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  1. Hello. My name is Furer(F-yu-ruh) Dante, But you can Just call me Furer. I am new to this site, But do to my . . . Inclination towards more mature RP's, involving both sex, and brutal gruesom violence. I decided to Make my first attempt here In the mature section. I will always be kind and supportive of all I RP with, so don't be intimidated by the name. I'm actually a very laid back kind of guy. Below I will post a couple of different RP Ideas I have, and fair warning, unless it clearly says it is a straight up sex RP, don't expect t go bumping uglies straight out the gate. I preffer to actually build up the story and connection between the characters before I ever go into the, fun times. So Please feel free to PM me or post below if anything interests you.

    From The ashes-MxM,MxF,FxF- The year is 2214. nearly two hundred years ago the world as we know it ceased. War broke out among all the nations causing mass panic and preperations for the end followed suit. The war, sadly, ended in nuclear fire that devestated the earth, Leaving it scared for years to come. Now, not more then twoo hundred years later, Life has begun to spread and thrive in the wastes. Some survived the nuclear fallout above ground, some left with only minor mutations, while others had been transformed into mindless beastes. Nothing but mere shells of what they used to be. Others however survived underground, In fallout shelters built to survive nuclear war, and maintain life until It could return. Through the ashes of war a new era has finally arisen. But how this era will end is still a mystery to us all. One can only hope that it will end well.

    This story will follow our tw characters as the journey across what is left of america, to a place called Haven. A shelter for survivors. A place where people can live without fear for there lives. I have more to discuss if you choose this.

    A Bitter Note-FxM- (As a side note, I would like to take the part of the female role as it is my character I created for the story) I was born to a weak willed mother, and an alcoholic stepdad. My mother lived in constant fear of his drunked tyraids. I lived in constant fear of his unwanted touch. Our lives were a living hell and for twelve long years . . . I sat through it. However two nights before my mothers thirty eighth birthday, my stepdad came home after one to many drinks. Him and my mother fought, and when the shouting stopped I came out of my room to find he'd accidentally killed her. He just sat there cradeling her lifeless body in his hands, sobbing. Heartbroken I opened the door and ran. I never looked back either. Eight years later and I'm still homeless, with nothing but a backpack full of clothes and an old guitar. Now I spend my days playing on street corners and in parks or malls to scrape by enough to eat. It's not easy but This is my life.

    This story, does sound sad, but will get happier. I have an idea for how her life could change for the better, and don't want to reveal to much about it until I have someone interested. So PM me on this one and we'll talk.

    That's all I have at the moment, but I will add more As they come to me. ^__^ Thanks for your time . . . BYE BYE!!!
  2. From the Ashes sounds like the game Fallout... sorry for saying.

    I would be willing to do a FxF with this idea though ^^
  3. It's loosely based on it, But I wanted to do My own spin with a different universe, creatures weapons. ETC. I'll PM you and we can discuss it further!
  4. lol by two new friends are friends :D yay~! Power of friendship hahaha
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