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  1. Hey everyone!! Just thought I would post a search thread and see if anyone is up for an RP! I post here because I do enjoy some steamy content in my roleplays, however its surely not required if you have an amazing plot! That being said, right now I would strongly prefer to play a female character, as well as a more submissive character as well. I enjoy a good dominant roll, but I play that often and wouldn't mind switching it up!! I will post some starter ideas that I enjoy going off of, however I am INCREDIBLY open to new ideas, and we can easily brainstorm off of any of these ideas. Thanks for stopping by, and send me a PM or comment if you're interested in Rping. <3

    Weapon x Wielder

    This pairing can have just about any time setting, but I would probably prefer medieval-modern. The premiss of this is one character is a powerful demon hunter that protects the city she dwells in from evil demons who try to devour souls of the innocent. However, their power is truly not completely their own, for they wield a weapon called a "Soul Edge", a weapon that possesses a soul and can shift between its weapon and human like forms. Together, these two fight demons, protect those who need it, and is respected and loved by all. However, they get word of a powerful demon far to the north that is gathering an army, and they realize that even them alone cannot hope to defeat the demon and his army alone. So they search for allies, ways to hone their abilities, and ways to defeat the demons all while normally under constant attack. I would probably want to start this story with the wielder first getting the weapon, and let our characters grow in their relationship.

    This will have the feel of things like: Bleach, Soul Eater, and Last of Us (this one because I would think they would be under constant attack and such kinda giving it a survival feel).

    Master x Servant

    This pairing would have a very similar feel to the anime Black Butler if you have ever seen it. Basically the Servant is a powerful demoness who serves under her master to help him/her gain whatever it was they wanted with the promise that when they died, she would be permitted to devour their soul to grow in her own strength. This one would take a bit of collaboration to see what it was you really wanted to do, but it can really go a number of ways.

    Angel x Demon

    The setting would be medieval fantasy to Renaissance fantasy full of knights, magic, monsters, ect. My character would be a female knight who all her life thought she was just "gifted" where in fact she is of Angelic decent. Her dexterity is unmatched by any normal person because of her ability to control, manipulate, and conjure lightning. Her affinity for lightning is much stronger at night, and even more powerful during stormy weather. This could be because she was a child that's parent angle was a servant of a moon goddess or goddess of the night. This power enhances her reflexes because of the fact that she is constantly emitting an electrical field that lets her feel things before they actually hit her. This field extends out only 5 feet unless she focuses on trying to expand it, but over all this is the source of her being able to predict things before they happen. Her affinity for lightning also gives her increased agility that lets her move her body faster than the average person.

    So in a sense she is a very powerful person among her peers, but when she gets overwhelmed by a pack of dire wolves (or some other group of creatures that may overwhelm her), that is where your character shows up. My character will not know anything about her angelic heritage and just think that she was blessed with this amazing power. Your character could come in, kill the beasts (for a number of reasons whether it be they were trespassing in your territory, or you see my character's in need of aid, or whatever) and then soon (could be right away or over a little bit of time) realizes that she is part angle.

    From here, the story can go a lot of ways, my character could feel indebted to yours and pledge herself to you for a short while, or you could be on a quest to find some artifact of power and you demand her help, who knows. There is lots of room for forbidden love, action, drama.

    Roommates with a secret

    Alright, so these two girls are friends online, one a rich program designer for a big video game company such as Activision or EA. She had always been very well off due to graduating early and getting her foot in the door at such a large company. The other is a simple girl with a high school degree who works at a local diner, but unfortunately lost a roommate she was living with and is unable to pay for her apartment fully.

    Thus, the other character extends the invitation for her to move in with her, since she owns a huge 5 bedroom house all by herself, she wouldn't mind the company anyway. When she agrees and moves in, after getting the Grand tour the well off charter points out one room to please never go in. Of course the other girl is curious right? She finds out that the first character is actually really into BDSM, and has a whole room dedicated to such things.

    Then it could go a variety of ways. The characters could grow closer and explore this together, or the second character could be unsure about it but stays because she needs somewhere to stay. Actually a lot of directions it could go. It could be really steamy, or more funny and awkward.

    The idea was to be something really different, Just an idea, something I've been kinda craving but I know it's pretty odd.

    Sisters of Fire and Ice

    This story is set in a medieval fantasy setting where there are two beautiful sisters. However, they are unfortunately polar opposites in nearly everything. They are both gifted in the art of magic, one for ice, one for fire. The sister of fire is not truly a native to her home, she was rescued, adopted at an early age to come to the kingdom of Tiria. There, she was raised as a princess next to the true princess, the rightful queen. Both loved one another, and developed their powers with one another. T'was only so long were one sister realizes she is in love, knowing that they are not truly sisters. This love is however forbidden, never to be. But why? This is for us to answer and learn about these two amazing sisters, one of fire, one of ice.

    Basically this story is most based off Disney's Frozen with a little more of a fantasy twist.

    So yea! Tell me what you think! =)
  2. I like your ideas, and I wouldn't mind discussing them a hit or coming up with out own story if you are up to it. I like the idea for the 'Soul edge ' but I have a few ideas that could tweak it a bit and possibly make it a bit further original from anything I've ever done. Just let me know if you'd like to discuss the ideas or come up with our own. Look forward to role-playing with you.
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    I like roommate with a secret!
    Send me a PM (whenever you got time)
    So we can discuss ; D
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  5. I like Weapon x Wielder idea (Mainly because I loved Soul Eater and Bleach >.>)
  6. Send me a PM and we can discuss an idea :)
  7. I would love to do the sisters of fire and ice ^-^
  8. Great!! Send me a PM and we can chat more about it! Also let me know if you'd have a role you'd prefer to play, I tend to play the fire sister on this one. :)
  9. Roommates with a secret sounds interesting. I have a few steamy ideas if you are interested. Most importantly: It would be MxF.
  10. Okay sure, shoot me a PM, I would certainly like to play the female in that one if possible, but wouldn't mind a mxf pairing. :)
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  11. Bumping this before bed. I am off all day tomorrow, so I hope to get to all my replies I couldn't over the weekend and rp as much as I can!!! <3
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  13. I'd be interested in the sisters of fire and ice one.
  14. I would be intrested in sisters of fire and ice . If you want send a pm.