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My character is a frontiersman near the Canadian-American border. A hard working man, he has struck out on his own to start a new life for himself. He decided to make a homestead near where Winnipeg, Canada, and Grand Forks, North Dakota would later become. However, during a bad winter season, my character is blinded in a snow storm and falls incredibly ill. A Cree Native American woman finds on the brink of death and through her patient tender loving care, nurses him back to health. However, this is not just any passing Native, this is the Chieftain's daughter. The two begin a torrid affair of love and sex until he is found out and brought before the chieftain himself, a proud former warrior whose people have been killed many times due to the white man's guns and diseases. Will he kill my character as the whites have done to his people? Or will his daughter save my character to build a life together?


1.) Please, use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. We are adults here, we can write full, and complete sentences with the correct grammar.

2.) Communication is a must have for me. What are your thoughts, your opinions, your take. It might be my idea, but I certainly don't want to write this by myself.

3.) Try to be reasonably informed before choosing this role-play. I realize time period pieces are specific, this one takes place in 1763 time frame. So nothing modern. (Flintlock and Matchlock weaponry, stone arrows and tomahawks, attire, etc.)

4.) Be descriptive! I love descriptions, especially if it flows well. I love large posts with multiple paragraphs.

5.) Let's treat each other with respect, and amicably. If we run into a snag, let's work it out--together.

6.) Please message me via PM if you want to discuss details.
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