The fresh smell of death in the morning.

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  5. I just wanted to do a zombie rp.

  1. It had been ten days since the outbreak happened, a disease spread by biting and getting too much of their blood directly on you. Every day that fresh reeking smell of rotting flesh and decaying bodies would fill the nostrils of those who awoke. It was a quiet calm day again, and they were ready to look for survivors again, if any were left. The whole town had went to hell and there was next to no hope of turning it back to before. All they could do is ride the storm out. With a sigh, the male grabbed his baseball bat, put on his roller blades, kicked open his door, splattering some zombie brains that were scratching against it, and heading out with haste towards the nearest store to get some non perishables before setting out until nightfall, when they would be most active. "This is life now huh? Well, at least i grew used to it.." he whispered with a sigh while skating past zombies and bashing a few heads in on the way.
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  2. Name: Lora
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight

    Personality: Considerate, passionate and sometimes a hot head, Lora knows how to fight.
    Anything else you'd like to say about your character?: Nothing
    Other: Nothing

    Lora took a deep breath as she walked through the abandoned and dilapidated town, she needed to find more supplies and fast.
    Unfortunately she had no more ammo for her nine milimeter pistol thanks to the three infected that tried to jump her at the city entrance.
    The girl sighed, silently praying for more weapons. Her curly red hair was pulledd back into a high ponytail, a couple of short strands hanging off of either side of her face. She wore a dark green jacket that was covered in dirt, worn out jeans and black tennis shoes.
    Thunder roared across the skies and the young Lora looked up, it was going to rain soon and she needed to hurry. She slowly climbed down the piles of concrete rubble as she made her way towards an abandoned building. Maybe there was something she could find in there.
  3. Arriving at the store, which was now abandoned by any other humans the male walked in, his sky blue hoodie wrapped snugly around him, until a door handle snagged it and he immediately took it off, gripping his baseball bat with intensity. His usual procedure he waited near the door and called out "Anyone there?" He now awaited an answer, to see if anyone was in the store, bat at the ready for a zombie that might start running out the door.
  4. Lora thought she heard a voice from a nearby store next to the building she was in. She stopped what she was doing and listened intently, her heart pounding.
  5. Airi had a poncho on to keep warm as she was walking from her house she cleared out and made her own. She went to go find electric fence. Keeping hold of a sword she went around town to find a store that sold it. On the way there she had to get rid if some zombies.
  6. A zombie, grown fat and plump, started charging out the door before it was slammed directly in the face with a bat, it's head coming clean off. "Rest in pieces you fat bastard." he whispered and stepped back to avoid the blood. Only a small amount got on his under jacket, immediately he took it off, pulled out a water bottle, and started to wash it. No more zombies were coming out of the store and he assumed it was safe as he cleaned the jacket then put it back on. "Well, time to see what i can find." he said quietly, walking inside the store which luckily enough was running on a backup generator, so lights were still on. Moving as silent as possible he checked the alleys for any zombies as he moved around, his bat held close and ready to swing again.
  7. Airi cut off a tall guys legs before ccutting of his head as some of his blood got on her foot without wasting any time she took out some purified water and washed her shoe and sword off. After about 15 mins of wondering she found which looked like a fresh kill out front of a store and she could see the lights on before entering she looked on either sides and walked in as quietly as could be and tried to find a electric fence.
  8. Hearing the sounds of footsteps, Maro hid behind once of the cash registers while waiting for them to get close. The second she was within range his bat came swinging but stopped right in front of her face as he shriveled up and pulled back. "Human.." he whispered quietly a sigh of relief escaping him. "So i'm not the only one then." he thought aloud, bat still ready for swinging in the case of self defense, but otherwise at ease.
  9. Lora looked around and found some ammo, she picked it up, but it was for a different weapon. She cursed under her breath then looked around. Random boxes and other things were being tossed around looking for the shotgun for her ammo. "Dammit all where is that thing?" she mumbled then stopped and stared. A huge infected was standing there in the doorway. Lora backed up, knocking over a small desk. As the creature came towards her she frantically looked around trying not to panic. The creature came close with every step and Lora noticed a knife on the desk next to her. She grabbed it and kicked the desk in the things way, she ran through another door down a hallway.
  10. She blinked her eyes as I saw the bat and stood still. "Good reflexes and I see your still in one piece, I'm Airi...and you could lower that bat at the time being. I just need to find and electrical Fence have yous seen one in here." she said looklooking at him and then turned to look around. She could hear something and brought out her sword.
  11. Lora walked into a resturaunt and slammed the door shut. She breathed and held the knife close to her.
  12. "No electric fences are sold here." he answered calmly, turning to the doorway now upon hearing the sound of shuffling. "Who's there? Human or not?" He asked while holding the bat out, ready to strike. "Maro, that's my name." he whispered quietly to her while keeping his senses alert.
  13. "okay thanks, nice to meet you and I think it was coming from over there. " says quietly to him holding my sword and inch over to the doorway.
  14. Lora held the knife out when she heard a voice, she heard the door slam, it was the zombie trying to get in. She looked around and saw a shotgun next to the cash register and grabbed it. "Human" she said to the voice and checked inside the gun. No bullets, just as she suspected. As the zombie kept trying to come in the firey young girl took out the shotgun ammo she found and started to load it. "I know your human because you can speak, but are you a hunter or a citizen?" She then cocked the shotgun and looked around.
  15. With a nod he took a tap to the door with the bat, making it as loud as possible to attract anyone. Signaling her to get ready to slash he dinged the welcome bell to the store now. "Citizen." he replied to the woman calmly
  16. Hold up the sword ready to break down the door. Waits until he gives a signal not wanting get to kill an innocent person behind the door if a human voice was to be heard.
  17. The door smashed open and the infected stood at the entrance way. Lora took her shot gun and blew the creatures head off. With a sigh Lora put her gun away as the zombies body fell on the ground. "Sorry, didn't mean to squirt blood everywhere" she said. "You can come out now."
  18. Covered most of her body with her poncho and took it off then cleaned off the rest of the blood with purified water. "It's alright, but are you good is there anyone with you" she asked tossing two waters to maro and Lora.
  19. Giving the signal to lower the weapon after catching the water bottle he walked inside with a sigh. Seeing the bloody mess. "I hope you clean your clothes off quickly, or else you'll get infected and i'll have to knock your head off." he said calmly while looking at the people before him. His jacket was untouched by the blood thanks to him having been near the door, and not at the door.
  20. Lora took off her jacket and threw it on the ground revealing her white shirt covered with dirt. "Ugh gross" she said then glanced at Marco for a sec then stared back at him. "Woah" she said blushing, the guy who warned her about the blood looked incredibly handsome. "Umm hi" was all she could manage to say.