had gotten out she looked down at Tokiko, he needed sleep but they couldn't waste anymore time. Getting together the few belongings she had she woke him. “Come we need to get moving” she said her voice hushed as she stuffed the sheets in the bag, nights were getting colder they would need the warmth. Helping the young man up she wrapped her arm around his waist. “We need to put more distance between this place and us lets go”
  13. Tokiko sat up wearily, and one could see he was tired. His skin was read and the little pieces where the suction cups were still were bruised. Sitting up with a moan and a painful gasp, he nodded and stood up. shaking on his feat, he looked at her and nodded to her, "H-hai, let's go." He held onto the wall for a brief second, then left the wall and nodded to her.
  14. Her lips pressed together in a thin line as she viewed him, he wouldn't be able to get very far. But perhaps he could get far enough, taking his arm she pulled it over her shoulder and guided him to the door. It was very slow going but the hours passed and they put a number of miles between themselves and the city before she allowed them to rest for the final time that night. The place she picked was secluded and deep in the woods, she had found it on her way to the city and unless one knew it was there it was easy to miss. Settling Tokiko in the bed of leaves she set about collecting something to eat. They couldn't risk a fire so had to settle for the sheets she brought with them, she knew what was edible in the area and brought back enough to tide them over till morning. “Eat and rest some I'll keep watch”
  15. Tokiko shook his head, "Not hungry..." When he had been in the room, they had fed him, by tube, food. He was still full from all that, for his metabolism was lowered from the energy shock. Every thing in that room had been calculated perfectly and without fault. It was thus that it would be painful for him to even move around, thus the energy was increased to where he wasn't able to speak. So, as it stood now,. he was not hungry or thirsty, only tired form the ordeal. Sitting against the wood trees, he took small sheet, leaving the others for her, and curled up to rest.
  16. Setting his half of the food aside for later she ate her fill of her half, which was everything. Draping a few more of the grubby sheets over his curled up body she took one for herself and flung it around her shoulders, the sheet wasn't much but if she kept moving she was warm enough. Plus moving kept her awake. Sleep was really gunning for her. But until he was well enough to keep watch that fell to her. Rubbing her hand over her eyes she sighed softly, the night was wearing on it was only a few hours before dawn. And they needed to keep moving when morning arrived until they were back at headquarters Catherine couldn't feel safe. Stifling a yawn she pinched her cheeks to wake herself up. The sun was starting to peek over the horizon when Catherine roused Tokiko. “Wake up its time to go, there's food if your hungry I already ate”
  17. Tokiko woke up with a sigh and stretched a small bit. His energy was better, but he was still weak overall form it. HE had, however, been in the military before this, and knew the value of gaining ground. He stood up, shaking and only a little off balance, testing his legs. His throat still hurt, so he refrained from any speaking that wasn't necessary. He tried again to remember what she wanted him too, but nothing came to his damaged mind. With a small sigh and another moan, he found he could at least run a bit more than yesterday, "I can run." He croaked to her.
  18. “We don't need to run just move as fast as we can” she was basically running on fumes as they moved from camp, but as she got into the rhythm she found it was easier despite how her eyes threatened to close step after step. She foraged as they walked so they didn't have to stop for more then quick rests here or there. The day warmed up enough to take the nip from the air, but it was still a cold day. They didn't speak as they walked moving closer to the rendezvous point and further from the city. They settled in as the sun was going down, they had made good time. “We should be there tomorrow ….in a few days they will be here” Catherine reclined against a tree, dark circles under her eyes. “Its time to rest for a bit I think we will be safe here for now”
  19. Tokiko looked her over and he shook his head, "Fine, but you are going to rest now, alright? I may take watch for as many hours as you need." He stood up and stood unsteadily to prove his point, "REst now, please. I need you to feel alright in the event we get attacked."
  20. He had a point in her condition she wouldn't be any help if they were attacked, nodding she closed her eyes obediently. “Okay but you don't have to stand you can sit” her voice was already drowsy pulling her gun from its holster she held it out to him. “Take this you'll need a weapon just in case” she felt him take it from her hand, without moving from her spot she let sleep claim her. Her sleep was deep and dreamless.
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