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  1. Olive flipped through pages in her book. She had just finished the novel and now she had no idea what to do. With a long, drawn-out sigh, Olive slumped out of bed, her green tail plopping after her. With no more story left to read, she decided that now was a good time to get out of the house and get some dreaded sunlight. With a glance to her closet, the question was answered.. She would take a trip to the mall.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Apollo, her rambunctious roommate, calls out to her,
    Yo, Olive! You goin' to the mall?
    He stands up and goes after her, swatting at her tail playfully.
    Don't mind if I come along, do ya?
    Apollo was always following Olive around, as if she was his only source of entertainment. He often doesn't realize he can be annoying with his attachment, but sometimes he annoys her for fun.
  3. Olive flicked her ears towards the direction of her roommate and giggle, swiping her tail away from him. Though, he got annoying sometimes, Apollo was Olive's best friend. She couldn't see life without him. The small apartment would be very lonely.. and quiet.. if it weren't for him. She turned around and sent Apollo a toothy grin, heading for the door. "Of course, Apollo.... On one condition. You hold the bags."
  4. Apollo groaned a little, grumbling something about always holding them. He straightened out, though, and smiled knowingly at Olive, a girl he'd known since the start of High School. They were both Freshmen, and he had just moved there from a small town and was having a hard time getting adjusted. But Olive proved to be one true friend, and that carried on until they went to college, and remarkably they wanted to go into the same field. They lived in the same apartment, and shared the bills for whatever was needed. Thus, they had more money for fun things like going to the mall.
    Wanna invite any of your friends?
  5. Jessica was sitting on the ledge of her apartments terrace. She was bored and couldn't find anything to do. She looked at her cell phone and then back up at the sky. "Why is it so boring." She layed back and stretched out a bit. "I wonder what olive and apollo have planned." She dialed the number on the cell phone and put it to her ear as she waited for an answer.[​IMG]
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  6. Just as they are about to leave the house, Apollo hears the telephone hung on the wall, landline, ring. He goes to it and picks up, bringing it to his ear.
    Y'ello? Wassup?
  7. Jessica smiled when she heard apollo pick up. "Hey Apollo its Jessica. I'm kinda bored and wondering if you and olive have anything planned for today."
  8. He heard Jessica's voice on the end of the line and smiled. He explained,
    Yeah, you actually caught us just as we were about to go out the door. We're going to the mall... wanna come?
  9. "I'd love to. Wait for me downstairs in the lobby I'll be down in 10 minutes." She rushed into her room and got changed quickly. After that she rushed downstairs to meet up with olive and Apollo.
  10. She ignored the tisking of her roommate and headed towards the door with Apollo until the phone rang. Olive smiled as she heard Jessica's voice on the line, her tail wagged and she rushed down the stairs. What seemed to be a boring day would turn into a fun day at the mall. It had been a while since she had gone and it had been decided that the time had been far too long. Once she reached the bottom floor, she seen Jessica waiting there for her. Olive leaped into her arms in a welcoming hug. "I missed yooou!" The fox exclaimed, even though it had been no more than one day since the two girls last seen each other.
  11. Apollo saw that Olive had heard Jessica and was now running down the 3 flights of stairs in the apartment. Apollo quickly said "See ya," then followed the eager girl. Going down was so much easier than travelling up, and they made it within 10 minutes. Apollo smiled as the girls hugged, then sneaked behind Jessica and hugged her in a Bear Hug, picking them both up as if they didn't weigh 200 pounds.
  12. Olive let out a small "squee" as she was hugged, widening her hug to include Apollo. "So whose car are we taking?"
  13. Jessica hugged both of them. After they releasedreleased the hug she spoke. "Its gotta be one of your guys because my car is in the shop." She grinned as she snuck her hand behind olives head and began scratching behind her ears.
  14. "We can take mine..?" Olive suggested as she leaned closer to her friend who scratched her head, stiffling a cat-like purr. She waited for an answer from Apollo.
  15. Apollo released them, bending over to touch his toes, then stood straight again. He heard Olive suggest her car, and his fluffy ears pressed back against his head as his face contorted to one of queasiness. He looked out to his truck, saying,
    Erm, Olive? Your car is a little too small for all these. His six tails fluff to attention, then relax again as he continues, Why don't we take my Dodge?

    ((It's red.))
  16. ((My dad used to have the same exact car lol))

    Olive pressed her ears back against her head and send a glance back to her 2010 Impala then back to the 1983 truck. "Uhm..." Olive had no problem with the truck, she just didn't understand why her roommate kept such a horrid car. Why didn't he get a new one? With a sigh, a glance to Jessica, and a shrug of her shoulders, Olive nodded. "I suppose, yeah."
  17. Jessica looked at the truck. "Yes it'll work, but who's riding in the back. We all can't fit into the cab with your tails." She looked at her own fluffly black tail and then at olives. "Plus me and o
    I've have very bushy tails."
  18. Olive turns her gaze to Apollo.
  19. Apollo saw her hesitation and was disheartened. He looked at it again, it didn't look bad, the paint wasn't chipped and the windshield in good repair. He responded with, I can drive, and you two can ride in back. Just make sure not to trip on the cooler. As he headed to the truck, he opened the back which fell with a clang, and revealed a carpet on the bottom with bungee cords on either side. Rubbing the back of his head, he chuckled and commented, I installed a carpet, so thing wouldn't jostle around when I'm driving. Bungee cords are for holding them down. He left the back open and jumped up into the driver's seat, roaring the engine to life in a black cloud of exhaust.
    Looking back through the little window, he called out, Feel free to have a soda from the cooler, if you want!
  20. As Olive made her way to the truck, she climbed into the back and ran her fingers through the carpet. Did the boy have parties in the back of his truck or something? Olive smiled and giggled at the thought of a rave in the back of a pick up truck, that sounded a bit like Apollo she guessed. After flicking her ears and getting comfortable, the vulpine grabbed a pop and pulled the tab open, causing a pleasant sound of fizz.
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