the frog leaps for the first time

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  1. i woke up this morning and gave a big ol croak and final decided to get an account so thus i rib-bit you a hello
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  2. Wa-wa-welcome to Necromunda, peachy! ...

    Wrong scenario. But welcome all the same. Try not to step in anything...
  3. Welcome.

    That was an awesome game... the one your avatar is from that is. Shame what happened to my copy.
  4. -captures frog- hello there! :D
  5. Fairytales ain't for real!
  6. B-but.....Oh alright! -sighs, letting the frog go- There goes my prince...
  7. *Grabs Britty, throws her on his shoulder and runs off*

    Vikings are! :D
  8. Ohhh....nicely played! :D

    -taken away!-
  9. *Torsty and Britty are thrown into the air, assisted by an anti-personnel mine.*

    Seriously? I just marked that minefield!
  10. Welcome to the site.

    PM me if you need any help, especially if anyone's givin' you trouble. I'm only a PM or an IM away from making YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!
  12. 'Lo there, 'boutz time you show'd up.

    (Yes I know this poor soul in the world known as 'real life'.)

    So how are ya likin' the site so far?
  13. @TK: LOL DREAMS ! :D

    ~Welcome ;]

    Friends of Woodykun ~ are friends of mine :P
  14. TK is a kitsune...So be careful, unless you want your wish to end in sexy results.