The Frost that Blinds

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  1. This is my first post on this site, so forgive me if some of my tags or posted information is confusing, inaccurate or offensively wrong. I seek to rally a small den of roleplayers for the construction of a fantasy realm that I have been dabbling in for some months now. I am very open to characters, plot ideas, and the like. My intent is to utilize my chatroom on chatzy for more consolidated and immediate gaming, as to play by forum puts a little too long betwixt posts for my tastes. As far as the 'realistic physics' option, I intend that to apply outside of magic, as that can not be confined by such laws.

    If anyone is interested in joining my world, I ask that they email me, at, send me an instant message at masteratlas5 on yahoo, or go directly to the Chatroom ( ). I will be on that chatroom until around 11pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time today, August 6th, and likely during daylight hours every day from here on. Otherwise, my other contact information should always prove reliable.

    And now, for the important part, the world:

    Caldaria, home to the Men of Aggon, has stood for nearly a thousand years. It rules all the fertile lands betwixt the great Western Deserts and the Spine of the World in the East, from the golden plains in the South to the tundra of Garesh in the North. It is ruled by the aging King Variyn, or at least, he holds the throne. The Barons that control the provinces and the Holy Paladic Order have really taken any semblance of power from the Royalty, and the King and Princess would have no qualms with this, if not for their internal squabbles threatening the existence of this ancient Kingdom. The Barons, when they aren't picking at one another, are united against the Paladins.

    Naturally, these minor qualms with one another are nothing compared to the external threats of the Lich-King, Lord of the Dead, who has forged alliances with many of the dissatisfied and banished peoples, who, just this last year, has thrown his full might against the Kingdom's borders, which began with the Battle of Adessa, where nearly 2,000 Men of Aggon lost their lives, protecting a refugee caravan from an army of ghouls, cyclopses, frost trolls, bandit marauders and minotaurs. They would not have had success, by their own belief, which makes it as good as true, if not for the work of one mighty Battlemage. This man, wielder of elemental magicks, which are, as defined by the Aggonian Mage's College, Flame, Frost, Lightning and Telekinetics, and a finely crafted blade was said to have slain two Liches and a Frost Wyrm in a single day's combat. This may have been exaggerated, but nevertheless, he has been named Champion of Caldaria, and given a position of incredible prestige an authority.

    That Battlemage shall be my character, should this roleplay ever come to pass. He has a rather dark and deep backstory that I dare not spoil in this small introductory posting. I encourage anyone out there who believes they have the creative ability and free time to commit to a game such as this, which I dare say is not a lot, as I, too, am rather busy, to contact me. No previous experience necessary, in this genre or any other. Simply a creative heart and a functional understanding of the English language.

    I hope to hear from you,
    Jack McKeane
  2. If the format I have described does not appeal to this community, I am happy to change it, so please tell me if there is something unsatisfactory.
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