The Future Like a Wolfpack Waits (OOC, info, profiles)

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    It has been over two hundred years since the United Continents of Europe and Asia and the American Alliance fell, leaving the world in chaos and filth. Biological, chemical, nuclear and particle weapons have torn the entire world, leaving newer generations to cope with the dangerous lands. From the grey remains of Poland to the dirty snows of Alaska to the cracked, fruitless land of Spain, the world is damaged beyond all repair.

    Those who have money or a particularly useful skill to offer live in old silos or bunkers now designated as "Cities" with slums growing around them to house all those barred from entering. The largest Cities are XI (Gdansk, Poland), V (Lyon, France), III (the Lake District, Cumbria, England), XXI (Arkhangelsk, Russia), X (the Mongolian Steppes) and VII (Marrakesh, Morocco). There are 25 Cities in all in what was the UCEA (Europe, north Asia, north Africa). Other places in the world have similar areas with other names.

    There are, of course, inhabited ruins of towns and the old type of cities, but these tend to be unorganised and run by unsavoury sorts at the best of times. At least the slums have the security from the Cities to give some sort of order. And furthest removed from 'civil' human society are the tribes. Although many are well organised and give their citizens rights, the wild appearance and law of the mutants living there scares many people.

    This roleplay will take place in the slums on the outskirts of City XI - the people living in these slums are generally poor and uneducated. Some are richer traders, and some are those who simply dislike the idea of living underground in a sprawling metropolis which seems to be run by many argumentative, middle-aged scientists. There are rumours, however. Some mention something escaping the City which shouldn't have, others mention 'clean-up' operations of the slums, other mention vicious and frightening experiments down there in the cold artificial light.


    City XI is a massive underground city. Once it was simply a large bunker; since the war, it has been expanded and linked up with subway stations which were already underground. The City is actually a protectorate of the Hunter Knights, an organisation rising from the old Hunters, a para-military organisation. Being descendent of the sorts who already lived in the bunkers, they tend to control a lot of resources. City XI has a fair few sectors - there are thirteen laboratories, an 'arena' where bloodsport is played, residential and shopping districts. The most 'important' laboratories are Labs 2 and 13. 2 is owned by Dr. Soren Pike and does chemical weapons testing. 13 is owned by Dr. Rainer T. Lack, and does... well, maybe you'll find out.

    Outside the bunker are the slums. The nearer you live to the bunker, the better your housing. There are all sorts of houses - from wooden shacks to RVs to tents to places made of scrap metal. If you can afford it, you can have a generator to run electricity when you need it. Most folks cook stuff on camping stoves or naked flames, rarely wash, and just go about their lives as best as they can. People have rather simple, hands-on jobs - 'doctors', hunters, repairmen, guards, teachers, carpenters, etc. There is no social aid, so if you are starving and homeless, you will have to rely on people who either have enough to give away or are willing to help. Most people in the area are somewhat suspicious of newcomers, but they will doubtless be accepted into the folds of this rather odd 'town'.

    City XI and the associated slum housing is in Poland, near Gdansk, but the lingua franca is English. Many people live there - they come from all over, and people don't tend to pry and ask questions as it can get them into trouble with their neighbours and 'friends'. People don't tend to be judgemental or bigoted about race, sexuality, gender identity, etc., as working together and respecting each other is vital. They do, however, mistrust mutants and people from inside City XI, oddly enough.


    I want to keep things somewhat secret, so for now, the plot will look very simple. There will be rumours spreading around the slums of things escaping City XI, 'clean up' operations of the slums, etc. There'll also be some stuff involving hunting down someone, and a white trash gang. Sounds pretty simple, and I guess it is. There'll be other stuff later.

    Playing a mutant
    Playing a scientist
    Playing a Hunter Knight

    Just so I can explain things.


    ⊗ No godmoding, meta, autohitting, etc

    ⊗ Please do not badly harm or kill another character without the player's permission. If you are not autohitting, the other player generally has consent with smaller injuries, but it might be a good idea to discuss things which could result in serious scarring, broken bones or more.

    ⊗ Please put any OOC in here or (if needs be in the roleplay) in double brackets ((like this)).

    ⊗ No one-liners - I'm not asking everyone to write a novel, but grammar, spelling and general writing ability should be decent.

    ⊗ Please tell me if you are going to quit or leave for a while - please write your character out in some way (illness and needing to take to bed, death and moving elsewhere work pretty well. You can do a one-liner for this, if you want).

    ⊗ Please don't try to "out do" another character. It's fine to be better at something, but when it just seems to be the player trying to make their character look 'cool', it's really easy to tell, and really annoying for everyone else.

    ⊗ This roleplay will likey contain violence, death, drinking and drugs. If you're uncomfortable with any of that, this might not be a good roleplay for you to join.

    ⊗ If you want to roleplay a tribal mutant, please ask me and I'll give detail. I don't want to clog up the thread with it, and they tend to look and act a certain way. Same with Hunter Knights.

    ⊗ If you want to roleplay a scientist from City XI, once again, just ask. They're studying something which I want to reveal a little way into the roleplay.

    ⊗ Ask me if you have any questions! I will gladly give you any information about the setting you need.


    Please PM this to me! Anything in italics is optional.

    [I]Hair [/I]
    [I]Eyes [/I]
    [I]Skin [/I]
    [I]Clothes [/I]
    [B]Short backstory[/B]:
    [B]Weapon (if any)[/B]:
    [B]Any particular skills that'd come in useful[/B]:
    Have fun!​
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  2. Marlon Sarton

    Name: Marlon Maverick Sarton (hooray for a tacky name!)
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: He's head of a nasty little gang who lives in the woods. Also somewhat of a bounty hunter.

    Appearance: Marlon's around average height and quite lean. He has heterochromia - one of his eyes is dark brown, the other a pale grey. His face is gaunt and weathered, his eyes sunken in. He's got a mouseybrown mullethawk which curls at the end, and generally wears filthy, stinking clothes.
    Hair: Mullethawk. Mouseybrown, curls at the ends. Half-assed goatee.
    Eyes: His left eye is dark brown and his right eye is light grey. They're both sunken in, and when he watches people, it's a bit like being watched by a predator looking at prey.
    Skin: Rough and weathered. He has a lot of scars, but is pretty pale seeing as he lurks in the dank, dark of a ruined forest most of the time.
    Clothes: Dirty and smelly. He can normally be found in a raggy t-shirt, jeans, hiking boots and a leather biker jacket.
    Other: Somewhat aquiline nose. His presence makes him seem much larger than he is. Sinewy. A lot of his teeth are loose in his mouth - a couple are likely badly chipped or cracked.
    Picture: Here. (I'll try and draw a better picture when exams are over.)

    Personality: Marlon's not a particularly savoury sort. He reminds most of a wild animal, as he tends to be cautious of people he doesn't recognise and is extremely slow to trust people. He's wary and somewhat smart, but not incredibly so. He seems to see himself as some magnificent bastard pulling the strings. In general, Marlon doesn't like anyone. Although not generally overtly rude, he'll be cold and somewhat snappy. He's cruel, and is the kind who kicks puppies and shoots kittens - however, he's chatty and can seem kind of friendly if you just listen to his voice and completely ignore his body language. He's generally polite to women (he sees himself as some kind of ladies man) but can't stand children. If he had his way, they'd be locked up until they became more adult. Marlon is a stalky kind of person, and tends to tail people for fun, to see what they're doing or to see how long it'll take for them to notice.

    Short backstory: Out of the Sarton family, Marlon is the smartest, least socially skilled and nastiest. He doesn't get on with his other brother Lionel at all, or his little brother Rickie. However, he's very protective of his little sister, Louise. He came from a pretty violent household, and learned to stand up for himself against other kids living nearby pretty fast. However, he also was much more cruel than his brothers and little sister. Whereas Lionel has a foul mouth and foul temper but is generally benign, Marlon is malicious. After Lionel left, he followed, and ended up getting snatched up by a crazy militia who thought they could invade the wastes of Europe. For years, Marlon spent his life on the march before deserting (as a lot of people did) in Russia. In the end, he travelled to Poland and now lives in the forest, 10 miles or so from the slums. He has a little gang of other deserters around him, and tends to avoid the slums as he knows his brother lives there.

    Weapon (if any): Machete, hunting rifle, spiked knuckles.

    Any particular skills that'd come in useful: He's somewhat conniving and street smart. He's pretty good to have in a fight, but has minimal people-skills, seeing as he spends most of his time in a forest with other asshats. He can play the dobro, but as far as I'm aware, bluegrass isn't a skill.

    Misc.: He's frightened of fire - lighters and small campfires are as close as he will get. Bonfires freak him the hell out, and a housefire is his worst nightmare.


    Dr. Lack

    Name: Dr. Rainer Thorin Lack (prefers Lack. Signs stuff as R. T. Lack)
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: City XI-ish. His accent is a mix of English, Polish and American.
    Occupation: Head of lab 13.

    Appearance: Lack's short at 5'6" and stocky. He's pudgy, but has broad shoulders and strong. His most shocking physical feature is his dreadful scarring and mechanical parts.
    Hair: Short, sandy brown. It doesn't grow properly on one side because of the scarring. Normally stubbly.
    Eyes: Grey-blue. Left is mechanical and red. He wears glasses.
    Skin: Dreadful scarring on the left hand side of his body, mechanical arm, leg and side-supports. Missing most of his left ear. Very pale as he lives underground.
    Clothes: Not at all like a scientist 'should'! He wears practical comfy clothes which are easy to race around in. Normally plain t-shirts, combats, boots and jackets.
    Other: His nose is broken.
    Picture: I'll draw one some other time. Have this months old one for now.

    Personality: Lack is a bit of an oddball. He is unorthadox in his methods towards most things. One might consider scientists to be quiet and reserved; Lack is grouchy and foul mouthed. Generally kind, most get along with the little man, but he's quick to make enemies out of people. Normally harmless people at that. He seems to view people as tasks to be tackled rather than folks to be befriended. Oddly enough, he gets along best with those normally treated badly by others. He's genuinely interested in them and wants to help them along. His fellow scientists? Not so much.

    Despite his often lax attitude, Lack runs a tight ship in Lab 13. He lives in fear of another escape or break in. Despite his courage as a young man, it's taken a bit of a beating in his middle age. He's more likely to retreat and stutter excuses than fight when confronted. When he is in charge of the situation, however, you can guarantee he'll go in guns blazing.

    He has certain views and ideas about certain things, and it's probably bad to rile him up. You'll either get a mouthful of abuse, a punch or an angry letter. Since the attack, Lack has been more preoccupied with looking after himself and has trained to use a gun offensively, rather than just for target shooting. Lack hasn't had a significant other in years and years, and has had no offers since, thanks to his ruined face and body, especially the way his cheek pulls a genuine smile into a leer. He's somewhat bitter about this, but often just makes jokes rather than showing how he really feels. He's got an awkward habit of making jokes that drive most people nuts.

    Backstory: Lack was born to parents in City 8, and raised in a life that was comfortable. He paid little attention to much but books, until his father took him to work with him when school was cancelled for a day. He quickly learnt the delights of mechanics, and asked for a crystal radio set. His parents were more than keen to encourage him, and taught the boy all the knew. He spent saturday afternoons with his next door neighbour, a mechanic, and the rest of the week with his books and electronics. However, fixing wasn't enough. Lack wanted to create.

    When he left school, he went to university to study biomechanics, and was posted as a lab assistant in the Kaarto University of Science, City 8. He studied hard, and spent most of his life at the university, working away with other students. Aged 23, he was transferred to City 11 to continue research into powering mechanics with a substance known as SIGMA, also called 'magic' by lower classes.

    He spent long hours working, and it paid off - he became a proper research scientist, and had a paper published. However, things came to a standstill when he was 25. A human augmented by SIGMA broke free, causing drama. Due to the relatively small number of guards, Lack had to throw himself into the fight, and was horrifically maimed. Luckily, his body was repaired using his very own research.

    It took him a while to get back on his feet, but Lack eventually moved to government labs - although he still works for the university, when he can - and ended up being promoted to the head of the labs. The paperwork is dull, and so Lack often puts himself in the middle of actions, and enjoys helping and supervising students.

    Weapon(s): 9mm semi-automatic handgun, combat knife, SCIENCE.

    Misc.: Nothing for now.
  3. Name: Marishka "Mar" Nolan
    : 24
    Gender: Female
    : Asian/Anglo-Saxon IE: She is half Polish, half Korean
    Occupation: Messenger
    : Mar has deep-set, dark eyes, with tiny flecks of gold in them. She wears metal-rimmed glasses, having run out of contact lens solution a long time ago. Due to her much-needed job, she owns makeup, and likes to wear it, even if it is a rarity. Her hair is black, and cut to her shoulders, curly from her Polish heritage. Her almond-shaped eyes are wide and innocent looking, even though it is rare for anyone to be innocent nowadays.
    Hair Black, shoulder length, and slightly curly.

    Eyes Black, with little flecks of gold
    Skin Slightly tanned, yellow-ish even.
    Clothes Normally, she wears black combat boots, a long, shin length skirt of a pretty burgundy color, and a button up top, with the top two buttons unbuttoned, leaving her collarbone and the top of her chest exposed.

    Other She has an easy smile, and her face becomes very pretty when she smiles. She has a low, sultry voice, and uses it to her advantage in certain situations

    : Mar loves to laugh and smile, her happy disposition bothering some people, but ultimately making her job better for her. She enjoys the freedom of running, and doesn't feel alive until she has gone and always believes that there is a path of non-violence in any situation, but if she has to, she will fight. She is sort of a pacifist, always hoping to get out of any sort of fight. This young woman enjoys reading, and one constantly finds her spending her free time with her nose in a book.

    Short backstory
    : Born to a poor family in the slums of City XI, she was taught by her father that if she wants to get anywhere in their world, she has to get an education. So, when he wasn't working, he was teaching her about humanity's past, how things used to be. When she was sixteen, her mother, father, and two siblings all had disappeared, leaving the youngest daughter to survive for herself. Just as all of her food was about to run out, she had finally gotten the job of messenger, and was able to feed herself. She quickly grew to love her art, transferring letters, documents, and news to and from the richer and poor parts of the city and its outlying slums. She knows her way all around the city, and knows all the hiding spots.

    Weapon (if any)
    : She carries a small amount of knives with her at all times, knowing that people might try something, and she needs to be able to protect herself. The knives are her only prized possession, and she keeps them all in tip-top shape.

    Any particular skills that'd come in useful:
    Mar can run. Fast. She is also pretty good with her knives, and coupled with her speed, she becomes a deadly killing machine. She also has a hand at seducing people into doing her bidding, wearing clothes that accentuate her body.

    .: She tends to be using, and thinks that every person she can bend to her will. Just a warning.

    Hope it's okay!

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