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  1. My idea is this: My character is an intersex performer in a traveling circus freak show, deemed a freak for their possessing both sets of genitals as well as small breasts. Your character is a guy around the same age, who gets roped into to the circus with a group of friends, who were initially only going to gawk at and make fun of the freaks to feel better about themselves. He sees my character and is immediately fascinated by and attracted to them, ditching his friends to find and try and talk to Ryan. He finds them, and they talk briefly, but then your character's friends show up and start harassing Ryan. Your character returns home, Ryan still on his mind, and sneaks back to the circus later that night to apologize. The pair talk more, and arrange to meet again the next morning. This eventually turns into a romance between the two that your character tries to keep secret from his friends. That's all I have so far. This is in the libertine section, so there would be sexual scenes of course.

    My requirements:
    •Please don't join the RP, and then drop it right in the middle. If you have to, PLEASE tell me about it so we can work around you.
    •Please be advanced or at least adept. At least four paragraphs per post with good spelling and grammar. This is a big thing for me because I tend to write long posts and I don't want just a paragraph back. I understand writers block and it's okay to have a short post every so often. I don't mind a few screw ups, but if you 'typ LIek diss' and don't use decent capitalization and punctuation I'll most likely drop the thread.
    •Be active PLEASE. I would prefer someone who can post at least once a day, but I understand real life getting in the way sometimes.

    Ryan Ciresi

    Age: 21
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Brown
    Gender: Nonbinary, intersex (no pronoun preference)
    Ryan was born to a single mother, who had nothing physically different about her, but worked as the circus cook for years, as well as being a talented fire eater. When Ryan was born, she panicked. Ryan was born with both sets of genitals with only a single testicle. Their mother, not wanting to do something that could hurt them later, chose not to subject them to corrective surgery, and though she raised them as a boy, was very liberal with the things she allowed Ryan to do in terms of gender expression. Ryan never fully accepted their assignment as male, and is much happier to live between the binary genders. At puberty, Ryan's features became fairly androgynous, with small breasts budding on their chest. In terms of a menstrual cycle, they only bleed a few times a year at seemingly random intervals, but experience extremely painful cramps–to the point where they can hardly move–every month or so. Originally, Ryan's mother didn't want them in the show, not wanting her child to be anymore of an oddity than he already was. But Ryan, desperate to entertain people and be seen by the world, continued to beg until their mother caved. Like their mother, Ryan is a fire eater, but is also a talented singer and acrobat. In terms of personality, Ryan is very sweet and outgoing, traits helpful in their love of performance. It is rare to see Ryan upset, as they try to hide their feelings until they are alone. Their mother died a few years back in an accident that led to her accidentally setting herself on fire, and Ryan is still not fully over her death. At times, Ryan is hard on themself. Ryan knows they are considered a freak of nature, and though they try hard to own that, there really are times that they absolutely hate it, wanting so much to be normal.
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  3. @PunkPrince many people on here are not comfortable with 4 paragraphs that's quite a bit, if you ask for 2-3 more people may come but that's just a hunch
  4. I would rather write with people who can match what I write.
  5. Still looking.
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