The future of computers lies in BRACELETS?!

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they couldn't even try to give it a decent design? We need Pipboys damnit!
Hey, I like it! lol, anyways, put down more futuristic items here!
I would totally rock one of those.
more easily breakable, highly expensive shit!?
you're killing me man. i always break that shit when i get it. give me a robust laptop and a mobile phone anyday.
True, that brings up a good point, These new gadgets would have to be durable.
They're going to have to do something about there being a large lump right in the middle of my fucking computer screen.

Also, sticking it on the outside like that is just begging for it to be scratched into uselessness whenever I accidently bump it into objects.

It'll also need to be at least water resistant, as my wrists used to sweat like crazy when I used to wear a wrist watch.


Like these!

I want that toaster.

The soft phone sounds exactly like something out of Macross Frontier.