The Fun Has Come

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  1. I watched her as the sky turned dark. Even our impending doom didn’t stray my mind from wishing I knew her and she me. If anything it made it the urge stronger. All eyes in view were pointed in the sky, but mine stayed on her. My other minds are screaming for me to snap back to the current reality and concentrate on the situation.

    Stop clouding our mind with this pointless voyeur!
    My other minds don’t come close to distracting me.

    It took a dark shadow engulfing my moment’s love to snap me out of the trance. The shadow got dense and smaller. Something is falling.

    Look up damnit! My minds push me out to reality.

    A cross falling from the elaborate church’s highest point is about the fall onto the woman and ten other people. Catholics.

    I found myself already gripping a pole. My hand was waiting for my mind to react, no doubt. The pole was heavy with concrete on one end and a bulk of metal on the other. Parking Meter. I swung the meter at the morbid symbol of life ironically about to kill the most beautiful person I have ever seen. With the swing loan coins fall off of the pipe landing in the pile of rubble and coins already left from plucking it like a flower from the sidewalk. The meter pins the cross to the side of the church outside wall.

    I sigh in relief, but not without knowing the next moments of life are going to be a struggle for survival. The object that darkened the sky, the pod like structures shooting from it will be the opposition of the struggle for mine and the people of this city’s lives.
  2. Jason looked up into the sky at the darkness that was forming. The sudden destruction he felt stirring behind, in front, and below him. Jason wasn't scared. He had escaped disaster before. There were still civilians around. No one needed to discover his abilities. He hopped into a random car and grabbed the staring wheel. The car immediately started going. He drove towards the nearest disaster he could find. Surely people were still alive in these crashing cities.
  3. The hours after the first pod broke off from the floating object dragged on. Horrible screams outside when all we can do is wonder. I saved who I can. Only about twelve people hidden inside a bank vault. My urge is to go out, help who I can, and save the day. This day isn't for that kind of heroics. I need to save who I can. I lost over half the group within an hour already. Safe is here.

    My strength comes from my other minds deciding on when to let it out and how much to let me actually control. They play rock, paper, scissors to see who's want wins, but I always came out on top. This day though... This day they don't have time to think. They aren't arguing who gets it gives what. They gave it all up to me, even taking over my whole body in certain situations. They want to survive. So do I.

    I don't know the faces with me. I don't know the names. I'm stuck in a corner, listening to the outside. Crushing glass, screams, silence all flood my ears and no doubt the ears of every person in this room. This room full of money, gold, valuables, but the most valuable things in this room finally are the lives. And we all seem to agree on that.

    "What now?" I asked. They puzzle at me. Scared. If I don't know what's next who will?
  4. Jason drove through the rubble and the ruins. This must've been the end of the world. Something he wasn't ready for. He used his x-ray vision to scope out anyone. He saw a group of people who seemed to be stationary, and it didn't look like they were planning on moving. Stuff could collapse on them at a moments notice. Jason hopped out of the stolen car and made his way to the group. He kicked down a few doors and walls before making it to them. "Uh....come with me if you want to live?...not the time for jokes?....ok..." Jason didn't know what to do about these guys they seemed lost. They didn't know what to do.

    "I just don't think staying here is the right thing to do."